GW2 Fused weapon gallery

A gallery of all the GW2 fused weapons introduced with the Flame and Frost: The Razing Patch.

Each Black Lion Chest has a rare chance to give a Fused weapon claim ticket. Take this ticket to Evon Gnashblade in Lion’s Arch or to the Vigil Weapons Specialist at the refugee camps in Hoelbrak and the Black Citadel


Fused Axe – [&AgEpowAA]


Fused Dagger – [&AgEmowAA]


Fused Focus – [&AgE1owAA]


Fused Greatsword  – [&AgEgowAA]


Fused Hammer – [&AgEsowAA]


Fused Longbow – [&AgFLowAA]


Fused Mace – [&AgFOowAA]


Fused Pistol – [&AgFBowAA]


Fused Rifle – [&AgFEowAA]


Fused Scepter – [&AgE+owAA]


Fused Shield – [&AgEyowAA]


Fused Short Bow (modeled by ) – [&AgFIowAA]


Fused Staff   – [&AgEvowAA]


Fused Sword – [&AgEjowAA]


Fused Torch – [&AgE4owAA]


Fused Warhorn – [&AgE7owAA]



  • Casfacto
  • Anila Fields (Short bow)
  • Cube (Pistol)
  • Yolihuani (Greatsword)
  • Grf (Dagger)
  • Herald of Slaanesh (Scepter)
  • Valgrimm Kron (Shield)
  • Aenemius (Focus)
  • Mardis Hensdottir (Axe)
  • Sudrabains

    Well, i’ve no idea how you got them this early and i dont mind you not telling your secrets but THANK YOU very much for doing so 😀

    • Qrox

      Obviously just previewed from the merchant. They do look pretty cool though.

  • Falini

    Cool! Do they have to be newly dropped Black Lions Chests or can older chests be opened and still able to receive a ticket, I wonder?

    • Older should work, if they keep with prior practices.

  • time to start buying keys, I will definitely be hunting the GS and focus thanks dulfy =)

  • sd_fuller

    Wow – that was fast! Thank you.

  • Earx

    As always, staff skins are horrible. -.-

    • Eclipses

      Totally agree

      • Froze Steel

        Staffs always get the shaft…….

    • Conncept

      Actually I like that staff skin, would be great for a Fire Ele, if you could actually make a fire ele…

      • Earx

        I’m a staff ele and I prefer using my Fractal staff until ill get my precursor for bifrost. This fused staff is just a Shaman staff with a little fire animation. 100% better the dagger, I’ll go for it 🙂

    • jjing

      As a staff lover I always save a lot of money, nothing worth to buy

    • exactly my thoughts. Its like they dont even try.

  • I want all of them

  • Agriope Abyssborne(Yak’s Bend)

    Here’s an animated gif of the dagger:

  • Huh, no underwater weapons.

  • Arthur Monahan
    • Man that great sword skin looks awesome hope there’s some PVe versions of them available.

      • Arthur Monahan

        There is you will be able to get the skins from doing the April fools jump puzzle. Start doing some JPs now to get the coin you need to do the game.

    • Earx

      WoW that staff is epic (sarcastic)! Now i know where to put my rune of pirate parrot instead let him attack all the world around!

  • before

    as always staff and hammer are ugly

  • Mister

    Fused Short Bow

    • Mister

      Animated gif of Fused Short Bow:

      • Buttercup

        Perhaps not as high res, but here’s the longbow.

      • Buttercup

        Oh darn, double posted. Please remove one of them!

    • thanks 🙂

  • Casfacto

    Here are some shots of the Fused Hammer

  • one-question-only

    Do this weapons glow in the dark, like the Fiery Dragon Sword?

  • intrebatorul

    Do this weapons illuminate the dark, like the Fiery Dragon Sword?

    • Buttercup

      Yes, they do when drawn. Not as strongly as the fiery dragon sword, but fused weapons literally are “on fire” when drawn.

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  • Casfacto

    Here are some shots of the Fused Staff.

    • Casfacto

      One more with it out.

  • Casfacto

    Here are some shots of the Fused Sword.

    • Thank you so much! Would you happen to have a pic with it sheathed by chance? 😀

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  • Casfacto

    Here’s another picture of the long bow.

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  • Reaper

    Is there no other way to get these skins than the tokens from the black lion chests?

  • Angry person

    200 chests, 50 usd with tons of gold, which is 18K freaking gems, no fused ticket. Never opening another blc in my life. GG anet, gg.

    • Ouch, sorry to hear

  • Nerk

    Woo, opened a BLC on my Engi and got a token first try! 😀

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