GW2 Weapon skins

GW2 Super weapons gallery

GW2 Super weapons gallery. Super weapons are a new addition to the PvP locker in the Flame and Frost: The Razing patch. They can be obtained by doing the Super Adventure Box in Rata Sum.

Super Greatsword – [&AgHHowAA]


Super Longbow – [&AgHHowAA]


Super Scepter – [&AgHKowAA]


Super Shield – [&AgHQowAA]


Super Short Bow – [&AgHTowAA]


Super Staff – [&AgHNowAA]


Super Sword – [&AgHEowAA]


Super Backpack (not a weapon but still cool nontheless) – [&AgHYowAA]



Special thanks to

  • Noom
  • The Baneslayer
  • Casfacto
  • Cia Iwasawa
  • Monsieur Ibrahim
  • Matt Shaffer
  • Sitting Dolyak

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You will get the skins from doing the April Fools Jumping Puzzle. But right now you can get the coin needed to have 5 lives. Go do a jumping puzzle now to get the coin.

Hi Dulfy, here Nicou from

I found a Game piece in the Puzzle Jump’s reward-chest.
I don’t know where to use it but I would to share this information to you.

Cia ! πŸ™‚

Game piece is use to play on arcade games “somewhere” I don’t know. We have 5 lives with this game piece.

I spoke to Wide Charr today, one of the Devs. He confirmed that “the Superfun Adventure Box in Asuran home city will be operational soon. Also the “Super Weapons” are linked to that box somehow.

I like the Greatsword, Sword, Shield and Backpack. πŸ˜€ Hopefully the skins won’t be too hard to get (or that we only have a single day, April 1st, to get them)!

It’s a weapon model used inside the SAB. Well, it’s not being used now, but apparently it will be an upgrade for the Pointy Stick or something similar which you will obtain in one of the other worlds once they get added.

Looking at the new box near the portals in Rata Sum, and its rather ‘retro’ low-rez look, I’d hazard a guess these new skins will be available from events related to it.

I wanted to let you know that the Super Sword (and possibly the other weapons too) have an added sound effects. When unsheathed, it makes a slight “glittery” sounds and when used adds an oldschool 90s game cutting sounds to the usual effects.

hi Dulfy how to make existing weapons especially guns aura Staff,,,
still newbie please guidance Greetings char name Korbela Koryzn … thank you Dulfy

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