SWTOR Dreadseed and Star Forager armor locations guide

A guide on obtaining the SWTOR Dreadseed and Star Forager armor sets with locations and maps of their Seeker Droid dig sites.

 General Information


Before you can acquire these two armor sets, you will need to complete [Heroic 4] The Alchemy of Evil/Uprooting the Last Seed, the last mission of the Seeker Droid questline. (If you have no clue what the Seeker Droid missions are all about, please consult this guide). During this heroic mission, you get to choose between taking the Dreadseed chest or the Star Forager chest.

As of patch 2.2.1 (June 25) , the choice you picked during this mission no longer matters as you can now dig up pieces of both Dreadseed and Star Forager sets in the same location.  

Digging Spots

Each planet have a minimum of 3 dig spots. These dig spots can be depleted if you or someone else find the rare item in that dig spot (Dreadseed/Star Forager armor sets do not count as rare items). Once a dig spot is depleted, you can no longer use your Seeker Droid on that location and will need to either wait for it to respawn (can take a few hours) or move to another location. Dig spots are marked with a  treasure box icon in the air if you scan over them with your Macrobinoculars.


All of the digging spots in a planet will have a chance to yield the specific armor piece that planet contains. Each planet will contain two different armor pieces of the set.

  • Alderaan: Chest and Bracers
  • Tatooine: Gloves and Helmet
  • Hoth: Belt and Boots
  • Makeb: Belt and Legs.

Digging Tips

  • Be prepared to spend many many hours digging for these pieces. This is not something you can dig up in 5 minutes (unless you get lucky).
  • In addition to the armor pieces, you can find components for the GSI speeders, companion gifts, and reputation items so it is not a total waste of time.
  • If you are looking for a digging site that can be depleted and it isn’t there, switch to another instance of the planet or use the other digging sites.

Dreadseed vs Star Forager

The difference between the two armor sets lies in their appearance, which is identical for both factions. You can see images of set below  (top set is Dreadseed, bottom set is Star Forager). Images of the complete set will be uploaded later.

The entire armor set is adaptive and bound to legacy.

Dreadseed set (Full 7 piece set)


Star Forager set (Missing bracers on male set) – Thanks Craig Edwards



Alderaan – Chest/Bracers

Location #1 – Juran Mountains near Wardpost Landa  – This area will deplete once you or anyone else find the rare item in this area.


Location #2 – Lerantha Dam – Kaamos Territory (Imperial territory) – This area will deplete once you or anyone else find the rare item in this area.


Location #3 – House Trader’s Circle – King’s Pass (Republic territory) – This area will deplete once you or anyone else  find the rare item in this area.


Tatooine – Gloves/Helmet

Location #1 – Outlaw’s Den – Jundland – This area will deplete once you or anyone else find the rare item in this area.


Location #2 – Transport Ship Wreck – Jundland – This area will deplete once you or anyone else find the rare item in this area.


Location #3 – Wreck of the Stardream – The Dune Sea – This area will deplete once you or anyone else find the rare item in this area.


Hoth- Belt/Boots

Location #1 – Volcanic area behind Snowblind – Glacial Fissure – This area will deplete once you or anyone else find the rare item in this area.


Location #2 – To the right of Outpost Senth (Republic Outpost) in NW corner of Glacial Fissure.This area will deplete once you or anyone else find the rare item in this area.


Location #3 – Highmount Ridge – This area will deplete once you or anyone else find the rare item in this area.


Makeb – Belt/Legs

Location #1 – Cartel Mining Mesa – This area will deplete once you or anyone else find the rare item in this area.


Location #2 – Telemur Mesa – This area will deplete once you or anyone else find the rare item in this area.


Location #3 – Hutt Strongholds – This area will deplete once you or anyone else find the rare item in this area.



Information from the following players were used in compiling this guide.

  • Jinxblog on SWTOR forums
  • Jadrian on SWTOR forums
  • Misato Tachibana on dulfy.net
  • Misato Tachibana

    Great job Dulfy! You are the best 😀

    • Thanks for all the info, couldn’t have done it without it 😀

      • Misato Tachibana

        My pleasure Dulfy! I’m gathering information for the GSI Speeders. I’ll post any solid info I can get here. Hope it helps~

        • Awesome, so far I got Explorer Chassis and Exploiter Turbine Jet Engine from the dig sites in Alderaan but havn’t had any luck in Tatooine. I know the PMP Music Transceiver is a drop from Golden Fury.

          • Misato Tachibana

            Interesting, I was digging around Alderaan (Wardpost Landa), and I just received another ‘Explorer Steering Mechanism’. Otherwise is a single part of the PMP speeder on Alderaan as well. 2 guild mates confirmed that it drops at Landa. (I can’t remember the name of that part. Will find it out asap)

            • Vaer

              Are the speeder parts tradeable?

              • Most of them are yes

              • Misato Tachibana

                The PMP-06 Pleasure Speeder part found on Alderaan is ‘Pleasure Speeder Turbine Jet Engine”.

        • Midgen

          My seeker droid encountered three different random areas while adventuring on Makeb. I kept searching until I found an Artifact (Purple) quality item. The first one was a crate that contained 5 Basic Comms. The second was a “Exploiter Turbine Jet Engine”, and the third was another crate with purple grade 9 crafting mats (3x Peracrete, 2x Vial of Stabilized Isotope-5). One the purple item was discovered the seeker droid de-activated and would no longer search.

          • This means that the speeder parts are totally random as I got my Exploiter Turbine Jet Engine from Alderaan

            • Misato Tachibana

              I may be completely wrong here, and I don’t have enough information to build this on. But maybe the Explorer and Exploiter speeder parts are all random except for the PMP Pleasure speeder? I’m asking everyone who comes across alderaan. So far 3 people in our guild found the jet engine in the same place on Alderaan. Still seeing if I can find anymore.

