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SWTOR Rise of the Hutt Cartel expansion starter guide

A guide to the various new missions and activities introduced with SWTOR Rise of the Hutt Cartel digital expansion.

What to do before the midnight launch of the expansion

  • Stock up on experience boosts – major or minor. These boosts (25% experience bonus) will give you about 0.5 to 0.75 of a level more. Three major (lasts 9 hrs) should be plenty.
  • It is not a bad idea to do some dallies/weeklies and then turn them in once the servers are up. If all goes well, the servers will be up about 5 hrs before the weekly reset. Ilum/Belsavis/Black Hole dallies are all staying L50 but Section X is boosted to L52 daily area. It is unknown if the Section X dallies will get reset due to this.
  • Gear up/Respec – Black Hole/Campaign gear will be fine for Makeb content. Dread Guard is more than enough. If you are still in Rakata/Columi you might have some trouble later on. Healers have an easier time but kills a bit slower. AoE specs are great as Makeb mobs often come in large groups.
  • Get rid of extra comms
    • Planetary commendation cap: 100 (this includes the one time overflow limit). 100 planetary commendations will allow you to buy some L52 mods on Makeb. Remember that Tionese cystals will also get converted to planetary comms at a ratio of 2:1 (2 crystals for 1 comm).
    • Classic Commendation cap: 800 (this includes the one time overflow limit). If you have lots of Black Hole commendations, spend them before the patch as the prices for the Campaign pieces you can purchase are more expensive than buying Black Hole armor + Campaign armoring pre-patch. Remember the best gear you can buy with Classic Commendations is Campaign so if you don’t need those then buy stuff with comms and sell them back to vendors for credits.
  • Form premade groups with friends – questing is a lot faster with other players.


  • Guide to all Makeb missions with spawn maps of various items and mobs that you need.  These maps will come in handy when you have a ton of players all looking for the same objects.
  • Makeb has an instanced world/operation boss with weekly lockout. – Golden Fury
  • Makeb Datacrons: +10 Endurance and +10 Presence. Presence takes maybe 5-10 minutes to get but the endurance one can take an hour or more. Get them when you are L55.

+10 Presence (easy)


+10 Endurance(hard)


Macrobinoculars and Seeker Droids

  • Seeker Droids and Macrobinoular questline can be started at L52  but it is not advised to not to do them until you are finished with the Makeb storyline as they take a huge amount of time to do and it can inefficient if you are looking to level to 55.
    • On the Empire side, they can be picked up from T4-M7 and Z1-3C  in the Sith Sanctum on Dromund Kaas
    • On the Republic side, they can be picked up from M3-8Z and BB-6G in the Senate Plaza on Coruscant.
  • Make sure to do all the macrobinocular and seeker droid missions together as they require to travel to the same planets.
  • Guide to all Macrobinocular and Seeker Droid missions

GSI dallies

  • Can be picked up as soon as you receive the macrobinoculars and seeker droids from Dromund Kaas/Coruscant. GSI dallies on Makeb are easy and quick to do. Might be a good idea to pick them up (from GSI terminals located on the first island you arrived on Makeb) as you level.
  • Guide to all GSI dallies

Gearing up at L55

  • Running the four L55 hardmode flashpoints (Athiss, Hammer Station, Cademimu, and Mandalorian Raiders) will give you random Black Market pieces which have no set bonus but can be stripped for mods and enhancements.
  • Running storymode TFB and Scum and Villainy will grant you most of the Arkanian pieces.
  • Running hardmode TFB and Scum and Villainy will grant you Underworld pieces.
  • Basic Commendations can be used to purchase Arkanian relics and some gear slightly better than the Dread Guard stuff.
  • Elite Commendations can be used to purchase Black Market pieces (no set bonus)
  • Ultimate Commendations can be used to purchase Verpine pieces (no set bonus).
  • Here is a loot table for operations drops in 2.0.

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

41 replies on “SWTOR Rise of the Hutt Cartel expansion starter guide”

I currently have tionese items (got back in the game last week) and i have been keeping my comms for the patch tom but after reading ur message, am i to understand it is better if i spend them all to upgrade my equipment as much as i can before the patch?

