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SWTOR GSI Mission Dailies guide

Comprehensive guide to the SWTOR GSI dailies introduced with the Rise of the Hutt Cartel expansion involving macrobinoculars and seeker droids.

Once you have started the Seeker Droid and Macrobinocular quests, you can immediately start the GSI dailies available from terminals (usually just outside the spaceport) in Alderaan, Hoth, Makeb, and Tatooine.


GSI Weekly – GSI Valued Partner Initiative

Complete 10 GSI missions and one heroic GSI mission (heroic will count as 1 mission towards the 10)

  • 20 Basic Commendation
  • GSI Share Certificate

Here is a list of all GSI dallies and their rewards.


GSI Daily – Alderaan

[HEROIC 2+] Trade Secrets

Details Show

[Daily] Antiquity Analysis

Details Show

[Daily] Big Red

Details Show

[Daily] Retrieve, Restore, Recycle

Details Show

[Daily] Weather Forecast

Details Show

GSI Daily –Hoth

[Heroic 2+] Warped To The Core

Details Show

[Daily] Beneath the Spires

Details Show

[Daily] Crash Courses

Details Show

[Daily] Forged In Fire

Details Show

[Daily] Picking Up The Pieces

Details Show

GSI Daily –Makeb

[Heroic 2+] Guarded Research

Details Show

[Daily] Origins of the Makrin – Frinn Mesa

Details Show

[Daily] Quake Engines – Westwater Settlements

Details Show

[Daily] The Unbreakable Code – The Sanctuary

Details Show

[Daily] Volcanic Metals

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GSI Daily – Tatooine

[Heroic 2+] A droid Defiant

Details Show

Above the Fray

Details Show

Buried in Time

Details Show

Looking for the Droids

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Scanning the Depths

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94 replies on “SWTOR GSI Mission Dailies guide”

Oh Nice! I hope i get a better overview of all daily quests, because i whink there will be so many to do and i wont know which is the best or which is more profitable. Thank you!

those new dailies they will give same daily comms as others that we do today or other specific daily comms?

This is awesome – thanks Dulfy!!!

BTW – looks like you have Hoth listed twice (missing Tatooine) in the spreadsheet.

Hey Dulfy thanks for the info. One question though, I went to the GSI rep vendor earlier and i noticed the survey probes have been removed, do you know if this was intentional?

I took the pics of the GSI vendor before they did the revamp to the whole system in beta so the screenshot/listing was outdated. Survey probes were part of the old system of using seeker droids and has no use anymore.

Origins of the Makrin: it is possible to get into that area from the north (good for imperials, won’t bring you past republic outpost). Where you have the first red arrow, you just go south at the forking path through the marshy area instead.

There’s also a path on the west side of the ridge, as a pub toon managed to leave thru there- the south path after the pub outpost has a small group of imperial champs.

For pubs there is a way in to the east side near the medical droid, the path has some tall grass has some Vrake mobs near the opening

Location #3 on Scanning the Depths is not there, I’m staring at the spot… and every other in this frigging chasm for 3 hours now and I can’t find this damn rock…

Location #3 is very buggy and can be pretty much anywhere in that whole area, sometimes even away on the other side. They do change their locations every 24 hrs though it seems

For those of us too reliant on google, I just wanted to say

Dense Volcanic Metal
Coarse Volcanic Metal
Malleable Volcanic Metal
Burnished Volcanic Metal

Since I came here, did a control-F and did not find my item.

As always, you are amazing! TYVM!

It seems that after doing Trace Secrets one time, i had the daily available to me again so i said…okay. For some reason it became more difficult and the champ couldnt be soloed. Im wondering if this is intended so you cant farm it too quickly?

Okay, upon further investigation… seems the location of the spy depends on how he or she fights. There are different attacks that must be interrupted….something i wasnt doing the 2nd time. The spy thats right at the rhu starport is the easiest. There was another thats lower in the map that was beating the crap out of me… the spys are different depending on their location.

[Daily] Origins of the Makrin – Frinn Mesa

There are entrances to the location at 1332;2143, 1042;2307, 1218;2110 and im not sure thats all.

I did Trade Secrets two days in a row. I got 2 Energy Field Monitors and 8 Basic Comms each time. I don’t know if this is because I solo’ed it or what. Also, the location does not have anything to do with the class of the spy. Both times I did this, the spy was in House Alde. Today, he was a healer and much harder for me (another healer) to kill.

