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GW2 Master of Baubles Super Adventure Box achievement guide

GW2 Master Of Baubles achievement guide for Super Adventure Box. For this achievement, you must collect all the baubles inside Zone 3 (Kingdom of Fungus) . There are less baubles in zone 3 compared to zone 2 but there are two areas that are fairly tricky and may require a lot of going back and forth to grab all the baubles.


General Info & Video


  • For a painless collection of baubles, use Infantile mode, which works but you need to buy keys from shops since mobs do not drop them. Make sure you have at least 50 baubles to start for 2 keys just in case.
  • Only baubles in the “open” world and in chests count – those dropped by enemies or found by smash things in shop/dug up do not.
  • You cannot exit to SAB hub while doing this, doing so will reset your progress. You can die or go to Moto’s Hell (i.e. where you need to buy more continue coins).
  • If you DC/crash etc then you will need to start over.
  • You do not need to kill Queen Bee Dog, Bee Dog, or honeycombs for this achievement.

Video guide


Entrance to Checkpoint 1

1. There are two baubles inside the tree trunk here with a 3rd bauble on top of the trunk.


Checkpoint 1 to Checkpoint 2

2. There is a bauble here guarded by a toad, use the mushroom cap to get to where the toad is sitting.


3. Now use the same mushroom cap to get up to this branch and then jump to where this monkey is standing.


Here, you need to make a fairly long jump to the slanted branch to grab the bauble. Make sure your character is literally off the edge of the platform before jumping for best results


4. From that bauble, jump down and navigate to direction of the next checkpoint. There is a bauble here guarded by a blue monkey that you want to snag on your way.


5. Once you have the bauble, jump down and head towards the checkpoint. Hopefully you have a key with you, if not a whip will work just as well. The chest is to the left of the checkpoint.


The gap is kind of wide so you need to follow these arrows to make it across.


Watch out you don’t step in the middle of these flytraps as they will kill you otherwise.  The chest should give you 20 baubles.

Checkpoint 2 to Checkpoint 3

6. To the left of you right as you pass the checkpoint is a set of 2 baubles, grab them and head to the middle section. The leaves holding these two baubles do fall off so you want to move fast.


7. You will find a slanted trunk with 3 baubles on top.


8. Now if you turn around from that slanted trunk, you will see a vertical trunk with some barrels in it. Head towards it. You need to make a series of jumps to get to the +10 bauble there.


9. Once you have the +10 bauble, you can jump down to the bank and hop (jump repeatedly so you don’t take damage from the water) to the trunk lying down on the water with 4 baubles. The barrels inside have food to heal you if you need. Near that trunk is the slanted trunk from earlier that you can jump inside to get up top again.


10. Once you get up, head close to the next checkpoint and pick up the bauble there.


11. From the leaf near the checkpoint, you can make your way to the hidden store to pick up a +5 bauble there.


12. From the store, jump down to the water and climb back up using the slanted trunk. Unlock the chest here with your key or whip.


From the chest, make it to the next checkpoint.

Checkpoint 3 to Checkpoint 4

This area contain two sections that may take you a few attempts to get.

13. The first section is the area with 10 baubles on top of leaves that fall off if you step on them. You have to move fast and jump on the branches attaching the leaves to the tree when you need to stop.


You may need to approach this area from two directions to get all the baubles. First direction is via the top checkpoint. The second direction is a big round tree trunk with a mushroom cap in the middle that can boost you high up.


Make sure you have all 10 baubles collected here before moving to the next section (one of the baubles is on a stationary branch but the nine others are all on top of leaves). Some baubles are well hidden between leaves.

14. The big tree trunk you may have used earlier have 3 baubles inside – 2 blue baubles and 1 orange bauble.


15. Right next to it is the horizontal trunk with 5 baubles on top of it. You have to get up top via this opening inside the trunk.


16. Past the horizontal trunk is a leaf canopy area with a single bauble and chest to the left.


17. Once you grab the bauble and chest, don’t forget to jump inside the big trunk under the canopy with a single +5 bauble.


18. From that trunk, turn around and head to the section with the bouncy mushrooms where you got your elite Moto’s Breath skill.


There are nine baubles on top of the bouncy mushroom cap and one bauble at the very top (+5) for a total of 10 baubles.


If you are having trouble getting to the baubles on some of the mushroom caps at the top, you can leap from the trunk and bounce your way up.


That is it! All you need to do now is to defeat the King Toad and get your achievement!