Stuff are going to be more expensive post patch. However, if you don’t have alot of Black Hole comms and have alot of other stuff that can get converted to class comms, it may be better to wait and get campaign gear for classic comms after the patch.

Would the launch affect people who don’t have early access or even who haven’t purchased the digital expansion? To be more specific, will I still be able to see tionese/columi/rakata vendors in the midnight if I don’t have early access?

And you can buy campaign gear with the comms you got from rakata pieces. I’ve herd some F2P people have been locked out of the new planet/early access though. Has anyone else herd/seen this?

How is it going to be for fresh 50’s? I’ve been leveling some alts that are late 40’s so i will not hit 50 until after the expansion hits. You mentioned that blackhole/campaign will be fine for Makeb, but what about characters that never geared up at all at 50? will they have to pause at 50 to gear up for 50-55?

yikes, ok. Thats disappointing and definitely not “casual friendly”, which seem to be the audience they are targeting these days. Thanks for the info though!

It’s VERY “casual friendly” as long as you have gear with an average rating of 112 (which is your average random drop on Corellia or Illum) then you’re good. You don’t need Tionese gear for Makeb, it just speeds up the process.

You are going to have a rough time later on in places like Cartel Mining Mesa if you don’t have good gear. I have to be careful even in Dread Guard with the high mob density.

You will be able to craft, which is probably the best thing you can do if you don’t have early access.

Disregard this. You cannot craft unless you have early access. I was misled by a developer, Eric Musco, I believe. I hate this kind of incompetence.

People are saying you will be able to get experience up to one experience point less than what you need to get level 51. I pre-ordered so I can’t confirm this, but all you have to do is go kill one mob to confirm it yourself. If this is true you can level up to that point at least while you are waiting.

Im a little bit confused on why there are two sets that dont have the set bonus’?
Could you elaborate a little please?
also, what exactly is the “Gear progression” now? Is it, Arkanian (Tio), Blackmarket (Col), Verpine (Rak)??
But thanks for the hard work Dulfy, Hope you continue it. 🙂

Think of BM/Ark as being the same gear, but one has the bonus. Same with Verpine/UW or BH/Campaign. The set bonus is a reward for people who get the gear by raiding and not by buying with comms.

Great guide, thanks so much! One question, relating to this: “100 planetary commendations will allow you to buy some L52 mods on Makeb” — So far, I can only seem to find vendors with L50 mods, both on the fleet and on Makeb. Any idea where the L52 vendors are?

Yeah you’re right, but I’m sure exatcly how it works

I have a few theories:
1: per 1000 achievement points
2: certain achievements
3: only for achievements you got on the day of the patch

Nice overview. Your guides are great.

Thanks for the tip on planetary comms, though by the time I got home, the servers were already down. As a Premium member, I had 100/50 comms after I patched. I did have around 20 of each planets’ comms so I wish I would have known about the cap before hand.

On the up side, I’m loving the energy buffs to scoundrels.

This is a great source of info. Just out of curiosity, are you working on an updated gearing diagram like you did for 1.2? Because that was an awesome way to illustrate gear progression.

Thanks for all the work you’ve been doing with 2.0

Have you or has anyone reading this done the new advanced gear mission you can pick up on the Makeb orbital station after you hit 55? It tells you to run through black hole section x, and one other place as a requirement. I’m curious about what the reward is for this (campaign gear maybe?).

imo the rep is the important thing.

Level 55 I got in like 1.5 days of playing, comms are easy to come by when you do FP and OPS, even with pugs (which I rarely do, but have been surprised lately).

Nothing more ungreebly than having all the comms you need and then seeing “Hero” reputation to even buy the item.

There is no way to buy this for a friend legally, is there? Since logging in their account to do that is forbidden (unless I’m mistaken, you can get banned for that?) and there is no ‘gift’ option. They really should have thought about this. ):

Where are the remaining missions that give the Fractured Targeter gear…I’m trying to get that set but all I was able to get from the story here was the chest, the head, the hands and wrist…Anyone know where I can find the missions that give the legs, boots and belt?

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