  • Chrix

    So, the Parts for the Mounts are found on those locations? Ive only seems to get 1 epic Explorer part, after many hours of seeking. Do you know how to obtain the blue level og parts?

    • Not sure about the blue level parts but I got 2 different speeder components in alderaan in the same dig sites and I know people who got speeder parts in Tatooine in the same dig sites.

      • Chrix

        The parts are not BOE and ive gotten 3 of the same on Makeb.

        • yellow-power ftw

          thats is what i hate the most in most MMOs = BOP

      • VicVader

        Just adding in to this, I also got a speeder part on Hoth and someone in gchat also found a different speeder part at a different location.

      • Mortúùs

        I have found all speeder parts available except for the Subspace Music Transceiver. Everything but repulsorlifts for the Explorer and Exploiter speeders can be found in all areas, and these are not “Special Treasure”. The only Pleasure speeder parts that can be found are the Transceiver and the Engine, and the engine is Special Treasure.

        • If you are just missing Subspace Music Transceiver for the pleasure speeder then just do golden fury on storymode or hardmode to get your speeder:)

          • Mortúùs

            Yeah, actually just got done with it a moment before this post, didn’t get the part though :/. And about the repulsors, there’s a thread, here: http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=627529 that says no one has reported finding any of the other pleasure speeder parts or repulsors yet.

        • Millis

          Any confirmation on where the repulsorlifts can be found?

  • Aldalok

    Hey and thanks again dulfy (and misato) there’s a few here I’d have trouble finding on my own 🙂 I was wondering though do you know if the rare items are pre placed in the area or is it a random roll everytime you use your seeker droid? Also I’m assuming every time you dig up a stone chest special it’s another roll to see what you get?

    • I like to think they are pre-placed but I have no idea really heh.

      • Misato Tachibana

        Dulfy you may be on to something actually. I’m trying to run some experiments with a guild member (Megan). She has a different way of scanning with her Seeker droid then I do. Her way is calling down the seeker droid, and in the circle the droid creates, she would stand in the middle of it and wait until she was pointed into a different direction. Then she would scan and move again.

        The opposite of what I did (which is just standing still :l ) We did our first experiment which was 30 minutes to see how many ‘Interesting Items’ we could find by using our own techniques. In that 30 minute period, she found 5 interesting items (including the ‘Special treasure’ of the area), and I found 3.

        Maybe the items could be preplaced? I agree with Megan’s theory that her technique (The Megan-Method lol) allows her greater accuracy in finding the buried loot. I’ll run more experiments to see how this works more.

        • Your friend does the same thing as I do 🙂

          • Misato Tachibana

            I like that way so much better then mine XD

            • Ya I find it does tracing a bit better but does have a habit to make you walk in circles heh.

              • Misato Tachibana

                True, but I seem to find a lot more interesting items…granted most of them are 53 greens 🙁

        • VicVader

          I stand in the middle after the scan initiates. I find it easier to track.

    • Misato Tachibana

      I’ve been trying different tactics with the seeker droid, moving around, scanning the same spot, standing still. My hypothesis is that the seeker droid has a 1-20m range, in that range if you happen to get a green arc pointing you in a direction, you have a ‘chance’ to find a rare item. You can scan the same spot multiple times. When the green arc displays and area infront of you, or pointing you in a direction, try to imagine it as a giant cone, your seeker droid has a 5m scanning range. Just try your best to scan everywhere in that cone. (The seeker droids 1-20m range might be up to 30m? I’m not to sure.) I’m pretty sure it’s random >.<

      Stone Chests I would like to consider as special. Whenever you get "Your seeker droid found something interesting" I find I get more rare items in the shape of a stone chest. I've gotten a box of 5 Basic commendations, to speeder parts, to level 53 greens.

  • Emidas

    Do you have screenshots of the gear itself? Is it adaptive, bind on legacy, bind on equip, etc.?

    • Dragalar

      It’s adaptive BoL, someone posted one in gen chat

    • Misato Tachibana

      Sorry if this picture is small. But this is what the full set of Dread Seeded gear looks like.

  • Balefire

    Got the belt on Makeb yesterday.

  • Aldalok

    Just found the special item on Alderaan while looking for explorer parts. It was 4x Mass Manipulation Generators and 1x Vial of Stabilized Isotope-5. 🙂

  • Arone

    Can Republic players wear/find Dreadseed? I already have the Star Forager chest piece from the quest line but I’d much rather wear the Dreadseed… hate to go digging for it only to find I can’t wear it or find it. Anyone know?

    • If you read the beginning parts of the guide, especially the part I specifically bolded, you will know that once you pick the Star Forager chest, you will only get star forager pieces. Need to do this entire quest on a different char and pick the dark side to get dreadeed

  • Dulfy, you are the best!!!

  • Misato Tachibana

    Just a warning, a guild member just informed us. Be careful to not have a full inventory while digging. If your seeker droid comes across an ‘interesting’ item, it will not be mailed to your inventory if your inventory is full. It may apply to Dread Seed/Star Forager armor as well as speeder parts. Clean your inventories often!

    Also, besides the 2 triangulation devices that can be purchased from GSI vendors. A consumable item called ‘Minor Seeker Droid Deployment boost’ can be found by digging it up using the seeker droid. (Use: Reduces the deployment time for your Seeker Droid by 100% for 1 hour. (Cooldown: 1 hour).

