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SWTOR Macrobinocular and seeker droid missions guide

Comprehensive guide to the SWTOR Macrobinocular and seeker droid missions introduced with the Rise of the Hutt Cartel expansion.

How to start

Seeker Droid and Macrobinocular missions are available starting at level 52.

  • On the Empire side, they can be picked up at the Drill Control Center in Makeb from T4-M7 and Z1-3C droids.
  • On the Republic side, they can be picked up at Giant’s Spear Command Post in Makeb from M3-8Z and BB-6G droids.


Seeker Droid and Macrobinocular missions are meant to be done together as they ask you to travel to the same planets. Advance both mission series once so you don’t travel back and forth to the same planets.

Once you have started the Seeker Droid and Macrobinocular quests, you can immediately start the GSI dailies available from terminals (usually just outside the spaceport) in Alderaan, Hoth, Makeb, and Tatooine.


Seeker Droids



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How the seeker droid works

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An invitation from Darth Acina/Master Gend’s Mission

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Weapons of Chaos/Buried Evils

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Defending the Arcanum/Raid on Arcanum

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Hidden Perils/Where Madness Takes Root

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Hunting Through The Shadows/No Place Left to Hide

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[HEROIC 4] The Alchemy of Evil/Uprooting the Last Seed

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Shroud of Ruin (Empire)

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The Shroud’s Gambit (Republic)

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Groundwork/The Search Begins

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Scratch The Surface/A Secret Revealed

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Expanding the Search/Gaining Ground

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A Spy’s Secret/An Emerging Dread

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Within Reach/Closing In

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[HEROIC 4] All The Pieces/Dark Design

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[HEROIC 4] The Shroud’s Last Stand/The Shroud Revealed

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232 replies on “SWTOR Macrobinocular and seeker droid missions guide”

Some good stuff here. As always excellent job on the reporting and looking forward to running this stuff with my guild mates. Will definitely be referencing your how to while doing so too. Keep up the good work dear.

No, they did change the consumables a bit there was a revamp on how the seeker droid works in the middle of closed beta due to player feedback but that was it.

so I created a spreadsheet, and it appears the credits from running the whole gambit are considerably lower than what you can make currently (ilum,section x,BH,belsavis) is my math wrong? From another reply you left about time to complete, you said almost 6 hrs (maybe cut it down to 4-6 once we get in the groove) but this appears to, well suck.

where exactly is the Z1-3C droid? I’ve looked everywhere, I can’t find him. I know he’s an astro from your picture…

both macro and seeker dorid questgivers are on the fleets, near the turbolift to coruscant/dromund kaas shuttle area

I just checked, he is still inside the Drill Control Center which you can access after you done Descent into the Core. You must be L52 to get the quest

i hate the droid seeker one so much i spend half an hour looking for the seed because they have random spawn

woohoo first one on my Server to have the Dreadseed armor and title! i feel so amazing, i worked around 13 hours on these seeker quests today….

I haven’t been able to destroy the Cryoban Flow Control Junction , it just channels “attacking” and then nothing happends..

Yes i am doing that, all of them, then i press on the Control Junction on the pipes, but they do not explode.. I can just see that the pipes gets “white”.

The original instructions were a bit wrong. You don’t exactly destroy the junction box. You interact with it once and it allow the cold liquid to get past the junction. You need to interact with all 5 junctions to direct the cold liquid to the pipe near the door

Ok so I got the pipes leading to the door all nice and frosty but the last section above the door has not gone targettable, the macrobinos say it is severly weakened but I cant attack it, any clues?

I dont know what i am doing wrong but this is getting on my nerves. I have clicked the 3 Cryoban Storage Tanks and now when i try to attack the Cryoban Flow Control Junction nothing happens. I click Control Junction once and nothing happens. i tested shooting it over and over nothing happens. Ideas?

Figured I’d leave a comment saying that as a Republic player the location of the Sewage Treatment Facility during A Secret Revealed originally showed in a completely different location (around 697,665) but I couldn’t figure out how to get it. Figured I’d try the one you have by the Imperial base, when I got close the objective moved on the map to where it was for you (when I moved away it moved back) and I could go to that one just fine.

Might be noteworthy for the guide.

Exact same thing happened to me only the other way around. I was on Rep side of Quesh then it switched back down to where it was.

Then I got destroyed by the electricity and gave up. The worst quest chain I’ve seen so far. Made the Gree treasure hunt seem interesting.

I think the best advice we can give to Imp players regarding the location is to say go to the Strength Datacron and check your map again. Not only is the ‘cron easy to find, but when you get there you are in the perfect place to climb up and over and then drop in to the instance.

Respectfully, I have to disagree with you, Cyberhwk. I really enjoyed the quest chain (I’m up to the last heroic 4 on both chains). It’s kinda refreshing to have to figure out puzzles rather than just killing ten banthas. I’m not saying you’re wrong…just “to each, his own”!

