Endgame gearing patch 2.0 SWTOR

SWTOR Level 55 endgame gearing guide

A guide to the SWTOR Level 55 endgame gearing process with a detailed look at every commendation system and all the dallies and weeklies. Updated for patch 2.4.

Last Updated: October 13, 2013


Abbreviations used in this guide.

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How do I gear up at 55?

This section attempts to answer this question in a very basic format. For more info regarding the various gear tiers, you have to consult the sections below.

Gear Rating Name Mod Level Mod Name
156 Artifact 66 28
162 Black Market/Arkanian 69 30
168 Verpine/Underworld 72 31
174 Kell Dragon/Shadowed 75 33
180 Oricon/Dread Forged 78 34

Artifact Level

Ideally, if you leveled up from Makeb, you should at Hero reputation standing or close. This allow you to grab the Artifact level mainhand for 80 basic commendations from Makeb Reputation vendor. For Artifact level armor, you can do the Oricon storyline which should provide you with a full 5 piece set when you complete it. For the remaining pieces (offhand/implants/ear/bracers/belt) you can either buy them on the GTN from crafters (search for Artifact on the GTN) or save up your Basic Commendations to buy them at the Black Market level

Black Market/Arkanian Level

Do hardmode L55 flashpoints, dallies, etc to get your Basic Commendations so you can purchase Black Market gear from the Basic vendor for commendations. If you need set bonus, plan on pugging some storymode operations to get the Arkanian gear.

You can either save up 350 Elite Commendations for a mainhand from CZ-198 reputation vendor or save up some credits to buy a 31 barrel/hilt from a crafter. That is the best barrel/hilt you can get without doing any operations.

Underworld/Verpine Level

Getting this tier of gear can be donable with just pugging but you have to get lucky with a good PuG as the Underworld/Verpine stuff only drops off Tier 1 hardmode Operations (TFB/S&V/Golden Fury) or from the last two bosses of the Tier 2 storymode operations (DF/DP). From this point on, you will need to really get into a guild to get better drops.


Always augment your gear if possible. You don’t have to use the purple augments (28) right away but can use blue augments for now as the stats difference is fairly minimal. For augments search for Augment 28 on the GTN or make them youself). Each Augment also need a MK-9 Augment Kit (search for MK-9 kit on the GTN or make them yourself).

Planetary/Classic Commendations and L50 gear

Storage cap for Classic Commendations: 1000

Gear Situation for new 50s in patch 2.0-2.4

New 50s will no longer receive a free set of Tionese gear or any sort of free gear handout. Instead, they must gear themselves with a combination of planetary commendations and classic commendations.

You can use your planetary commendations to purchase rating 58 amoring, mods, and enhancements at the Makeb Commendation vendor on the fleet or in Makeb. These are pretty much Rakata level mods. Armoring/Barrel/Hilts cost 10 Planetary Commendations while mods and enhancements cost 4 Planetary Commendations. You have a storage cap of 100 planetary commendations but no weekly cap.

If you need a bit more gear,  you can do some dallies in Ilum, Belsavis, Black Hole, Section X for classic commendations. Those looking for grouping action can also queue up for L50 hardmode flashpoints or L50 operations to get Black Hole and Hazmat gear (rating 61 and 63 respectively).

  • L50 Hardmode flashpoints have a chance to drop a Black Hole piece each boss.
  • Storymode Karagga’s Palace and Eternity Vault drop 2 random Black Hole pieces per boss.
  • Hardmode Karagga’s Palace/Eternity Vault and storymode Explosive conflict drops 2 random Hazmat pieces per boss.
  • Hard and Nightmare Explosive Conflict drops Dread Guard tokens in addition to Hazmat. 

Classic Commendations are used to purchase Campaign gear at the Classic Gear vendor on the fleet. These Campaign gear do have set bonus but they do not stack with the set bonus on the L55 gear.

Piece Classic Commendations
Helm 120
Chest 150
Gloves 100
Legs 120
Boots 100
Belt 70
Bracers 70
Offhand 120
Mainhand 150
Relics (Dread Guard)x2 150
Total 1300

Getting Classic Commendations

  • Solo dallies in Ilum, Belsavis, Black Hole, and Section X reward 1 Classic Commendations per daily.
  • Heroic dallies in those locations reward 3 Classic Commendations per daily.
  • Weekly for Black Hole dallies provide you with 15 Classic Commendations and 10 Basic Commendations
  • Weekly for Section X dallies provide you with 10 Classic Commendations and 15 Basic Commendations
  • L50 Hardmode flashpoint bosses drop 2 Classic Commendations per boss and you get 10 Classic Commendations for doing [DAILY] Galactic Conflicts.
  • L50 storymode operation bosses drop 3 Classic Commendations per boss and you get 20 Classic Commendations for finishing KP/EV weekly and 40 Classic Commendations for finishing EC weekly.
  • L50 players can also get the Group Finder daily for L50 HM flashpoints which rewards 10 Classic Commendations per day or the Group Finder weekly for KP/EV/EC that rewards 25 Classic Commendations per operation. These rewards are for L50 players only and changes to Basic Commendations as soon as you reach L51 or above. 
  • Weekly Priority Targets (kill 3 world bosses) also rewards 12 Classic Commendations.


Artifact Gear (Level 53) 

Rating: Rating 156 with 66 mods


New in Patch 2.4, players who complete the Oricon storyline (level 55) can expect getting a full set of the Artifact quality armor, which are rating 156 with 66 mods.

