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GW2: Anthony Ordon clarifies on the guild bounty training missions and new weapons

With the newly released guild missions blog post, developer Anthony Ordon went on the forums today to clarify some questions regarding the training missions and the new weapons that can be acquired via guild commendations.

I have some clarifications for you guys. The intent of the training mission is to make it easier for your small or less active guild to access other guild missions (or acquire anything else you need influence for). It’s not meant to replace standard bounty hunts or augment influence gain for guilds that can already earn a ton of it. To that end:

  • The commendations, rares, and silver are not awarded. That reward is specific to actual bounty missions.
  • The training mission can be researched and activated as many times as you like. You can stockpile up to 10. Keep in mind that researching a training mission will tie up one of your research slots and that boosting that research with extra influence will ultimately cancel out a portion or all of your gains from the training mission.

I’m happy to answer further questions, but please remain civil in this thread. Thanks!

The new weapons are exotics. They have unique skins and are only attainable through guild content.

Ascended weapons may be available from guild content at some point in the future, but that hasn’t been decided yet.

Anthony Ordon

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