The republic equivalent to A Spy’s Secret is called An Emerging Dread.

The equivalent to Within Reach is called Closing In.

Didn’t think to post the two prior to it sadly but the equivalent to Hunting Through the Shadows is called No Place Left to Hide.

The equivalent of The Alchemy of Evil is called Uprooting The Last Seed

The equivalent to All the Pieces is called Dark Design

For the seeds search, do I use the macrobinoculars to help where to look? The random has really gotten to me and I have yet to find one seed.

Macrobinoculars won’t help you, just have to dig in that rough location. Helps to group with other players though as you will all get it when someone finds it.

Hey Dulfy!
Do you have the rewards for these missions in a summarized spreadsheet like you do for Dailies?

The Republic Equivalent to the Seeker Droid’s Hidden Perils is Where Madness Takes Root. I don’t know if someone said it already, but just letting you know 🙂

What are you having trouble exactly? He has a freezing spray that you need to avoid but didn’t seem too diffcult otherwise. Were you in a group? Mobs scale up in difficulty if you are

No, actually I was alone but he have 310820 pvp and even if I avoid his freezing spray he attack me with -3k attack to -5k so 15 seconds and I’m already dead…

I finded out finally, I joined a group for a flashpoint with the group finder when I was doing the quest, when I finished the flashpoint I went back to the same place I was before so the difficulty was already upgraded. I restarted the quest and after everything was all right ! 🙂

Sorry for disturbing you and thanks you for your help and your time.

Wow seriously I went through peej like hot knife through butter on operative with a geared ensign temple. Interupt and play your class

I’m having the same issue – I’m in a mix of 63 – 66 – 69 gear and Malavai Quinn is in full campaign, Quinn stands there and doesn’t heal and I’m dead in <30 seconds.

I looked aboute and had the same problem as Jiprock… was fighting him as if he was in a 4-man group, haha.

I can say the jumping in Raid on Arcanum sucks. I am not the best jumper in the world, but I make most, but one I have been having difficulty with… and there is no 1/2 way point for when you return. It’s back to square one, at the beginning… Not happy… about to say screw it and forget it.

Saw something interesting with the binocs when I was doing world bosses with our guild. Found some level 55 wampas!

Hey Dulfy!
While waiting for a group to knock out the last heroic 4s for “The Shroud” & “Seed” missions, I started looking for the MCR-99’s on each planet, to get the 100% completion.

A) are you planning on doing a guide for these and B) if so, would you like any screenshot submissions to assist in its creation?

I’ve only got through Korriban and Hutta so far, with 4/6 on Dromund Kaas. It’s starting to drive me insane!

Hey yes, I am working with someone on geting all the MCR-99 droids down and it is mostly complete. I just need a bit of time to write it all up. Give me another day or two and everything should be up 🙂

hey dulfy just wanted to let you know that for Republic players the 2 droids can also be found on Coruscant in the Senate Tower Zone, one is immediatly outside of the spaceport intrance the other is right beside the entrance to the Senate tower.

Been hunting for pieces of the armor and etc on some planets. So far, Tatooine has the Dread Seed/Star forager helmet and gloves. Alderaan contains the bracers. Hoth has the boots. I found most of the full set for the Dread Seed outfit. Also whilst digging around on Tatooine. I managed to come across a piece of one of the speeders sold at the GSI vendor on Nar Shadaa. Currently checking every planet that is shared with Republic/Empire for more dig spots.

Speeder Part for GSI Emp-03 Explorer Speeder.

Explorer Chassis – alderaan

Explorer Steering Mechanism – Tatooine.
Search for the rest c:

A guildy just got the Pleasure speeder steering mechanism I believe from the same area, i’ll post anything else that comes up.
Turns out, a guildy has gotten 3 of 4 parts of the GSI Emp-03 Explorer Speeder from Alderaan. I think all the parts are random.

Oh, looks like someone already found the full set.
“chest & bracers: alderaan (outpost landa /east of larantha damn)

belt & boots: hoth (outpost senth/ volcano south of snowblind)

gloves & helm: tatooine (crash of stardream/outlaw’s den/transport ship wreck)

pants: makeb (cartel mining mesa)” – Jadrian.

Found this on one of the forums. Hope this helps everyone out.

Just started using the seeker droid in the Mining Mesa on Makeb. This little guide isn’t 100% right. I just uncovered a Dread Seed Belt from this area. Drops might be random? Unsure. Going to switch phases and try again.
I got pants and belt from the Mining Mesa on Makeb, I think the drops are random, but some drops have a higher chance of dropping a certain item then others maybe?