Empire Republic Rewards
Gathering Forces Spark of Hope Gloves
Seeds of Dread Seeds of Dread Chest
Scarred Paradise Haunted Paradise Boots
The Hand that Sees Eyes of Terror Legs
[H2] Clipping Winds [H2} The Darkening Stars Helm


Artifact quality Bracers/Belts/Offhand/Implants/Ear can also be crafted by crafters who can purchase the relevant recipes at the Basic Commendation Schematic vendor on the fleet (Crew Skills section). These recipes requires Hero standing with the Makeb faction and costs 60 Basic Commendations each except for the Belt/Bracers which costs 15 Basic Commendations each. The resulting product is BoE and can be find on the GTN (search for Artifact).


Mainhand weapons can be purchased from the Makeb reputation vendors for 80 Basic Commendations each. They also require Hero standing with the reputation vendors to use (takes two weeks to gain the reputation if you are just starting out).

Black Market/Arkanian (Level 55)

Rating: Rating 162 with 69 mods (Q30).

Difference Between Arkanian & Black Market

Black Market and Arkanian are L55 gear and they are rating 162 with 69 mods (Q30). The difference between them is like the difference between Black Hole and Campaign in previous tiers. Black Market gear have no set bonus and can be obtained from hardmode L55 flashpoints or purchased with Basic Commendations while Arkanian gear have set bonus and is obtained exclusively from storymode L55 operations (ear/implant can also drop from last boss of Hardmode Czerka Core Meltdown Flashpoint). In addition to the set bonus, they have slightly different stat allocations.

Black Market Gear

Drops: (L55 Hardmode Flashpoints)

L55 HM flashpoints can be easily completed by players in Dread Guard/Hazmat gear. Players in Black Hole/Campaign gear or less may consider getting a few pieces of the Basic Commendation gear if they want to play it safe.

The four L55 hardmode flashpoints have two bosses inside them that drops Black Market items. The bonus boss (usually require you to kill 80-85 mobs in the flashpoint to unlock) drops a random Black Market item while the final boss drops a fixed set of items. The exception is the Czerka Core Meltdown Flashpoint which doesn’t have a bonus boss but drops Arkanian Ear or Implant.

  • Athiss – Prophet of Vodal: Black Market Chest or Black Market Belt
  • Cademimu – General Ortol: Black Market Helm or Black Market Implant
  • Hammer Station – Battlelord Kreshan: Black Market Legs or Black Market Ear
  • Mandalorian Raiders – Mavrix Varad: Black Market Boots or Black Market Gloves
  • Czerka Core Meltdown – The Vigilant: Arkanian Ear or Implant

Since these Black Market pieces contain no set bonus, it is advised to rip out the mods and enhancement.


Basic Commendations can be used to purchase Black Market gear the the Basic Vendors on the fleet, Makeb Orbital Station or Gravity Hook Seven/Avesta Plantation, and various level 55 daily areas (CZ-198, Oricon)  starting at Level 55. The gear you purchase with Basic Commendations do not come with any set bonuses. They are rating 162 with 69 mods.

Piece Basic Commendations
Helm 120
Chest 140
Gloves 100
Legs 120
Boots 100
Relics 150
Implants 100
Ear 100


Q30 mods from Arkanian/Black Market gear can be crafted by crafters. Schematics will need to be learned by REing the existing mods on Arkanian/Black Market gear.

Arkanian Gear

Keep in mind that the set bonus on your Arkanian gear does not stack with your old set bonus from L50 gear.

L55 Storymode Operations & Arkanian tokens

Tier 1 Level 55 operations: TFB/S&V/Golden Fury

  • Tier 1 L55 storymode operations can be easily completed by players in Dread Guard/Hazmat gear. Players in Black Hole/Campaign gear or less may consider getting a few pieces of the Black Market gear.
  • All bosses have a chance to drop one or two Black Market pieces. There is no pattern and is purely random what they drop. The first two bosses of storymode TFB and the first three bosses of storymode S&V will drop only Black Market pieces. The bosses after them will start dropping Arkanian tokens.
  • Note that Golden Fury, an operation boss in Makeb, is a bit of wildcard and may have a chance to drop any of the Arkanian pieces on storymode.

Tier 2 Level 55 operations: DF/DP

  • You should have full Artifact gear or better to attempt Tier 2 Level 55 operations on storymode. Getting some pieces of Black Market gear will improve your chances as well.
  • The first boss of both operations drop one of two possible loot tokens so you may not always get what you want on the first run.
  • Also, the last two bosses of Dread Fortress and Dread Palace storymode operations drops a random Underworld Token and random Verpine piece instead of the usual random Black Market piece.


Helm Kephess The Undying
TFB (storymode)
DF (storymode)
Chest Dread Master Styrak
Dread Master Brontes
S&V (storymode)
DF (storymode)
Gloves Operations Chief
Dread Master Tyrans
S&V (storymode)
DP (storymode)
Legs Olok the Shadow
Dread Master Raptus
S&V (storymode)
DP (storymode)
Boots Operator IX
Gate Commander Draxus
TFB (storymode)
DF (storymode)
Mainhand Cartel Warlords
Dread Council
S&V (storymode)
DP (storymode)
Offhand The TFB
Corruptor Zero
TFB (storymode)
DF (storymode)
Belt Dash’Roode
Dread Master Bestia
S&V (storymode)
DP (storymode)
Bracers The Writhing Horror
TFB (storymode)
DF (storymode)
Implants Titan 6
S&V (storymode)
DF (storymode)
Ear Thrasher
Dread Master Bestia
S&V (storymode)
DP (storymode)
Relics Dread Master Calphayus
Purchased for 150 Basic Comms
DP (storymode)
Basic Commendation Vendor

Earning Basic Commendations

You receive Basic Commendations from one time Makeb story missions, one time Macrobinocular/Seeker Droid missions one time Oricon story missions, and repeatables. Repeatables includes Makeb, GSI, Section X, CZ-198, Oricon dallies; Group Finder daily for L50 hardmode flashpoints and L50 storymode operations; heroic Space Mission dallies; weekly quests and staged weeklies.