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

134 replies on “GW2 Master of Baubles Super Adventure Box achievement guide”

Aargh, having problems with the 2 baubles at high at the entrance of that zone.. You mention “top checkpoint”, but the checkpoint is very much below there, no? *looks confused*

Hey Dulfy, yeah indeed, was talking about that.. But when I checked out the part checkpoint 2 – checkpoint 3 I noticed indeed how to get to that Top checkpoint, and that made it easier.. Needless to say I got the achievement last night? (thanks to your nice text/picture guide)

Thanks so much! I think I’m gonna save this achievement for later… Will probably take me a long time 😛

Just followed the guide twice, in easy mode. It didn’t give me the achievement. Is there something missing?

Found the problem. Using the whip to get baubles inside chests does not give credit. I had to open each chest with keys to get the credit.

I think they do, to be honest.. Didn’t bother getting keys yesterday and achievement triggered on me..

I had a similar issue 24 hours ago, where I’m sure i got all the baubles but no achievement.

I think what ended up happening is it didnt count because i ran out of lives and got kicked out to Rata Sum.

Another potential issue i’ve read is that apparently you don’t get credit for the baubles you pick up if they don’t increment the number of baubles you have (ie if you have 250 or 500 baubles if you have the wallet upgrade, any additional baubles you pick up wont count towards the achievement)

I believe there’s also a secret room with a bauble that’s missing in the guide. Didn’t use a whip and completed everything in the guide and haven’t received the achievement. Think you’re missing the room below the shop where you burn the rug.

No, there are no baubles inside that secret room. People completed their bauble achievement for zone 3 before that hidden room was even discovered. This list contain all the baubles so if you don’t have the achievement, you must left out a bauble out somewhere.

I think the section with the bouncy mushrooms up the trunk near where you get Moto’s Breath has 10 blue baubles and a green bauble, as opposed to nine and a green. At least I counted 10 and went from 392 to 402 at that section before getting the green bauble. That could explain why some people aren’t getting the achievement. That’s the only place where I got a bauble that wasn’t mentioned in the guide and I got the achievement.

It’s definitely 10 blue (not 9) and 1 green. I counted them as I went and compared my total count.

Other than that, the guide is spot-on and dulfy got me my Applied Jumping.

Actually I think their might be a bug. I am 100% sure that I picked up every Bauble you have put in your guide for every zone, but the third one is not accomplished.
If it is 100% correct about every Bauble, then their clearly is a bug with the achievement, since others and I have not received it.

If you go up to the right before the 1st checkpoint and jump over the 5 flowers and you dig you’ll find 2 red baubles. And thanks for the guide!

So, only the visible baubles and chest count, huh? Coz there are a good few you need to dig for in Z3. None of which are required for completion.

Thank you so very much for this guide 🙂 I suppose you will continue this guides for the next zones too?

Thanks Dulfy. Got the last achievement today, other than the shovel one. Something tells me I’m not going to have a big problem with that.

Third time I collect all the baubles according to the guide and without the use of the whip and I do not get the achievment …
Anyone else got the issue ?

Got the same issue: I completed all the baubles in zone 3 according to this guide but got no achievement

Actually i did it twice yesterday, one in normal and one in easy mode, neither gave me the achievement. Before i did the other two zones and got the according achievements (thanks to your guides).
Maybe it is because i died on each try, maybe not. I will try today again. 🙂

Did it once again, the same way and it worked, got all according achievements and the title. But i lost one tier of the infantile modus achievement instead… Well the title is all i care about ; )

Tried the whip trick. Maybe I did it wrong but i did download a patch this morning, so maybe they fixed it.

You have to find the 6 secret locations in the third zone before you finish it to get the achievement. I’ve tried like 5times as shown in this guide, without having the secret locations achievement, then I found them out, and tried again … got it now.

I just did it today after patch and Didnt get the achievment. Did it exactly to this guide so their patch was a joke. Im sooo pissed, spent 2 hours working on this achievment with people waiting on me.

Yup, I just did this Buable Hunt again and fallowed your guide to the “T” and still didnt get it. I have all the other zones thanks to your guide but this zone is really irritating.

I cannot for the life of me get those last baubles. How the heck did you manage to bounce your way up that stupid trunk?

Finally got the achievement. I didn’t realise the chests were mandatory to the achievement 🙂 Thanks for the guide !

Please consider posting a Zone 3 normal mode guide. I’m kind of unwilling to spend all this time for nothing but a goofy title and infantile mode means you stand no chance of finding weapon skins which sell for quite a bit of gold.

But following this guide in normal mode is an exercise in futility because of all the rainbow bridges taken in the vid. 😐

i cannot make the jump at this one it hits the ledge but still falls every single time been trying ever since the guide was put up

Even then it’s almost impossible… try a super jump (moving forward and then jump and roll the same time).
Super jump makes quite a few jumps much easier and allows some special
ways (cliff shop in zone 3 accessible from the other side, too).