I’ve looked everywhere for more information, but haven’t been able to find anything. When I was doing the Microbinoculars/Seeker Droid portion on Taris, I was using the binoculars and there was a mission in the sky. I trigger it, and this droid called IR-77 comes out of nowhere and starts fighting me. I get it to around 50% and then it disappears. I was on the western part of the land surrounding the lake where the world boss is. Anyway, I go to the middle to look for the seed, and I see another mission in the sky using my binoculars. I trigger it, and nothing happens. Looked everywhere online that I could think of but no dice. Has anyone else seen this?

No, it wasn’t a digging site. I’m with a friend who was just starting the Taris part. I had him scan the droid, then we went to the spot directly easy from Wayward Station Draay, just before the water. He got the mission to scan too, I took a pic of IR-77. This just happened with him literally 2 minutes ago. Mine was the other day.

IR-77 is a recurring boss from the Macrobinoculars quest. He shows up as you proceed every now and then until you confront him for the last time during the second to last quest in that chain. So what happened is you progressed your macrobinocular quest while you happened to be at a dig site for the Seeker Droid quest.

He can appear whenever you are scanning a signal point for the macro-binocular quests for Republic or Empire. I have not had him appear more than once per planet. At about 50% health he runs. Its easier to just run from him as he resets fairly quickly and disappears.

Thank you for the guide. One question: At the end of [HEROIC 4] The Alchemy of Evil/Uprooting the Last Seed, does each group member get to make their own choice for Dread Seed vs. Star Forager? Or does everyone get locked to a single choice for the whole group?

In case anyone reads this post – just so you don’t make the same mistake as I made based on Dulfy’s answer here.
You get to ROLL on the LS/DS choice – but you get the outcome that wins as your choice (Dread seed/Star Forager).

It is NOT an individual choice – whatever roll wins will decide the armor piece you get, and the way the mission ends.

So be very careful when you do it with random people and you want a specific armor.

There’s a droid to the north of the search area at Hoth Location #6. At the left top tip of the crashed spacecraft.

My Macrobinoculars disappeared from the mission inventory during a Makeb daily, I was using them it seems the moment the dailies reset. Still have not figured out how to get another pair.

Thank god for this guide. I did the last Macrobinocular/Shroud mission last night with a random group and we never would have made it through without your guide. I can’t imagine how long it would take someone to figure out all of the stuff in that last Heroic quest on their own. The only thing that got a little confusing was the last boss battle with the Shroud. We spent too much time on the panels and kept trying to keep his shield off so we were tied up with lots of repair droids and Adds and kept dying. I guess we had the Directive 7 mindset of keeping the repair droids away. Then, I watched your video real quick and we were fine. Basically, you can’t prevent the shield from coming back up….all you can do is get his shield down as quick as possible and maximize your DPS while his shield is down until you get him under 50% health. That part of the fight became very simple once we understood that.

Trying to get the transmitter near Outpost Rennar : everywhere I stand to look @ it just doesn’t register – any co-ords where to stand? been at this for 2 days.

im having the same problem, i’ve tried every angle and every coords around (the one in your screenshot as well), but still, it doesnt work. is it bugged or am i doing something wrong :/

mmm u know if this the heroic 4 for the seeker droid is glitched? last night i tried with some guildies and miniboss was glitched canister never broke and never get to damage more than 1% of health also today 10 mins ago i went with a random group and turret generators wasnt loading power when it hit 85% 😐 theres a possibilty this may be broken or glitched? also thanks for the guide pretty usefull 😀

make sure to click the seed stuff above the canister or it won’t break when he lands on it. If you look at the canister and it seems to be being held down by a tree root/seed thing, it is not ready.

Guildmate is trying to do “A Secret Revealed” and is getting hit with lightning from the lightning puzzle while he is engaged with the Gold Elite mob that jumps out at you just before that. He’s not even anywhere near the Lightning puzzle, yet is getting killed by it. We’ve gone in and attempted to rez him, but it hits him immediately afterwards. Anyone else having issues like this?

i have this problem also, i started the mission and got to the lightning puzzle and had died
i had to log for the night, next day i tried again and now i enter the phase for it and just get hit by the lightning, i even reset the whole mission and got the towers again, it still just zaps me, i did put a ticket in about it
really sucks cause now i am stuck on that part of the quest 🙁

As for shroud quest: You don’t have to fight with the droid on the bridge.
You can switch the bridge off. And then turn it back on. Droid will just plunge to their doom.

I did not read the comments so if this comment is a repeat sorry
The secret entrance to the scratch the surface on quesh can be reached by moving along the area behind it where the red datacron is on the opposite side in an imp area after reaching the cron move along up the hill and over it towards it no jumping needed

I have reached the Macrobinoculars quest Dark Design. I am at the step that says “Follow Lord Skiff” I know I am supposed to click on that landing platform (it’s glowing) but each time I do that it says I am ineligible for this conversation. I have reset the instance and the quest a number of times and still getting the same error. Anyone else having this experience?

Looked for over 2 hours on Taris at the exact location depicted and EVERWHERE Around for that stupid Taris Seed.

