SWTOR Regulators and Enforcer’s Contraband Cartel pack contents

A list of Items from the two new SWTOR cartel packs – Regulator’s Contraband Pack and Enforcer’s Contraband Pack

Category Name
Armor (Head) Blue Efficiency Scanner
Armor (Head) Rascal’s Toothpick
Armor (Boots) Covert Energy Boots
Armor Carth Onasi’s Jacket
Carth Onasi’s Boots
Carth Onasi’s Pants
Carth Onasi’s Bracers
Armor Darth Malak’s Chestguard
Darth Malak’s Boots
Dath Malak’s Jaw Casing
Darth Malak’s Leggings
Darth Malak’s Wristguards
Armor Genteel Dress Top
Genteel Dress Gloves
Genteel Dress Bottoms
Genteel Dress Shoes
Genteel Dress Bracers
Genteel Dress Sash
Armor Organa Loyalist Headgear
Organa Loyalist Upper Body Armor
Organa Loyalist Lower Body Armor
Organa Loyalist Auxiliary Armor
Armor Organa Statesman’s Upper Body Armor
Organa Statesman’s Lower Body Armor
Organa Statesman’s Auxiliary Armor
Armor Recovered Hero Chestplate
Recovered Hero Boots
Recovered Hero Gauntlets
Recovered Hero Greaves
Recovered Hero Belt
Recovered Hero Armguards
Armor Relaxed Jumpsuit Jacket
Relaxed Jumpsuit Boots
Relaxed Jumpsuit Gloves
Relaxed Jumpsuit Pants
Relaxed Jumpsuit Belt
Armor Rist Stateman’s Cap
Rist Stateman’s Upper Body Armor
Rist Stateman’s Lower Body Armor
Rist Stateman’s Auxiliary Armor
Armor The Last Handmaiden’s Tunic
The Last Handmaiden’s Boots
The Last Handmaiden’s Leggings
The Last Handmaiden’s Bracers
Color Crystal Derelict-Purple Color Crystal
Color Crystal Black-White Color Crystal
Speeder Aratech Nethian
Speeder Cartel Luxury Skiff
Speeder Cartel Recreational Skiff
Speeder Orlean Fortune Hunter
Weapon Balmorran Hand Cannon Aurek
Weapon Balmorran Hand Cannon Besh
Weapon Cathar Honor Sword
Weapon Corellian Bunker Buster Aurek
Weapon Corellian Bunker Buster Grek
Weapon Mantellian Peacemaker Aureak
Weapon Over-tuned Conqueror’s Lightsaber
Weapon Over-tuned Conqueror’s Saberstaff
Weapon Tarisian Head Hunter Aurek
Weapon Volatile Conqueror’s Lightsaber
Pet GS-1 Sentry Droid
Pet Model X-70 Phantom
Pet SP-RO Power Droid
Pet Sublime Blurrg
Pet Venomcrest Lylek
Unsorted Kolto Tank
Unsorted Emote: Boo-Hoo
Unsorted Emote: Boogie
Unsorted Emote: Swing
Unsorted Emote: Point and Laugh
Unsorted Emote: Kloo
Unsorted Emote: Xantha
Unsorted Jawagram: Awesome
Unsorted Jawagram: May the Force be with you!
Unsorted Jawagram: Good Job!
Unsorted Jawagram: Nice Try!
Unsorted Jawagram: Party On!
Unsorted Mood: Furious
Unsorted Title: Enforcer
Unsorted Title: Contraband Collector
Unsorted Title: Regulator
Unsorted Reputation: Banned Holovid
Unsorted Reputation: Prohibited Medical Supplies
Unsorted Reputation: Confiscated Artwork


Blue Efficiency Scanner (helm only) – Picture provided by UncrushablePigeon


Rascal’s Toothpick (Helm only)


Carth Onasi set (chest, legs, boots, bracers)


Darth Malak’s set (helm, chest, legs, boots, wristguards)



Genteel Dress set (Top, Bottoms, Gloves, Shoes, Bracers, Sash)



Organa Loyalist set (full 7 piece set)



Organa Statesman’s set (Full 6 piece set sans helm)


Recovered Hero set (Full 6 piece set sans helm)


Relaxed Jumpsuit set (Jacket, Boots, Gloves, Pants, Belt)



Rist Stateman (full 7 piece set)


The Last Handmaiden set (Tunic, Boots, Leggings, Bracers)


Color Crystals

Derelict-Purple Color Crystal

  • Side by side comparison of Derelict-Purple (left) and Purple (right)
  • Derelict-Purple picture provided by Seelia.


