SWTOR announces Double XP weekends

The big announcement Bioware had for today was the introduction of Double XP weekends all the way leading up to the release of Makeb! Time to stock up on XP boosters!

Players will gain double XP on these weekends.

  • March 15, 2013 to March 18, 2013
  • March 22, 2013 to March 25, 2013
  • March 29, 2013 to April 1, 2013
  • April 5, 2013 to April 8, 2013

In addition, the experience boosts granted by the XP Boosts will also double!

Your Legacy XP will also double!

(All Double XP Weekends begin Fridays at 1:00PM CDT / 6:00PM GMT and end Mondays at 2:00AM CDT / 7:00AM GMT.)

Tip:  Stock up on Major and Minor Experience Boosters if you are buying them from the GTN. Their price will go up sooner or later.

Here is what Community Manager Eric Musco had to say..

My understanding of the system is that all of our boosts will multiple from the new base of 200%, so now is the perfect time to get those Legacy perks and XP boosts. I will show you why.

Let’s say you planned to level during the March to Makeb entirely through… Flashpoints.
200% base experience
+25% Flashpoint Boost
+30% Flashpoint Legacy perk


Since both of the boosts are being applied to double base XP, they are also doubled. Do you know what that means?!

+310% bonus experience! That is over triple the experience. Enjoying your leveling my friends!
TLDR, yes they stack and for the math nerds it is multiplicative on top of the new base of 200% (assuming I understood it all correctly)

  • OutFromUnder

    Love this! I feel like it’s terrible for new players though. I wouldn’t have wanted this on my first character, but for my 5th it’s fantastic 😛

    • David Pielmeier

      I love it too! I’m actually working on my 5th toon as well! There has been a LOT of QQ-ing about this on the Official forums and on the swtor sub-reddit and I couldn’t believe it. I mean, people were seriously complaining about the Double XP…..boggles my mind…

      • Jason

        Reinforces the idea that people will complain about ANYTHING. This is nearly as bad as when people were complaining when they gave us 3 extra days of early access.

        • David Pielmeier

          Wow, I must have missed that round of complaining. I was probably too busy leveling…. 😛

  • David Ichilov

    this means Makeb coming in second or third week of April?!

    • iceberg265

      It makes it seem that way, but no official word yet.

  • Pessimissed

    I live in Australia, GMT +10, and was hoping there would be someone who lives in the same timezone as the makers of SWTOR, so they could work out the times for me, as I don’t know what timezone this is for. Thank you.

    • Pessimissed

      Never mind, just worked it out. For people who live in GMT +10, the times are Saturday 5:00 am until Monday 6:00 pm.

      • David Ichilov

        To people who lives in country where Sunday is not a weekend ….

  • jsmith

    Does this also apply to preferred and f2p ?

    • I would assume so yes

  • Emidas

    That is additive, not multiplicative. Multiplicative would have the total xp gains at 325%.

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