  • Storage cap for Basic Commendations is 1000, with a 500 weekly limit.

1) One time missions

  • Makeb story (49 Basic Commendations) – Level 50 to 55


  • Macrobinocular/Seeker Droid Missions (78 Basic Commendations) – Level 52+
    • Doing the entire questline for Seeker Droid offers 35 Basic Commendations while the entire questline for Macrobinoculars offer 43 Basic Commendations for a total of 78 Basic Commendations.


  • Oricon story missions – Level 55 (35 Basic Commendations)


  • Basic Gear (20 Basic Commendations)
    • Requires you to have done Section X weekly, Black Hole weekly and Makeb Staged Weekly once.

2) Repeatable (Daily)

Activity Basic Commendations/day
Section X 11
Makeb 16
GSI 32
CZ-198 8
Oricon 22
Heroic Space Mission* 3
Group Finder L50 HM flashpoints** 10
[Daily] Galactic Conflicts 5
Total 107

*Except Sunday where you get 6.

  • Section X (11 Basic Commendations)


  • Makeb (16 Basic Commendations)


  • GSI Dallies (32 Basic Commendations)


  • CZ-198 Dallies (8 Basic Commendations)


  • Oricon Dallies (22 Basic Commendations)


3) Repeatable (Weekly)

Activity Basic Commendations/weekly
Black Hole weekly 10
Section X Weekly 15
Makeb Staged Weekly 20
Makeb Staged Weekly missions* 6 to 19
GSI 20
CZ-198 20
Oricon 20
Priority Targets 6
Total 117 to 130

*You have a choice for Makeb Stage weekly missions and heroic ones tend to reward more Basic Commendations. You get a minimum of 6 or a maximum of 19 for doing 6 missions required for the staged weekly.


4) Summary

  • 49 + 78 + 20 + 35  = 182 Basic Commendations as one time mission rewards
  • A maximum of 104 Basic Commendations per day or 728 Basic Commendations per week if you do dallies for all 7 days.
  • A maximum of 117-130 Basic Commendations from the weeklies at L55.
  • Remember that there is a weekly cap of 500 and a total storage cap of 1000 for Basic Commendations.

Verpine/Underworld Gear (level 55)

Rating: Rating 168 with 72 mods (Q31).

Verpine vs Underworld

Verpine and Underworld gear are 168 rating with 72 mods (Q31). Much like the difference between Black Market and Arkanian gear, Verpine gear does not come with set bonuses and can be purchased with Elite Commendations or as random drops from Tier 1 hardmode operations while Underworld gear comes exclusively from Tier 1 hardmode L55 operations (TFB & SV)

Keep in mind that the set bonus on your Underworld gear does not stack with your old set bonus from L50 gear but does stack with the set bonus on your Arkanian gear.

Verpine Gear

Purchased with Elite Commendations

These items can be found on the Elite Vendor in the supplies section of the fleet. Mainhand can be purchased from the CZ-198 reputation vendor.

Piece Elite Commendations
Helm 120
Chest 140
Gloves 100
Legs 120
Boots 100
Belt 80
Bracers 80
Ear 100
Implants x2 100
Offhand 140
Mainhand* 350
Total 1180

*The mainhand you purchase here is only rating 162 (Arkanian) level and requires Champion reputation with CZ-198.

Underworld Gear

Tier 1 L55 Hardmode Operations and Underworld tokens

Tier 1 Level 55 Hardmode operations (TFB, S&V, Golden Fury)  can be attempted by players in full Dread Guard but you may need a few Black Market/Arkanian upgrades to succeed against the enrage timer. Terror from Beyond hardmode is much easier than Scum and Villainy and players are encouraged to do TFB HM first to gear up a bit before attempting S&V. Golden Fury in Toborro’s Courtyard on the other hand is slightly more difficult than most hardmode operation bosses due to tight enrage and low tolerance for mistakes.

Note that Golden Fury is a bit of a wildcard and might be able to drop any of the Underworld pieces.

Tier 2 hardmode operations (Dread Fortress and Dread Palace) do not drop Underworld Tokens. Instead, they drop Dread Forged Tokens. However, the last two bosses of the storymode version of these operations will drop random Underworld Tokens.


Helm Kephess The Undying TFB (hardmode)
Chest Dread Master Styrak S&V (hardmode)
Gloves Operations Chief S&V (hardmode)
Legs Olok the Shadow S&V (hardmode)
Boots Operator IX TFB (hardmode)
Mainhand Cartel Warlords S&V (hardmode)
Offhand The TFB TFB (hardmode)
Belt Dash’Roode S&V (hardmode)
Bracers Withering Horror TFB (hardmode)
Implants Titan 6 S&V (hardmode)
Ear Thrasher S&V (hardmode)
Relics Dread Guards TFB (hardmode)


Q31 mods from Underworld/Verpine gear can be crafted by crafters. Schematics will need to be learned by REing the existing mods on Underworld/Verpine gear.

Getting Elite Commendations

You receive Elite Commendations from L55 HM Flashpoints bosses, Group Finder/Bonus Boss daily, operation bosses and their associated weeklies. Note that 16m operations drops 2 more Elite Commendations per boss compared to 8m on all difficulties. In addition, 16m storymode operations also drop ultimate commendations, which is covered in the section below.

