GW2 Super Adventure Box

GW2 Super Adventure Box guide

A guide to the GW2 Super Adventure Box activated on April 1st and playable for rest of the month. This guide includes hidden rooms, bauble locations and good digging spots for all zones in World 1.


General Information

How do I access it?

Go to Rata Sum (third level, Tyria). At the very north you will see the entrance to the Super Adventure Box.


Group size

While the recommended group size is 5, you can easily solo all of the content. The last boss in zone 3 may take some practice.

Death and Continue Coin

You are given 5 lives. Each time you die, you use up one life. If you used up all 5, you will be ported into a special chamber where you are tied up and have to face Moto. If you have a Continue Coin, you can hand it to him and continue where you left off. If you don’t and you are not in a group, you will be kicked out to Rata Sum and have to start over (you are given a chance to buy a Continue Coin from him for 50 baubles before this happens).

If you are in a group and don’t have a Continue Coin, you will be kicked out to Rata Sum but you can zone in, die and then get ported to the latest checkpoint your group has activated.

Continue Coin are a random drop from chests and jumping puzzle chests all around Tyria.


There is a merchant near the entrance that will sell you items in exchanges for Bauble Bubbles and Baubles, currencies you earn inside the Super Adventure Box.

You can see what the Super Weapon/backpack skins looks like here.

Super Weapon skins 35 Bauble Bubble + 1 gold
World 1 Super Boom Box 35 Bauble Bubble
World 2 Super Boom Box 35 Bauble Bubble
Super Backpack Cover 25 Bauble Bubble + 50 silver
Mini Princess Miya 25 Bauble Bubble + 50 silver
Mini Moto 20 Bauble Bubble + 50 silver
Plush Moto Backpack Cover 20 Bauble Bubble
5 Continue Coins 1 Bauble Bubble
Obsidian Shard 1 Bauble Bubble
Crystal 1 Bauble Bubble
6 Philosopher’s Stones 1 Bauble Bubble
Super Adventure Box o’Fun 1 Bauble Bubble
1 Bauble Bubble 250 Baubles
Continue Coin 10 Baubles

You can also purchase a Miniature Super Trio for 500 gems in the gem store with the following three minis (picture provided by Dlune)

  • Super Spider
  • Super Bee Dog
  • Super Monkey


How do I get certain items/upgrades?

All the shops are described in the hidden rooms section of each zone. If you are unsure how to get to them, look at that section.

  • Digger – Zone 1, first shop after the checkpoint (100 Baubles)
  • Whip – Zone 1, shop at base of the boss pyramid (150 Baubles)
  • Mini Bomb – Zone 2, first shop just left of checkpoint 2 or the shop after checkpoint 2 (200 Baubles)
  • Candle – Zone 2, shop right after checkpoint 3.
  • Bauble Purse – Zone 3, hidden shop under waterfall after checkpoint 2 (250 Baubles)
  • Moto’s Breath – Zone 3, hidden shop after checkpoint 3 and near checkpoint 4.
  • Slingshot – Zone 3, shop right before King Toad (225 Baubles)

Zone 1 – Sunny Glade

Video walkthrough

Quick video showing all the checkpoints in this zone.


Hidden Rooms


You need to find 7 Hidden Rooms for the achievement Associate of Secrets

The two shops count as two hidden rooms.The rest of the hidden rooms must be accessed via bombs you can purchase later on in zone 2 and 3.

1. This hidden room is just behind the waterfall near the start the zone. Throw a bomb towards the waterfall to open this room.


2. Before you cross the first checkpoint, go left instead of right and there is a spot where you can throw bombs to crack open.


3. First shop after the first checkpoint

  • Digger (Dig anywhere for a 10% chance to find buried treasures) – 100 Baubles
  • 1-Up (grant one extra life) – 20 Baubles
  • Key (unlocks chest) – 25 Baubles
  • Small Health Refill (Restores 1 heart) – 5 Baubles


4. Right before the 2nd checkpoint


5. Right after the  3rd checkpoint, you have to jump on a small bush to your right after you pass the checkpoint.


6. Past the 4th checkpoint, in the room with the little pyramid where the 2nd shop is.


7. Past the 4th checkpoint and in the back of the little pyramid you have to climb is the second shop and the last hidden room.