White Black  Color Crystal

  • Black white picture provided by Valerius



Aratech Nethian (modeled by Xassira)


Cartel Luxury Skiff (modeled by Xassira)



Cartel Recreation Skiff (modeled by Practel)



Orlean Fortune Hunter (modeled by Practel)




Balmorran Hand Cannon Aurek – Blaster Pistol

  • Light doesn’t have a laser line like the Grek does


Balmorran Hand Cannon Grek – Blaster Pistol


Cathar Honor Sword – Vibrosword

  • Note: the color in the middle of the blade changes with the color crystal you have in there The default color is yellow.
  • This blade fit in both main hand and offhand and can be dual wielded by marauders/sentinels.


Corellian Bunker Buster Aurek – Assault Cannon


Corellian Bunker Buster Grek – Assault Cannon (pics prvided by Jah’ske)

  • The Grek model has a purple line on the side of the cannon that the Aurek model doesn’t have


Mantellian Peacemaker Aurek – Blaster Rifle


Over-tuned Conqueror’s Lightsaber – images provided by Ramkhamhaeng


Over-tuned Conqueror’s Saberstaff – Double bladed Lightsaber


Tarisian Head Hunter Aurek- Sniper Rifle


Volatile Conqueror’s Lightsaber – video & imaged provided by Elsixen



GS-1 Sentry Droid


Model X-70 Phantom


SP-RO Power Droid


Sublime Blurrg


Venomcrest Lylek



Kolto Tank (Out of Combat Regen)



  • Boo-Hoo (modeled by Ferrox)


  • Emote: Boogie (see video)
  • Emote: Swing (see video)
  • Emote: Point and Laugh (animation bugged)
  • Emote: Kloo (modeled by Ferrox)


  • Emote: Xantha (modeled by Practel)



  • Awesome!
  • May the Force be with You!
  • Good Job! 
  • Nice Try!
  • Party On!

Mood: Furious


Title: Enforcer

Title: Contraband Collector

Reputation items

Note that all of these reputation items are bound and appears cannot be sold on the GTN!

  • Banned Holovid – Green reputation item for Contraband Resale Corporation


  • Prohibited Medical Supplies – Blue reputation item for Contraband Resale Corporation


  • Confiscated Artwork – Purple reputation item for Contraband Resale Corporation


  • Dulfyfan

    Patch barely even 20 minutes old and already all this infos. wooo

  • stpfp

    This sword sucks. This is not WoW nor King Arthur.

    • Robin Gort

      I agree, yet it still has a sort-of-scifi vibe, but it’s a long stretch from the original KOTOR vibroblades.

    • Telanis


  • AdariVord

    What I found thus far.

  • Avé


    Emote: /Xantha (you pretend to play a holo-xantha)

    Jawagram: May the Force be with You!

  • Dulfyan

    That sword is BADASS. I’ll buy a bunch for sure. Hi hater

  • Robin Gort

    Black-white crystals have been spotted, and they ugly. They’re white with a slight black tint, basically grey.

    Also: new rep requires people to buy packs and get both reputation items and certificates in order to unlock the faction purchases and buy their rarer stuff.

    I’m thinking they need to up their complimentary coins a bit as this isn’t doable as a subscriber that doesn’t grind dailies 7 days a week.

    • Rob Mulinax

      yea I just saw that on the SWTOR forums. Rep grind based solely off how much money you spend. Pretty disgusting and I’d like to see people leave the game for that kind of development.

      • philco25

        Not sure how it’s disgusting or new, it’s the same as the collector edition: people who spend more money get access to unique items…

        • DaGhostDS

          actually i paid for the content of the box, i was happy to get the in-game items too and the regular update (cough).

          The new CE item is no where near unique and the CM version (Blue Efficiency Scanner) look better lol, 12 months in between update, so lets see what we are going to get next year.

  • Ok the mount is too much!

  • Loduanor

    Any chance for a screenshot of the jumpsuit on a male model? I’d love to have one for my Twilek smuggler. Thank you for your great work Dulfy!

    • Hey I uploaded a pic of the jumpsuit top on a male companion. I will get some better screenshots for you later 🙂

  • Sindra

    Got some of the items you’ve posted and also: Organa Statesman’s coat (can’t remember if this is the exact title)

    There is also a nice plain white top with a hood that I think is called the Last Handmaiden’s Tunic and looks very KotORII, but for some reason the screenshot didn’t come out properly. I’m sure you’ll come across the item quite soon.