    • This is one of the times where I wish i had a faster cooldown on repair droid so I can sell all the junk faster 😛

      • Misato Tachibana

        Get the legacy perk for your companions to sell junk in 5 seconds 😀 It’s the best!

    • Exnuke

      There is also a 3 hour Droid Deployment boost as well

  • revi

    I am still not sure how the green circle after the scan around your character works. Could you make a video on how to use the seeker droid effectively?

    • Misato Tachibana

      When you get a yellow circle around you. It’s scanning the area from where your character is standing. If a green portion of the circle lights up (say to the left of you). Anything in the area that green portion is pointing to has treasure there. For myself, I just stand still and use the droids 1-20m range if I get a green portion pointing outward. Just use your droid in the area it points to. If you get a red circle, try moving at least 10-20m away from the spot you were standing in when the circle shows up. If you use a Triangulation boost, it reduces the size of the green portion of the circle, allowing you to get treasure more frequently. If you continue finding nothing if standing still, you can move to the area the green portion is pointing too and keep scanning. I’m still not to sure how it works.

      • revi

        ty I will try that out and see how it goes.

  • serious

    die anyone find a repulsorlift yet? got all exploerr parts except the repulsorlift

    • Aldalok

      same i cant find it either

      • Eszi

        Same here, got 2x chasis, 4x steering mechanism and 5x jet engine but no repulsorlift

    • yshef

      PVP area on tat

  • JokerOne

    When is the reset of the “Deplete” on found? Next day, next week, hours, or instance?

    • Hours I think. Maybe 1-4 hrs.

  • Millis

    Two questions: First, do you need to complete the seeker heroic quest to dig up speeder parts? Tried for a few hours and only got enhancements. Second, do specific planets seem to drop particular speeder parts the way the armor is said to drop or are all parts random on each planet?

    • Misato Tachibana

      You don’t need to do the heroic to get the speeder parts. And I got 3 parts of the Explorer Speeder parts from Alderaan. I believe that the PMP speeder parts are on specific planets though. I’m unsure of that.

      • VicVader

        I received one part of the PMP speeder on Hoth, just an FYI. Someone found another part of that speeder on Hoth but in a different location.

        • Misato Tachibana

          What part was it if you don’t mind me asking?

          • VicVader

            I’ll double check later, but I’m 90% positive it was the PMP Engine. I know for a fact it’s a Pleasure Speeder part, just not sure which one.

            Also, a guildie got the Exploiter Chassis in Outlaws Den. So I’m not sure if certain planets give certain speeder parts or not.

            • Misato Tachibana

              I just got the exploter chassis from hoth, and I also got the PMP engine as well from the other area on hoth. Awesome 😮

            • Joe

              I did find the chassis on tat too, i Think there’s a system.

  • Pig

    Thanks heaps dulfy!
    I had do idea there was a full set of dread seeded gear!
    Lol might be the first on my server to have them…(i’m on one of the gav daragon server, it’s very small)

    • Ultrascout

      Lol I was the first on my server to have full Dreaded, as well as the title 😀 Harbinger @Ultrascout

  • Roberto fisicalla.

    Hey tanks Dulfy, why cant i share the h4 with ohter players. I want to finish this mission, every time i try the share with other players it want. Sorry for the grammer, i’m from Italy.

    • Typeslice

      You can’t share a quest if the people you are trying to share it with are not at the same point in the quest chain.

  • Just finished digging up the Star Forager set (minus bracers, since they’d be hidden anyway). Here’s some pics, feel free to use them if you want.

    • thank you 🙂

      • You put (missing all but bracers) btw, instead of only missing bracers. You’re welcome!

        • Misato Tachibana

          Whoa that’s awesome! Love the head piece! Gratz on getting the full set!

  • Okema

    in what area did people find the boots on Hoth?

    • Any of the locations in Hoth will work, is randomized

  • Brian

    awesome guide like always

    but how do you know if the place has been depleted or not? and how much time does it take to spawn another?

    • If you can’t dig, it is depleted. Takes about 1 hr or more to respawn I think

  • Terec

    Has anyone gotten a repulsorlift part for ANY of the speeders at all yet?

  • Elycia

    Tip: Location #2 has a Champion in it, sometimes the scanner says something is near there. You can actually run up the iceshelf thats above him and scan there 🙂

    • Elycia

      Location #2 on Hoth*
      Other locations have multiple levels as well with ridges, ships etc

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  • Aldalok

    Hey again dulfy 🙂 Just wanted to ask if you think there is a relation between seeker droid rewards are GSI reputation? Just that no one can seem to find any repulsorlifts and 3 other PMP parts and the only thing everyone has in common is that we’re all maxed at hero rep. Just a thought as I’m getting frustrated with this search lol

  • Guest

    man this crap is hard to come by i have been digging for 3 days around 3hrs each. switching ints and planets lol. if the rest of you are having any luck im jealous

  • Guest

    the dreaseed is hard to come by been digging for 3 or 4 days for about 3hrs at a time switching planets and ints and still only have the chset which you get at the end of the heroic. if you all are having better luck im jealous

  • Raziel07

    Thanks for the guide dulfy! Finally got my whole set done, any idea if there will be a speeder guide coming soon, because I know some people have said there are parts yet to be discovered and all this digging is starting to get to me haha

  • Elycia

    It seems the respawn time on Tatooine is maximum 2h

  • Aldalok
  • Archexecutor

    I’d recommend against farming the Tatooine pieces. Currently there are literally DOZENS of people farming the only three locations there- constantly on CD. And that is even in the vampire hours, when there’s a single instance. During primetime, even with 3-4 instances of Tatooine up, one can’t find more than one-two places which aren’t depleted. And, naturally, you have to compete with at least 4-5 other people per spot in primetime. Worst part- the depletion of the zones and the aimless digging. I can understand BioWare want to create bigger and bigger timesinks, but I’d be happier buying the blasted thing for cash than stalking when the zone is available, just to farm for hours on end 🙁

    • So you rather want to be able to buy everything from the cartell market and don’t work or do anything for it and just sit there staring at your nice armor all day?