  • Whip (Stun Foes) – 150 Baubles
  • Digger (Dig anywhere for a 10% chance to find buried treasures) – 100 Baubles
  • 1-Up (grant one extra life) – 20 Baubles
  • Key (unlocks chest) – 25 Baubles
  • Small Health Refill (Restores 1 heart) – 5 Baubles


Baubles – Associate of Baubles

  • Please consult this guide which provides detailed instructions on getting every bauble in zone 1.

Zone 2 – Dark Woods

Video walkthrough

Quick video showing all the checkpoints in this zone.


Shortcut – Bachelor of Pioneering achievement

The shortcut can be found right after checkpoint 2. You will see a lake with a turtle in the water. There will be a tree branch on the right you can jump over and that will lead to the worm hole that act as a shortcut (see video below if the instructions are not clear)


Shops & Hidden Rooms


There are six hidden rooms in zone 2. Three of the hidden rooms are shops. The remaining three either require bombs to get to or have tricky jumps. Getting all 6 hidden rooms will grant you the Bachelor of Secrets achievement.

1. Waterfall before the first checkpoint (use bomb)


2. First shop just left of checkpoint 2.

  • Mini Bomb (uses Baubles as ammunition, can be thrown or placed) – 200 Baubles
  • 1-Up (grant one extra life) – 20 Baubles
  • Key (unlocks chest) – 25 Baubles
  • Small Health Refill (Restores 1 heart) – 5 Baubles


3. Second shop after checkpoint 2. Instead of going up the trees to checkpoint 3, there is a a little corner up ahead with a shop.

  • Mini Bomb (uses Baubles as ammunition, can be thrown or placed) – 200 Baubles
  • 1-Up (grant one extra life) – 20 Baubles
  • Key (unlocks chest) – 25 Baubles
  • Small Health Refill (Restores 1 heart) – 5 Baubles


4. Right next to the second shop. (use bomb)


5. Third shop is right after checkpoint 3. It doesn’t appear to sell anything but this room is where you get the candle (#4 skill)


6. This last hidden room involves some tricky jumps. You need to head to the area just before the black water that instant kill you. There is a hole in the ground with some branches below. Jump to that branch and then hop on to the branches on the right. After a couple jumps, you will need to do this jump where you basically jump from one side of the branch to the other. If you make this jump, the hidden room is within reach (see video if you are not sure).


Baubles- Bachelor of Baubles

  • Please consult this guide which provides detailed instructions on getting every bauble in zone 2.

Zone 3 – Kingdom of Fungus

Video walkthrough

Quick video showing all the checkpoints in this zone.


King Toad

King Toad is an extremely easy boss when you know the mechanics and can be easily soloed.


  • Both King Toad and his necklace can be targeted. Attacking the necklace will cause him to drop Jewel Shards, which you grab and throw to him when he holds his mouth open (make sure you have him targeted). If you don’t attack him with the Jewel Shard when he holds his mouth open, he will perform the tongue attack which is very hard to dodge.


  • Other than his tongue attack, King Toad will also do a shockwave attack which you won’t harm you if you stand in the rock in the middle of the room as shown in the pictures above. You only risk taking damage from this attack when you grab the Jewl Shards from underneath him.


  • Basically, attack King Toad’s Necklace to drop a Jewel Shard. Grab the Jewel Shard and run to the middle rock so you are safe from his shockwave attack. Once King Toad open his mouth, throw the shard to him and jump in to attack him. Repeat until King Toad is dead. You can finish him in four Jewl Shards if soloing.

Shops & Hidden Rooms

Getting all 6 hidden rooms in zone 3 will reward you with Master of Secrets achievement.


1. Right as you pass checkpoint 2, there is a waterfall below it with a hidden store that you can access that sells among other things Bauble Purse that can store 500 Baubles. (thanks Nausicaa Tyndel)


    • Bauble Purse (This purse will allow you to hold up to 500 baubles) – 250 Baubles.
    • 1-Up (grant one extra life) – 20 Baubles
    • Key (unlocks chest) – 25 Baubles
    • Small Health Refill (Restores 1 heart) – 5 Baubles

2. Don’t leave that room yet! Use your candle to burn the carpet in that hidden room and then throw a bomb on the ground. This will open a hole in the ground, revealing a second hidden room!