  • azhure

    relaxed jumpsuit top on a male (companion)

    • done

      • Sindra

        Wow. This is extremely sexy! <3

      • azhure

        ahah I meant to post pictures of it, but I guess that only works if you’re logged in 😛

  • dbaswell

    Anyone had any old items yet? Or are these packs all new? I’ve got a nice chunk of coins saved, but don’t want to bother if I’m going to be pulling more Covert Torso.

    • Telanis

      The patch notes seem to indicate that they have some old items.

      • Ireul

        They do. I opened an Enforcer’s Contraband Pack (the one that costs 320 CC) and got Title: the Cartel Collector. That’s the only item from the last set of packs I’ve gotten though and I’ve opened 16 new packs.

    • azhure

      I opened 17 and found nothing from the old packs in them (save the companion gifts/materials/etc)

      • dbaswell

        Went ahead and bought 8 after reading your comment, also got nothing old. Very happy with these new packs.

    • Out of 24 packs, I got one Covert Energy Boots, everything else was either new, or the standard fill (crafting mats, rep items, boosts, etc)

      • Nick Foster

        From 24 packs, how much cartel rep did you earn?

  • Josh Kirk

    I want a pair of those Balmorran hand cannons for my Merc.

  • Shiften – Jedi Covenant

    is Genteel Dress Set female only? That would look awesome on my male sage w/ white crystal.

  • Morokei

    Hey does the Derelict Purple crystal have that little swirl naturally or is that from a cartel/rep saber? I’m interested in buying it but its kind of putting me of with that swirl.

    • It is from my lightsaber

    • Sarigar

      That’s from the Tythonian saber hilt, the crystal has no swirl animation attached to it.

  • Rushz

    Emote kloo

  • Rushz

    Emote Boogie

  • Anjinnna

    I got Carth Onasi’s jacket from market.

  • Rushz

    Emote boohoo there isn’t more to it

  • rushz

    Organa Loyalist, Head, Chest, Belt, Gloves, Wrists

  • rushz

    does anybody know where the new reputation vendor is?

    • Hermod

      Crew skill area on fleet

      • rushz


  • UncrushablePigeon

    Just got “Carth Onasi’s boots” and a box called “Organa Statesman’s Upper Body Armor”.

  • Vermouth

    Title “Enforcer” and “The Contraband Collector” is also available.

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  • Azz

    What is the special effect for the saber staff? The pics don’t really show it.

    • It has no special effect unfortunately

      • Azz

        With a name like over-tuned you would think the blade would be more intense or thicker. 🙁

      • Elear

        Not sure about saberstaff, because har I opened packs on can’t use them, but Over-Tuned Lightsaber has reduced width (smaller glow) and is bit shorter.

  • Eddie

    Looks like the ulimate weapon models are being sold in cartel packs. P2W indeed.

    • Sarigar

      Yep, no faster way to win than with an unmodded weapon skin.

  • Fluffyburrito

    Here’s the new companion customizations: http://imgur.com/a/y8osm

    • Ty, is there a name for them? and is it just a headgear or a full outfit customization?

      • Fluffyburrito

        Just Tharaan customization and Elara Customization 8. It only changes their face.

      • Fluffyburrito

        Tharaan Ceedrax Customization 8 and Elara Dorne customization 8. (Sp?) They just change the head, like with the normal companion customizations.

        • Sindra

          Am I the only one who finds it kinda creepy that the Tharan custom here makes him look really similar to Iresso?

        • okay ty

  • UncrushablePigeon

    Got a Blue Efficiency Scanner.

  • VyleOne

    Not that it is intentional but the swirls in the screencap of the Derelict-Purple Color Crystal looks like Mickey Mouse’s head.

    • Sarigar


      • iceberg265

        Derelicte my balls?

  • Chilinvillin

    Found Corellian Bunker Buster Grek, slightly different from Aurek model.

    • ty added

      • chilinvillin

        Forgot to mention earlier: the line of lights on the sides pulse along the barrel from rear to front. The target reticle also has a repeating animation.

  • SilentPT

    The Last Handmaiden Braces exist i have one

  • SilentPT

    Corelian Bunker Buster Grek

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  • Me

    What’s the name of that light sabre which produces swirls

    • Typhonian Force-Master Lightsaber I think.

