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SWTOR Makeb Datacron guide

Video guide on getting the two Makeb Datacrons +10 endurance and +10 presence.

+10 Presence Makeb Datacron

This datacron can be obtained in Perekta Mesa and takes only a couple minutes. The start is near the Imperial speeder.


+10 Endurance Makeb Datacron

Start of this datacron is in Frinn Mesa near the Republic speeder. Imperial players will need to traverse from their side to the Republic end. This datacron has a long trek and may take anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours. Remember to turn off your sprint if you are uneasy about walking on narrow beams.


By Dulfy

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thanks, Dulfy for the endurance one! lol, I made that difficult jump on my first try and then I missed the last one as I thought you could make it without mounting lol, but I got it on the second try – Vasanta/Karna

Anyone know anything about the two extra datacrons on Alderaan? got the two on Makeb and checked my codex and it said I was 67/69 on datacrons. Checked it out and apparently the codex tells me I am 5/7 on datacrons for Alderaan and last time I checked there were only 5 datacrons there

@natharra:disqus i also noticed this, normally i wouldn’t have but I had all the crons before the patch then grabbed the makeb ones and no codex progress. Also I will note that the planet codex does not provide a description for makeb. Its possible that the new crons were thrown into aldaraans codex, since its exactly 2 that are missing.

@natharra:disqus I think it has the makeb datacrons bunched in with alderaan with no codex entry. Not sure on that though.

Thank you for the videos… but I can’t help wondering how the hell people find theese in the pts first… @_@7e2efad90e593897c44e47a22ba69949:disqus

I noticed for the presence cron that you run around the back of the buildings at the beginning to get to the rocks that you jump onto to go up to the platform with the passage through the wall, you don’t need to do that. If you head off from the shuttle pad as normal when you go under the archway you can jump over the gap to the right to get to those rocks, this save any aggro.

I also noticed there is a slightly easier route across the mining shaft bridge for the endurance cron with less jumping and chance to fall. Start from the entrance by running up the diagonal beam on the left as you enter and you see another horizontal beam just before you get to the top, jump onto that and then walk to the middle of that beam and turn and face the wall, there is a ledge, jump to that then up again turn right jump onto the pipe and from there you can run the whole length of the bridge and climb up the end the same as in the vid.

If you get the Presence datacron pay it forward and invite people to leap to you. I did and got a big (50k) thank you.

Dulfy, this may seem like a strange question but can you log out in the middle of going for the Endurance Datacron and will it log you back in wherever you were (on a random ledge)? I want to try to get this tomorrow but I don’t know if I’ll have time and if I start I might not be able to finish in one sitting.


I am having one difficulty. At the platform that raises vertically, after I get to the top, I go to jump on my speeder, and it seems to catch at the edge and I always miss the platform. I tried jumping just before the edge, no help. I tried just driving off the edge, nope. Is there some trick there?

With the +10 Presence Datacron, it is far easier to jump onto the small brass that runs along the large pipe, then go to the end and jump onto the slightly cracked part of the end pipe, move along a few feet, then jump into the pipe. On the linked image – A then B then C.

I know it’s old, but thanks! Gave me the Galactic Datacron achievement finally. Couldn’t have done it without your video. !!!!!

A little trick for all you doing the Endurance Datacron: if you can use a character with Phase Walk, and bind it to a button on your keyboard. If you fall and hit the button before actually dying you can return to the last spot you activated it…

Screw these datacrons. Your guide while helpful does not help me. All I do is die. So these datacrons can go straight to hell cause I am not doing this.

Which Codex do you get with this? None of these datacrons writers tell which code goes with each.

Is it Galactic History 88 or 89? Thanks

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