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SWTOR Pets from other EA F2P games

EA is doing a cross promotion right now and offering SWTOR pets for players of other Free to Play games managed by EA. There are 5 pets currently and the claim offer expires on April 1.

At the moment the pet is only eligible for new players (i..e non-subscribers) but Bioware will make them accessible to subscribers in the future,

A. In order to get the pet you will have to have received the email mentioning the pet promotion. Then you would need to create a new SWTOR account with that email address. That account will then, at a later date, receive the pet.

B. At this moment subscribers cannot get the items, no. This was intended as a cross-promotion to other EA free-2-play games. However, I can tell you that subscribers will have access to these items in the future. We are still working out both the when and the how. I will share any details as I get them.

Hope that answers your questions!

When signing up for these free to play games, I would suggest to use your email associated with your SWTOR account in case these pets are bound. All the pets are reskins of the battle droid pets.

Pet Game
2C-TA Commander Command & Conquer Tiberium Alliances
J9-BH Mercenary Battlefield Heroes
BF-4F Warrior Battlefield Play4Free
N4-SW Runner Need for Speed World
LU-20 Builder Lord of Ultima

 BF-4F Warrior (Battlefield Play4Free)


N4-SW Runner (Need for Speed World)


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Any ideas how long it takes to get the email? I’m playing Lords of ultime for half a day – far beyond “log in and play” – and didn’t get anything.
Games would need your EA Origin accound, and SWTOR is linked to this, so basically, your password will be SWTOR password.

I started 4 out of the 5 yesterday. I haven’t received any emails, but my understanding is that the email states so long as you are playing SWTOR (along with these other games) by April 1st, you should get the pets.

PS. Lord of Ultima is 100% pay-to-win. Pay to get additional resources, money, fasbuilding, better queue, pay for everything. I never saw such pay-to-win game before.

Here is what the * points to at the bottom of the email, I converted it to lower case to make it easier on the eyes, was in all caps before:

* you must have a registered account with star wars™: the old republic™ (“swtor”) on april 1, 2013 at 6:00pm cst to claim this offer. in-game item will be added to your account on or before april 5, 2013. offer may not be transferred, substituted, exchanged, sold or redeemed for cash or other goods or services. valid wherever swtor is sold. may not be combined with any other offer, gift card, rebate or discount coupon. void where prohibited, taxed or restricted by law. limit one offer per active account.

acceptance of end user access and license agreement (‘euala’), persistent internet connection, and account registration required to play. must be 13+ to register. account is non-transferable once used. paid subscription, valid and accepted payment method or paid game time card (if available) required to access subscription gameplay. payment method age restrictions may apply. swtor online service may be discontinued. see euala for details. agreement to share account information with lucasfilm entertainment company ltd. (‘lucasfilm’) is required to access gameplay. game intended for play only within north america, europe and certain other territories. use of cartel coins subject to digital services agreement. privacy policy and terms of service available at all terms and conditions to play the game apply at all times. the first 30 days of subscription are included in the purchase price of the product. subscriptions may be cancelled at any time. see for details.

To me, it sounds more like if you use the same email address for both games then you will get the pet, so if you have played those games at all and play SWTOR you’ll get something in an email.

I haven’t played Battlefield P4F since it came out and I got an email. Unfortunately I don’t use the same email address for both games but I’m just going to log into my SWTOR account before the 1st and change it to match the one Battlefield uses, just till after the 5th to see if I get anything.

I’ve seen people say that they got the emails even if they were inactive and never played the other F2P games much. But Bioware said today you need to have received the email to qualify for the promotion. Sadly, I created accounts on the 5 F2P games, but as a subscriber, I guess I won’t be receiving anything.

stupid things happens, i play NFSW from its release and didnt get any mail. what can i say, this is EA

Does anyone know if you have to be a subscriber in order to get the pets? Currently I don’t have much time to play anymore but I have played all 5 games and was a subscriber at one point (preferred now).

With all EA stuff I’m going to bet that this is going to be only new account things. Trying to lure in new costumers to play the game so they continue boosting their profits. It was how EA did things when they took over Ultima Online. I’ve actually had accounts for most of those games listed except for the battle field ones back during the beta versions and I’m doubting I’m going to get a pet. But Bioware has screwed up before on me. I did get the refer a friend speeder without having a refer a friend on my account.

I was wondering how Bioware were going to enforce this… They don’t have access to the Origin accounts or the other games. Here’s hoping that Origin will just check who’s got active accounts in the games and forward those to Bioware…

I didn’t remember my password to Origin account, and reset it (it was on the same email as SWTOR), After resetting it, i found my new Origin password is also my new SWTOR password. It is connected now.

From the dev tracker:

At this moment subscribers cannot get the items, no. This was intended as a cross-promotion to other EA free-2-play games. However, I can tell you that subscribers will have access to these items in the future. We are still working out both the when and the how. I will share any details as I get them.

i agree this is dumb, way to piss on your current players/subscribers even more..
“We are still working out both the when and the how” That just mean we have no plan yet, its on the wall of crazy with everything awesome.

They are talking BS, they never planed to release them to subsribers, just said that now to prevent sh*ststorm of rage.

The pets are a minor deal, but Bioware’s constant poor CS and mistreatment of their paying customers is sadly systemic.

That is gained by buying a 2400 cartel coin card in Europe. It is not available in the US.

In the US, Gamestop and Best Buy are also selling 2400 cartel coin cards that have exclusive pets.

I’d be willing to purchase an extra Gamestop or Best Buy card and swap with someone in Europe to a code to the European card.

Hi T.J. Brumfield,

I would love to get the US cards from gamestop and bestbuy. Unfortunately I can’t order them online from their website. I can buy one card for you in Germany.

If you are interested in sharing these cards, please get in contact with me via skype (EssiXr3i) or swtor forums (nickname: tman_ac)


Any chance you can confirm i these codes will ever be available on the Gamestop website or are they only available in store… If so then I’ll have to pick up a 3rd code as I only got a spare one for the best but version…

I dont know what went wrong with the Pet handling system but I got one of those even though I am a subscriber. I got a one month sub on the 21st of March and got the J9-BH in my mailbox 3 days ago. I wish they gave me the CnC one since im a huge fan of the series but oh well…

first pic is the pet, second is the mail i got in-game which contained the pet.

p.s. i never got an email from bioware stating that i am qualified for a pet or something.

so i say that they cannot give subscribers the pets is bs since i got one just fine.

I am more than interested to get a cartell coin card with pet for SWTOR from Gamestop. Many thanks for offering! I can paypal the money, in case that works for you. You can maybe send a scan of the code via email? In case you are interested, can I pass on your contact information? I know several players in EU would love to get such a code from Gamestop (and BestBuy as well, for that matter).

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