3. Past checkpoint 2 and near checkpoint 3, there is another hidden store on the wall that sells the same thing. You can get to it by climbing the big slanted trunk and then follow these arrows.


4. Past checkpoint 3, look up and watch for where the big tree trunk in the air begins. There is a big stomp there with a hidden store. (thanks Nausicaa Tyndel)


5. Past checkpoint 3 and near checkpoint 4, there is a path that lead up to some difficult jumps to a shop that will reward you with the elite skill Moto’s Breath that can be used once per zone (thanks Petezahut and Electus).



6. Right before the final checkpoint (checkpoint 4) next to the frog boss, there is the final store that will sell Slingshot for 225 Baubles.

    • Slingshot (Flings stones; uses Baubles as ammo) – 225 Baubles.
    • 1-Up (grant one extra life) – 20 Baubles
    • Key (unlocks chest) – 25 Baubles
    • Small Health Refill (Restores 1 heart) – 5 Baubles


Baubles – Master of Baubles

  • Please consult this guide which provides detailed instructions on getting every bauble in zone 3.


Note that all of the achievements below except for Scholar can be completed in infantile mode.

Scholar – 3/3 zones completed in World 1 – 10 achievement points

  • Very straightforward, complete all three zones.

Minor in Enhancement – Obtain all of the item upgrades found in World 1 – 5 achievement points

  1. Digger – First & second shop in zone 1 – 100 Baubles
  2. Whip – Second shop in zone 1 – 150 Baubles
  3. Mini Bomb – First and second shop in zone 2 – 200 Baubles
  4. Candle – Third shop in zone 2
  5. Bauble Purse – Shops in zone 3 – 250 Baubles
  6. Moto’s Breath – Fourth hidden room in zone 3
  7. Heart – earned when you defeat King Toad

Minor in Immortality – Complete any zone without dying – 5 achievement points

  • Zone 1 is the easiest to do this in. Just skip all the mobs and head for the checkpoints

Minor in Fortitude – Complete any zone without using a health potion or dying – 5 achievement points

  • Same as the achievement above.

Doctor of Baubles, World 1 – Collect all the Baubles in World 1. Baubles from foes aren’t counted – 10 achievement points

  • This is a pretty hard achievement to get as you need to collect all the baubles in every zone. Follow these individual guides below to complete this achievement.
  • Associate of Baubles – Zone 1 – 5 achievement points
  • Bachelor of Baubles – Zone 2 – 5 achievement points
  • Master of Baubles – Zone 3 – 5 achievement points

Doctor of Secrets, World 1 – Find all the hidden rooms in World – 10 achievement points

  • Associate of Secrets – See zone 1 – 5 achievement points
  • Bachelor of Secret – See zone 2 – 5 achievement points
  • Master of Secrets – See zone 3 – 5 achievement points

Bachelor of Pioneering – Find the shortcut in World 1 Zone 2 – 5 achievement points

  • See zone 2.

Minor in ElusionElude Stick Plants of Flytraps in World 1 Zone 3 – 5 achievement points

  • Use infantile mode to complete zone 3. Otherwise you will need to burn plants with your candle and some of them are hard to avoid without infantile mode.

Minor in Excavation100 digs with Shovel – 5 achievement points

  • Dig anywhere inside Super Adventure Box zones.

Baby’s First Super Adventure27 feats – 1 achievement point

  • If you get stuck with 26/27, go back to the first zone first store will sometimes grant you 27/27.

Minor in Achievement – Complete all the above achievements – 15 achievement points

  • Title: Distinction in Applied Jumping

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

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Entrance is a little after the second last checkpoint.
once you enter head towards the roots,
jump from root to root until you get to the mushrooms,
jump from mushroom to mushroom until you are on the edge of the tree.
here you can jump down onto the ledge
make your way down to the hidden house.
enter and get your 1 time use elite. [ i wasted it inside 🙁 ]

hmm cant edit.

apparently it isnt single use. it is useable once per zone. [ turns back into an empty slot, even tho the tool tip says 5 sec cooldown, replenishes on zone change ]

added images of the elite itself

You will be kicked out. If you have Continue Coin, you can continue at the place where you died. If you don’t and you are not in a group, you have to start over.

same here. I exhausted 2 continue coins on the 2nd stage ( ._.) Now that I know how to navigate it, it shouldn’t be as hard. I got the same amount of Bauble Bubbles as you shouldn’t be too tough getting at least one skin before the event is over.

