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GW2 Red Hot New Items in the Gem Store

GW2 Gemstore was updated recently with an unlimited Molten Alliance Pick, Flame and Frost Dye Kits and four stylish new town shirts.

Upgrade your harvesting with the new unlimited Molten Alliance Pick! Customize your character’s look with the Flame Dye and Frost Dye kits! Dress for success with our four new town shirts!

Check out what’s new in the Gem Store today!

Unlimited Molten Alliance Pick

  • This heavy-duty mining tool, forged by the Molten Alliance, has unlimited charges and the same efficiency as the Orichalcum Mining Pick. Don’t wait—this fiery harvesting tool is only available from April 15 to May 13 in the Services category. Can you dig it?

Flame and Frost Dye Kits

These dye kits, which commemorate the final chapter of the Flame & Frost saga, each contain one random dye from a pool of 25 colors. Each Flame Dye Kit and Frost Dye Kit has a chance to contain 1 of 6 new, exclusive flame or frost colors!

Four Stylish New Town Shirts

Freshen your look for spring with these new town clothes! The Fitted Casual Shirt, Layered Vest, Silk Brocade Vest with Shirt, and Striped Silk Vest with Shirt are all available in the Style category of the Gem Store.

  • Available Now in the Gem Store!

    Log into Guild Wars 2 and press “O” to access the Black Lion Trading Company for these great offers and more!

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