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GW2 Bachelor Of Baubles Super Adventure Box achievement guide

GW2 Bachelor Of Baubles achievement guide for Super Adventure Box. For this achievement, you must collect all the baubles inside Zone 2 (Dark Woods) . This is much tougher achievement to get compared to the achievement for zone 1 so prepared to spend some time here.


General Info & Video


  • For a painless collection of baubles, use Infantile mode, which works but you need to buy keys from shops since mobs do not drop them. Make sure you have at least 50 baubles to start for 2 keys just in case.
  • Only baubles in the “open” world and in chests count – those dropped by enemies or found by smash things in shop/dug up do not.
  • You cannot exit to SAB hub while doing this, doing so will reset your progress. You can die or go to Moto’s Hell (i.e. where you need to buy more continue coins).
  • If you DC/crash etc then you will need to start over.

Video guide


Entrance to Checkpoint 1

1. There are 8 baubles in the air that you need to jump on top of bouncy mushroom caps to grab. The bauble on the very top require you to jump on the trees from the mushroom rings.


2. Once you received all 8 baubles, head to the waterfall to your left. There is a secret room there that can be uncovered with a bomb. Grab the green bauble in the hidden room. 


3. Before heading to the next checkpoint, there are three baubles inside the dark maze. Find them all before proceeding to the checkpoint.


Checkpoint 1 to Checkpoint 2

Some of the baubles in this area are high above the canopy and you cannot reach them until you reach checkpoint 2 and backtrack a bit.

4. You will see a bauble right across from the checkpoint.


5. To the left of that bauble is another one inside a hollow tree trunk.


6. Right next to that trunk is a slanted trunk with three baubles inside.


7. After you grabbed these three baubles, jump to the leaf behind the trunk. Follow the branches and leaves to a half hallowed tree trunk.


8. There is a single bauble on the top section but there is a chest down below.


If you don’t have a key from killing the monkeys, buy one from the store in the area (it is near the next checkpoint) and then jump back.


9. Once you looted the chest, proceed to the next checkpoint but don’t forget to grab the two baubles on the lilypads on the way.


Checkpoint 2 to Checkpoint 3

10. Past the checkpoint, you will find a bauble on the tree stomp right next to it.


11. Another bauble across the water.


12. Inside the big trunk where you need to jump up, you will find 5 baubles.


13. Once you are up on the canopy level, take a right and head to the bauble guarded by the snake. If you are in infantile mode, it should be fairly obvious where to go next.


14. After you have received that bauble, you want to backtrack a bit and head to the mushroom bouncy cap on the other side of the canopy.


After you hit the mushroom cap, keep going in that direction towards the wall. This will reveal an area full of spiders with 8 baubles. Spiders are easy to take care of as they tend to come only in pairs and a few bombs can dispose them quick. There are invulnerability buffs inside the barrels if you need it.


15. Once you have all the baubles from the spider area, there is another mushroom cap thingie that will take you back up top. Your job now is to gather the four baubles in the canopy high above the area between checkpoint 1 and 2 that was previously inaccessible. There are three out in the open and the fourth one is accessible only via the big trunk.



16. Follow the slope up and you will see a group of six baubles.


17. Once you have all six baubles, it is time to jump down on the ground and go through checkpoint 2 again. This time, don’t climb the big tree up the canopy. Instead, stay on the ground as there are a couple more baubles to pick up. There is one just west of the hidden store and another bauble right by the hidden store


18. There is a secret room just left of the hidden store so don’t leave yet!


19. If you don’t have a key, buy one from the store as there is a chest nearby that you will open soon. Go back to the big tree you used to climb to the canopy level.Remember the path you took to get to the spider area with lots of baubles? Follow the same path but this time we are going to use a different mushroom cap.


This mushroom cap will bring you to this bauble here.Climb inside the trunk and it will bring you to the top with another bauble on top of a leaf.


20. From here, you will jump all the way down to the ground and climb the big tree to get on the canopy level again. This time, you will head towards the checkpoint 3 where you find another bauble.


21. Trek back to the big tree you used to get up to the canopy level. Near the water is a grassy area that you want to get to as it stores the second chest for this zone.


22. From this area, you can jump down to the branch below and access the shortcut worm area.


Inside the worm are 8 baubles so don’t forget to collect them!

Shortcut and final area

23. As you exit the worm, you will pretty much land on top of another bauble.


24. Now, because you took the shortcut, you have to backtrack a bit to get to the last hidden room. The entrance to it is a gap on the floor. You have to jump across some branches. If you miss a jump, it is instant death.



Inside the secret room you will find a bauble worth 20 baubles high up the ceiling.


25. Make your way back to the boss room, grab the last 3 baubles and defeat the cage boss to get the Bachelor of Baubles achievement!


