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SWTOR Hardmode Athiss Flashpoint guide

SWTOR hardmode Athiss flashpoint guide with written and video guides of the various bosses. Hardmode Athiss is a L55 flashpoint introduced with the Rise of the Hutt Cartel digital expansion. This flashpoint is doable in Dread Guard gear and you can probably get away with less.

Loot drops

  • All bosses except the bonus boss drops 2 Elite Commendations
  • Both the bonus boss and the last boss drops Exotic Element Equalizer, used for crafting.
  • Bonus boss and the final boss drops one Black Market piece while all other bosses drop orange moddable or prototype stuff.
    • Ancient Abomination (bonus): Random Black Market piece
    • Prophet of Vodal : Black Market Chest, Black Market belt

Professor Ley’arsha

  • Conal autoattack called Blaster Volley, face her away from rest of the group.


  • Purple circle undernearth tank. The purple circle moves with the tank and disappears, scorching the ground undernearth them. Tank will need to move away from the scorched area and make sure no one else is inside it.


  • Adds – Fairly easy to kill.

The Beast of Vodal Kressh

  • Nasty cleave + knockback: Put your back against a wall or something when tanking him.
  • Adds: At 75%, 50%, and 25%, four Alchemical Tuk’ata will spawn and will need to be tanked and killed ASAP. They love to stick on the healer. Healing can be a bit intensive with the boss and adds pounding on the tank.


  • Intimidating Roar: Stun + about 4k worth of AoE damage. Be ready with AoE heals.

Ancient Abomination

  • You can only activate him if you do the staged bonus and get to stage 3. Bonus boss drops Black Market stuff do there is definitely an incentive to activate them.
  • Frequent and powerful knockback (Smash): Knock you across the room. Everyone need to position themselves with a wall or rock behind them.


Prophet of Vodal

  • Crushing Affliction: A DoT that deals AoE damage if it expires or removed (i.e. via cleanse). Make sure everyone is spread out. Cleanse help to lessen the damage from the ticking DoT but does nothing against the AoE damage.


  • Stealth: The prophet will stealth about every 25% and leave behind four Living Fire. These orbs will chase whoever has the orange debuff on them. Kite them around and don’t get hit by them.


  • Purple circles: Much like the Kephess fight in Denova, the boss will place purple circles under tanks. Move away from them.


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

12 replies on “SWTOR Hardmode Athiss Flashpoint guide”

Prophet of Vodal Kresh drops BM (69) Belts as well as Chestpieces.

Also, great guides on the entire topic of 2.0, keep referring them when needed, although they are kept simple and as such are easy to remember the necessities, thankyou.

they keep making fp like this im gonna cancel
cure the dot; take aoe
don’t cure the dot; die
heal through the dot; run out of power
1 shot BS like this is why I left TSW, now I see SWTOR is doing it too.

Are you serious? Wow…Maybe you should stick with Hello Kitty Island Adventures?!?
1. If you can’t heal through the DoT- a) you need better gear b) the DoT victim has very low Endurance c) You don’t know how to heal properly d) Combination of a,b,&c
2. You don’t have to cure/purge the dot and if you do – a) the victim should be away from others b) You heal AoE damage lesser that the total DoT damage but spread to unfortunate others in the area.
Sounds like you want the game to be so easy that you can put the Doritos in your mouth as you are playing left handed? Seriously FIND ANOTHER GAME if this one is too hard for you. By the way, my 8 year old has no problems healing this fight, he only plays for 1.5 hrs a day max so maybe its just you?

Hey Dulfy, i’ve seen that you can draw The Beast of Vodal Kressh down the ramp, go to the left (not where the elite mobs are) and to the corner where is the broken arch that way the adds won’t spawn and the fight gets easier, i honestly was surprised the first time i saw it but it worked and has maken that fight much easier

Great guide Dulfy! Couple of notes on Athiss:

1. We usually use the cave strategy for the Beast. Clear all the trash mobs leading to the cave, then tank kites the boss into the cave. Makes it very easy to handle the knockbacks and heal through the fight.

2. Ancient abomination does a channeled “Resounding Strike” or similar after the knockback. Tank must interrupt it immediately else will take a lot of damage. You can interrupt it while you are flying up (back against the wall, of course).

Why do some tanks prefer to keep the prophet on a side of the stairs (as you ascend to the altar)? Is only because they like to group the purple circles there or some other reason too?

Yes, it is easier for people to move around if the purple circles are on the side not in the middle since you have to run away from the red cloud.

Does Sorc’s Force barrier protect them against Living Fire? If it does, it will save time if you don’t have to kite them.

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