  • Storage cap for Elite Commendations is 400, with a 200 weekly cap.
Infinitely Repeatable Elite Commendations
L55 Hardmode Flashpoint 7 per flashpoint*
Group Finder L55 HM FP daily 10/day
Bonus Boss daily 2/day
Total 12/day
Makeb STAGED WEEKLY 12/week
Czerka WEEKLY 12/week
Oricon WEEKLY 12/week
Galactic Conflicts (3 HM L55 FPs) 20/week
Weekly Priority Targets 3/week
Weekly Classic Operations 12/week
Storymode S&V (loot drops) (8m) 34/week (4 per boss, 2 per mini boss)
Storymode S&V (loot drops) (16m) 48/week (6 per boss, 2 per mini boss)
Hardmode/NiM S&V (loot drops) (8m) 62/week (8 per boss, 2 per mini boss)
Hardmode/NiM S&V (loot drops) (16m) 76/week (10 per boss, 2 per mini boss)
Weekly S&V mission 20/week
Storymode TFB (loot drops) (8m) 26/week (4 per boss, 2 per mini boss)
Storymode TFB (loot drops) (16m) 36/week (6 per boss, 2 per mini boss)
Hardmode/NiM TFB (loot drops) (8m) 46/week (8 per boss, 2 per mini boss)
Hardmode/NiM TFB (loot drops) (16m) 56/week (10 per boss, 2 per mini boss)
Weekly TFB mission 12/week
SM Toborro’s Courtyard (loot drops) 4/week
HM Toborro’s Courtyard (loot drops) 8/week
Weekly Toborro’s Courtyard 12/week
Storymode DF (loot drops) (8m) 20/week (4 per boss)
Storymode DF (loot drops) (16m) 30/week (6 per boss)
Hardmode DF (loot drops) (8m) 40/week (4 per boss)
Hardmode DF (loot drops) (16m) 50/week (10 per boss)
Weekly DF mission 24/week
Storymode DP (loot drops) (8m) 20/week (4 per boss)
Storymode DP (loot drops) (16m) 30/week (6 per boss)
Hardmode DP (loot drops) (8m) 40/week (4 per boss)
Hardmode DP (loot drops) (16m) 50/week (10 per boss)
Weekly DP mission 24/week

*Every boss other than the bonus boss drops 2 Elite Commendations each. You also get 1 Elite Commendation for finishing the flashpoint.

Kell Dragon/Shadowed (level 55)

Rating: Rating 174 with 75 mods (Q33).

Patch 2.2 introduced Nightmare modes for both Terror from Beyond and Scum and Villainy. In addition to Elite and Ultimate Commendations, these operations drop Kell Dragon token gear and Shadowed gear (Kell Dragon stats without set bonus). These gear are 174 rating with 75 mods (Q33) and cannot be purchased with any commendations or crafted.

  • Kell Dragon gear and Q33/75 mods cannot be crafted.
Helm Kephess The Undying TFB (Nightmare)
Chest Dread Master Styrak S&V (Nightmare)
Gloves Operations Chief S&V (Nightmare)
Legs Olok the Shadow S&V (Nightmare)
Boots Operator IX TFB (Nightmare)
Mainhand Cartel Warlords S&V (Nightmare)
Offhand The TFB TFB (Nightmare)
Belt Dash’Roode S&V (Nightmare)
Bracers Withering Horror TFB (Nightmare)
Implants Titan 6 S&V (Nightmare)
Ear Thrasher S&V (Nightmare)
Relics Dread Guards TFB (Nightmare)

Oriconian/Dread Forged

Rating: Rating 180 with 78 mods (Q34)

Oriconian vs Dread Forged

Oriconian gear does not have set bonus and can be obtained as random drops off Tier 2 hardmode operations or purchased with Ultimate Commendations. Dread Forged gear have set bonus and is exclusive to Tier 2 hardmode operations (Dread Fortress and Dread Palace).

Oriconian Gear

Purchased with Ultimate Commendations

Piece Ultimate Commendations
Helm 120
Chest 140
Gloves 100
Legs 120
Boots 100
Belt 80
Bracers 80
Ear 100
Implants x2 100
Offhand 140
Total 1180

Dread Forged Gear

Tier 2 Hardmode operations and Dread Forged Tokens

Tier 2 Hardmode operations requires at least Underworld/Verpine gear to start off. Kell Dragon/Shadowd gear will make things a bit easier. Note that the first boss of each operation and Grob’thok drops one of two possible loot tokens.


Helm Draxus DF (Hardmode)
Chest Brontes DF (Hardmode)
Gloves Grob’thok DF (Hardmode)
Legs Grob’thok
DF (Hardmode)
DP (Hardmode)
Boots Calphayrus DP (Hardmode)
Mainhand Dread Council DP (Hardmode)
Offhand Corruptor Zero DF (Hardmode)
Belt Nefra DF (Hardmode)
Bracers Bestia DP (Hardmode)
Implants Nefra DF (Hardmode)
Ear Bestia DP (Hardmode)
Relics Tyrans DP (Hardmode)

Getting Ultimate Commendations

Ultimate Commendations are only earned as loot drops from hardmode operations bosses, 16m storymode operation bosses, or weeklies. There are also one time reward for completing TFB or S&V the first time that rewards 5 Ultimate Commendations each and one time reward for completing DF or DP the first time that rewards 12 Ultimate Commendations each.

Note that 16m operations drop 2 more Ultimate Commendations per boss compared to 8m on hardmode and 16m storymode also drops 4 Ultimate Commendations per boss.

