SWTOR: Bioware clarifies on Crew Skill 450 missions

Amber Green went on the official forums today to clarify some confusions about the low return rate from the Crew Skill 450 missions.

Crew skill 450 mission discoveries | 04.12.2013, 06:48 PM

After spending yesterday afternoon looking into your reports and doing internal testing, we discovered a couple of things:
1. We were missing an important Patch Note for Game Update 2.0, which I’ll be adding to the notes as soon as possible with the information, and I apologize that it was missed.

  • Crew Skill Missions above level 400 provide rewards as follows:
    • Moderate and Abundant missions no longer provide Artifact Quality crafting materials.
    • Bountiful and Rich missions will provide Artifact Quality crafting materials only on a critical success.
    • Wealthy missions will provide Artifact Quality crafting materials for both normal and critical success.

2. As many of you suspected, there are some bugs associated with Crew Skill Mission rewards above level 400. We’re working on them now and will be sure to get them fixed in an upcoming patch. When I know more about when that will actually be, I will let you guys know.:

  • Slicing is not providing Thermal Regulators at the correct rate.
  • Slicing Lock Boxes are not providing a sufficient number of credits.
  • Gathering Crew Skill missions do not provide Premium items at the correct rate.
  • One of the Bountiful Diplomacy missions is not following the reward rules listed above and may provide Artifact Quality materials from normal successes.

The combination of the bugs above, paired with the fact that the new missions don’t yield materials in the same way as the older ones do would understandably lead to confusion around Level 400+ missions. We’re sorry for any frustration this may have caused, and I hope to have cleared up your questions.

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Treasure Hunting has been expensive! I’ve only had 2 Artifact rewards in over 50 missions. That seems a little extreme

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