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SWTOR Makeb mission guide

A comprehensive guide to the SWTOR Makeb missions released for Rise of the Hutt Cartel expansion.


General Information


I strongly recommend you to use Major/Minor Experience boosts and Legacy Exploration experience perk for leveling in Makeb. Leveling through the Makeb questline normally will get you to around Level 53.5 but with these experience boosts you will be around Level 54 by the time you finish and can just do a couple more dailies/Macrobinocular/Seeker droid quests to get to Level 55.

Level Experience Required
Level 50 to 51 502695
Level 51 to 52 585010
Level 52 to 53 625930
Level 53 to 54 734700
Level 54 to 55 853135


How do I access Makeb?

To access Makeb, go to your spaceship Holoterminal. From there, you will receive a cutscene to travel to Makeb. Players will need to be level 50 but do not need to complete their class missions.

Empire: Countdown to Doomsday

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Republic: Trouble in Paradise

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Empire Quests

Here is a list of all the Empire quests on Makeb and their rewards. GSI dallies are not included.


Gravity Hook Seven (Empire)


To Pierce the Heavens

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[Daily] Defensive Data

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[Heroic 4] The Observer

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Solida Hesk’s Estate (Empire)


The Monstrous Mesa of Solida Hesk

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[Daily] Private Access

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Westwater Settlements (Empire)

Map showing locations of Hover Tanks, Field Support for A World Aflame, To Even the Odds, and other locations.


A World Aflame

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[Daily] To Even the Odds

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The Lurker

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Volcanic Mesa (Empire)


Stealing Thunder

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[Daily]  Losing Control

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Abandoned Mining Mesa (Empire)

Descent into the Core

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[Daily] Non-Routine Maintenace

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[Heroic 2+] The Specialists

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Perekta Mesa (Empire)

Recruitment Day

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[Daily] Probes of Perekta

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Cartel Mining Mesa (Empire)

A Cure for Armageddon

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[Daily] Testing Integrity

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Telemur Mesa (Empire)

Retribution from Above

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Hutt Strongholds (Empire)

Revenge of the Archon

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[DAILY] The Backup Plan

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[STAGED WEEKLY] Contain and Control (Empire)

General Information

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[STAGE 1] Clean Bill of Health – Frinna Mesa – Fast 5-10 mins

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[STAGE 1] Covering Your Tracks – Abandoned Mining Mesa – Fast 5-10 mins

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[STAGE 1] Twisting the Truth – Talaos City – Medium 10-15  mins

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[STAGE 1] A Trace of Guilt – Hutt Strongholds – Fast 5-10 minutes

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[STAGE 1] Inciting Incident – Aboro Mesa –Very Fast 5 minutes

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[STAGE 1] [HEROIC 2+] False History – Tarlam Settlements – Medium 10-15 minutes

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[STAGE 1] [HEROIC 4] Sharing the Blame – Telemur Mesa –Fast 5-10 minutes

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[STAGE 2] Eviction Notice – Talaos City – Fast –5-10 minutes

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[STAGE 2] The Dissonance Wave – Cartel Mining Mesa – Very long – 30 minutes or more.

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[STAGE 2] Local Trouble – Westwater Settlements – Medium –10 –15 minutes

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[STAGE 2] Smuggler’s Den – Volcanic Mesa – Fast – 5-10 minutes

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[STAGE 2] Landing Party – Tarlam Settlements –Medium – 15 minutes

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[STAGE 2]  [HEROIC 4] Weapons Test – Aboro Mesa – Fast 5-10 minutes

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Return to M5-RT

M5-RT is located on the Makeb Imperial Orbital Station

Republic Quests

Here is a list of all the Republic quests on Makeb and their rewards. GSI dallies are not included.


Frinn Mesa (Republic)


Shelter from the Storm

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[Daily] Arms for the Taking

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[Heroic 4] Savage Skies

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Talaos City (Republic)


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[Area 2+] A City Held Hostage

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[Daily] Civilian Cattle Call

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The Giant’s Spear (Republic)

The Ark

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[Daily] Adjusting Priorities

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The Fingers & Aboro Mesa (Republic)

Hitting the Hutts

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[DAILY] Clear Skies Ahead

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Tarlam Estates (Republic)

Old Feuds

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[DAILY] Scattered Schematics

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[HEROIC 2+] For the Record

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The Sanctuary (Republic)

Consulting the Expert

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[DAILY] Elemental Investigation