Finally just gave up. I looked all over, but got junk instead.

No wonder I couldn’t find the goddamn entrance. My map shows it at 724,657. Nowhere near the 3 families camp. Jeez, Louise. Quit spending cycles adding dyes and fix the damn bugs, BW.

I attempted this quest last night, and it was an utter mess, and I rage
quit at the last boss. This is severely overtuned for what is was. It
may be well designed from a strictly stand alone perspective, but I
would say this quest series was a failure. It should be a heroic 2+ at
most, damage tuned for Makeb 58s, and mechanics that are puggable.
After wasting 1.5 hours of my life and 22k in repair bills for no
reward, I feel severely turned off from ever attempting this again

The seed of corruption on Taris is extremely difficult to get. Theres a champion that runs back and forth. Ill get items that are dug up but never the gd seed!!! This game is going downward towards WoW fast. The devs need to make that drop rate a little more favorable.

A question for The Alchemy of Evil. Some friends and I had run this successfully one time so we didn’t overly pay attention. Trying it a 2nd time and now we simply cannot get beyond the broken generator stage. We repair the generator up to 87.5% ( …or whatever the exact percentage at that point is ) then also begin to keep eyes on the door shields as some of them are going red at that point. ..But we never seem to be able to have the doors at the point where the generator can receive another boosting charge. We even had it on a number of tries where one of our guys would take 60k+ damage from an exploding battery! And it was the same guy each time, regardless of which end of the tunnel he was getting the battery from.

…Anyone have any secrets/tips or suggestions for how to complete this particular section of the mission without suffering the extreme desire to go outside and kick small, fluffy animals?

Cheers in advance.

Hi Dulfy! Thanks for the fantastic guide. Quick update, was able to 2 man the “Uprooting the last Seed” Quest with Vanguard Tank and Slinger.

To Answer Nazzir’s question: First off do not use rocket boots or get hit while holding the battery or urdead. Second. You have to get the gun to 100 percent. Basically when it starts have everyone use as many batteries on the cannon as possible, when things go yellow/red start saving them back to blue. BUT never stop powering cannon here and there… we did it with only 2 people, only 1 door opened. Sounds like u didnt power up the cannon enough.

Is there any kind of forum (that’s not the SWTOR forums) where people can pick up groups for the last Heroic parts? None of my guildmates have or are willing to put in the time, but I’ve been asking in vain on the fleet for days.

Has anyone gotten a star forager hat in tattoine since the patch? I feel like it’s not there…..

it would be great if a daily quest was added for this one. Maybe then more people would be available to help

“Once the seeker droid has finished scanning, it will also check the
location your character is standing and turn red or green to see if
there is anything under your feet.”
Actually, I believe the reading you get after the scan is relative to your last dig, not to your character’s current location.

Also… a note… when you are in these areas… use Macrobinoculars! A quest icon should show up in the air above the location of the seeds.

Yep – this totally works. At the very least it puts you in the right area – give or take 50 yards. A nice beacon to begin your search. From this point just start moving outwards. Took me a while to get the Alderaan piece but I did walk away with about 40 items and mods I can toss onto the AH for my time.
Thank you Bacon for pointing this out. Hopefully this will make the last few pieces easier to hunt down.

I have never come across a harder boss than the Corrupted Sithspawn Experiment. We always manage to get him to about 9% health and then he breaks his usual rotation with a random Dread Tentacle and either no one interupts in time or everyone’s interupt is on CD. It’s really annoying and we were fighting him like this for four hours yesterday. We ran out of cannisters too.

Free to Play gamers beware! I went through the entire clucking seeker droid quest line only to find out that I could not receive the Star Forager Canister or the Dreadseed Canister because it is a subscriber’s only perk. BTW, that is complete horse****. There should at least some indication that is the case early on in the series.

Dulfy, please tell me my rant is silly and there has been a mistake. Please tell me that this insanity isn’t real…

I guess at the end of the day it doesn’t matter since both titles and armor can be dug up. I just wish BW didn’t hate FTP so much…

Ohh stop being so entitled and melodramatic They don’t hate FTP, if they did they wouldn’t let you play the game. They gave you access, for free, to something that took them millions of dollars and years of time to create and support. But no that’s not good enough.

On second thought you are right, they do hate you and this is unfair. You should go somewhere that appreciates you for the perfect flower that you are and showers you in the money that you presence alone entitles you to.

Don’t be an ass. The OP has a good, valid point. After making it through the whole quest line, only to find out that the final reward is only for subscribers is highly frustrating. When I was F2P, getting to the end of the quest with no reward is like being hit over the head. Not everyone can afford a subscription. Some people have other bills to pay.

This is three years old, I know, but I’m finding it impossible to let this slide.