Note that : [Heroic 2+] Warped To The Core

Can be entirely made solo by an operative or an assassin sith, using stealth / CC to progress.

Once you explode the first barrel and enter the room filled with radiation, nothing will break your stealth and you can progress with sap / concealment cooldown until you reach the second barrel with two whiteclaws. Sap the left one and fire on the barrel close to him, out of aggro range from the right one.

Continue throught the few rooms, allways use sleeping dart on mobs you want to litteraly walk on.

You can CC the Wampa, use the computer and then, go to the last room to claim your durasteel.

Mission complete !

For [HEROIC 2+] Trade Secrets on Alderaan, if the transmitter isn’t on the noble house in the spaceport, there’s several others throughout Alderaan you’ll have to scan, so not quite so easy as your description says.

I just arrived on Makeb impside for the 1st time and have to locate the gsi missions terminal. I follow the markers and get to an elevator which should take me to Gravity Hook Loading Ring. I can click the blue button, the floor where i have to go has a little yellow triangle to show thats where i have to go, but the button is greyed out and i can’t click it.

HELP! …pls!

As empire, you need to progress the makeb storyline a short ways to capture and secure your base of operations (which as you already figured out, is the loading ring).

Just noticed that daily [HEROIC 2+] Trade Secrets gives 8 Basic Comms for the Republic but only 4 for the Empire. Bioware really likes the Republic over the Empire.

FYI: on the heroic2 droid quest on Tatooine, i did have to switch worlds to get it to work, as soon as i did i was able to find the last one i needed
Thanks for the help here

Anyone have issues with the transmitter on tatooine at 880,480, i usually have to drop my seeker 10 times or so, but ive dropped it far more today and its just not killing the transmitter.

This is a great guide. Thanks !!

I can’t find the mission terminal on Alderaan? Could someone help? Please

The heroic on Tatooine is solable to a point. Yeah, when you’re seeking out the transmitters. The droid you need two people. A tank and a healer at the very least. Solable, my ass.

How? What did you do to get past the droid? What rotation? Class of toon? When I did it on my Consular Sage, it was not solable. So, exactly what did you do to get past him?

Bounty hunter healer (badly geared and very difficult) Just kept up the healing on myself and taking aggro only stopping to interrupt or do damage when i was over half health and let my companion DPS him down mostly.

Jugg tank decently geared just blitzed it, lots easier but I was mostly 69 geared.

Alderaan heroic 2+ was also soloable.

I was able to do it with my seer, but you will definitely need your healer alt out, not your HK. Plan on the fight taking awhile. Time your bubbles and interrupt his Heat Laser. When he harpoons you, Force Stun him and back up. When I back up(ed) I dotted him while hitting myself with a heal.

Just plan on a long fight and keep your cool. You will get it.

I’m going to try again tonight using your advice. I upgraded my own armor but maybe I should upgrade my healers armor too. I haven’t been keeping him upgraded because I normally use one of my dps or tanking companions. I’ve noticed that HK is kind of weak in some fights but outstanding in others…Hopefully, I won’t end up screaming at the computer again…haha

I noticed his heat beam is timed the same as my interrupt. I sick my tank on him and run up ready to int his attack as soon as I do I go to healing until my int cools down. Then hit him with it and go back to healing. If I get my tank close to full health I do one damage attack and its back to healing. This has worked for me.

I did what you did, but didn’t make it through the mission without help from another player. I’m decently geared Jedi Sage using the seer tree. I have blues and purple geared items and mods, no green and working on switching out the blues for the purple lvl 55 mods. It’s slow replacing these things because things are so expensive on my server. The droid harpoons you, sets you on fire. I didn’t last long.

I also tried soloing the Alderaan heroic the other day based on the advice I saw here and died fast. Didn’t matter what I did. The boss hit me with the one shot and killed me instantly. My companion, HK-51 went down, then I went down. I healed him, but it didn’t work. I did manage to get him down to about 10% before my companion went down. By that time, my own HP was a little dot.

Umm, I took it down on my middle tree Scoundrel, never dropped below 80% health. Heroic moment sure has it’s perks.

