SWTOR Patch 2.0.0b patch notes

SWTOR Patch notes for patch 2.0.0b deploying on Tuesday April 16 from 5AM PDT (12PM GMT) – 7AM PDT (2PM GMT)

2.0.0b Patch Notes


Crew Skills
    • Reverse Engineering certain color crystals will no longer provide an error message.
    • Advanced Crew Skill training is no longer required to Reverse Engineer color crystals of any type.

Note: For more details about these changes, please visit this post.

  • The effect of Bolster on empty item slots has been decreased.
  • Due to itemization changes, Expertise has been removed from all War Hero and Elite War Hero pieces except for weapon crystals.


  • timejumper

    I wish they would just tell us how they bolster is calculated so we can know what gear to put on, rather than having to fiddle around with it in a warzone.

  • Temon

    I noticed on my old Operative that they did not remove expertise from old Champion or Battlemaster equipment. My operative has around 550 expertise from equipment still but should get a bolster boost because the pieces are not very good. I wonder if this will have adverse effects…

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