They went F2P because they were running out of money. They did it because they hoped allowing people to play for free would lure in more subscribers and keep their older players from leaving as they ran out of people to play with. It worked, for the most part, but implying that they’re letting people play out of the goodness of their heart is both unfair and naive.

It’s a valid point. I’ve been a subscriber since day one. I did that quest during a time when my sub had lapsed. If I’d known about this I would have waited til I renewed my sub before doing the heroic. I basically went through that big long quest chain with no reward other than some commendations and credits.
There was absolutely nothing to indicate that I would be passing up the major rewards when I handed in that quest. There’s no way I can do it again other than doing it on another character. So handing in that quest during that brief time when my subscription lapsed rather than waiting a week basically meant I did it for nothing. I’ll never get that outfit unless I get lucky with the seeker droid and cinsidering my luck so far hunting for speeder parts, I wouldn’t get my hopes up.

If you’re at level 52 or higher maybe you should consider supporting the developers? Games like SWTOR won’t be Free to Play if they can’t make money selling the game services.

Both missions can also be picked up on the fleet at level 53, near the Cartel Bazaar elevator, even if you have done nothing on Makeb.

Thanks dulfy for this guide. I was flying all over Quesh last night trying to get into the sewage plant, I finally gave up, but knew you would know how to get in 🙂

For the sewer, the entrance on map shown at 619, 580 is correct. You just have to go up the ramp that appears to be heading for the entrance then turn right at the big tree half way up. The entrance is around the wall there. It is the place you come out as a Rep player.

Watch out for group finder in laser room:P i gf there and after i came back from fp droid was boss type mob with 200k+ HP:D and i was like wtf?? pushover??

This whole thing is glitched. Have trie in 3 different groups and something went wrong each time. I give up even trying now.

Ebon Hawk Server (Imperial side) LFG for the Heroics… I solo’d All The Pieces/Dark Design (that was frustrating yet fun) then got to The Shroud’s Last Stand/The Shroud Revealed. Finally hit a brick wall with a 4 person puzzle. Needless to say I am quite frustrated that I MUST have 3 other people with me on a mission that takes many hours to prep for and cannot be filled through groupfinder, so I figured I might as well try posting here. I can tank or DPS. (assassin… name is Minther, send me an in game email.)

We done The Shroud last night. We’ve been on TS and our leader knew his job leading us. All went perfect, Shroud didn’t gave us many troubles but… At app 20% of his HP I’ve rushed toward console and suddenly bridge (which connects fighting platform and console) vanished and I died. And the top of all stupidity I saw in game – I revived in Shadow Town!
It might be the closest medcenter on the map, but I had to take a taxi back and till I got there, fight was already over. My groupmates waited me with the last talk, we hoped I’ll still get the mission, but I didn’t.
Now all over again… :/

A question. For Uprooting the Last Seed if I want the Star Forager armor I have to pick the LS choice. Do I just not click the altar then when I kill Lord Tagriss?

Ok just finished the quest but bioware screwed me on it. I’m preferred and they won’t even let me get the armor and title? What kinda stupid sh*t is this? I have not yet hit accept on the mission but is there a way to find te chest piece with a seeker droid?

I totally agree. We PAID for the DLC and they now won’t let us get the armor and title. I got the armor when it was available to preffered so I can at least send it to my current character. Serious turn off for me on the game though.

So, trying to do the Uprooting the Final seed and every time I pick up the power cell for the turret, I blow up. Super fun.

Been doing both the Binocular and Seeker missions.
Binoculars and The Shroud was awesome fun with the puzzles, Seeker Droids were a testimony to BioWares retarded RNG and lazy game design.

I just thought that I should point out that this page has been missed in the site contents listing. From the main page, if you hover over the SWTOR guide list, and check all of the sub-lists (Endgame, Popular, etc.), then you’d see that the Seeker Droid & Macrobinoculars Quests page isn’t listed. Was this an error of omission or intentional? At the moment, the only connection is a semi-hidden link off of the Dreadseed/Star Forager page on the Achievements sub-list.

Wouldn’t it be possible to collect them all somewhere else? I’ve been googling these guides and dulfy is among the top.

did the h4 in 2 man group, i was healing(hyrbid heal/dps) and had a pug tank. For the surviving part: use every powercell on the turret and command your comps to attack the spawning adds. We managed it, but we died cuz the turrets were evading all the time and we still got the mission update.

I would like to point out the locations of the 4 data-logs. I saw the guide give location for 2 of them but not the other 2 so if it has already been posted plz feel free to erase this . #1 first room on left after elevator on table. #2 second room on the right before the right hand turn that leads you to the energy turret puzzle on a console table of sorts. #3 On a console in the southern part of the the energy turret area. #4 on table in area before doorway entrance to Sith Lord Targriss after the Corrupted Sithspawn Battle. I would like to be more exact with this but saw no maps of the Corrupted Jedi Temple Complex for me to use to pin point them better.

best guide i found. which is why i used it and was able to beat it first try. did it with 3 people. 2 dps 1 tank. healer comp.