      I rather earn my stuff and work for it than making it dependant on the money i have RL wether i get the good armor or not.

  • REG

    Ms. Dulfy you posted that you can receive a chest piece on Alderran. Does that mean I can have 2 chest pieces?

    • I have 5-6 from digging

      • REG

        Thank you!

  • Went ahead and dug up the bracers, here are some shots of a lady with the whole set!

    • thank you 🙂

    • Bowlergirl

      That looks like my toon on harbinger. lol. skin color and all.

  • Cooper311

    After searching for hours, I finally found the dreadseed helmet on tatooine at around 3:00 in the morning… Just wanted to say thanks for the awesome guide. You rule Dulfy.

  • Rhias

    Couple questions regarding the seeker droid. What is the direction of the green arrow refererring from, the location you are standing when you deployed the droid, the location you are standing where the arrow appears, or from the droid itself. Also, when it does show a green arrow, is that always pointing you towards an interesting item, or any item whether is is junk or not.

    • Daniele

      The location when you stay when arrow appears; mostly junk.

    • Green arrow refers to the location relative to the location you are standing when the arrow appears.

  • Randor

    So, I’ve searched on Alderaan for close to 6 hours now, and have only dug up a 2nd chest piece. Am I doing something wrong here? I normally random scan the area for a green dig site, then once I find an area that digs up something AND shows a direction a the green circle, I’ll dig that area until it’s exhausted, i.e. ending in a red text event (burrowed creature, treasure chest, or armor). If I get a directional green circle, I’ll normally take a few steps in that direction before dropping the droid again.

    Is this the correct method, or am I doing something horribly wrong?

    • That is the correct method. Alderaan sucks, I spent close to 10 hrs there to get my bracers. Finally got my bracers after like 5-6 chest pieces

      • The oddest part is, the RNG really is a fickle little bastard. I just went to Alderaan for the first time and I got my bracers in less than an hour.

    • VicVader

      I’ve been on Alderaan for some time now. I gave up and went to Hoth to find my boots. But on Alderaan, I’ve found the main treasure about 6 times now. Twice was the chest piece and all the rest have been enhancements. I’ve read other people say (like dulfy) that Alderaan just blows big fat floppy donkey dick. Just gotta keep on keeping on.

      • Randor

        I left Alderaan ages ago, with hopes of pulling up a piece of armor on another planet. After 25 hours of searching across Tat, Hoth and Makeb, pulling up close to 50 treasure chests, I have gain ZERO pieces of armor. Absolutely ridiculous.

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  • ArinDarcast

    I guess this was fixed for Hoth and Alderaan with the latest Patch (2.0.1): This area contain multiple rare items and does not deplete easily.

    • They made them deplete with just 1 special treasure now?

      • ArinDarcast

        I did not try it myself but the patchnotes say: “Dig sites on Hoth and Alderaan will now properly update after players have found the rare treasure.”

      • Tim

        I tried Alderaan #1 while looking for bracers. And I was able to deplete this are with finding a single special treasure while no one else was there, and i did it twice – on two instances. It makes me think that this whole multiple treasures thing was a bug.

  • Tyler Stewart

    More pointy shoulder plates on the Dreadseed armor! Although these are better than some of the extermely pointy shoulder pieces at endgame

  • Dàwn

    I personally think that some of the pecies aren’t randomized for example I found 3 belts on makeb location #1, In makeb location #2 I found 2 purple boxes, The only place I could find the legs were makeb location 3. Another player I was searching beside only found her leg peice on location #3 makeb.
    Who knows I might be wrong.
    (Thank you very much for all the guides Dulfy)

  • Bowlergirl

    Did they fix it where the 2 areas on Hoth and Alderaan? I noticed today that my seeker droid didn’t detect anything in the so called non depleting areas.

  • TheHastyTadpole

    I wonder if these armor sets will be dyable, or if these are considered “iconic” and wont be. I personally would LOVE the star forager set a lot more if I could tweak the colors. Really like the design though.

  • Guest

    Just dug up a pair of Dreadseed Boots at the Hutt Stronghold. There is a chance it doesn’t matter what planet you are on.

  • Valanthe

    Finally finished my set today on Begeren Colony, getting the Boots last. Wouldn’t have been able to do it without this guide telling me which pieces were where. Thanks Dulfy!

  • Lozarus

    Thanks Dulfy. Keep up the fantastic guides. 🙂

  • Illuchis

    Dulfy one part that is unclear in your walk through, and this has occurred to a couple other guildies of mine is how to get the Star Forager/Dreadseed set. You state to simply click on the altar afterwards, I thought by doing so activated the Dreadseed so I chose the good option (yes I am lazy and didnt want to grind out a lil lightside to regain my “The Pure” title but still!! heh).. For me it may have also been a little too much herbs but yeah I didn’t pick the evil option and am stuck with this ugly looking set lol.

    No real big deal, I do have 6-50+ chars capable of accomplishing it but not everyones as crazy as some of the rest of us.

