GW2 Dead Drops Secret Contact Living Story achievement guide

A guide to all the GW2 Dead Drop locations for the Secret Contact Living Story achievement introduced with the Flame and Frost: The Razing patch.

How to Start

Talk to Agent Brandubh in Black Citadel to start this achievement. He can be found near Refugee’s Camp near Memorial Waypoint.


He will send you with a list of locations and Order Cryptotranslator to decipher the Mysterious Devices located in the locations he mentioned.


Diessa Plateau


1. Rocky Outcrop north of the field in Gram Hills, near ore


2. Tall Plateau in Gram Hills, near Harpy nest


3. Pile of Rocks outside of Silex Castrum


4. Fallen tree north of the Caravan Wreckage


5. Base of a fissure in the rocky field north of Bovarin Estate


6. By the snowing tree behind Butcher’s Yard


Wayfayer Foothills (images and map  provided by Kejoca)


1. Base of a steam vent in northeast Solitude Haven


2. Icy meadow north of Dawnrise Pass


3. Base of a larger boulder east of Crossroads haven


4. Icy Rocks south of Vendrake’s Homstead


5. End of Frusenfell Creek, at the frozen waterfall


6. Small grove east of Moleberia



You get a mail after you competed all 12 Dead Drops. This mail will give you 2 Encrypted Thank-You Letter (5000 karma each) and 1 Letter of Commendation that give your guild 400 influence.


The Secret Contact achievement is worth 15 achievement points, which is pretty neat for the time spent.

  • Right on duuudee!!! wicked

  • Ungorisz

    Wrong reward letter posted.

    • yerp

      Yeah got same after i ported back to Citadel

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  • Equa

    I didnt get a mail oO Is there som pre-stuff you need to do? Liek the first living story things?

  • Subvert

    I did not receive a mail upon completing the secret drop achievement (i.e. translating up the last device). However, I then waypointed back to Black Citadel and as soon as I zoned in the letter arrived in my inbox.

  • i got all 12 points ,and i’m on 11/12 ??????

    • Nick Harris

      at least you got 11, all of the ones in Wayfarers Foothills are gone in my game

      • ScribeTheMad

        Wayfarer Foothills on Isle of Janthir had them last night, we lost the ones in Diessa though.

  • Blackdove

    I can’t seem to find them anymore. Are they still available?

    • Whitedove

      Guest another server and it should work 🙂 Tried 3 diffrent servers and it did only work on 1 :s

      • dude what server did you go?

        • FrustratedSecretAgent

          What I’ve tried/gathered from forums so far.

          Server Diessa Wayfarers
          Aurora Glade – –
          Borlis Pass – ✓
          Blackgate – ✓
          Crystal Desert – ?
          Devona’s Rest – ?
          Ehmry Bay – –
          Eredon Terrace – ?
          Far Shiverpeaks ✓ ?
          Fergusons Crossing – ✓
          Gate of Madness ✓ ?
          Isle of Janthir – ✓
          Jade Quary – ?
          Ring of Fire ✓ ?
          Sanctum of Rall – ?
          Sea of Sorrows ✓ ?
          Seafarer’s Rest ✓ ✓
          Yaks Bend – –

          It appears Lost & Found (dirt/snow covered objects) are present or missing wherever dead drops for Secret Contact are as well. So, if a zone is broken, it is broken for a bunch of Living Story things apparently.

          • ScribeTheMad

            Isle of Janthir has Wayfarrers, and Gate of Madness has Diessa.

          • Blackdove

            This worked. Thank you very much.

  • Strato

    yo man is this stuff still working? can’t seem to find one on the guide. 🙁

    • Wonkadude

      same here, can’t find any of them. Possibly they got removed in the patch by accident instead of when they remove the dungeon?

    • Try guest on another server, it is bugged on some servers

  • ScribeTheMad

    Wayfarer foothills, go to Isle of Janthir
    Diessa go to Gate of Madness


    Yeah diessal area was down nearly a week on many servers since basically last firday but today they were findable again :D.

  • Pande

    Is this quest still available? I cannot find anything anymore.

    • Doubt it, think it is over now.

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