GW2 Sonic Periscope Audio Log guide

GW2 Sonic Periscope locations guide for the Flame and Frost: The Razing Patch.

Sonic Periscope Audio Log

There are 50 Sonic Periscopes found across five areas: Diessa Plateau, Wayfayer Foothills, Snowden Drifts, Plains of Ashford and Iron Marshes. Each zone contain 10 Sonic Periscopes. Destroy these periscopes to loot the audio log. The periscopes reset daily and can be looted again the next day.


When you are near a sonic periscope, you will hear a loud noise and there is an aura around your character


Each Sonic Periscope Audio Log will yield 100 karma when handed to the collector. The collector has the collection icon on the map.


  • Diessa Plateau: SW corner near Town of Nolan Waypoint.
  • Wayfayer Foothills : In the chasm where Wayfayer foothills goes from grassy to snowy (north of Snowlord’s Gate)
  • Plains of Ashford: Ashford Forum
  • Snowden Drifts: North of Hunter’s Pitfalls in the NE corner of the map
  • Iron Marshes: Village of Scalecatch Waypoint/Monger’s Sink

Diessa Plateau (Special thanks to Snow Luna & Kikkah for help compiling this map)

  1. SE of  Village of Butcher’s Block
  2. Near Gram Hills
  3. North of Bulliyak Arsenal.
  4. NW of Nemus Grove Waypoint
  5. North of Breached Wall Waypoint
  6. Near Manbane’s Outcrop
  7. Rancher’s Wash
  8. SE of Redreave Mill Waypoint
  9. North of Town of Nageling
  10. North of Town of Nolan on top of a slope beyond the town walls.


Wayfayer Foothills (Special thanks to Abraxasauren for help compiling this map)

  1. Near the F in Fusenfell Creek
  2. South of Solitude Vale
  3. East of Zelechor Hot Springs Waypoint
  4. North of Taigan Waypoint
  5. West of Crossroads Haven waypoint
  6. East of Lostvyrm Cave Waypoint
  7. Southeast of Halvaunt Waypoint
  8. South of Horncall Waypoint
  9. East of Outcast’s Waypoint
  10. East of Twinspur Haven Waypoint, atop a hill. (thanks Kuro Haru)


Snowden Drifts

  1. Southeast of Scholar’s Cheft Waypoint in the NW corner of the zone.
  2. Southwest of Frozen Sweeps Waypoint
  3. West of Isfenfall Lake
  4. South of Snowdrift Waypoint
  5. North of Hrothgar’s Pass
  6. NW of Vitpeln Hills
  7. SE of Soderhem Steading Waypoint
  8. North of Hunter’s Pitfalls in NE corner of the map
  9. West of Griffonfall
  10. West of Villmark Foothills (thanks Kuro Haru)


Plains of Ashford (Special thanks to Klinkie for help compiling this map)

  1. Victor’s Presidium
  2. Lake Adorea
  3. East of Windrock Maze
  4. East of Gunbreach Hills
  5. West of Agnos Gorge
  6. NE of Agnos Gorge
  7. NE of Lamia Mire
  8. South of Charr’s Trumph
  9. East of Old Duke’s Estate
  10. North of Ashford Basin (thanks The_Void)


Iron Marches

  1. East of Old Piken Ruins Waypoint
  2. East of Ironhead Lake
  3. West of Harvester’s Glade
  4. West of Champion’s Shield
  5. NE of Scourgejaw;s Vault
  6. South of Gladefall Run
  7. NE of Harvester’s Glade
  8. North of Viper’s Run
  9. SE of Lake Carnifex
  10. North of The Granite Front


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28 replies on “GW2 Sonic Periscope Audio Log guide”

I don’t understand how to translate them? Agent Badaboom doesn’t want the 12 logs I collected, and I can’t seem to use them on the continuum transfunctioner, or vice versa. I told him I lost it, and he gave me another one so now I have a stack of 2 of those. 🙁

There is another sonic periscope that appears just SE of Kevach’s Homestead in Wayfarer Foothills, basically, due south of the lodge, and due east of the wurm cave

I’ve been searching Wayfarer Foothills for a few hours and I still can’t find the 10th sonic periscope’s location…

Do wonder what braniac at ANet thought it would be fun to have a periscope sitting on a narrow hill right next to a vista….

i TOTALLY agree with you on this point, mate! It is a royal pain in the
arse to be subjected to this kind of sadistic nonsense from a game
developer. Especially when one cannot even get within rifle-shot range
to deal with this incredible nuisance.

TY for hints! I can complete monthly now without redoing 12 jumping puzzles or finding a super faster better computer to handle the lag in WvW! <3 <3 <3 So excited to waste my Laurels on Chauncey von Snuffles III! That's exactly what i'll be doing in a few days!! *confetti* *cartwheel* LOL

Note that these 50 locations can only be looted once a day per account. It’s not character based like other achievements/events.

Thanks for the guide! These things are a real PIA! Oh, and I enjoy when the Vets and mobs that pop up afterwards 😛 Cannot believe they made this part of monthly achievement!

2 Nights in a row ive done Iron Marshes to farm for my monthly and came up 1 Audio short. I know for sure its ether #5 or # 8 sonic pariscopes that doesnt give you the audio. Ive back tracked through the intire map 3 times last night and then checked every other map, took 5 hours. But the same thing happened in this map I came up short again. I carefully kept track of the number of audios I was recovering and found that those Pariscopes arnt giving the loot.

For those who still need it , guardian with “hollowed ground” and “stand your ground” does wonders. no knockdowns 😀

#1 in Snowden Drifts can be relocated to “adjacent to the Angvar’s Trove Waypoint (for greater clarity)

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