      • Me


  • Giibbs

    super work guys.. Quick question, what pants/shorts are on the female character in the Volatile Conqueror’s Lightsaber image? Thanks

    • That is just the Relaxed Jumpsuit top with no pants

  • Delaoron

    Is the Cathar Sword main hand only or can you wear two as Sentinel/Marauder?

    • Can use in both hands so yes you can dual wield it

    • it can be used in both hands

  • David Pielmeier

    Dulfy, do you know if the Cathar Vibrosword changes the middle color based on your crystal color or not?

    • yup! I put in a black green and the color changed

      • David Pielmeier

        Dulfy, You don’t know me, but you made my day with this! Thank you!
        (Now I must have 2 of them for my Mara!) 🙂

        • I am going to have one of my companions duel wield this 🙂

          • David Pielmeier

            Awesome! I hadn’t even thought of that (Ashara!)

  • DDT

    It’s all good and well but which items come in what pack?

    • It is like Black Market and Crime Lord. The Enforcer pack just increase change of getting rare items

  • Loxi@

    I can link video if that makes it clearer: /boogie & /swing

    2 screenshots weren’t going to capture the routine

    • Loxi@

      the formatting changed, /boogie on the right & /swing on the left

      • oh there is a swing emote too? neat! 🙂

  • kdn1221

    It’s about time they have some relevant items. I like the skiff mounts, sword, Onassi set, Malak set, genteel dress set, scanner head gear and purple crystal.

  • Very cool stuff this time around. Does the skiff seat more than one? 🙂

    • Just 1 person unfortunately

  • Sarigar

    So much to like! I’m not interested in any of the outfits, but they are cool designs, and some nice NPC imports. I hope this is the start of a trend, and we see more previously NPC-only attire available for players. I do like Malak’s Helm though, I want that for my Assassin!

    I don’t see any difference in the Balmorran Hand Cannon models; is it just the light/beam effect that’s different, or are the models somehow different too?

    • the difference is very subtle, there is a tiny different in the beam and if you look at one of the cylinders on the side, it has a different color. I was a bit puzzled too. I took the two side by side and had to examine it real close to find any difference.

  • kloma

    Rist statesmans hat

  • Petrinska

    My boohoo emote doesn’t appear to be working. /boohoo =(

    • my doesn’t either. /boohoo and /pointlaugh all bugged atm. I think it might be specific to female characters

      • Petrinska

        My character is also female, so maybe that’s it. The text shows up, just no animation. =(

        • Angolwen

          Which proves that girls are not as whiny as boys 😉

      • Krimian

        My /boohoo and /pointlaugh work on both my female toons.
        Not sure why it won’t work for others.

  • AX

    What is this lightsaber and outfit?

    • dbaswell

      Lightsaber looks like one of the PVP ones.

  • Mortúùs

    Anyone else notice the relaxed jumpsuit looks similar to Maris Brood’s outfit from SWTFU?

  • SpiderBrian

    Isn’t that Iresso with the eye patch?

  • AshlaBoga

    The Malek pants will unify very well with my Sorc’s robes. I’ll buy a pair.

  • Katrine

    I just got a Hypercrate and this is what came out of it. 2 complete duplicates out of 24. Everything I got aside from the filler was new. With the rep that came out I went from nothing to 1/4 into the Friend level. I haven’t included the filler I got, let’s just say I have a lot of XP boosts now.

    3 x Cartel Market Cert
    Title: Contraband Collector
    3 x Organa Statesman’s Lower Body Armor
    2 x Genteel Dress Shoes
    Recovered Hero Boots
    15 x Prohibited Medical Supplies

    Corellian Bunker Buster Aurek

    Balmorran Hand Cannon Aurek
    Darth Malak’s Leggings
    Relaxed Jumpsuit Gloves
    Relaxed Jumpsuit Belt
    Recovered Hero Armguards
    2 x Emote Xantha
    Emote Kloo
    Advanced Derelict-Purple Indestructable Crystal
    3 x Organa Statesman’s Auxiliary Body Armor
    Genteel Dress Sash
    Emote Swing
    2 x Jawagram: Nice Try
    2 x Relaxed Jumpsuit Pants
    4 x Banned Holovids
    Carth Onasi’s Bracers
    Over-Tuned Conqueror’s Lightsaber
    The Last Handmaiden’s Tunic
    Blue Efficiency Scanner
    2 x Confiscated Artwork
    3 x Sublime Blurrg
    Darth Malak’s Wristguards
    Advanced Derelict Purple Eviscerating Crystal
    2 x Venomcrest Lylek
    3 x Over-Tuned Conqueror’s Saberstaff
    Grade 8 Crafting Material
    Advanced White-Black Eviscerating Crystal
    Carth Onasi’s Jacket
    Aratech Nethian
    Credit Boom – 41930 credits
    Corellian Bunker Buster Grek
    Emote: Point and Laugh
    Relaxed Jumpsuit Jacket
    Genteel Dress Gloves

  • Sangino

    For once there isn’t an item that I -don’t- want!

