Bioware addresses some combat concerns for 2.0

Eric Musco went on the forums today to address some class specific concerns for patch 2.0 as well as crit chance from primary attributes.

Addressing Combat Concerns | 03.14.2013, 09:45 PM

Hey folks,
I know there have been a lot of questions about a couple of very specific issues relating to combat and 2.0 so I wanted to address some of them.

We are currently testing some changes to DPS for Mercenaries/Commandos. Tentatively you will see some of these changes the next time we update public test (not today) but note that this is entirely subject to change! Pyros and Arsenals are getting some love to their core abilities that should alleviate some of the PvP issues. Some of these changes are being rolled out today while others are currently being tested (the Combat/PvP devs are testing these changes against each other as I post).

Madness/Balance has seen some changes, check the patch notes later today for specifics on this. Deception/Infiltration should see some improvement to their β€œon demand burst.”

Critical Rating
We are increasing the amount of crit chance that you gain from primary attributes (like Strength or Cunning) as well as increasing the crit chance you gain from Critical Rating. You will see this change noted in our new PTS build later today.


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