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Telemur Mesa (Republic)

Extraordinary Measures

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Cartel Mining Mesa (Republic)

Planetary Surgery

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[Daily] The Core Isues

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Hutt Strongholds (Republic)

Taking on Toborro

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[DAILY] Toborro’s Best

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General information

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[STAGE 1] Operation: Overwatch – Cartel Mining Mesa – Long – 20-30 minutes

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[STAGE 1] Among the Rubble – Short – 10 minutes

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[STAGE 1] Too Close to Home – Aboro Mesa – Short – 10 minutes

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[STAGE 1] Reverse Engineering – Medium – 15-20 minutes

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[STAGE 1] Into the Fire– Volcanic Mesa – Medium – 15-20 minutes

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[STAGE 1] [HEROIC 4] The Viper’s Nest – Telemur Mesa – Short – 10 minutes

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[STAGE 1] [HEROIC 2+] Counterstrike – Gravity Hook Four  – Medium – 15 minutes

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INTERLUDE – Gravity Hook Seven

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[STAGE 2] Door to Door – Frinn Mesa – Medium – 15-20 minutes

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[STAGE 2] Hostage Rescue – Westwater Settlements – Short – 10 minutes

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[STAGE 2] Stone and Steel – Short – 10 minutes

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[STAGE 2] [HEROIC 4] – Deception Play – The Fingers/Aboro Mesa – Short – 10 minutes

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[STAGE 2] Signal Intelligence – Solida Hesk’s Estate – Short – 10 minutes

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[STAGE 2] Taking Back Talaos– Talaos City – Very Short  – 5 minutes

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Codex Entries and Achievements

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By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

112 replies on “SWTOR Makeb mission guide”

Nice overview. But could you make an overview about ALL Dailies in Sw:Tor? That were very nice. 😀

does this take into account the 5% xp bonus for being in a guild?
Just noticed that in the new 2.0 patch notes.

Is XP for levels 51-55 earned only on Makeb? Or will Voss bonus missions, etc, now give XP to level 50s?

I have a question about the Staged Weekly quests. You said that for stage one we will only be able to pick up one at a time but we only have to complete 3. Does the game determine which 3 we get or is there a list we choose from? Same question for stage 2
Thanks for the great guides 🙂

You get to pick. Lots of choice and there are slightly different ending depending on the ones you picked. I tend to just pick the easy ones and avoid the long ones like Dissonance Wave hah.

Hesk’s hospitality gave me 55980 exp under guild and +25% boost, and also rewarded a choice of blue 25 enhancement or class 10 lockbox

Experience requirements to level appear to be different. I’m level 53 and need 734,700 experience to get to 54. My girlfriend next to me needs 853,135 to get to 55.

For Hostage Rescue, I obtain the Emergency Repair Kit as pictured, but then the mission is to repair 6 speeder bikes. Only then do you get the tank sensor bank part.

FYI, about Imperial quest Stage 2: Local Trouble. Took me ages to ‘figure out’ and requires either run & suicide, or clearing out the ENTIRE section of the palace of mobs. Rather frustrating. But in the end, you only have to click on the blue power regulators found all over on the floor. You need to click 4-5 of them ASAP which will trigger the ground-quake. And then you need to go to the blue clickable doors of houses spread around the area.

Also a bonus which is to click 6 panels located around the area. They have a fairly short respawn CD so I just camped on 1 for all 6.

[STAGE 1] Among the Rubble
Setup Detection Grid: 0/3
Here is where you need to be for grid #2 and #3 (left and right). Grid 1 is fairly straightforward.

number 1 is the easy one lol that’s the reason why i came here just now because that’s the only one i can find

yes, but we tried deploying the turrets, then dropping the lava. the droids that spawn on the lava turrets overwhelm you before you get the big guy down, plus i’ve seen it reset its health. any idea why that happens?

the recruit BH gear, and i tried with both mako for heals and then hk. is there anything to avoid the “unauthorized access” to stop the droid spawns? also, any idea why the big guy just goes back to full health?

It’d be nice to see a list of all the champion mobs listed under the achievement, I know where I think 3 of them can be found and can provide locations if you need ’em.

The quest givers are not listed, I know most come from terminals, but would be nice to have the giver listed.

This doesn’t cover [STAGE 2] Signal Intelligence, I could not for the life of me find any of the “clickables” that the quests want you to find, and there are too many mobs to keep on killing to do a more exhaustive search.

