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SWTOR Hardmode Cademimu Flashpoint guide

SWTOR hardmode Cademimu flashpoint guide with written and video guides of the various bosses. Hardmode Cademimu is a L55 flashpoint introduced with the Rise of the Hutt Cartel digital expansion. This flashpoint is doable in Dread Guard gear and you can probably get away with less.

Loot drops

  • All bosses except the bonus boss drops 2 Elite Commendations
  • Both the bonus boss and the last boss drops Exotic Element Equalizer, used for crafting.
  • Bonus boss and the final boss drops one Black Market piece while all other bosses drop orange moddable or prototype stuff.
    • Separatist Sith: Random Black Market piece
    • General Ortol: Either Black Market helm or Black Market Implant

Officer Xander


  • EN-4C: EN-4C is immune to damage until he is trapped. To trap him, you must stand behind the orange circle on the ground and have him walk on top of it (don’t run over the orange circle yourself). This will trap him and allow you to damage him for a short duration. If you walk into the circle yourself, you will get trapped and cannot move. Orange circles tend to spawn near the shuttles.
    • If you kill Officer Xander before killing EN-4C, EN-4C will enrage, dealing 200% more damage.


  • Sticky Grenade: Unavoidable damage, make sure whoever is getting targeted is full on health. Deals about 12k damage.


Captain Grimyk

  • DPS race: Unlike normal mode, Captain Grimyk’s Flamethrower does not damage the Ugnaught adds that he summons to just focus DPS on the boss and kill the adds afterwards. The adds are summoned based on a time interval so the longer you take to kill the boss the more adds will be summoned.
  • Conal Flamethrower attack: Don’t stand in front of him unless you are the tank.


Separatist Sith (Bonus boss)

  • You can only activate him if you do the staged bonus and get to stage 3. Bonus boss drops Black Market stuff do there is definitely an incentive to activate them.
  • Force Storm: He will pulls the entire group in and cast Force Storm, an AoE channeled attack. Just run out and heal up. Classes like Snipers/Gunslingers can entrench themselves to avoid the pull. While you are under effects of Force Storm you will be slowed use crowd control removers if you have them up. Doesn’t appear to be a % based attack so it can be hard to predict. Ranged classes can also use the wall to LOS the boss to prevent getting pulled in.


General Ortol


General Ortol fight can be a bit tricky and requires a bit of coordination between group members.

  • Magnetic Shackle: One random group member will be rooted to the ground with a  shackle animation. Other group members will need to run through them to break the shackle. If you broke the shacke, you will see a red text on the screen announcing so. There is no pre-warning on the shackles so everyone need to be alert and watch other group members for that animation. Breaking the shackle is essential for getting group members to a safe quadrant during Rocket Launch. CC break abilities will work for this as well and can be used if your group members cannot save you in time.


  • Rocket Launch: The room is divided into four quadrants. Each quadrant have a little marker  that rises from the ground. Whenever General Ortol is preparing a rocket launch, you need to look at these little marker and see if it is covered with white gas. If there is no white gas near it, that quadrant is safe and your group should move there. If there are white gases there, that quadrant will soon be covered in fire.
    • Above 50% of General Ortol’s HP, only one quadrant will be covered with white gas. Past 50% however, 3/4 of the quadrants will be covered with white gas.


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

29 replies on “SWTOR Hardmode Cademimu Flashpoint guide”

Hi Dulfy, first time caller, long time listener. I have a question, what are the new bonuses for all the 55 HM’s? I had a guildee in early access who did Hammer Station today and they never evenhit the first bonus (the one for 80 enemies) doing the normal route. Are they all kill based or are there other objectives, as well, how out of the way do you have to go to complete the bonuses and boss for each FP? I wanted to map out the optimal way for my guild before I can start on Sunday. Thanks for the write ups btw awesome stuff.