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

128 replies on “GW2 Bachelor Of Baubles Super Adventure Box achievement guide”

It appears that disconnecting in a group instance will reset the baubles you collect, but you cant actually collect again.

You can also survive falling through the chasm (rarely), which will just disconnect you in the end.

you sure all these count? you got the first 20 dig baubles at the waterfall but missed the 5 you get from checkpoint jumping befor boss and using the mushroom. also didnt see anything about the beedog orbs.

ty for the guide and u dont need the queen, but im not sure if there are really 7 orbs in the worm, when I counted them after the chat message of the worm then I only picked up 5 but I still got the achievement.

If you want an extra 50 bauble, after exiting the canopy before going on top of it, go to the platform in the corner you should be able to see the platform at 9:54 to the top left (its kinda big) go to the corner corner and yuou should see sort of a room that is blocked by invisible wall. Dig there to discover a purple 50 bauble. Now use the Whip to take it, its the only way! ENJOY

Just a random tip, you don’t actually need a key, you can just use the whip while facing the chest and you get the baubles inside it 😛

I have no idea what I’m missing as i’ve followed this guide twice and haven’t gotten the achievement either time.

You are missing something. Make sure that you are not at the bauble cap and grabbed all the baubles. Plenty of people have followed this guide and got theirs.

I dont believe you missed something. I did this 4 times now, all 4 times getting all the baubles this guide mentions. I did not get the achievement untill the 4th try. The only difference is that the first 3 times i ran out of lives and had to use a coin to get back, and once i was in a party and had to get back in from RS. So the 4th time i bought 10 lives (i die a lot) did exactly the same route and finished without running out of lives. So if you either used a return coin or had to return to RS and go back to party, try again with more lives. GL <3

@dulfy what do you do between 16:29 and 16:30? somehow you have the 2nd rainbow to walk over but i don’t and i followed the guide to the letter 🙁

yep, just did it in windowed mode and the guide open and there are definitely 8 inside plus the one at the exit – dulfy should correct.

Are you sure there’s a secret room behind the first waterfall? I used so many bombs but I can’t get in.

Must be some glitch then, I followed a video guide and ended up with exactly the same amount of of baubles and I didn’t get the achievement.

well thx alot dulfy i have been doing like you and got 7 bubbles on the top of the tree but you said 7 on the worm but i got 8 there but the rest is like wise ^^ thx again

At the Boss, you need to get the 3 Baubles first from the Fallen Tree Trunk before killing the Boss, if you killed the Boss first and then get the 3 Baubles, you won’t get the Achievement. Tried and Tested.

good guide. thank you very much 🙂 First I wanted to search them by myself but after doing it by your guide I know I wouldn’t have found all baubles EVER ^^

I followed your guide to the T, skipped the waterfall as well since there are no baubles, and I didn’t get the achievement.
What a pain in the butt, and waste of time.
Did they move the dig baubles?

I am sure I didn’t skip any, followed your video, and looked at the pictures. Counted every single bauble. 100% got every single one you had in the guide. :/
I don’t know if I can bother doing it again, not when there’s a chance it won’t register.

Any news on this ‘bug’? I would do this achiev as soon as i turn on the PC..but i fear i would just waste time

I just got the achievement now, i’ve made sure i got every single bauble. Either you didn’t catch every bauble or they fixed this little bug. Try now!

I can’t seem to get to the secret room behind the waterfall, and btw they changed it so that you can’t dig in infintile mode and that the monkeys etc. don’t drop keys anymore in this mode either.

Nevermind forgot the room is next to the waterfall not behind it, but the latter is still true that you can’t dig or get keys from monkeys etc

what about the hidden area between checkpoint 1 and 2 thats full of spiders, and the baubles on top of the canopy right before checkpoint 2?

There is a bauble or two missing in this guide ran they twice in infantile mode following 100% and both times didn’t get completion, unless ANet changed getting achievement in infantile, but I was able to do zone one and get it so doesn’t make sense?

I would like to point out that the two red baubles by the waterfall does not count toward the achivement (I had just got it and I spend ages digging over there and got nothing).

Ive done this about 5 times now and nothing,
I thought well maybe because I used continues coin or something but than I did it again without dying and still nothing,
and I too was able to get the achiev in zone 1 infanitle mode today..
feels hopeless..

Not trying this one again for awhile or there is an official release with patch notes that says bug is fixed. Can you get Master of Baubles before Bachelor or does it have to be done in order?

All right, I decided to try it out again. Here is the result.
If you try this in infantile mode, you WILL NOT get the achievement.
Do it in normal mode, make sure you dig up the baubles by the waterfall (you will ONLY GET 5). Do the rest of the guide like Dulfy posted. I got the achievement after doing this.
Hope this helps!