I was bugged on Master of Baubles, but just got it. Here’s how I got my achievement:
1. I did it solo, starting at zone 3 under infantile mode
2. I did die twice but never left the instance or used a continue
3. I didn’t enter the bee maze or kill any bees
4. I didn’t buy any baubles from the bauble seller
5. I started with no baubles in my inventory
I wrote down the baubles I got. There were 199 baubles in total, but careful cause mobs (rarely) can drop a bauble even in infantile mode
Here is the full list in the order of when I got them:
This should be 100% accurate. I was very careful and this was my 3rd time doing this.
2 in log
1 on log
=Checkpoint 1= (3 so far)
1 by frog
1 above frog (hard jump from leaf)
1 by blue monkey
+20+20 from chest
=Checkpoint 2= (46 so far)
2 on leaves
+10 in corner overlooking horizontal acid log
4 inside horizontal acid log
3 on diagonal log
+20+20 from chest
+5 in corner overlooking chest (in front of secret shop door)
1 on leaf high up right before checkpoint
=Checkpoint 3= (111 so far)
10 on falling leaves
+10+1+1 inside giant tree stump
5 on top of horizontal log
1 next to chest
+20+20 in chest
+5 inside other giant tree stump
10 single baubles on bouncies (yes 10)
+5 above bouncies
=Checkpoint 4= (199 total)
Beat Frog Boss
Get achievement with 199 baubles total

There’s a mistake in the guide. On the bouncy mushrooms (on the way to moto’s breath) there are 10 baubles, not nine. When you include the +5 bauble, it makes for a total of 11 baubles.

Guys, you might not get the achievement if you game over and use a continue coin (regardless of whether you warp back to Rata Sum or not). I don’t know why Dulfy hasn’t made a warning about this.

Yes! Thanks again! Got my title now =D. God bless ya for taking the time to do this. Its a great guide =).

HINT: I spoke to several people about not getting the achievement for collecting all the baubles, even though I followed this guide (and another one) to the letter. I was advised to try it on an alt, and I got the achievement on the first try. I don’t know why, but hey.

If you’re not getting the achievement, TRY DOING IT ON AN ALT. Worked for me, worked for guildmates. Good luck!

Screw it, I skipping trying to do this achivement at the cost of not getting my next Achievement chest sooner, it’s far too annoying to do!

Warning- whip does not work on chest on normal mode. Also bare in mind that those vine things will take your key away if you are holding one. With that in mind it is best you go ahead abit to burn any vine in the way as you cannot simply jump over them when you got a key on you.

Infantile mode doesn’t drop you keys anymore. The guide doesn’t tell you how to get to the canopy after checkpoint 3 in normal mode, only runs up the convenient little clouds.

Okay, so… I’ve tried to get this achievement 4x with this guide for Zone 3. I practically have it memorized now, and I don’t die. Still not working.

I have noticed a discrepancy, however, and I’m wondering if that is the problem.

15. Horizontal log: 5 Baubles on top.

In my game, each time there are only 4 baubles on top of the log.

yep, i tried Zone 3, like 6 times without dieyng and still not have the achiev, i also followed more than 1 guide and its pretty the same, but i can see they changed a few things in this last pacth, maybe its the problem we need a new guide or its just a freakin bug -_-.

It’s definitely a bug. I’ve looked on the gw2 forums as well, and there are a lot of people who have noticed the lack of a 5th bauble on that freakin’ log.

Does this guide still work? I have used it twice perfectly (even made a checklist on paper).
Noticed after second time not getting my achievement Raziel Cruentus’s post below from 4months ago talking about trying an alt. I plan to try this but I will have to gear the alt with sling shot, whip and extra heart to complete it easily. If no reply I will attempt and reply for anyone else with similar issue.

I’ve done it twice now, i also looked around A LOT to see if they added any baubles. Like you said there is only 4 baubles on top of the log at the end, also doing the secret where you get the elite there is 10 baubles on teh way up plus the one that gives 5. I think its a bug, because i used Dulfys guide for zone 2 and didnt get the achievement, while doing it with a friend who didnt get it. That was last night, i tried it again today to see if i missed any (I didn’t), i got all the same baubles again but got the acheivment this time. I really think this is a bug that sometimes you don’t get the achievment, i submitted a bug report to Anet about it.

I did this on an alt and it still does not seem to work. One issue with patch I noticed was step #15 says get 5 baubles and there is only 4 now, maybe there is an issue on the re release of this content. I tried standing / jumping where she clearly gets the 5th bauble in the video but nothing.

Did everything you said but only found 4 baubles rather than 5 for step 15, didn’t get the achievement at the end as a result. I’m sure i’m going mad.

Okay, so it has being confirmed officially that this achievement is bugged due to one of the places only giving out 4 baubles instead of 5. Do not do it until it is fixed

5 sept – actually having a bugged instance.