About the XP to get to 55. I went back and did the bonus planetary quests I bypassed when I hit 50. You can gain a level if you do them at 50-53. It’s easy XP and will help you clear the planet map to acquire that achievement. I cleared Voss last night.

For the Empire Staged weekly, is there maybe a certain path you need to go down to unlock Weapons Test? We did the weekly last week and did not have Weapons Test available this week. We’ve done every quest at least once now. Also, a few of the parts of “Well Connected” haven’t registered yet even though it seems we’ve done those.

I did have Weapons Test last week, but did not have it this week after doing different missions. It appears that you need to do specific missions in Stage 1 to have Weapons Test in Stage 2.

Are you planning a guide for the Well Connected achievement? Still have 2 that we can figure out.

Planting false data in Talarm Hall of Records – guessing we need to do a specific stage 1 before doing False History. From text for False History we’re supposed to be planting data, but in the quest we download some Starship Schematics instead

Divert mercenaries to the Fingers away from the Cartel Mining Mesa – assuming that this involves doing Weapons Test before Dissonance Wave, but didn’t have Weapons Test this week to figure it out.

I’ve just finished the ‘Taking on Toborro’ and was awarded 20 commendations instead of 3. I’ve included an image below;

You’re missing two of the Republic Staged weekly missions. [Stage 2] Signal Intelligence and [Stage 1] Into the Fire.
While I can’t remember which combination unlocks Signal Intelligence, you can do [Stage 1]Reverse Engineering and then [Stage 1] Too Close to Home in order to unlock [Stage 1] Into the Fire. Not sure if reverse order will also unlock if someone can verify.

oops see that you have [Stage 2] Signal intelligence, my bad on that one but hope that how to unlock [Stage 1] Into the Fire helps.

Does the staged weekly go away at some point? When I logged in this morning, it wasn’t available. I’m not sure if it’s maybe because I just hit champion status, it resets on some day other than Tuesday, or what.

Any news on different interludes between stage 1 and 2? Ive tried three different combos and get the same interlude. imp side, haven’t done pub side yet

They are slightly different with some different objectives for the interlude. I didn’t notice much on the imp side but the rep side had a totally different set of objectives for the interlude when I picked different stage 1 missions.

I did the PUB stage 1 today and got: H4 with bonus Picking up the Pieces (can’t remember what it required) -> H2 with bonus Off The Hook (unlocked part of the achievement to free civilians from Gravity Hook 4) -> Among the Rubble, no bonus. This led to the the interlude Mass Exodus. Required Investigate Possible Imperial Activity, Destroy Battle droid Parts, and Download Drilling Activity. Might take awhile to get the achievement for unlocking all possible interconnections 🙁

If you don’t mind me asking what sort of program and settings you use to render your videos? They look so good! I can never manage to get my settings right, I lose all the quality.

Thank you for the guide – it was very helpful.

I’d like to add that the Republic Mass Exodus Stage 2 Heroic 4 [Deception Play], is doable solo. I managed to do it on a Gunslinger wearing mostly 66s/69s and a fairly well-geared Guss Tuno (healer). It took a while to do since I was waiting on a particular group to respawn, so it’s probably not worth soloing for anything other than ego, but it is possible.

Missile Battery Debris can be gathered without fighting anyone.

Droid parts can be obtained by finding a group that only has one droid nearby. The one I found had the droid, two elites, a strong, and a couple regular mobs. Drop Flyby on the humanoid mobs, CC the droid, burn the strong, Flash Grenade one Elite, burn the other, burn last Elite, and then keep CCing droid while Guss heals you back up (if needed). Don’t be afraid to pop defensive cooldowns – including Unity – as they’ll all be back up before the group respawns.

Final boss is accompanied by four Strong mobs. Drop Flyby on their spawn and burn them as quickly as you can, then burn the boss.

You must have done something in your first or 2nd week of staged weeklies for the imps Dulfy because I’m on stage 2 of Contain and Heroic 4- Weapons Test still hasnt unlocked for me as of yet.

Dulfy, you must have completed stage 1 of the Imperial Makeb weekly in some particular order to unlock the Heroic 4 man in Stage 2 (Weapon’s Test). This is my 2nd week of doing it and upon recieving Stage 2 that mission still isn’t unocked for me.