At the droid part when you extend the bridge, you can turn the bridge back off to make the droid fall to it’s doom. Than you can turn the bridge back on

I was thinking about doing this… but… a 4 man jump-and-run as a gatekeeper is really REALLY efficient at keeping me from doing so. I HATE jump-and-run with great passion. 😀

I’m still slowly plugging away at both quests. My problem is I can’t find a group to complete the final heroics! So, Dulfy, got any ideas or perhaps a PUG in the Shadowlands ?? lol

be happy to do it with you…. (Manchineel-shadowlands) done it many times many tunes. it is hard to find a group thought I agree…

Sry for the delay. I would to have an experienced “guide” really helps. The rest is a pain; I’m in an active guild but even that is not a sure thing…

anyone found any bonus or secret areas – bosses not listed (other than datapads Seeds)? I have done it many times but most groups just want to get it over with… I like to explore. Whats the purpose of clicking the roof of the transports and going inside on the Macrobinoc H4?

Well, I finally got to finish the Micro Binoc hero4 quest BUT I managed to do it while skipping the mission right before the last one. Now I get to see how kind customer service will be. In the words of Mr Solo: It’s not my fault…

Finished the Seeker Droid last night. I wonder if the Emperor will ever call me. He should have my frequency from Darth Acina 😀 hahaha…..

For Imperials hunting through the shadows….don’t have to go long way around. Go to the Imperial Remote Post and cut straight across the map.

Jedi Sage LV60 at Jedi Covenant server LFG for [HEROIC 4] Dark Design and [HEROIC 4]The Shroud Revealed if anybody wants to do it sometime… send a mail to Xsonic. (Central US timezone)…

If any at TOFN Are looking to do the All the pieces quest (and the last one after ) just let me know.
Elothan @TOFN

Looking to do h4 (the shroud’s last stand) and h4 (the alchemy of evil) shoot me an in game email if you are on Shadowlands @Bake level 60 conceal Operative.

Anyone on Beregen Colony doing this still? I’ve got the last set of things to find (Alderaan, Balmorra, and Voss) then I think its time for the Heroics.

I accidentally consumed the macrobinocular mission item. Apparently it can be consumed. Is there any way for me to get a new item? I’ve already completed the full questline.

Have they said if these h4s are dropping to h2s in the new exp? If not they really should add them to the tactical fp list just to make it easier to find a group.

I had to form a group of 4 (now in KotFE), but then it was a piece of cake. There are parts of both seeker droid and macrobinocular questlines (H4) which require activating clickables by 4 people. For seeker droid, bringing power cells to prevent rakghouls from escaping their prisons, and for macrobinoculars, clicking and completing different pieces of the puzzle on Nar Shadaa.

Inb4 “durr I soloed it nap” trolls.

just did it recently, either level sync ruined the fight or he is not spamming clones anymore
actually, we almost killed him the first time we used the consoles

Still Heroic 4 in 4.1, sigh. No one wants to do these, and the mechanics still require 4 on the Nar Shadda quests. Sad, but skip em. Maybe one day. They eventually fixed the Aurora Cannon, after all.

Fight with Makivoro can be soloed, just when he call that droid above his head to shield him, target that droid and interrupt. that will also interrupt his healing so u can finish him off easiliy

So annoying – got all the way to the end of both of these in a group of two and two comps set to heal, only to get stuck right at the end. And after that bloody speeder jumping bit, too. Oh well – perhaps one day …

my suggestion would be to post on the swtor subreddit: /r/swtor/ that you’re looking for a group or help with the mission. more than likely you’ll find some people who either need the mission themselves or are willing to help.

Currently, the Macrobinocular H4s are affected by Nar Shaddaa’s L26 scaling. It’s possible to solo [HEROIC 4] All The Pieces/Dark Design. If you’re stuck on the last boss (Maki’Voro), I’ve heard that the healing probe that spawns above his head will simply go away if it’s interrupted mid-heal. Unfortunately, if you can’t solo him due to not be able to stop the healing probe in time, you’ll have to invite others that are currently on the mission. They must be on it, and it can’t be shared. If they are not on the mission, they can’t interact with the landing platform that initiates the jumping part.

The droid that activates on the Light Bridge can be defeated in a very hilarious way. Just turn the bridge off and it falls into the acid!!! You can then turn the bridge back on and be on your way.

LFG Macrobinocular Heroics this Saturday (Nov. 19)

Respond here or PM Ji’inx on the Ebon Hawk if available.

Note: You must be on the same missions to participate, and they cannot be shared.

When the Shroud produced his clones, the real one had a red health bar and name while the other ones were grayed out lol. Easy find!


Craziest. Quest. Ever.

Figuring everything out for the first time with a pug. I wouldn’t know what to do without this webpage. 😉

Thanks a ton, Dulfy.

