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SWTOR new Blue Sphere speeder from Gree reputation vendor

Pictures of the new SWTOR Blue Sphere speeder  from the Gree Reputation Vendor.

Purchased at the Gree Reputation Vendor. Costs 48 Gray Helix Components and requires Legend standing with the Gree Enclave to purchase. Also requires Speeder Piloting Rank 3.

Note: This speeder is currently Bind on Pickup but will become Bind on Legacy in Patch 1.7.3. – Source


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43 replies on “SWTOR new Blue Sphere speeder from Gree reputation vendor”

Цфре would happen if i i.e. will buy a Saber for 24 Helixes, send it to my oter toon and on that other toon will try to sell the Saber back to get a refund.. Waht toon will get refunded helixes?

I believe before you mail it you’ll get a pop up stating that by mailing the item it will no longer be eligible for a refund…I didn’t try this with the saber, but the armor produced this warning.

I mailed a sabrestaff to an alt, I got no warning about it not being refundable (and only afterwards did I notice the level 50 requirement on the weapons).

i sent in a ticket for EXACTLY this.. just waiting on my response. in the past theyve allowed me to refund black hole purchases due to the bad limitations on refunding.

So they have allowed you to refund purchases after mailing them to which character, the one who purchased it or the one who received it? Because normally sending through mail means no refund.

Don’t worry, they’re retroactively making the weapons limited to level 10 in 1.7.3

It is. You can only get 46-42 during the event.
14 from the heroic, 2 from the gree relays, 2 from the xenoanalyst quest, 12 from 16 man SM, and 16 from 16 man HM

uh, patch notes just said they made the world bosses drop rep item but nothing about gray helix.

Gravak’k and Surgok’k now drop one Galactic Reputation Trophy for each member of the Operations group (up to 24).

It used to be that Gravak’k and Surgok’k would drop a maximum of 16 rep items for an Ops group. So if there were 24 players in the Ops group, 8 got nothing. The new change is that everyone in the Ops group gets the rep item.

can i do the gree relay and xenoanalyst quest again this time if i did the last time? i tried to get the quest for the gree relay, but the droid wouldn’t give it to me 🙁

There are some other changes to the Gree event. It may because of two days of major login issues, and several bugs that they’re redoing this even so quickly.

I didn’t purchase my weapons yet with my helix components. I think with my previous components, and the next two weeks, I should be able to get enough for two sabers (for my Sent) and the mount with a single 50 toon.

* Charging the Pylon: Gree Energy Orbs will now expire after 5 minutes (down from 10 minutes). Additionally, this mission now only requires players to charge the pylon twice, as opposed to four times.
* Supplemental Research, Supplemental Catalysis: Enemies will now always drop Specimen Data Chips.
* Advanced Analysis: Core Defense Droids will no longer display an invisible “combat” buff.
* Data Retrieval, Data Recollection: Increased the Memory Core drop rate.
* Gravak’k and Surgok’k now drop one Galactic Reputation Trophy for each member of the Operations group (up to 24).
* Quick Travel will now work as intended in event areas.
* The “Combat Specimen” mission now grants the correct title – “Combat Specimen.” Players who have already completed the mission can get the title by entering the caves or Xenoanalyst’s room during the event.

Oh wait… is this going to be a legacy-bound speeder like the weapons at the Gree vendor are?

I was a bit irked that the speeder I bought off the cartel market wasn’t mailed to my other characters considering how much I paid for it, so if this is the first legacy-bound speeder that would be marvelous.

dev post in general forum (i’m at work- can’t link) says bop is mistake. they gonna fix to make it bol in 1.7.3 (or asap) happy dance time 🙂

Sorry for being a pest, does Dulfey or anyone know what armour the driver is wearing? Or is it a match of different sets to give it that look?

I think there should be a 3rd vendor that trades extra rep trophies for helix currency. purple would give 4, blue 2, and 3 greens for 1.

Has there been any word on this mount coming back for purchase during the next gree event session or is it only available until the 26th…

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