Weeklies Ultimate Commendations
Galactic Conflicts (3 HM L55 FPs) 12/week
Weekly Classic Operations 12/week
Storymode S&V (loot drops) (16m) 28/week (4 per boss)
Hardmode S&V (loot drops) (8m) 42/week (6 per boss)
Hardmode S&V (loot drops) (16m) 56/week (8 per boss)
Weekly S&V mission 12/week
Group Finder storymode S&V 10/week
Storymode TFB (loot drops)(16m) 20/week (4 per boss)
Hardmode TFB (loot drops) (8m) 30/week (6 per boss)
Hardmode TFB (loot drops) (16m) 40/week (8 per boss)
Weekly TFB mission 12/week
Group Finder storymode TFB 10/week
Hardmode Toborro’s Courtyard 6/week
Weekly Toborro’s Courtyard 6/week
Storymode DF (loot drops) (16m) 20/week (4 per boss)
Hardmode DF (loot drops) (8m) 30/week (6 per boss)
Hardmode DF (loot drops) (16m) 40/week (8 per boss)
Weekly DF mission 16/week
Storymode DP (loot drops) (16m) 20/week (4 per boss)
Hardmode DP (loot drops) (8m) 30/week (6 per boss)
Hardmode DP (loot drops) (16m) 40/week (8 per boss)
Weekly DP mission 16/week

Daily/Weekly Rewards

With so many dallies and weeklies all all offering half a dozen different  commendations it can be a nightmare to keep track of them all.

Dallies Commendations
Ilum/Belsavis/Black Hole
  • 1 Classic Commendation per solo daily
  • 3 Classic Commendations per heroic daily
Section X
  • 1 Classic Commendation per solo daily
  • 3 Classic Commendations per heroic daily
  • 1 Basic Commendation per solo daily
  • 3 Basic Commendations per heroic daily
  • 1 Basic Commendation per solo daily
  • 3 Basic Commendations for [H2] daily
  • 5 Basic Commendations for [H4] daily
  • 1 Basic Commendation per solo daily
  • 4 Basic Commendations for [H2] daily
  • 2 Basic Commendations per solo daily
  • 2 Basic Commendations per solo daily (also 2 for each bonus daily)
  • 5 Basic Commendatiosn for [H2] daily (3 for the bonus daily)
[DAILY] Galactic Conflicts.
  • 10 Classic Commendations
Heroic Space Missions
  • 1 Basic Commendation
  • 2 Elite Commendation
  • For Sunday, double the amount
Group Finder L50 HM FPs
  • 10 Classic Commendation for L50
  • 10 Basic Commendations for L51-55
Group Finder L55 HM FPs
  • 10 Elite Commendations
L55 HM FP bonus boss
  • 2 Elite Commendations
Weeklies Commendations
Priority Targets
  • 6 Planetary Commendation
  • 12 Classic Commendations
  • 6 Basic Commendations
  • 3 Elite Commendations
Black Hole Crisis
  • 15 Classic Commendations
  • 10 Basic Commendations
Section X Crisis
  • 10 Classic Commendations
  • 15 Basic Commendations
Karagga’s palace
  • 20 Classic Commendations
Eternity Vault
  • 20 Classic Commendations
Explosive Conflict
  • 40 Classic Commendations
GSI Valued Partner Initiative
  • 20 Basic Commendations
  • 20 Basic Commendations
  • 12 Elite Commendations
Toborro’s Courtyard
  • 12 Elite Commendations
  • 6 Ultimate Commendations
Classic Operations
  • 12 Elite Commendations
  • 12 Ultimate Commendations
Terror from Beyond
  • 12 Elite Commendations
  • 12 Ultimate Commendations
Galactic Conflicts
  • 20 Elite Commendations
  • 12 Ultimate Commendations
Scum and Villainy
  • 20 Elite Commendations
  • 12 Ultimate Commendations
Group Finder L50 operations (3) for players below L55 only.
  • 25 Classic Commendations per operation if you are 50
  • 20 Basic Commendations per operation if you are 51-54.
Group Finder L55 operations (2)
  • 10 Ultimate Commendations per operation
Dread Fortress
  • 24 Elite Commendations
  • 16 Ultimate Commendations
Dread Palace
  • 24 Elite Commendations
  • 16 Ultimate Commendations

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234 replies on “SWTOR Level 55 endgame gearing guide”

Awesome job!! Just an FYI underneath Ultimate Commendations and Underworld Tokens
there is a typo. It’s says “Ultimaye” commendations.

Do you get anything for SM FP’s at 50?

Can you still queue for these at 55? Just wondering because I still need the HK part in False Emporer and am nearly 55.

First post here. Actually, we have done a few Lvl 50 Story-Flashpoints (Ilum & Lost Island), and those Flashpoints now also drop Black Hole Equipment (and classic coms – 1 per boss). I’m not 100% sure about the daily quest for those FPs, but I think you’ll get classic coms.


1) I will have to look up where the crafted gear ranks in this.I also need to make a nice table that says what rating all these various words are. I.e, my brain thinks of 144, 156… as opposed to BH, FG, etc.

2) And then what order should I spend my basic comms for a very low end PvEer? My guess in any MMO is weapon, then tier pieces, then rest?

Thanks again!

Given that it takes two weeks of rep grind to get the mainhand, I’ve found a lot of people are more willing to just buy a fully (66) saber off the GTN when I put them up for sale. I imagine the same holds true for the armstech crafters.

It’s worth noting that Cybertech/Artifice/Armstech can learn item modification recipes from their trainers that, with a bit of reverse engineering, allows them to build rating 156 (Level 66) item mods.

“There is currently a weekly cap for Classic Commendations that will be soon removed.” That’s great, I hate this limit… weekly cap reached in 2 days. Was any info from developers posted? I haven’t seen anything…

Hey Dulfy!
FYI. The first pargraph in your “L55 SM Ops and Arkanian tokens” section seems to be a copy/paste error from the previous section about HM FPs…

Awesome, awesome work btw!!