I just multiboxed this piece of **** quest. In case you’re as asocial and insane as I am to waste 5+ hours on the last HC4 quest as I was, here’s how to set it up:


1. SWTOR doesn’t allow multiple instances running, so you’ll need additional software. I used ISBoxer and while it’s sub-based, they offer 7 days free trial which you need to apply for (and get manually accepted, so if you wanna go this way, might want to do that before you’re done with solo parts). Once you’re ready to go, set it up (google a guide, it’s very easy) and see if it works.

2. Finish all the missions prior to [HC4] The Shroud’s Last Stand/The Shroud Revealed. HC4 with train chase is entirely soloable, I had no issues whatsoever damage-wise in shitty 230 gear with 50 influence healer companion. Mechanics are annoying and push you back (especially since if you wipe on Maki’Voro you have to re-do that jumping sequence just before), but I generally found that quest very fun.

3. On top of your main character account (which is the one that is going to do all the killing) you’ll need additional 3 chars on separate accounts just to click the switches – and need to be able to get to Nar Shadda, which means you’re going to either have them finish Dromund Kaas/Coruscant class story or enroll them in a guild with a flagship summon (and that’s assuming it works on FTP chars, not sure, haven’t tried).

This is hands down longest part, because it takes around 1,5hr to do it per char – so 4,5hr total, unless you multibox it properly. I suggest you speed it up by rolling a stealth class and using heroic quests teleports (don’t do the missions – just teleport if your class quest is nearby and do that instead) to move around quicker. Most of the time will be spent running (with no speed increase…), so play some podcast in the background to make it more bearable. I had 3 level 13-14 operatives carried by my level 70 op main.

3. Once you’re done with questing, log in the entire group and have them all fly to Nar Shadda where the quest is and escort them to the mission location – if you have stealth there’s no combat whatsoever involved, even at 10+ level difference you won’t aggro anything.


This is where the “fun” starts. Generally since only one of your characters can do any fighting, for the combat sequences you’ll want one of your lowbies out of the instance so you can summon your companion. As I wrote before, I ran 50 influence healer as a 70 concealment operative myself at all times and had no problems with killing parts.

4. First puzzle is herp derp clicking switches, set up the characters one by one, click the buttons, welp, done. Move out one of the lowbies.

5. Clear out the mobs (or don’t if you plan to stealth through them) and do the droid boss. Other than basic ‘don’t stand in shit/kill adds/be wary of one-shot mechanic’ there’s not much to it – you won’t need other characters for it. Once you’re done, have your main operate the console – characters not on quest can’t click on it, so it’s the only way. Move in your standby and position the remaining group, but keep in mind the char doing the droid assembly will most likely die (there’s a gold star spawn at the end that will put you in combat), but after killing you it just stands rather far from the switch, meaning you don’t have to worry about re-aggroing it (just ress with the probe to save yourself a rerun).
Also make sure you move out your reactor char as soon as you’re done clicking everything so it won’t die from the gas.

6. Now you can log off your standby as the remaining portions only need 3 people. Bridge is very straightforward, just clear out the the both lower parts for your lowbie. Once you’re done, head for the last boss – and prepare for frustrations.

7. Spec your utility into movement and breaking CC (esp. slows), because you’ll be constantly harassed.
Position yourself at the consoles – have lowbies handle either the north/south (go behind the console and click from there – it’ll protect you from the adds a bit) and eastern (the one with the crates nearby, hide behind them), while your main char switches between the west and remaining S/N console.

Have your healer companion pull the boss and once you’re in combat, click the consoles and run for the remaining one (speed boosts help!). Nuke Shroud like mad when the shield is down – basically if you manage to get him down to 50% you win, so blast your cds. Sadly, I doubt you’ll be able to complete this in one phase, so you’ll need to re-do clicking the consoles… except now Shroud will pull/stun/slow you, so click while standing at the edge and while moving between hug the railing. This is also when the RNG starts – adds will spawn and while they pose no danger to you or your companion, depending on where they appear, they might kill your lowbies – and there’s not much to do about it, other than try again. If you’ve hidden them behind objects, you’ll have a slight delay before they start taking any damage, but trying to take the aggro might be too difficult. Your companion will tank most of the adds thanks to heals, so hope they’ll snatch it instead. I also ignored the repair robots and after 5 tries finally made it to the 2nd phase.

Past 50% there’s not much strategy involved. After the pull, kill the robots and if you’re lucky, both your alts will be alive to tank the termination ray casts you won’t be able to interrupt due to cooldown. If not, it doesn’t appear to one shot anymore – I had one hit me for around 5k, so blast a defensive and you should be fine. As written before, the splitting part is also herp derp easy because the clones are grayed out (not that it mattered, since Vector just instantly jumped onto the real Shroud interrupting the cast). Keep nuking until boss is dead and GG!