  • yellow-power ftw

    In addition to the armor pieces, you can find components for the GSI
    speeders, companion gifts, and reputation items so it is not a total
    waste of time.
    thats completely BS. 2 hours and all i get was gray items and green mods/enhs/barrels 28s

    • TheHastyTadpole

      In like 2 hours yesterday, I got 5 armor pieces (2 belt, 2 legs and boots) a speeder part, and more blues, greens and greys than I could hold, even sending the comp out to get rid of the greys and REing the greens I could. Ended up about 300k richer from selling the trash drops and 4/7 on the armor. Not a total waste of time 😉

  • Bantherny

    ok the first one on Alderan, i checked and it usually gives the treasure symbol when looking through the Binocs. Nothing.

    • It doesn’t but you can still dig there.

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  • Christopher Hoge

    So i chose lightside on the mission, and i still got the dreadseed…

  • Christopher Hoge

    So I chose LS option after defeating Tagriss….I still am only given the option for the Dreadseed chest. I’m an Operative fyi. Did I screw it up or can I still get the star forager? I havent accepted the final reward yet. Thanks guys.

    • If you don’t kneel at the altar and pick the DS choice you can just return to the mission giver on dromund kass you should get the starforger chest.

      • Christopher Hoge

        But I did kneel at the altar and chose the lightside option. Am I screwed now? Thanks for the quick reply.

        • Christopher Hoge

          Also after I did that I came back to DK to turn it in and the reward is Dreadseed.

          • Hmm you should have got the starforger set, I would put in a ticket.

            • Christopher Hoge

              I did haha. Thanks for the help. I figured there was something wrong on the game’s end.

        • No, you should get the starforger set when you return to DK

  • Zenoan

    I have “farmed” up 2 sets of legs and 1 speeder part from Makeb Location 1. Also several green special items …

    • DaduHulk

      Soo many people are digging those “special” greens and blues you can’t even sell them on GTN. But I am getting the speeder pieces as I search, some good purples, and the armor pieces. Slow steady work. 🙂

  • Darth Ondreema

    Ok, so using this wonderful guide, I have started my search for the dreadseed armor. I started on Tatooine and found the gauntlets in the Transport Ship Wreck Heroic area, so i moved to the Outlaws den to try and find the helm, and my 4th dig in that area I dig up another set of the gauntlets. I know all things are possible with RNG, but, two sets of gauntlets that I can’t sell or trade seems a little WTF’ish to me. Anyone else encounter this situation? As always Dulfy, thank you for producing a quality product..

    • Sounds normal. I got 6 chest pieces before I got the belt or whatever on alderaan.

      • Darth Ondreema

        Ok, Thank you

    • DaduHulk

      I have like 6 belts, still no boots. Hang on there. I do have every other piece but the boots, so not so bad. I know I am picking up Star Forager pieces as I search so I can use on both side toons.

  • Freefall

    I messed up and did not click the alter, is there a way of going back?

    • Arturo Macedo

      No sorry the game is an MMO and like most MMO’s if not all you cannot go back once you have gone through with the choice. Just like with dark and light side choices.

      • DaduHulk

        Wait. Witht he change now it really doesn’t matter. If you completed the quests, you can go dig, and get either side pieces, and they are Legacy bound, so any of your toons in the same legacy can wear them. The only thing you got from the altar was the chest piece, which you can dig for.

        • Arturo Macedo

          You are correct. Which is good because I ran into the issue with a group in which the owner of the instance chose light and I chose dark. When we turned in the quest I got the light side piece…was kind of happy that I could get it now but at the same time its not as unique anymore.

  • DaduHulk

    Empire player, looking for last piece in Hoth (Dreadseed Boots), but all I get are Star Forager Boots (x2) and Dreadseed belts (x2)… I didn’t even know I could get a Star Forager item with my Imp. Dreadseed boots location?

    • They changed it with last patch so you can dig up both star forager and dreadseed stuff. Dreadseed boots are in the same location, you just have to get more lucky 🙁 I need to update the guide to reflect it.

      • DaduHulk

        Thanks. Just wanted to make sure I was at the right place. And MANY thanks for the outstanding guides. 🙂

        • ScarletRyu

          I got like 3x the dreadseed boots and 1x the star forager boots, but cant find belt so gues its 100% luck.

          Sidenote: I cant ever find speederparts TT.TT

    • Ry’akkin

      Good point, I thought I read were not suppose to open boxes when we find them?

  • Parjai

    Say I’m searching the area and find a Star Forger Helmet, does that deplete the area so I cant find anymore of either?

    • Armor pieces should no longer deplete the area.

      • Coldplayerify

        Good to hear that 😀

        • Dank

          That’s not true any more. Dug up the Forager Boots last night and depleted the zone.

          • Ivilon

            Dulfy is definitely correct on this. Been digging a lot on Tatt and can confirm that Star Forager and Dreadseed armore pieces definitely do NOT deplete the area you are in. Only the discovery of the single super-rare item in the area (by you or another player) will deplete the area.

  • Guest

    do you have an unlimited amount of armor pieces you can find now? i read something about it in the patch notes but i don’t understand it completely

  • Val’Reena

    While working on Alderaan Sec#3, I dug up an Excavated Nerf! (no lie) Since when do cows burrow???

    • Esch

      Same here 😛

  • drake

    my seeker droid isnt working how can i get a new one ?

  • Vanhilt

    I was diggin last night and found a Star Forager title. It is bound to legacy. I did not see this in your guide and thought maybe it should be added that the titles can be dug up also.

  • Sam Löjdkvist

    bioware sucks

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  • WooJa

    On Tatooine, I managed to dig up on my forth dig the Dreadseed Helmet! In the Wreck of the Stardream – The Dune Sea, I managed to dig up the Star Forgager Helmet in just 8 digs!! I guess staying up late might of helped. No one else around but, was grouped up with my brother.

  • Alexander Specht

    ok. 2h on Hoth and I got the DS belt, 2 gray items, one green and one green rep. One word: ragequit! what the hell I’m doing wrong?