If you hit his necklace it will drop a shard, pick it up.
After he looks around and starts “screaming” press 1 to throw the shard into his mouth,
after which he’ll become dazed and you can damage him.
Then you’ll be able to hit his necklace again, get a new shard and repeat procedure until dead.

Avoid his attacks:
Looking to the right – he will stomp his right foot and flood the right and middle leaf, so stand on the left one.
Looking to the left – he will stomp his left foot and flood the left and middle leaf, so stand to the right.
Looking like he’s about to puke – he will jump, flooding all 3 big leaves, so jump out to the smaller ones or the rocks.
Looking around and then screaming – unless you throw a shard in his mouth he
will shoot his tongue on the entire stage from right to left. You can
avoid this by a skillful dodge or by standing on a small stone formation
on the very right side of the pool, by the wall.

Once you start to recognize the attacks, this is a very simple fight.

there is one of those reward items as reward for zone 4, but there are nearly no chekpoints (until the very end of the level)
if you make your way to the long even bridge, then you can also go below the first plancks by jumping down on it’s right side. there is a spot where you can dig out 50 spheres

There is one checkpoint in this level, although there is no message to indicate it. If someone lands on the raft, other people can simply die to spawn on it.

Where do I find the slingshot? Did it twice but didnt find it… and can I get more hearts if I do the easy mode again?

Zone 3, in the same section as the elite skill, there is a 2nd shop hidden in a corner. Sells the same as the first shop.Screenshots coming

just out of interest, found a storm cloud in the tree above the infantile cloud in the super adventure box game lobby. can’t interact with it at the moment, but could possibly be a hard mode option?

at the continue point they cost 50 but if you buy them from moto outside the gate they only cost 25

My group stopped at the beginning of zone 3 cuz we had to go to bed. If we play it again later can we pick it up at the same place, or do we have to start the whole thing over again along with trying to collect all the weapons again?

Dulfy, thanks for the info. Just wanted to throw in a tip I noticed. In Zone 3, there are plants that stun when you touch them, but if you use the candle skill near them you can burn them to disable them permanently.

associate of baubles zone 1 guide (: , only found 1 “hidden” on top of the first tree. any others?

For the 6 secret you have to go in the hidden shop under the acid waterfall, burn the red carpet with the torch and then blow up with a bomb!

If you have a hard time getting to the wormhole, you can just continue on, go up the tree and up the branches and then backtrack to the turtles to jump down. I’d almost given up! 🙂

Does anyone know how to get to the top path between checkpoints 1 and 2 in Zone 2?
I can see baubles up there but no idea how to get that high.

Advance up the canopy trunk, and on the 3rd level of leaves there is a mushroom to the south, take it and ride the wall past the previous checkpoint, where there is a spider nest and the path to the rest of the baubles.

The last shop in zone 3 is on the right side at the last checkpoint, in front of the frog king. All you need to do is to jump over the tree to get there.

“Getting all 6 hidden rooms in zone 3 will reward you with Master of Secrets achievement. Currently 5/6 of the hidden room locations are known but the 6th room has yet to be found.”

Did you find Room 6 in zone 3? Because i got all 6 rooms and all achievements with the guide to the elite skill. thx
Celahir Elen

Do we have an ETA on when World 2 (or later worlds) will be added? (Later this month, in a patch later this year, or next April Fools?)

Zone 2 first picture of the hide place, if you use your shovel on the stone in the water, 2 red orbs pop out. ~Makeshíft

Tips for Bauble Completion:

You need all the chests. If you don’t have a key, currently you can whip the chest to loot whatever is inside, without unlocking it (Most likely a bug).