Bonus bosses in the level 55 HM FPs can also drop Black Market gear. Got a Black Market MK-2 Targeter’s Chest last night in Hammer Station. This gear indicated that there was a set bonus for it, though.

Thanks for the info.
Yesterday I got 100/50 planetary comms and Makeb drops them all over, but… what do to with them if you don’t need rakata-level mods? Any shiny toys/speeders/anything to spend them on?

Or you open them up and when you don’t like what it contains, you just close the loot window (without taking out the loot). The box will be bind on you and you can sell the box back to the vendor vor 22k’ish Credits per box. Nice way to get some extra money 🙂 HF

Hey Dulfy: I may have missed it, but if not, doing S&V Story Mode as a 16-man group drops, if I recall correctly, 6 Elite and 4 Ultimate per boss main boss (I don’t remember what loot boss drops).

Case in point, 16-man gives dramatically better results than 8-man.

Right, but the Ultimate comms from GF give you 10 per week. TFB has 5 bosses that give 4 each. So it’s still double. Additionally, you’d still get 10 more elite comms.

Also, on HM, you get 8 ultimates and 10 elites per boss on 16M, but Operator IX is rough, and TFB doesn’t handle 16 people well (lot of people couldn’t see the adds or even the birthing).

Yop Dulfy,

as of now, Tier 61/63 and Tier 69/72 set bonus don’t stack in the sense of 2p+2p = 4p, but they do coexist, at least on Mystic gear, in the form of 2p+ 2p = 2p*2. As much as I like the idea of 6s cd Innervate, do you think it will get fixed or is it an intended feature?

Kinda the same question on power-proccing relics stacking their effects if of different Tiers (partisan + conqueror for instance). Working as Intended of B0rked as Expected?

Keep up the good job, cheers


I can verify this, Noim. My assassin was using 2 pieces of Arkanian and 2 of.. It was Tio or Rakata, and I was getting a 10% bonus to my shield, not the 5% of a single set – so in that respect, they most definitely do stack.

Am I alone in thinking that the optimization of the “Basic” Vanguard BH/Trooper armour is pretty awful for a tank? I seem to be giving up a LOT of Shield and Absorption for Accuracy and Alacrity. I realize Alacrity is a better stat now than it was, but it’s still not better than taking less damage. Are the better tiers of armour the same way? Are there any options for obtaining better mods without doing Operations?

You poor thing! I can’t imagine the amount of work you put into this. Do you ever sleep? Thanks for all that you do for the community! 🙂

Dulfy, your guides continue to impress! You’re the only place I come to now for info on the game. Keep up the great work! It was crazy reading through all that, I can only imagine what your notes must look like… o.O

Dulfy, I just wanted to say thank you for the unbelievable amount of work you do for the SWTOR (and other MMO) community. I play on Harbinger, and have messaged you in game, and you were kind and answered my questions, so unselfish. I not only use, but recommend your site to everyone I know who plays the game. Cheers!

Thanks for the info (also other articles). I feel I read far too much, and praise far too little here.. Awesome resource for SWTOR info, keep up the excellent work! 🙂

Just to let you know dulfy I did yesterday a S&V SM 16man without group finder, each boss dropped 4 ultimate commendation, we worth than 10 from GF (you can even do the whole ops in 16man and the last boss via GF)

You guys may want to consider crafting items, since they have a rating of 156. A cybertech and artifice would give a lot of rating without doing a ton of repetitious dailies.


Do you know of a list of recommended “prefixes” for implants,augments. enhancements, etc?

Eventually for my characters but initially for crafting. E.g. I am used to going to web sites like EJ & AMR, seeing what the recommended gems and enchants are for each class and thinking those are reasonable things to start with for crafting, especially for the more popular classes/roles.

E.g., my guess from reading DD sorc is avoid prefixes with crit (and ofc command). Is it just there are not many SWTOR theorcrafting sites any more? or the stat ratios still being calculated?

Any insight or guidance you could provide would be appreciated!

Dulfy, thanks so much for all your hard work on this site.
Now a question for ya. I just made L55 on my Sorc and did it all in Tionese with Makeb mods. It was pretty easy. I have NOT done the Macrobinocular or GSI quests yet. So the question I have is what should I spend my comms on? Or better yet which gear should I be aiming for? Just to let you know I don’t PvP or do any kind of OPS/world bosses. So gear for PvE is what I am looking at.

Yeah, HM FP’s are about the hardest content I run. I am just a little confused by all the changes to the gear. I see your guide about the comms and I am not sure which ones to concentrate on first. Classic or Basic. Maybe you could suggest a progression of gear to replace my Tionese. Like:
1……then get
type of thing.

If you run HM Fps then you can get alot of Black Market stuff and then use your elite and basic comms to purchase whatever you don’t get from the drops. Classic Comms isn’t really for 55s since you can get much better gear at 55.

Thanks Dulfy, thats kinda what I was looking for. As always, your a great source of information. Much appreciated!

Okay, I’m totally confused now. Basic Commendation armor sets for Consular are “Pristine Artifact” Battlemind, Exemplar, and Seeker. How do these relate to Force Mystic, Force Master, Survivor and Stalker? I have enough Basic Commendations to purchase some gear, but don’t want to make a mistake and lose the benefit of the set bonus. I’m currently playing a Sage Seer.

I’m not sure of this has been posted but Hammer Station boss I got black market gloves for Juggernaut tank and today during Mandalorian Raiders we got a force-healers chest piece.

Hi, what is the best available tier mods you can get going solo ? I remember you could buy tier 61 / 63 off the gtn , can you do the same for the new tier mods ?

Dulfy, what do you know about the iLVL75 Kell Dragon and Shadowed set? Are you going to do a guide or something about it soon?