Also have completed Disonance Wave in the previous week and have not unlocked Local Trouble. Any thoughts and suggestions on either are appreciated 🙂

Any chance you’ll put together a guide for the interconnections on Makeb achievement? I think my guild has most of them figured out on the Republic side.

Will post them up tommorow morning, is late and kinda groggy plus I need to poke the others working on this for more infos.

Alright. What we’ve figured out so far:

Perekta Mesa stable: Unknown since we picked this up before looking over these. Current theory is it has something to do with operation Overwatch and possibly Among the Rubble.
Divert Speeders: Complete Door to Door then Hostage rescue (will skip the fix bikes step)
Info on Avesta: Do into the Fire then Hostage Rescue
Bonus Mission Reallocation: Do Too Close to Home and it should pop up during the intermission stage after your 3 stage 1s.
Into the fire: Need more testing but I think I did Too close to home first to get it.
Signal Intel: Only seen it available on weeks I did Reverse Engineering.

For “Perekta Mesa Stable”, I did both Operation: Overwatch and Among the Rubble in Stage 1, then did Stone and Steel in Stage 2. Upon completion of Stone and Steel, I was given credit for the achievement.

I’d suggest doing all bonus missions, since they seem to be connected to these achievements.

@Dulfy – one note on “Stone and Steel”: I’ve done it a few times now, and the attack by elites seems to be random. My Sage was attacked at mines 2, 3, 4, and 6, while my GS was only attacked on mine 7.

REP SIDE: Do you know how to achieve “Regulators Diverted Troops from Gravity Hook Four Docking Ring to the Cartel Mining Mesa” and the “Unlocked bonus objective “Securing the City”” ?

“Securing the City” Bonus can be unlocked by doing [Stage 2]Signal Intelligence and then doing [Stage 2] Tacking back Talaos. This is achieved due to getting a flare gun in Signal Intelligence.

Currently testing to see a theory on how to get the other one, as it is my only one left to get , and will get back to you asap.

How you figured out any of the others. Got some friends that’ll be on later and plan on trying to crack some of these. Or even list combos you’ve tried.

Still need Divert Turrets from Stronghold One

Discovered Hostages on Gravity hook 4 (Thinking this might be Do Viper’s Nest then Counter Strike)

Divert Troops from GHook4 to Mining Mesa

I think I got Divert Turrets when I first did Into the fire Remember Jace saying something bout it. The order I did then was Reverse engineering, Too close to home, then Into the fire.

I’m pretty sure you’re right about Viper’s Nest then Counter Strike. I remember doing the bonus while in a group.

As to divert that’s the only one left for me…
I most recently tried Operation Overwatch, Too close to Home, tthen H2 Counter. didn’t work…

I was looking to follow your path for the “Securing the City”… is there a particular order to gain Signal Intelligence? I’m on Stage 2 but I don’t have Signal Intelligence. Weeks ago I’m sure I already did it tho.

It seems to be that [Stage 2]Signal Intelligence unlocks only if you had
done [Stage 1] Reverse engineering. I don’t think any other way has been found.

Also I failed to figure out how to Divert the Troops, It’s baffling me. It seems to be cluing Operation: Overwatch in it’s reference to the Cartel Mining Mesa, but I’m unsure. Gravity hook 4 is where [Heroic 2+] Counterstrike is located.

On a note to Dulfy: I think you are right in your note that [Stage 1] Too close to home is the key to unlocking [Stage 1] Into the fire. As I did Operation: Overwatch then Too close to home and it unlocked for me again.

Indeed, I tried the H2 (the only one in Gravity Hook 4) and then I did the Operation: Overwatch (the only one in Cartel Mining Mesa) but it didn’t unlock me the achievement. I think I’m missing a step…

Agreed… . I’ll be able to try one more combination later tonight (and maybe later this week time permitting to level characters). Hopefully someone else will be able to shed light on this one soon.

I’ve got two more toons to run the staged weekly with. What combinations do you wanna try? Maybe we can split the work 🙂

Good News Everyone! I’ve found out the devious diverting Troop connection. You must do [stage 1]Operation: Overwatch and [stage 1] [Heroic 4] Viper’s Nest before Doing [Stage 1] [Heroic 2+] Counterstrike. Viper nest is for obtaining the Bonus in h2 Viper and Operation: Overwatch diverts the troops. As I entered Grav 4’s Green gateway Jace gave me a wonderful message. Hopefully you can read it.