Zone 1:
You need every hidden area (minus the shops).
-There is a bauble in the tree near the start, you need to jump on a branch before you can get onto the platform.
-There are 4×1 Baubles and 1×5 Bauble in the labyrinth leading to the Queen Bee Dog (Follow the bee dogs).
-2 Chests

Zone 2:
-Again, you need every hidden area (including the chasm)
-You will need to backtrack from the 3rd(? maybe 4th) checkpoint, along the wall. You will find a room filled with spiders and invincibility buffs in barrels.
-Once you have finished there, you need to climb back up (There is a jump pad in the spider room) and backtrack FURTHER along the higher leaves, there is a chest here too.
-Don’t forget the worm secret passage (After the large water pool with the turtles, you need to jump onto the root on the right that drops down into the water. Cross over that and drop down for the worm). There are 5-7 baubles here.
-2 Chests

Zone 3:
-You do not need ANY hidden areas (All shops/houses, no baubles).
-After the 1st(? maybe 2nd) checkpoint, there is a branch high up with a bauble at the top. You can do a delay-jump to get on the lowest point from the leaf and climb up.
-Don’t forget the leaves that will fall apart in the last area..
-There are 2 stumps that you fall into on either side of the massive sideways/hollow log in the last area, with baubles inside.
-The large jumping pad puzzle that leads to the elite has some tricky baubles.
-3 Chests.

Must have missed one chest in zone 3.
Spent like 2 hours discovering by myself with crazy lag on the bumpers leading to elite skill, and was kicked of instance for some reason…

It would be great to know where this last chest is, cause i don’t want to spend another 2 hours on this. Thanks :p

Theres one chest in each major area (Starter Area is Area 0, with nothing of interest aside from Queen Bee Dog)

Area 1: Chest is in corner near checkpoint. You can use the gate to bounce up, kill the monkey and cross, or you can jump across the flytraps.

Area 2: Chest is just sitting around among some Monkeys.This is near the checkpoint out of the area.

Area 3: After the bumpers to elite skill, but not dropping down to elite skill, you can go left (elite skill is right) to get the chest, there is a bauble here also. You can also get here by jumping on the leaves on the exit end of the large hollow log.

Dulfy, I think the heart counts as an enhancement also, there are actually 8.
My char does not have slingshot, but I have the achievement.

1. Bombs
2. Whip
3. Candle
4. Shovel
5. Pouch
6. (Heart)?
7. (Breath)?
8. (50 bauble orb)?

That’s all I can remember buying/getting.

Secret in World 2 Zone 1 (the water rapid area). Credit goes to Pichonette for finding it on our run.

On the lowest level of the map before you even get to the first rocks to jump up there’s a waterfall. walk straight into it.

Is there a plan to do a Master of Baubles achievement guide like was done for the previous 2 zones 100% bauble achievement?
This would be extremely helpful as I thought I got all the baubles but must have missed 1 or 2 and an area by area guide with screenshots would be awesome.

The route you chose to get to the secret room with the video [The one you said was too hard to explain], you can get there by hopping along the leaves and branches from the upper checkpoint in the same zone. After a little bit you can jump to the left onto the wall, walk up a small ramp and jump over the venus fly trap.

I was able to find all of the Baubles in World 1 Zone 2 for the “Bachelor of Baubles, World 1” achievement and I took pictures of all the areas in case anyone is having trouble with that part

there is actually a way safer way to get to the hidden house on level 3 with the long complicated path. instead, follow the leaves all the way to the far wall of where the checkpoint is (to the left of the chest) you can jump on the ledges from one of the leaves, onto a venus fly trap, and then to the store.

so i was walking around in the rapid falls zone area (after king toad boss) i found this secret waterfall area. At the end of the puzzle i only found 10 baubles

Zone 3; 2×20 baubles for digging. Path starts at the tree root to the right just before the first checkpoint.

Hey guys, I’m stuck on 6/7 upgrades for some reason.. I’ve unlocked the following: Slingshot, Mini Bomb, Whip, Light, Dig, Motor’s Breath, 4th Heart and 500 Bauble Purse. Am I missing something or is this a bug?

Thanks for the quick response Dulfy, I’ve got ‘Dig’ on number 8 – and done the 100 achievement already. Or is there an upgrade to this?