    • Esch

      Lol. I got the bracers on alderaan in 7minutes from arriving in the area. ^^ But I was probably just lucky

  • Vaelron

    I keep getting star forager pieces when I want dreadseed pieces! alreayd got 3 forager pieces and 0 dreadseed – I got dreadseed chest from the quest

  • Shawn Pitts

    I am having some serious issues with finding any piece of the Dreadseed, or the Star Forager outfits at all. I dig, and dig and dig, and I get nothing but GSI parts, and the Dreadseed Title (x2). Seriously, what am i doing wrong here? If you can help, im on Harbinger, player named Verdinand. I seriously need some help here. I don’t check here enough to see any reply, so please make a toon there if you have not one, and get in touch with me. Ty

    • Rompe

      I actually sent an in-game ticket to CSR asking if the recent patch messed with the loot table as like you, I have been getting a ton of Explorer and Exploiter parts (More so since the last patch). So much so I can make the speeders 5 times over each. I have so many that I actually just give away parts for free to those missing specific parts. That is how many I have I shit you not!! However unlike you, I have been getting Dreadseed (Which I am after and am only boots short now) and Star Forager (Which I don’t want and only need pants to complete but have 8 Star Forager belts ffs) parts but yeah been getting far more speeder drops when the big chests are found. CSR advised me that it is just luck of the draw with the drops and that the patch changed nothing to do with the seeker droid loot table.

      So bottom line and I don’t mean to sound blunt but you have shit luck. The fact you are finding speeder parts shows you are doing nothing wrong and just getting shafted unfortunately when it comes to the random factor. 🙁

    • November Thermopyle

      Have you completed the Questline and gotten the title? If you haven’t, you can’t find pieces. I know I am repeating the obvious since it is the first line on this page, but I thought I would check that your quest is showing completed.

  • Crystal Parks

    Got 8 starforger belts, 6 dreadseed belts in hoth and 1 pair of starforger boots but not 1 pair of dreadseed boots after 5hrs of farming… on top of that i could make 8 speeders before i gave up…

  • ozi

    I spent 10 days on tatt looking for the dreadseed helmet , I got 9 speeders and at least 8 of each starforager head and hands and numerous other items from crates. I was about to give up when bam I got the helmet , I was stoked .so don’t give up you will get it just some sooner than others 🙂

  • Parjai

    Does the hoth dig site by snowblind work anymore? It’s never up when I go down there (and check multiple instances)

  • Zalbarr

    within the first round of digging i found all pieces thanks dulfy!

  • edup_2004

    hi do you know if there are bracers for the Starforager armor set right now. Because i know they were missing but i wanna now if they fix that on any patch.

  • ZharkRay

    I found every dreadseed pieces (and got the achievement) and some star forager before finish the dreadseed set, now I’d like to complete the star forager set, but I keep finding ONLY dreadseed pieces, why? Is possible that after complete one set (dreadseed or star forager) you can find only the gear about the set u’ve already completed?

  • xxbomberxx

    Do u have 2 be a subscriber to get the gear or can u get it as preferred player?

    • Robert Hindy

      Preferred players can get the gear. However, you will not get the free chestpiece from completing the storyline.

  • Darkwind

    ok, so ive been farming for the dreadseed armor whenever i get on (not that often). currently on Tat, and all ive got so far is a helmet, and some star forager gloves. mostly digging in the dune sea. i was wondering thou, are specific pieces of armor in specific places on the planet, or do i have shit luck?

    • It is mostly RNG but doesn’t hurt to go to another place on Tatooine and give it a try

  • Ngauge

    Anyone know the drop rates?

  • Navari

    You guys remember that broken speeder from the Chevin event. The Hyroti Scrapper. I just dug one up on Makeb. I’m super excited cause I didn’t buy one when the event was here.
    ps. It was the special item for the area.

  • Telanis

    Has anyone found chestpieces recently? I can’t seem to get anything but the bracers to drop from Alderaan now, and was thinking it might be related to the loot change they made (they removed all of the stupid green 51-54 items and so on, and maybe they removed the chests or something).

    • Dude

      A Dreadseed Chestpiece just dropped for me a few hours back, so it’s definitely still on the loot table.

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  • Achilles

    Hey Duffy,

    First of all thanks so much for making this site, it has helped me sooo many times. But I have a question for ya. I already have my full set, but I also want to dig more for my Marauder so she can have a set as well. However, I cannot find the Seeker Droid so that I can dig up the pieces. Is there any way I can get a replacement somewhere or any other way to dig up pieces? Any help would be greatly appreciatred. Thanks again Duffy!

    • Check your abilities (general), if you did the seeker droid quest line and finished it, it should be there. If not you can try picking up the quest again in Makeb/fleet

      • Achilles

        Thank you so much for the prompt reply Dulfy. I have checked my abilities and the skill isnt there nor anywhere in my inventory and I also went to try to pick up the quest again on at fleet but there is no quest available to me from the droid. I’m not sure what to do. Will I have to do the quest again on a different character? And also will my Operative be able to pick up the quest or is this quest only reserved for SIth/Jedi?

        Thank you again for all you help Dulfy, I always have your website open since it helps me with so many things haha. I really appreciate you helping us new players get through the game much easier.

        With kind regards,

        • What level are you? You need to be 53+

          • Achilles

            Oh Dulfy I’m a retard. Sorry for wasting your time. I found it where you said it would be. I must’ve overlooked it. Thanks for your help though. I feel like an idiot haha

            Thanks again Dulfy 🙂

  • Pabengs

    Does anyone know if completing the [Heroic 4] quest is still required to dig up dreadseed/starforager armor pieces? I want the armor but I’ve been having trouble finding people to do the quest with…

    • r56

      Afaik it’s still required.