I just did this in infantile mode and got the achievement just fine. Are you sure you didnt miss a bauble the first time around? (I myself missed the baubles in the wurm first attemt)

Yes, I am a 100% sure I did not miss any baubles. I counted all of them, and second time I completed it, it was exactly the same, except I did it in normal mode instead of infantile.

just got the achievement on infantile mode, too, contrary to your experience i did not get it when i first tried on normal mode.
so, infantile mode will definitley get you the achievement if you do everything right.

Just did this using the guide got it first time. the person i helped do it died like 30 times, including going back to to purchase more lives, and still got it.

Just a note, I near near the waterfall but I didn’t get any baubles. I dug ALL around and IN the waterfall. Also I counted 8 baubles inside the worm.

Alright, I did it a second time today and got the achievement.
Here’s what I did:
– I played on infantile mode
– Instead of following the description on this website, I watched the dulfy youtube video for the achievement, paused after every of the 25 steps in the video and redid exactly what i just saw (I don’t know if there’s a mistake in the written version, probably not, I didn’t compare it to the video though)
– The video and the written version both tell you that there are seven baubles inside the worm, however, there are actually EIGHT. There’s a green one on the floor in the green goo, which may be a little hard to spot. Maybe it’s the one I forgot on my first try (since I remember me counting to seven). So make sure that you definitely collected eight baubles before leaving through the worm’s… well… yeah.
Further information:
– I died several times and even had to use a continue coin, so this does not affect the achievement
– This time I opened all the chests with keys that I bought from the merchant, on my first try I opened the first chest with a key I got from a monkey (I don’t really think that it matters where you get the keys from, but I just wanted to point it out, since it’s one thing that I did differently).
– It took me about one hour (I think it took a lot longer on my first try, but still, I don’t think that the time you spend matters.)

If you do as I did, you should definitely get the achievement.

Good luck to all of you

Just wanted to add something:
You do not need to dig up the 40 baubles in front of the waterfall. I didn’t, either. This is purely optional, as mentioned in the video.
Nevertheless you DO have to bomb the floor next to the waterfall to get the bauble in the hidden room (as shown in the video).

tried this 3 times now, and still no achievement, no deaths, no coins used, i didn’t miss any bauble on the guide, made sure i got them all, ho hum

Okay so there has being a bit of confusion regarding the dig spot in waterfall. You do not need it for the achievement but make sure you grab the green bauble in the hidden room nearby

Thank for this guide and comments after 2 try failed, that’s work !!!!

If you fail –> there are 8 baubles inside the worm not 7.

I finished this on infantile, no achievement, re-did it on normal, got it. I’d recommend doing it in normal since it isn’t much harder

Just did it in infantile mode…and it worked , and I didn’t get the one at the waterfall , but i did get the area next to the waterfall when you bomb it ..i think i forgot that one last time .

Just did it on normal, followed guide exactly, no achievement. I really really don’t want to go to that last secret room again. This is the last one I need, thought I was finally going to be done today. 🙁

followed exactly on normal and got achievement; make sure you collect the three baubles on the log by the boss (the guide tells you they’re there but doesnt show you)

Just got the achievement from this guide, thanks for taking the time to write this out! My only complaints are the lack of pictures in a couple places, and the fact that it assumes you know how to get to the last secret spot.

followed the guide in infantile mode and got the achievement. there’s one thing to mention: in the written guide you didn’t kill the bee queen and i think this is necessary to get the achievement isn’t it? but thanks anyway it helped me a lot 🙂

I collected every bauble detailed in your video and spoke to her and there were still some missing. Are you sure they are all included in this guide? Might they have changed something for the 2016 release of SAB?

Every bubble is included, at least for the 2013 version. I am not sure if they added anything for the 2016, would be a bit annoying if that is the case.

Took me two tries but I can confirm that this guide still works. I followed along the video on my second monitor the entire time on my second try and as long as you pay attention you should get it.

In the worm shortcut thing though, I counted 8 baubles, not 7, so keep that in mind.

i double cheked, it didn’t work, counted 8 baubles in the wurm as well, 3 of us following video we didn’t get the achie and all of us double checked, can this be a bug?

if you are talking about dig spot i think only bunny poped, if about forest there 3 baubles there

Also here to say this still works for 2018. I followed the text guide. One is hard to spot in the worm so be careful of that, make sure you have 8 more when you leave than when you started.

Still works in 2019. I’m not going to say it was painless, but a mix of TacO and Dulfy helped me get it done.

Worm has 8 bubbles, not 7 as of 2019. Otherwise, thanks for a great guide, like the others 🙂

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