Does anyone know where the Unassembled Arkanian Earpiece drops? Apparently my power / surge combo for Willpower only exists in Arkanian / Underworld. :-

There’s an error in GSI dailies for Basic comms. The ammount of comms you can get on Alderaan and Hoth is counted twice because of the subtotals. You can only get 16 basic commendations from those dailies, as opposed to 32.

I just want to say thank you for your wonderful guides on this site. I am relatively new to mmos and swtor is the first one I ever stuck around in long enough to get to endgame. Your guides have been a giant help to me through my journey and are continuing to help me now that I am in such unfamiliar territory. So thank you!

What secondary stats need to be focused on for different builds? Every bleeping search seems to bring me to this effing page which doesn’t do jack squat for answering a simple question. Where do I need to go to find this information please?

Hey Dulfy,
Just to start with, you have an AWESOME site! its my go-to place for information and i think people are sick of me recommending it to them 😛
Now to business, under the “Basic Commendations” section, you have up the top of it that the weekly cap is 500 and storage cap is 1000, yet in the “4) Summary” section, the last dot point a reminder that the weekly cap is 300 and storage cap is 600. I think you forgot to update the dot points 😛

Dulhy, good work!
Ton of necessary information for casual players dropping into game from time to time, and a reminder for all. You are right: it is impossible to keep track of it all just by memory.
Thanks for keeping up the info for us!

So you are forced to group up to progress after level 55. As a solo player you might as well
quit after getting your 718 armour and 651 damage lightsabre from basic comms as to get the elite drops you have to do level 55 hard flashpoints which require a group.
I’m not whining (well maybe a bit) but it would be good if solo players could grind it out to be able to get elite comms and eventually ultimate gear without having to group even though it would take longer.
Maybe there is a way, I guess you can get pretty good stuff on the GTN for 15,000,000 credits 🙂

Yes, they force you to group up to do the group content. And the hardest content is always going to be for groups and at the end of the game. ThAt’s life.

I was excited as a solo player to learn I could get black hole tokens from the black hole weekly. I was suspicious of course and went to do the big mission and sure enough….Heroic 4.
I really hate how they force players into group play at end game, their should be a heroic 2 option with half the tokens but still doable.

a good Operative/Scoundrel or Assassin/Shadow can solo the H4 with a companion… But here is my question for you. Why would you need raiding gear if you only play solo? If you want to continue to Makeb you can simply buy planetary comm gear and easily continue the story.

I was excited as a solo player to learn I could get black hole tokens
from the black hole weekly. I was suspicious of course and went to do
the big mission and sure enough….Heroic 4.
I really hate how they
force players into group play at end game, their should be a heroic 2
option with half the tokens but still doable.

As always TYVM for great info!

Questions: Why do you suggest ripping out mods and enhancements from BM gear? Also, do set bonuses bind to the pieces or the armoring? IIRC, it bound to the armoring at 50.

Because Black Market gear have no set bonus so if you have some armoring with set bonus, it is better to keep it and then just use the mods/enhancements from Black market gear. Bonuses are bound to the armoring

Ahh, right! This does, however, beg the question: What’s better, the armoring stat increase at 55 vs 50 or the 50 set bonuses? I’ll have to look into that.

So I’m confused… Do I do Oricon missions after Makeb. I currently have Black hole headgear, chest piece, armguards, and hazmat boots i think. My gear rating ranges from 126, one or two pieces, to 146ish. I have two campaign relics and lvl 50 earpieces/ implants. I’m I good to do Oricon which will help me get the arkanian gear? Im asking this because i was told to do section x and black hole first, then hm fps, then ops, and then oricon lol. I want to make sure where Im going. I did Czerka Coorporate HM FP and jt was tough. So im kind of stuck on how to get gear since FPS and OPs give a good amount of comms. Im sorry that i wrote a novel but if some one could clarify what i should do i would appreciat it. Remember I only did HM FP Battle of Ilum, False Emperor, Czerka Meltdown, EV HM. These were completed runs but i didnt have much luck in looting. Thanks in advance and yeah i understand Im stupid because Dulfy has everything explained above, i just dont get it. Thank you in advance!

Ok by reading more i begin to understand a little bit more about gearing.
My guess is that the gear goes as follows:
Black hole – HM 50 FP
Hazmat – Classic OPs
Artifact – Oricon story line which are missions and not FP or Ops
BM- HM lvl 55 FPs
Arkanian- SM 55 OPS
Let me know if this is how I obtain the gear. And what would be the next step right after I get Arkanian until the very best gear, cause there is NM ops and I dont know where those fit in. Thanks again!

Go directly to Oricon, get a full set of artifact gear. Do dallies etc to get basic comms to get some arkanian/black market stuff. Then do some flashpoints/ops (level 55) to get elite comms which give you verpine/underworld stuff.

Hey Dulfy! Do u think is better to use rating 180 armorings (whitout bonus) or 162 (arkanian) armoring for a sage healer…. I tested both myself and i didn’t see any difference.. Thank you!

Dulfy thank you sooo much.. just came back like a month ago and i’m @ lvl 54. This guide is so helpful; I was already starting to wonder where do i go and what do I do. You’ve set me on the clear path and i can see the light thru the trees. I will strongly recommend your site to everyone who asks for help. Your site has helped me greatly improve my dps and now helped me onto the next stage. Well, im off to finish Makeb so i can start getting my artifact gear from Oricon. Once again ty for all the help and info.

Question regarding weekly’s and comms: I am at my ultimate comm cap of 150 prior to accepting the reward for completing the weekly DP quest. If I wait until Tuesday of next week to accept the reward will I still get the comms?