      Without you don’t dig up armor pieces.

  • Aaron

    Have you ever heard of digging up the Dreadseed chest piece on Alderaan?

    • Danny

      Yes I did it.

  • Telanis

    It appears that the DS belt is only on Hoth, and the SF belt is only on Makeb. Stupid how they split that one up 🙁

    • Raida

      I found the DS belt on Makeb today.

  • Ventator

    Can you get Dreadseed Armor on the Republic as well?

    • hownowbrowncow

      Yes, it is legacy gear. The Dreadseed and Starforager can be swapped between all your toons. I’m using my set on a Sorc and a Shadow.

  • SaelerHelos

    I spent 2 full days on Hoth digging for the Star Forager belt and instead I got 4xStar Boots and 4x Dreadseed Boots. I really don’t think that the belt spawns on Hoth at all unless I was unlucky enough to get 8 boots in a row….

    • Dartinhu XD

      Try makeb,both seem to give the belt
      I myself also tried hoth and didnt get even a single one.

  • Clarence Marino III

    Hi thanks for the advice I just have one question does each site give only one piece of armor or is it possible to get multiple pieces from a site?

    • Havn’t done this in awhile but I think it is 1 piece per site now

      • deathmetalnightmare

        got one dread and two star forager chest piece on Alderaan in one depletion today. so three drops in 30 minutes.

      • JD Davis

        It’s definitely not one piece per site now. I farmed a site for awhile, receiving a lot of Star Forager armor, so I’m pretty sure it’s unlimited armor drops(If you can find their spawn areas) until you find the rare item.

        • Jose_Who

          ^^ !00% Correct. Yesterday was on Tat looking for SF helmet, found 5 SF gloves, 2 DS glove, and a DS helm in one dig spot. Never found the SF helm I was looking for, nor did I find the special piece. lol

          • Jose_Who

            Update! Got the SF headgear at the Stardream site!

  • JD Davis


    Does it matter if you’re Dark or Light when hunting Dreadseed armor? When the quest was first available, I went out and completed it. I decided recently I want the full Dreadseed set. When I tried to search for it though, I was spammed with the Star Forager armor, and rarely a Dreadseed gauntlet.

    Explaining my question further, would I have to had chose the lightside option to get a higher chance of Dreadseed drops? I feel like having gone the Dark option has led me to only Star Forager armor.

    I have:
    7x Star Forager Headpieces
    4x Star Forager Gloves
    2x Star Forager boots
    3x Dreadseed Gauntlets
    1x Dreadseed Chest, which is given by default.

    • vader

      I don’t think so, I chose dark side and I got all dreadseed pieces except the feet as I haven’t been to Hoth, but only 2 star forager pieces from those locations.

    • SirRobinII

      i have lightside and im spammed with star forager

  • db

    I’ve found nothing on this shit locations! What a Bullshit!

    • TokHaar

      you’re an actual retard…

      • Jose_Who

        Look at his name… db? hmmm…. I wonder what that stands for…

        • claude1864

          dodo brown lol

  • N8VJohnSmith

    Down to looking for the Star Forager legs and boots. These Locations work it just takes a very long time to get what you want, a very,very long time. All good things come to those that endure. 🙂

  • claude1864

    Could someone clarify which belt is found on makeb and which belt is found on hoth ? Purty please.

    • george

      You can find both Star Forager and Dreadseed at the same location…

      • claude1864

        Thank you

        • mike

          found star forager chest and dreadseed chest and dreadseed title all at first location alderan so you can

  • Lunariad

    Just found SF Boots on Hoth near Senth and then found SF Belt below Snowblind. Neither dig gave me a “depleted” message

  • Naduja

    found Belt on Makeb (Telemur Mesa)

  • chimaira

    Spent 2 hours on tat tonight, didnt find any pieces, found a dreadseed title, some speeder parts and the special item in all 3 dig spots. was kinda happy i found the special item but really wanted the DS helmet.

    • Luke Farmer

      Did you switch instances? Gives you 6-9 areas depending on how busy tatooine is

      • chimaira

        Yeah i switched instances when i could, i play late at night so sometimes there is only one instance. Ended up gettin all but the belt the day after i posted, got the belt day after that and sent it all to my marauder lol cant see a merc wearin that set

  • yerr

    this seeker droid bs is the most irritating thing in the game, i want the dreadseed set but keep gettin worthless junk. trying to find the helmet but oh look i just got my 4th pair of gloves. and why the fk does area deplete when i find artifact box with 156 rating junk item in it? it shouldnt prevent me from trying to find legacy gear. /rant

    • chimaira

      Are you using any of the seeker droid boosts? Took me several hours to get it and thats with the boosts and changing instances/treasure areas. I got 3 piecesvof 156 gear, 20+ speeder parts, blue and purple mats including stabalized isotope-5 and exotic element equalizers on makeb so it wasnt a total waste of time. If you are on shadowlands server i can probly hook u up with the mk II boosts, my sorc crafts them

  • Jack-in

    well i cant even find a group to get the last part of the quest done so yeah…

    • Jack-in

      A Edit about last post I did come up with three dps tank heals we did it just fine. Thanks for the support of the website!

  • KingofHeroes

    Dug up a second chest piece on Alderaan, first try.

  • Niksara – The Progenitor

    I found most of the pieces from the first or second dig, only this boots on Hoth I can’t find…I’m piss to search them

  • Elothan

    I just finished getting both armors after 3 days where I pretty much spent all of my time at the dig zones. Just so people get an idea on how many digs you can risk having before completion: This is what I ended up with in addition to two full armour sets:


    8x Titles (SF/DS)

    Both the GSI mounts that dont require rep.

