GW2 Weapon skins

GW2 Guild Commendation weapon gallery

A gallery of the new weapons purchase with Guild Commendations introduced as part of the Flame and Frost: The Razing Patch.

Note that these weapons cost 3 gold + 4/5/7 Guild Commendations to purchase and can be purchased from the Guild Commendation Trader near the bank in Lion’s Arch.(4 for offhand, 5 for 1hand and 7 for 2hand weapons)

Guild Broad Axe


Guild Compound Bow (Longbow)


Guild Reflex Bow (Shortbow)


Guild Razor (Dagger) (modeled by Muku)


Guild Focus


Guild Sunderer (Greatsword)


Guild Crusher (Hammer)


Guild Spear


Guild Pummeler (Mace)


Guild Quick Shot (pistol)


Guild Sharp Shot (Rifle)


Guild Truncheon (Scepter) (modeled by Lucia Godwinson)


Guild Tower Shield (modeled by Zin Draconyx)


Guild Harpoon Gun


Guild Pillar (Staff)


Guild Spatha (Sword)


Guild Flame (Torch)


Guild Trident


Guild Warcaller (Warhorn)



  • Dual Skiarosse (pistol)
  • Thaddeus Letchford (Rifle)
  • Sitting Dolyak (Greatsword)
  • Duma Katosuki (Staff)
  • Spike Bloodbath (Sword)
  • Dagnis (Compound Bow)
  • Guardurbahk (Hammer)

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18 replies on “GW2 Guild Commendation weapon gallery”

I dunno… I kinda like the Guild Trident. It has the classic trident shape without being ridiculously oversized like the Krytan Trident. The Guild Truncheon and Guild Rifle also appeal to me.

Also, I think the Guild Tower Shield is now the biggest shield in the game. XD

I’m probably wrong, but isn’t the Fractals shield bigger, while drawn at least. Either way, I would get it purely for the size.

Wow, for gold PLUS commendations, these skins look horrendous. No unique visuals or interesting aspects to them. It just looks like dull metal with some dirty wings on them. Yikes.

I actually think they’re pretty awesome, unique skins. I don’t always need flashy lights to show off to other people.

The shield and pistol are great. Can’t wait to get them. I love they are berserker exotics as well.

I love slight sheen on these skins, not aggressive colors and nice desing. But gs looks like big razer :X.. Chain on staff is amazing :O

I love slight sheen on these skins, not aggressive colors and nice design. But gs looks like big razer :X.. Chain on staff is amazing :O

Personally I love them, look perfect for my guardian. Just got the staff and working on getting the greatsword. I wish the GS would end in a point, though, at least like the regular sword does, so that it’d look better with the stabbing animations.

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