  • Cyvaris

    So now we have the Sword of Omens, perfect for all the Cathar Lion-Os who will soon be with us.

  • Ramkhamhaeng

    I added a screenshot of the new sabers with Black-Purple crystals also I noticed some strange titles when copied over the toon to the PTS.


    • cool ty

      • Ramkhamhaeng

        Yeah I decided to put those crystals in to test with so people get a good idea what they look like live 🙂 but those titles I have no idea where they came from.

  • Kel

    Are the Jawagrams consumed on use?

    • iceberg265


  • Guest

    Here is a pic of the new sabers with the good old Purple-Black sabers crystals and some odd titles that seem to have activated on the PTS.


    Sorry if this is a dual post internet had issues.

  • thanks for all the info dulfy! your the best!

  • Lurant

    Has anyone else noticed that one of the Skiffs animation is bugged ( i think its the luxury) , the food plate which should be hovering is attached to your hand as though it were part of it and moves with it quite obnoxiously

  • Zaejii

    Anyone else notice the _strange_ correlation between the weapons here and the ones in the level 55 item preview here? http://dulfy.net/2013/02/21/swtor-level-55-weapons-preview/

  • Qilavi

    That’s the best pack ever

  • Targeter

    Wow, great job Dulfy! This is absolutely fantastic. These packs and store items just get more and more fun. That Kolto Tank … I GOTTA HAVE IT!

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  • Cipher Agent Fish

    I have opened 3 sets of 24 packs plus countless others I have received every single item listed above except for THE ONE I want more than anything else, the RNG is really starting to piss me off.

    • vfm

      sell everything and buy the item you wanted.

      • Jason

        seriously, you’re probably sitting on 10 million credits if you have all but one of the items listed.

  • Vos_L

    There is now a blog upon on the swtor.com website which has a full list of all of the items in these packs along with some pretty high res pics of the items: http://www.swtor.com/info/news/blog/20130313-0

  • Garrus

    Just as I thought again no decent Bounty Hunter armour

    • Bounty Hunter class armor is coming on patch 1.7.3

  • SpaceAlert

    What is the difference between the two packs? Does one just have more stuff in it than the other, or do only certain items drop in each?

    • Regulator = contains 1 rare item only. Enforcer = contains 2 rare items and a chance to a super rare item

  • qq

    Does anyone know where I could hear the sound of the new pistols and rifles? Or could somebody make a youtube-clip?


    • Hi, I added some youtube clips of the new weapons 🙂

  • David Pielmeier

    Ok, I’m not sure if anyone on here can help me with this but here goes:

    Do both types of packs have the same list of possible items?
    I’m trying to get the Cathar Sword, do we know its rarity?
    What are the rarity of slots on each pack? (Like 2R, 1 Uncommon, 2 Common??)

    Thanks for your help.

    • The Cathar honor sword sells for quite a bit atm so I would assume it is rare at least. Your best chance is probably buying the Enforcer pack rather than the Regulator pack. Enforcer pack has 2 rare items and chance for a super rare item where regulator pack has just 1 rare item and no chance for super rare item

      • David Pielmeier

        Thanks for the info!

      • Robin Gort

        No chance? The tooltip says lower chance? ;/

  • vfm

    There is also a Yellow Efficiency Scanner.

    • Telanis

      And it’s not from this pack, it’s from the CE vendor.

      • vfm

        didn’t know that 🙂 just saw it on guildmate.

  • asdalmeida

    The “Nice Try” Jawagram is awesome! The giggle at the end is priceless. 🙂

  • Cassus Vizla

    had to drop this here, Luxury Skiff over looking the Sarlacc on Tatooine

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  • JayM12345

    Metal swords in Star Wars?! Impossibiru!!!!

  • Max

    How much should i sell the sword for?

  • Rajevary

    How much would Carth Onasi’s boots sell for?

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