Awesome info
Question what is better oriconian or dread forged?
because i could not get into hm dp or df till i got oroconian and during the ops there are so many ninjas what should i do?

hello thanks for the guide. I have many 55 toons and have enjoyed the story mode. I have bought random high end gear for my toons on gtn. what do you recommend for people who just do not like to group as a means to get better gear?

It depends on how much better gear. You can get basics easily solo. Elite are a bit harder – I’d recommend Makeb weekly, and maybe the Oricon weekly if you can solo the heroic. The CZ weekly will require you to do the two tactical flashpoints. If you want ultimate level gear, you’ll have to either group or buy from GTN/crafter. No other way around that.

The Makeb comm stuff seems good enough to run any of the solo content. The PVP gear is best for world PVP. Do the solo daily stuff for credits, then PVP if you want to for the gear.

Otherwise, the gear is unnecessary because you’ll never need it for anything outside of groups, so if you don’t group it won’t matter.

The game has some PVP issues though, so unless you enjoy it, it might not be worth going for. End game MMOs are always just gear grinds in groups.

Just wanted to express how grateful I am for this guide. It looks like you spent a lot of time and effort creating it. There are very few resources for SWTOR online and this information is valuable, especially to new level 55 players like myself.

I ran Dir7 and BoI/FE this Week in Normal Mode and noticed that all Bosses besides the first dropped Black Hole items and Classic Comms. Our group was Lvl 55 if that matters.

Probably around December-ish, when we are expecting 3.0 to drop. While BW hasn’t stated anything specific, the general expectation is a new level cap of 60, another Makeb-ish planet, some kind of endgame content, and a new tier of gear to go with all that.

Of course, that’s speculation, and will happen Soon(TM).

Love this guide! Awesome information! I’ve heard about 186 gear. Can you add it to this guide or is it somewhere else?

You should add the credit rewards as well, it would be nice to know how much money you can get in a given daily area

Just noticed that the Basic gear vendor sells Mark 1 stuff and the FP Drop Mark 2 stuff
(got mark 2 shot gun and bracers from Czerka Corperate labs)

Dulfy, I have a relic question… I have a matrix cube on my scoundrel healer that gives me 112 cunning but it has a rating of 124. Someone told me I need to replace it because of the low rating, but I’ll be losing alot of cunning. What do I do?

Either Arkanian rating relics as Dulfy said or you might as well PVP a bit to get about 1400 warzone comms and get your Obroan Serendipitous Assault (+625 ish Power 30% chace) and Obroan Focused Retribution (+625 ish Primary Attribute 30% chance) both costs 700 warzone comms and you will only swap them when you get Dread Forged or Dread Master relics.

This guide is complicated or not very clear, can anyone explain in 1-2 paragraphs what a newly level 55 who just finished Makeb should do to gear up for the next expansion please? If you can skip tiers just say so dont need to do the whole progression, just enough for a casual player to be somewhat ready for the next expansion.

Thank you

The long way:

Once you finish Makeb you should be decently geared. Find the Oricon mission courier on fleet and complete the Oricon storyline. This should provide you with 5 pieces of rating 156 gear. The rest of your gear (implants, earpieces, relics, weapon + offhand, and bracers + belt) will need to be purchased with basic comms. Basic comms are earned in various ways (refer to above). I think the best way to earn basic comms are by completing daily missions on Oricon and The Black Hole.

Once you’re pretty much fully geared with rating 162 gear (purchased with basic comms), start earning elite comms (see list above on how to earn them). Level 55 hard mode flashpoints are probably the best way to earn them, just make sure you’re in rating 162 (basic) gear to complete the hard mode flashpoints. Once you’re close to or fully in rating 168 gear (purchased with elite comms), you can easily do storymode operations and maybe even hard mode operations if your gear is augmented, although I don’t suggest getting your elite gear augmented since augments are quite expensive and it isn’t necessary to augment your elite gear.

Lastly, once you’re pretty much geared with rating 168 (elite) gear, start earning ultimate comms in various ways (see list above). Augment your rating 180 (ultimate) gear for effectiveness in operations. Once you’re fully geared, you can do hard mode operations and if your gear is also augmented and you are a good player that knows your class well, you can do nightmare mode operations with a good guild.

Extra tip:

Even though you may reach that point where you’re in rating 180 (ultimate) gear, you should still keep doing dailies especially in Oricon and The Black Hole. They are a great source for credits. See this guide written by Dulfy that shows the best dailies to do and the amount of credits you earn:

The short way:
In a recent patch released when you do 8-person story mode operations through group finder, you and your group are bolstered (all of your stats are raised). This eliminates the need for gearing. In addition, you earn ultimate comms on completion of these operations. So you can technically skip everything I said above and just gear up through group-finder operations, though make sure you know the boss fights well.

Good luck!

Is there a timeframe? I love this guide, and would like to have the hows/wheres for earning coms laid out in this way again. What can I say, I’m spoiled now. Give a stray cat a bowl of milk and it’ll bug you for all eternity. 😛

Thanks for all you do on this site, Dulfy.

Agreed. Would like an updated guide for 55-60 if at all possible. Also I hear various things about lvl 60 FP/OP’s that you need specific gear or everyone screams and kicks from party. If you can touch on what gear is minimally required as well as recommended to start lvl 60 FP’s/Op’s that would be equally as nice. I would assume based on this data that 168-180’s would be Ideal to start lvl 60 endgame, without everyone throwing a hissy fit?

Here’s what I’m doing with 12x xp in effect: I was around lvl 52 when I finished my story, I did Makeb quests until I hit 55, then started Shadow of Revan.. you’re given a jesus robot companion that make the solo flashpoints a breeze and reward high-end gear. From there I can get Yavin gear or do HM flashpoints.

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