Since last boss is the most difficult part, after “soloing” the puzzles alternatively just invite any high level friend and two man it. Should be much easier.

Good luck.

Headache. Searching Group in 2 weeks on The Progenitor server…BW should make this soloable like they did with Section X Heroic4. Really time pain this sh.t, but need for hidden Star Fortress Achievement.

For the corrupted Sithspawn: the dripping water is who the spawn is going to jump on. If your character is being dripped on, move him onto one of the canisters (after you’ve removed the tendril).

This quest is absolute BULLSH*T!!! i just wasted 2 hours digging around Taris and still found nothing!!! such a waste of time!!! The indicator does not indicate anything useful. I even used 5 GSI Triangulation enhancers!

LFG All three heroics on Star Forge. Message my character Teraalin.

P.S. Since I know the heroics are really long, hard, frustrating and not rewarding unless you are a story freak like me, I’ll make sure to hand everyone some credits or a pack at the end.
P.P.S. Yes, I know it’s a bribe. The heroics are universally unpopular to do. Just saying.

So I finally decided I’d give Alchemy of Evil on Ilum a run with my main Sorc. Grabbed 50 Arcann and headed in. It was pretty fun facing off against groups of mobs that require a little work to solo through. But I get to the room with the power cells, shields, and charging up the turret… and that shit is completely bugging out. Half the time I pick up a cell and go to move… and it kills me. One shot. Just boom. Like the cell exploded? No idea wtf is happening. Reset it, went back in, tried again. Same nonsense. During one run, I managed to make several runs to charge the shields and turret for a while.. then pop. I’m dead again for no apparent reason (just “Defeated by Galathir with Carrying Power Cell (35120 damage)” in the report… and when I rez back, the hallway is full of mobs. Yeah. Fun times. So me and Arcann lay into them, and chew through the mobs… and as we near the last few, more spawn down the hall and run through one of the popped shields and refill the hall. Awesome. *sigh* annoying. I guess I’ll look for a group to tackle this later to get it off the books, finally.

So being stubborn, I’ve discovered that entering combat with the cell in your hands results in it exploding. In case that helps anyone. This pretty much means that once the hall fills with goons, you’re screwed. I’m assuming you have to charge the turret all the way and have it kill all the mobs before the passageway you needs opens up.It seems simple enough to kill off groups of mobs, but there’s no time to grab a cell and charge the turret at all before more spawn in… making it impossible to charge the thing up. At least for my sorcerer. bleh. This probably wouldn’t be such a problem, except that I still keep getting the random deaths even when I don’t seem to have any mobs in the hallway. I can only assume I’m getting a pop of some sort and dying before I even realize it’s there… because of entering combat with a cell in my hands.

[HEROIC 4] All The Pieces
Did it solo at Assassin (Deception, 235 gear rating) with the lvl 14 Xalek comp, lol. But I recommend to use ranged comp, coz last boss constantly places aoe knockback bomb under himself and eventually, at the end of the fight, this bomb knocked my Xalek off the platform. Luckily, boss didn’t have much DPS, so I was able to finish the fight with no problems.
Other than that, the fight is not hard at all. Attack boss, kill any probes around, kill his healing probe asap, continue attack boss.
P.S. Assassin has no easier life here btw, bcs, stealth is not an option – all fights are triggered and puts you out of stealth. But heaving really good DPS output is pretty helpful.

Was able to solo all of it as a sniper only to find out that the last part isn’t soloable, which makes the whole thing an irritating waste of time. Yay. Why do MMO designers think we want to play Mario with garbage controls?

Wow… This was a 4 month old comment.
Regardless, new players don’t fully understand the mechanics of an 8 year old game that went from encouraging group play, to a solo-inclinded stomp-a-thon. When the game switched the core systems to their current iteration, SWTOR ceased being an MMO in the purest sense, and fully embraced the bizarre hybrid solo/occasional-group content build it is today. The developers did not, however, fully rationalize the occasional mandatory group content like this questline, that a large chunk of new players feel is unnecessary and disjointed. Especially when the game has gone to such great lengths to push solo play.

How odd… I did not realize the game I have been playing since October of 2009 was 8 years old… lol.

It was announced October 21st, 2009. It released December 20th, 2011. Or you’re some sort of, like, time-wizard. Wait… ARE YOU A TIME-WIZARD?!

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Bless you!

Spent two hours running The Shroud Revealed with three guildies. Mind-numbing puzzle after mind-numbing puzzle, with an occasional two-minute stint of actually getting to kill things. Only to have it glitch out on the last console before the boss when two of my group couldn’t click. I’m all for a challenge and a change of pace, but this mission is just ridiculous. Is it a Heroic or a Flashpoint? Never mind that it comes at the end of a storyline that has you traipsing across twelve different planets just to find a bunch of glowing antennae. What a massive headache.

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