    All the diggable pleasure speeder parts.

    3x Star Forged Jacket

    1x Dreadseed armor chest

    1x Dreadseed Gloves

    1x Star Forged gloves

    4x Star Forged bracers

    1x Hydrotil Scrapper

    About 45 boxes of materials, comms, etc

    About 50 vendored speeder parts

    Rep items to take me from almost 0 to Friend with GSI (mostly Green, a few blue and one purple)

    I will estimate that I made over 500 successfull digs before getting both sets, so it surely is a big task to do.

    I did find it rewarding, but it in no way a task I ever want to repeat.

    Elothan@ TOFN

    • Neg Sani

      Congrats. I literally have no idea how you did this in such a short period of time. I’ve poured many hours into this and only have 4 pieces of the armor total of the two sets. I think I’m done trying to get these sets.

      • Elothan

        Actually my best help was a second monitor with netflix/youtube :p

      • WalkingCarpet

        The best way to do it (including Elothans 2nd Monitor which I am utilising too^^) is to have a Cybertech craft a Gadget called “GSI Triangualtion Enhancer Mark II” and have some GSI Deployment boosts ready (you can dig up the latter).

        After getting the sets and numerous speeders, I have now finished unearthing 100 creatures which took me another huge amount of time. Now I am after the 100 special treasures, which I have only 40 atm. so yeah. More hours digging :/

        • Elothan

          Yeah, the mark 2s are essential.

  • Enkidu98

    I have spent a painfully long amount of time on Hoth trying to get the dreadseed boots. The Belt, and the Starforager Boots and Belt have dropped for me numerous times. I have rotated through all three zones multiple times in a day ‘clearing’ them with the ‘special’ (but not really) find and still no Dreadseed Boots. I’ve pretty much outfitted my 16 active alts with an exploiter and an explorer with the speeder parts that have dropped. I’m burning through the MK-2 seeker droid buffs like candy…This is painful/frustrating.

    • Neg Sani

      Yep, my advice is to stay far away from these dig sites unless you’re a sadist. This is by FAR the most tedious and insane part of the game. TERRIBLY designed interface. Dig at your own risk. You’ve been warned!

  • NunyaDangBisness

    Anyone on Harbinger willing to help me with the Heroic 4? I have been wanting to do that for a while now but have no takers thus far…

  • orcothos

    I searched on tatooine. I got a SF hat, and two SF gloves, over the time of around 3 hours, and then I had a break. I came back, straight away got DS gauntlets, again straight away straight after i got another.pair, and then I got more random stuff, and after that I got DS helm 😉

  • Umbra

    Question on which planets do the titles drop from?

  • Dark-Master Iruan

    I got the chestplate in a day, how do I get the rest of the parts?

  • Digger

    Is it possible for a buried item to “disappear”? Sometimes, I’m narrowing a location down, and all of a sudden, the items is gone. Checking nearby, and nothing. No one else is in the area. Do the items move on a timer maybe?

    • Gavnit

      If someone else digs up rare item in the location all the items suddenly vanish until the dig site replenishes itself. That being said I’ve hit some glitchy crap where the item is clearly inside a rockface – I just move on looking for another one.

    • Neg Sani

      Yes, I believe the items relocate themselves after a period of time. I’ve seen it happen numerous times. You’re right next to an item and then suddenly you’re getting red circles. That’s one thing that makes this mechanic incredibly painful and ill thought out.

  • J-o-s-s-k

    I just got my 9th pair of Starforager boots. I’m almost convinced the Dreadseed boots don’t drop anymore 🙁

    • DraxXo1

      Been trying to get the Star Forager boots, all I got are Dreadseed boots 3 to be precise

      • J-o-s-s-k

        Guess in the end it was just poor RNG for me. I finally got the Dreadseed boots. I needed 4 other pieces and I got them in just a few hours.

  • Aiko

    So i still need to do the quest in order to be able to actually find those other armor pieces or what?

    • Aiko

      And i thought the HK quest was annoying. OMG.

  • Aleksey314

    Same question, is it possible to find the pieces while on a character that have not completed any of the quest lines?

  • Reb Station

    Wish they had kept them on separate loot tables. I got “lucky” today and found two pairs of boots within 5 minutes of each other… Both Star Forged.

    Star Forged set is so hideous. What designed that thing?

  • Neg Sani

    FYI – this mechanic is all kinds of wacky. I got both a Star Forager Jacket and Dreadseed armor from the same dig site within a couple minutes of eachother, but it didn’t tell me the “special treasure” was found until I dug up a Pleasure Speeder Repulsorlift.

  • Ethan Stewart

    Ok so the Dreadseed and star forager armor will not deplete the dig site, only purple loot can do that like a purple secured lockbox or a pleasure speeder parts. I found 3 pairs of star forager gloved on tat at the same dig site, so clearly this armor doesn’t deplete the site..

  • claude1864

    I got the whole dread seed set within a weeks time but i was taking my time. While doing real live things. I also got every piece of the star ]forage but the chest and head. Today after a long time from my last post i got the chest (Star forager}. Ive been at it all day and still no head yet lol but im sure itll come! lol

  • MaraJadeSharpie

    I found the entire Dreadseed armor set within three days just this week. I was searching for 2 – 3 hours per day…so no more than 10 hours total. I also found several Star Forager pieces, a Hyrotii Scrapper speeder, and enough GSI Speeder parts to build an army. Maybe I was lucky, but all in all it wasn’t a bad hunt.

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