I do it on my [55] Sage every single day, solo, easy as can be. But I do need to help my friend who is [55] Guardian. But only my companion does the fighting. I just heal it. And when doing it with my friend, only both our companions do the fighting, again, I just heal them.

It is soloable. Me = scoundrel healer, with Corso Riggs. Tank + healer 😀

Course, I did almost die, but next time I’ll probably do better.

I can solo all the GSI Dailies, including the heroics, as a Veng Jugg… Hoth is really the worst, but it mostly comes down to good cooldown usage & standard stuff like not standing in the bad stuff xD

Also, is there a way to submit things to this site? I found another location for the scramblers (Republic side) that isn’t shown on the above screenshot.

Unbreakable Code on Makeb, Impside, can actually be done very quickly — 3 out of 4 of the towers can be scanned from atop a large, round rock near the Imperial Speeder, adjacent to tower #1. The #2 tower can be just barely detected through the gap in the rocks, even if it seems like you shouldn’t be able to. From here, head northwest to behind the large beast pen and you can scan the last one.

I don’t know if anyone has said this, but I just want to confirm that the locations for Tatooine Heroic +2 (Empire side) A Droid Defiant, the transmitter locations are random.

Pub side they respawn in a new location once someone finds it. There are three zones and each of those three transmitters will be at one of several places within that zone. The spawn locations are the same. Once you’ve done it sever times you’ll know just where to look.

Do I have to keep the Seeker droid and Macro binocular quests to access the GSI terminals, or is it level dependent? I was able to access the Tatooine terminal, but the others say I’m not eligible.

For the Heroic 2 on Alderaan: It is not always the transmitter just outside the spaceport. Most of the time I found the spy in house Alde, and rarely in houses Thul and Organa but never in house Rist

for anyone who doesn’t know what to do next after you got the 3 weapons from the alderaan daily called Antiquity Analysis. go to this location shown in photo.

for anyone who doesn’t know what to do next after you got the 3 weapons from the alderaan daily called Antiquity Analysis. go to apalis coast. right next to palista space port.there you will find the GSI weapons droids

Having serious problems doing [HEROIC 2+] Trade Secrets. Scanning all the houses does nothing to advance the mission.

The description for Trade Secrets is not correct. You scan 3 houses, I’m assuming you’re supposed to scan a 4th, but after the 3rd all quest markers disappear. No way to complete it.

Found that last night the marker shows up when you view in world view, it is House Rist. But the mission is still bugged because even after you scan it you still can’t find the spy. Reported as a bug today when I was online.

I am having the same problem with the Alderaan Heroic s Trade Secrets Mission. I scan all 4 of the Great House Transmitters and do not locate the spy. I have reset the mission and redone it, and still nothing. I have had this same problem before, but sometimes it works fine.

The Scramblers in Tatooine for Droid Defiant aren’t always working. Searching underneath won’t always get you the part. I’m doing right now where the part is stuck inside a building I cn’t get into.

After a few tries, I found out that you have to position the droid so that the centre of the search circle has to be right where the pillar (where is the scrambler is on) meets the ground, just like in the picture above. Moving just a few centimetres won’t work, weird.

the scramblers on tatooine are still glitched the seeker droid dont always detect something in the area even though theres a scrambler on the buildings… and sometimes the one right outside spaceport glitches to where seeker droid will say theres something in the area till you get within range to use seeker droid at the antenna

Can’t seem to find the middle scrambler, i’m running all over the place where it shows the spawn point, but just.. there’s nothing there.

There is a problem with ‘A droid Defiant”. Can’t use the seeker droid near most of the scramblers I find. Even when standing in the area pointed on the map, the droid doesn’t go active.

I did the Alderaan Weather Forecast mission and cannot see for the life of me where to upload the data. Does anyone know where the data transmitter is? Thanks.

Also, I looked for the red thranta in all locations and corroborate that he’s just not there.

I recently started the GSI missions and I haven’t had any problems. It took me awhile to find Big Red and the above guide really helped. Make sure to note when it says to click on something or at the base of something. Also, big point: remember that you can use your seeker droid at a pretty fair distance – this really helps when there are a lot of mobs around. Of course, I’m doing this on a stealthy, so that helps the most.
The only mission I’ve quit so far is the Tat one where you have to scan for the minerals or whatever…I got tired of looking and went to Makeb and did an easier one to complete my weekly.

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