#15. Right next to it is the horizontal trunk with 5 baubles on top of
it. ==> There’s only FOUR baubles appearing there, the one at the end, after the small hole isn’t showing up. Did the run for the 4th time, always the same, I only get 198 baubles.

ok the video is shows the guy clearly in infinite mode but the monkey still drops him keys,

that shouldn’t happen

just tried this cheev again after bug fix now and didn’t get it. i may have missed one but i just wanted to know if anyone else HAD gotten it since the fix. ill attempt again in a bit prob jsut me. =P

I got it straight after the fix, so it should work. Try again with the guide step by step, maybe you missed one at the leaf part with 10 baubles? Count the baubles while collecting them to make sure you didn’t miss any.

i just did this twice since the bug fix i didnt miss a single bauble and i have not got the achievement. i did have to use a continue coin but i thought that was ok ?

Whip doesn’t open chests for me in infantile mode, please note in the guide where appropriate. Otherwise, this guide is saving me tons of time, so thanks!

I just read the patch notes and it seems the bug fix was for zone 2 Bachelor of baubles and not master of baubles which is zone 3 !

Can anyone confirm if it works in Infantile mode now after the patch? I ran it before the patch and got jipped the achievement. I do not want to waste another hour doing that stupid zone. I HATE that zone! I’m already dreading having to do it all over again due to a glitch on their end vs me just missing one.Thanks in advance!

I found only 4 baubles on the trunk. Do so go infantile and go speedy on the trunk, if there are 5 baubles you could do it, if they are 4 you couldn’t

Thanks Fabio! So it looks like it was fixed with the hotfix! Wonderful! Guessing I’ll be doing that later today sometime!

Hey Dulfy,

I have gone so far as to download the video from Youtube posted here and stepped through it TWICE. I can’t seem to get the achievement. I got the “Associates of Baubles” and “Bachelor of Baubles” using the guides here, but the “Masters of Baubles” is not giving me credit. I fully understand that persistence is the key.

However, I’ve spent two hours so far (an hour each run – one yesterday and one just now) just to make sure I didn’t miss any, but it’s not giving me credit. I also am aware that I cannot have max baubles in my inventory (I have the 500 bag but it’s only got 124 in it) while working toward the achievement.

It appears that some people are experiencing issues and others aren’t. Is this thing still bugged?

I followed this guide carefully (yesterday and an hour ago) but I didn’t get the achievement.
Dunno what’s wrong…
That’s the last achievement I need to do so I’m really upset.

I completed it today without issues, I almost missed a couple baubles tho, one is tricky to see where the leaves fall and another one on the bouncing mushrooms

Again, I’ve done this TWICE and it DID NOT WORK. I got ALL of the Baubles listed in the video – so Lapis, good for you, but bad for others.

Dulfy – if you read this, please see my comment below.

I’ve just given it another shot and this time I got the achievement. I’m not aware of any baubles I might have missed before, but…

The setup was the same ( Infantile mode and the same char).

I just did, just remember to follow the guide and look back to see you got all the baubles. I missed one where alot are on the leaves that disappear. Also remember that achievement doesn’t show up until after you beat king toad. Also you need 3 keys for each chest and the whip will not work. Good luck.

Ok. I solved it. And here’s how: there are 10 baubles in the tree that you climb in the last area – not 9! This means the +5 at the top is number 11. The video and instructions are wrong. It’s easy to miss one of them because A) It’s not shown on the video, and B) You actually have to jump DOWN to get it – outside of the path to continue climbing up the tree. It’s actually ON a jumping mushroom which you can then get back on the upward path – but it’s easy to miss.

This was extremely lame that I had to watch another guide video just to find where the secret shop behind the green waterfall at checkpoint 2 was (none of the comments here were helpful enough). I needed a key since none dropped for me, but this guide just assumes I already have a key which I don’t.

For those looking for it, it’s right behind the lilypad closest to the base of the waterfall (just walk into the waterfall from the lilypad)..

I followed all the instructions and talked to Betty before the boss. She tells me “I already found all the baubles, why haven’t you?” Do I need to defeat the boss and then I got all of them?
I mean, I got every bauble shown in the video (also the missing ones on the shroom caps)

Nope, if she still said that, it means you miss out some baubles.
If you collect all the baubles before the boss fight, she will said something along the line of “Wow! You collected all the baubles!”.

Alright, I went back and saw that one bauble didn’t get into my claws as I fell through the leafs. Didn’t see that one because it was covered by the other leafs.

You say “the whip will work just as well” on the chests in the guide but that was patched literally 2 days after this guide was posted. 5 years later and it’s still wrong, you can only get baubles from chests with a key.

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