Thinking I may have bugged it, I had 1500 baubles from chest farming in bag when I upgraded 250-500. Sent a report to Arena Net

i read the bug has something to do witth buying the candle instead of getting it free from the store. the fix was apparently to use an alt and get the free candle

Quick update! For chests, you don’t need a key at all. Simply use your whip on it, or when standing on it, to get the baubles inside.

Update 2 April 2013

Super Adventure Box
-The whip no longer works on baubles inside locked chests.

Thanks to everyone who reported it 😉

World 1 zone 3 starting room has a lot of hidden baubles: dig in every nook and cranny within the labyrinth leading to the queen. Also, there’s a platform over the merchant that you can dig on for some baubles (get on top of the horizontal log, jump down to the smaller log to its side and follow along the part over the fly traps).

Master of Baubles- Collaboration on the official GW2 Forums.


2 inside the bridge log

1 above the bridge log

Bee dog cave left of checkpoint + honeycomb

digsite on the ledge after jumping on lillypads at checkpoint

1st checkpoint

1 left of entrance on the tree. This one is not easy to reach. Check
posts below. I’ve been told dodge jumping helps but I’ve done it without
after plenty of attempts.

1 by a frog and a jump pad on ground level by the entrance.

1 Long branch above guidepost arrow

Treasure chest left of the next checkpoint

2nd checkpoint

2 on leaves on the left right after entrance

slanted log by next checkpoint

partially submerged log by next checkpoint

Cliffside shop by next checkpoint

chest on leaf by Cliffside shop

On the right cliff after a long string of mushroom platforms

On leaf by next checkpoint (up high)

3rd checkpoint

7 or so on the crumbling leaves by the higher entrance. There’s 4 more on the right you need to be quick about to reach.

Gator cave leading to a vertical trunk with tons of jumping pads. Hit
the gator to get past. There’s about 10 on the jump pad climb.

1 on a mushroom pad after the ascent.

About midway through theres a horizontal felled tree and a vertical
hallow stump with a few inside. There’s 5 more on that horizontal tree
up on the roof.

1 by the chest opposite of the boss checkpoint and the chest itself.

Vertical tree trunk by the boss checkpoint. Drop inside to reach.

Can personally confirm it, helped make it after all 😀

I created a solo speed farming video :

13 min solo speed farm gives 6 bauble bubbles and around 90-100 baubles every 13-15mins.

I made 1-2 mistakes but the actual run not including cart takes around 13 mins and can be repeated on all your characters daily.

With enough characters you could farm atleast one super skin per day plus alot of chances on skins dropping from the boss chests.

[…] Confirmed…. ArenaNet went all out and made an entire April Fool's Dungeon for Guild Wars 2: GW2 Super Adventure Box guide – Dulfy Currently Starring As: FFXI – Sardia (Hume THF99, WHM99) – Valefor (On Hiatus) SWTOR – […]

And I don’t know if anyone else has noticed but there are quite a few *empty waterfall secrets in zone 4, like around the first hard cliff aligator/turtle segment where you get the 20 red bauble, there is a cliff in the side of the waterfall about 10 feet up, but nothing inside. Or like on the second alligator part, past the two mushrooms, on the far right there is a platform above the water, leading into a waterfall room that the floor is made of rushing water, and past that room is another room behind the waterfall 90 degrees across from it, but it is impossible to reach due to the rushing water floor.

Thank you so much for the guide ! o/
I’m so happy i can now get the title… some hidden places (like the one behind the waterfall… where you have to bomb it without knowing there is one).

I’d Like to note that their is a small chance of getting one of the super weapons from the chests because I’ve had this happen on my Asuran after killing the king Toad.

As for this regarding the toad king… “You can finish him in four Jewl Shards if soloing.” You can actually finish him in 3 shards solo with proper timing, 2 shards with slingshot solo.

Sitting on 25/27 for Baby’s First Super Adventure. Had 18 after completing zone 2. Not sure where to get the other 2. I got the one from zone 1 shop. Any help would be much appreciated.

stuck at 26/27 in infantile mode, the shop in world 1 doesn’t work (had it already)
In fact, I’m pretty sure the missing 1 is in zone 3, because I had 25/27 after my 1st run, and when i retried I could only access zone 1 or 2 at the start, but after finding a missing spot in zone 2, I now can start in zone 1, 2 or 3, which leads me to believe that it only allows you to start in a zone if you finished the previous 1.
I’m pretty sure I’m missing something in zone 3 but really can’t find it, did it 4 times on 2 different chars now…

There is a part in zone 3 where the infantile mode branches and you have two paths you can take. Did you get both routes? I kind of just followed the clouds and got 26/27 on my first run and had to go visit the first store in zone 1 for 27/27.