As to Guest I’m sorry it didn’t seem to work for you. After I did Signal intelligence(I did the bonus but don’t think that’s required) I went to Taking back Talaos. I was updated with the bonus when I picked up the Binoculars and I had to use the flare gun in four places in the upper left hand of the area.

Ty for helping me get my last connection on the Republic’s side 🙂

🙁 Despite doing the requirement my Achievement never updated to say that I did this connection. I’ve sent in a ticket as it might just be bugged.

I asked infos also on the official forum at least someone can confirm it’s a bug or a wrong combination…

It’s the only logical combination to me. If the Bonus is required on OO then that’s weird but can make sense, due to what Jace says about securing the mesa. I think one can mix the order of OO and the H4 and be fine to be honest as long as Counterstrike is the third. It was really obvious how much less troops were in the bonus area on Gravity Hook 4.

Update on the tickets: I’ve sent in my fourth ticket only for it to be prematurely closed and the content of the ticket deleted with no reply. Whatever is going on is strange, as they haven’t put this up as a known issue to my knowledge. If you get a reply let us know.

Tried that order only got the learned of hostages connection didn’t get Divert Troopers or that message you posted.

I runned Signal Intelligence, I took the Signal Flare Gun but I used it to complete the quest. I then completed Taking back Talaos but no bonus. Do I need to take a Flare Gun somewhere else in Signal Intelligence?

On mission “Revenge Of The Archon” you can pull or push the Archon out of range of the refueling droids, they will stay where they spawn making fight very simple even if you solo it.

Still looking for how to unlock “Regulators Diverted Troops from Gravity Hook Four Docking Ring to the Cartel Mining Mesa” achievement.
Dulfy pls, help us! 😉

I realized that there is a little disadvantage concerning our republic friends, the quest “Taking on Toborro” that seems to mirror imperials’ “Revenge of the Archon” gives only 3 basic commendations – unlike the imp one, that gives 20…

[Heroic 4] The Observer cannot be completed solo. It is quite easy for a quality tank with a well-geared healer companion to clear out the hangar and get the shuttle codes. But, you need 2 or more people in your group or you will get the “not available at this time” message when you try to use the shuttle.

please change Inciting Incident – Aboro Mesa from very fast to medium, it involves same level of fight like others and same time.

Does anyone know where the rest of the Aeien silk armor drops?
So far I have Gloves, boots, belt and legs.

Ok question leveling a new alt on another server so i dont have any gear, mostly greens. also I am level 51 and i am encountering 53s and I am haveing incredible difficulty leveling should i go back and do Ilum and other dailies before i continue? Or do you guys have any suggestions?

Just to Point that [STAGE 2] [HEROIC 4] Weapons Test appeared for me in my first week , I did before [STAGE 1] Clean Bill of Health, [STAGE 1] Covering Your Tracks and [STAGE 1] Inciting Incident

Republic Stage 1 – Into the Fire unlocked for me right after Too Close To Home (which was the first of these missions I did, ever). So the other one is not a prereq.

Archon has too many overpowered abilities and this is against someone wearing 66 level gear. Pathetic design Bioware. Incidentally the MAH Laser picture shows him as having 16 stacks.

[STAGE 2] Eviction Notice – Talaos City – Fast –5-10 minutes
Bonus: Culling the Commanders – kill l5 Commanders (Lieutenants, use map above for thumpers to locate them if you need help)

should say 5 captains not 15 commanders

Power leveling on Makeb is too easy now since the release of the GSI satelite support as of update 2.9 (20/08/2014) you can go at 47 and use the 250% XP boost to explore the map and get around 19,000 XP for each part of the map you uncover

>(Note that you must destroy a hovertank before you can scan it and second hovertank must be at a different location for the scan to work – i.e. you can’t kill and scan the hovertank right next to the one you just scanned).

This is not true.

Note: If you do Into the Fire (Republic daily) then when you do Hostage Rescue you do not have to destroy the hovertanks, once you do the speeder bikes it goes directly to where you need to Rescue the Avestas.

In ‘Signal Intelligence’, the suspicious droid arm is labelled as “Suspicious Datapad” in the guide.

In ‘Signal Intelligence’, it looks like the items can move around. I’ve uploaded screenshots of where I found my ‘Suspicious Gun’ and ‘Suspicious Datapad’.

Don’t know if it’s a bug, but my 49lvl Knight after story can’t use the mission console – “not eligible” it say, although, it was active when i was 47 before Corellia. Happened just after 4.0

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