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SWTOR Hardmode Mandalorian Raiders flashpoint guide

SWTOR hardmode Mandalorian Raiders flashpoint guide with written and video guides of the various bosses. Hardmode Mandalorian Raiders is a L55 flashpoint introduced with the Rise of the Hutt Cartel digital expansion. This flashpoint is doable in Dread Guard gear and you can probably get away with less.

Loot drops

  • All bosses except the bonus boss drops 2 Elite Commendations
  • Both the bonus boss and the last boss drops Exotic Element Equalizer, used for crafting.
  • Bonus boss and the final boss drops one Black Market piece while all other bosses drop orange moddable or prototype stuff.
    • Gil: Random Black Market piece
    • Mavrix Varad: Either Black Market boots or gloves

Braxx the Bloodhound

  • Not all that different from normal mode. Braxx has two Saiky Hounds that are immune to taunts and should be killed first. Focus target on one at a time.
  • Don’t let the boss get near the hounds as he can cast a red circle undernearth him that buff the hounds if they step into it.


Republic Boarding Party

  • The preferred kill order for this group of four is
    1. Taklan the Smuggler (because he is a healer)
    2. Ezeraline the Jedi Knight (because she is annoying and loves to leap to random group members and push them back)
    3. Magnus the Jedi Consular
    4. Keenor the Trooper (he is killed last because he is stationary and his soft enrage mortar attack can be interrupted)
  • Note that all of the mobs are immune to CC that breaks on damage.
  • Be sure to interrupt Keenor’s Mortar Volley or at least run out of the red circle as it can be deadly if unavoided.



  • You can only activate him if you do the staged bonus and get to stage 3. Bonus boss drops Black Market stuff do there is definitely an incentive to activate them.
  • Gil will leap to random group members and then immediately trigger a AoE red circle underneath him. Anyone touching that red circle will be damaged by his AoE whirling attack. If Gil leaps to you, be sure to step away immediately.Melee DPS need to becareful and not get near the red circle.


Mavrix Varad

  • Mavrix Varad will leap to four corners of the room and trigger two Supercharged Turrets per corner. It is very important that you do not damage Mavrix when fighting the turrets as doing so can push him over and cause the turrets to deal 500% more damage.
    • If you do enough damage to Mavrix, he will leave for the next corner and throw out a groupwide debuff called Burning that increases the turret damage by 500%. This isn’t an issue if the turrets are already killed.


  • In addition to the turrets, Mavrix Varad will do an attack called Missile Salvo that basically places a red circle on the ground that you need to avoid. It deals around 5-6k damage per tick if you stand in it.


  • Once Mavrix has passed all four corners of the room, he will fly back to the middle and do nonstop Death from Above. Just stay away from his red circle and finish him off.


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16 replies on “SWTOR Hardmode Mandalorian Raiders flashpoint guide”

Hey Dulfy, i had a question. Are you gonna do a guide on the GSI seeker droid treasure hunting? I.E. Looking for speeder parts. Im completely obsessed with them and I would really like to know where the areas are, as well as any specific places to look. Thank you!

okay, thank you. It seems there are places around the galaxy that are designated treasure spots, and each one holds ONE specific piece to one of the speeders. The places I know of are : Black Box heroic area on Tatooine, Shipwreck area near White Maw hideout on Hoth (On the other side of the mountains separating Gargath’s area.) , A nerf vs. manka cat area on Alderaan, in the area around the big ovalular track part of map. And finally, a Wampa vs. Tauntaun area directly east of the Republic base at Highmount Ridge.

Love your guides and info. Had a question, do you know if you are going to be doing a guide for the new TFB bosses and operation.

In Mandalorian Raiders the Troopers mortar volley can not be interrupted. Tried it just a few minutes ago and it no longer works.

The trooper/bounty hunter mortar volley/death from above is interruptible. Use your stuns to interrupt it.

At Gil, when you jump on the spaceships’ wing behind him and pull him afterwards (everybody got to stand on the wing) he can’t reach you and the fight is pretty easy. Just a little heal when someone gets focused. Behold: easy with many range dd, because when you get into meleerange he might be able to hit you too.
Try it out 🙂

Agreed, so my preferred kill order is sentinel/marauder -> sage/sorceror -> gunslinger/operative -> commando/mercenary.

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