The continue coins are no longer available at 25 bauble, you can only buy them from moto when you die or 5 with 1 bauble bubble

I am at 24/25 feats on the last achievement now, it was 27 whats up with this? still cant complete. going to work on the all baubles achievements for now

Digging on stone im standing reveal 5x yellow baubles (+10 each) Its zone 2 last checkpoint before boss

Thanks for all of your awesome guides for GW2! I truely appreciate the time it must take and the detail you put into them. Anyone that asks for help and I can’t answer… I usually tell them one name…! I look forward to any future guides. Lotsa <3 form TC!!

I posted this in the coverage guide. I should posted it here.

Hi Dulfy. I dont see an article for SAB world 2 so I’m going to post this here

some secrets I found in world 2

Only zone 1 for now. Will update when I find more

As the dev has stated, world 2 was designed to make you appreciate the things you had in world 1. Easy access to healing, extra lives, etc.
In more succinct terms, they’re probably all buried, and we still need to figure out where they are :/

I can’t see the Miniature Super Trio for 500 gems, only super super trio II, which does have the minis you’ve listed (has the new ones)

What feats are we talking about?
Baby’s First Super Adventure – 27 feats – 1 achievement point
If you get stuck with 26/27, go back to the first zone first store will sometimes grant you 27/27.

What worked for me was hopping on the first cloud/rainbow walkway in the first zone. Apparently I had skipped that the first time through.

world 1 zone 3 you are completely off in the screen shots you rook with the room in the tree trunk, there is no ROOM in the trunk, you should maybe make that clear, as you said in your description – ” there is a secret room in the trunk” which there isnt.

you talking about #4? There is a big stomp there with a hidden store.There is difference between trunk and stomp. Trunk is the horizontal thingie in the air while stomp is the vertical thingie. The trunk screenshot is used to help you find the stomp..

When trying to find #4, we were a bit confused at first. Usually the word for the base of a cut tree is spelled ‘stump’. Nevertheless, the stump is located to the right as you approach the floating hollow trunk in the air above you. If you do recon in infantile mode there is a rainbow bridge to the floating trunk, and you can readily see the stump to the right. The door to the store is located outside the stump, but near the far wall, exactly as the picture shows it.
BTW great work, Dulfy!

So I just completed SAB world 1 all zones solo and multiple times with a party and have yet to get the Scholar achievement. What gives?

1. I have fought the frog several times and have beat him. However, I never get the credit for completed all 3 zones. I have done it both on regular mode and infantile mode. Any idea why I am not getting the achievement?
2. While Dulfy is able to accumulate many baubles, I am only able to have 250 at one time. I have to leave the zone and reenter trying to find the shop where I have to spend them before I am able to collect anymore. This is a real pain as I am having to pass up many of them and it is going to take me forever to ever get enough bombs up to find all the secret spots as well as all the upgrades. Any idea about this? Is Dulfy the glitch or is it me? Thank you for any help with my issues.

There’s a new secret room in 1-3… must be new because it requires the glove, doesn’t appear to count towards the achievement.

Dulfy , You’re putting so much time & efforts for those guides , I think you have the right to charge real money for them , you deserve that .

I now 3x complete WORLD 1 zone 2 but it doesn’t trigger in the Scholar achievement. I would like a bit more detail where it starts and ends. I killed toad king, completed the forest many times.

Nvm, Scholar achievement is only possible doing NORMAL mode. I don’t think dulfy has mentioned this (it’s a long guide i may have overlooked) but within the paragraph about this ap, it’s not said.

is the baby’s first super adventure bugged or something i’ve done zones 1,2, and 3 in infantile mode several times now and still got nothing.. am i missing something?

yah it gets bugged sometimes also dulfy seriously u still say in your guides for world 1 that chests can be opened with whip wtf lol 😀

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