Hi! An observation about the Officer Xander fight (from running Cademimmu about 7 times last night): the orange circles only appear at the front of the two police speeders in the zone around the boss, and seem to appear at the far car first. Ranged & healers shouldn’t too close to either car to avoid getting caught in the trap.

Hey Dulfy… Was doing the Bonus Boss and noticed that during the force storm phase we would take a bunch of damage (As a Juggernaut all I have is my Unleash on a 2 min CD). We tried LOS but it’s too unpredictable to successfully do – we also noticed ~12k spike damage after the lightning was over.

The 12k damage spike is after the force storm, the boss casting ‘shock’ for huge damage. He skilled two of us with it back to back (within a second)

[22:29:36.187] [Garold the Dark One {3247463427211264}:3421020199977] [@Welleslay] [Shock {2520527327461376}] [ApplyEffect {836045448945477}: Damage {836045448945501}] (11015 energy {836045448940874})

Hello Dulfy, a general question from a PvE noob here! Those black market pieces you’re talking about, are those for the Dread Guard gear? I’ve heard rumors about Dread Guard “Tokens” dropping in new heroic flashpoints so I were just wondering if those are the Black Market pieces you’re talking about?

Hi Dulfy – did the Flashpoint yesterday. About the fight with Captain Grimyk: We all stood in front of him. While I noticed that I had a burning buff on me, it seemed that this makes little or no damage at all, so standing in front of him should be harmless.

CC break abilities work on the shackled phase of General Ortol.

Force Speed for tank spec’d Shadows and Hold the Line for Troopers also works

It is possible to position the bonus boss such that he can’t pull you in. Much like the EC HM strategy against Kephess’s Gift of the Masters, casters can hide behind a knee-high wall that’s placed between them and the boss and avoid getting pulled in range of Force Storm. It’s a little finicky, but I got it to work about 67% of the time.

Great guide! I’d like to add something about General Ortol’s shackles though, they are actually an AoE attack. He will randomly target one person and throw the shackles at them, upon hitting that person the shackles explode and will also shackle any person near the original target. This makes it tough if you have an all melee group, because you’ll frequently all end up shackled at once with your cc-break on cooldown. If you’re playing with a ranged-DPS it’s a lot easier, but if you do end up with an all melee group make sure the healer keeps their distance a bit so they can free everyone if the others get shackled. I hadn’t seen this info in any other guide yet so we were all super frustrated/confused as to why we all kept getting shackled, thought it might be a good addition to your guide! Thanks for all of your walkthroughs! 🙂

This happened to our group a lot of times, we play melee classes mostly and we kept being shackled all the time at once. Up until today, we thought it was a bug. Thank you Dulfy for this guide, now I can tell my guild why this kept happening to us.

On the Bonus Boss, he will occasionally select a target and do an attack called “Shock” which does 11k damage. Make sure to keep the group healed up after the lightning phase so they don’t get one-hit by Shock. Once enraged, Shock deals around 35k damage.

General Ortol’s guide is partially incorrect, he starts activating 3 rockets way earlier than 50% hp, to be precise: 1st time, one rocket, 2nd time 2 rockets and 3rd plus time 3 rockets. I hate that boss, we’re all melee, sigh

Hey Dulfy, with Captain Grimyk one good strategy if for the healer to stand on top of the police car and the tank should pull the boss behind the car. That way we don’t have to deal with the adds until the end of the fight (as long as the tank dosen’t drop any aoe taunt) and then kill the adds with aoe staning on the car.

On general ortol you can look up after he shouts: “keep firing!” And you will see the tail end of four rockets. You can see the firing ones be because the pipes turn bright red before the smoke starts coming out. This will give you a few more seconds to run to a safe zone.

The idea behind this is that these are the middle batteries that you are disabling so that your commander can fly in and seize the governer without getting shot down. The governer also talks about these missiles over the intercom, saying that they are perfectly safe. Lol

Twice in a row on the General I was killed in two hits, not by flame or with shackles. as a lvl 60 tank with 50k+ hp this is baffling me. anyone know what going on?

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