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SWTOR MCR-99 Droid Reconnaissance achievement guide

SWTOR MCR-99 Droid Reconnaissance guide with location of MCR-99 droids to scan for the hidden exploration achievements.



Doing this hidden exploration achievement on all the planets will reward the 50 point achievement The Droids You’re Looking For under Locations –> General –> Macrobinoculars. Each planet’s Droid Reconnaissance achievement (found under Location-> Planet –> Exploration) will also reward 10 points each for a total of 20x 10 + 50 = 250 achievement points.

In addition, there is pet reward not tied in with the achievement and the process to getting it is very buggy so you must do the following carefully.

  1. You must do all the scanning on only one character. You do not need to scan planets/droids designed for the other faction. It is not required for the pet.
  2. On faction shared planets, make sure you scan the droids that are “designed” for your faction. This is especially the case in Nar Shaddaa, Tatooine, and Corellia.  The achievement doesn’t care if you use multiple characters on a single planet to scan the droids but the pet does!
    1. For example in Nar Shadda, there are quite a few droids, some are in Republic or Empire only area etc. If your character is Imperial, you must get all the Empire area only droids and all the droids in faction shared areas (i.e. Upper Promenade, Upper Industrial Sector, Lower Industrial Sector).
  3. Don’t worry, even if you already have the achievement, you can still get the mail and pet once you scanned the droids that you have missed.


The pet comes with a mail. You only receive the mail if you done everything above correctly.


The pet should be attached with a mail.

Alderaan – 6 Droids

Map of Alderaan with the MCR-99 Droid locations.Note that the marked red dots are where you can view the MCR-99 droids, not their actual location.


Kaamos Territory


1. North of Lerantha Dam


2. Bridge west of Thul Research Camp


The Juran Mountains

3. NW of Fort Aide.


Alsakan Lowlands

4. SW of Wardpost Duvaal


The Apalis Coast

5. South of Pallista Spaceport


Glarus Valley

6. East of Castle Panteer, droid is under the bridge.


Balmorra (Empire) – 6 droids

Map of Balmorra with the MCR-99 Droid locations.Note that the marked red dots are where you can view the MCR-99 droids, not their actual location.


Markaran Plains


1. North of Markaran Plains


2. Near Okara Droid Factory


Gorinth Canyon


3. On top of the Troida Military Workshop Building.


4. Near Outpost Victory


5. North of Outpost Victory below a bridge.


Gorinth Canyon

6. North of Sundari Imperial Outpost


Balmorra (Republic) – 6 Droids

Map of Balmorra with the MCR-99 Droid locations.Note that the marked red dots are where you can view the MCR-99 droids, not their actual location.

Camp Traken –4 (Heroic Area)

1. North of Markaran Plains


Markaran Plains

2. SW of Balmorran Resistance Listening Post


Gorinth Canyon


3. Right on top of Troida Military Workshop. You can scan the droid at the top of the lift.


4. Near the Lifts in the east end of Gorinth Canyon.


Sundari Flatlands


5. Near Lower Sundari Outpost. This probe is located in a different location from the Imperial Balmorra counterpart.


6. A bit north of Droid #5.


Belsavis – 6 Droids

Map of Belsavis with the MCR-99 Droid locations.Note that the marked red dots are where you can view the MCR-99 droids, not their actual location.


Minimum Security Section

1. In NW section of the map, looking over a tower inside the prison courtyard.


Maximum Security Section

2. NW section of the map, overlooking a rock in the middle of the lava lake.


Maximum Security Throughfare

3. Inside the tunnel connecting Maximum Security to Ancient Prison Caverns.


Ancient Prison Caverns

4. West end of the map.


The Tomb


5. Near the opening in the roof right above the world boss in The Tomb.


6. Look at the building on an island in the middle of the lava.


Corellia – 6 Droids

Incorporation Islands (Empire)/Blastfield Shipyards(Republic)

1a. (Incorporation Islands) Stand at the very edge (close to falling off) and you can spot this droid in this pipe.


1b. (Blastfield Shipyards) Take a left from spaceport and scan this droid just behind the crashed ship.


Labor Valley


2. West of Imperial War Camp. From the location #2 marked on the map, look up.


3. SW of Republic Base. Can be a bit tricky but the droid is on the pipe structure thingie on top of this building.


4. From the location #2 marked on the map, look up.


Axial Park

5. Droid is on top of the walkway connecting the two buildings.


Government District

6. South of the Bastion.


Coruscant– 6 droids

Map of Coruscant with the MCR-99 Droid locations.Note that the marked red dots are where you can view the MCR-99 droids, not their actual location.

Black Sun Territory


1. This is the droid you would have encountered during the Macrobinocular quest in Coruscant.


2. Look west from this location and you will spot the droid.


3. Look east and up from the location marked on the map.


Justicar Territory

4. Look west and up from the marked spot.


Old Galactic Market

5. Look way up, droid is on top of a pole.


Jedi Temple

6. On top of a pillar


Dromund Kaas – 6 droids

Map of Dromund Kaas with the MCR-99 Droid locations.Note that the marked red dots are where you can view the MCR-99 droids, not their actual location.


1. You should have received this one while doing Shroud of Ruin Macrobinocular quest.


2. East of Kaas City entrance on top of a waterfall.


3. SE of the Imperial Intelligence speeder pad.


4. On top of Lord Grathan Estate main building.


5. Kaas City Expansion area on top of a crane.


6. On top of Dark Temple.


Hoth – 6 Droids

Map of  Hoth with the MCR-99 Droid locations.Note that the marked red dots are where you can view the MCR-99 droids, not their actual location.

Highmount Ridge


1. Look east from that location on the map.


2. Go to the very south end of Highmount Ridge and look down.


Starship Graveyard


3. Scan the huge ship wreck that lies diagonal to the ground.


4. South of Starship Graveyard


Clabburn Tundra


5. From the east end of the lava pool, look down at the west end.


6. .Look under the bridge near your location.


Hutta – 3 droids

Map of  Hutta with the MCR-99 Droid locations.Note that the marked red dots are where you can view the MCR-99 droids, not their actual location.


1. On top of a chimney stack in Jiguuna


2. East of Old Muckworks looking south.


3. East of Nem’ro’s Palace looking south.


Ilum – 3 droids

Map of Ilum with the MCR-99 Droid locations.Note that the marked red dots are where you can view the MCR-99 droids, not their actual location. Info taken from Risto_N on the official forums.


1. North of Imperial Base Camp.


2. East of Republic Base Camp, look NE.


3. On top of the building for the Macrobinocular heroic quest. It is well hidden behind some ice shelves.


Korriban – 3 droids

Map of Korriban with the MCR-99 Droid locations.Note that the marked red dots are where you can view the MCR-99 droids, not their actual location.


1. Above Sith Academy


2. Near Wilds Laboratory atop a stone bridge.


3. North of Lower Wilds looking north


Makeb – 6 Droids

Map of Makeb with the MCR-99 Droid locations.Note that the marked red dots are where you can view the MCR-99 droids, not their actual location. Info taken from Ryhov on the official forums.

Solida Hesk’s Estate

1. At back of the map, looking towards the statue.


Gravity Hook Four

2. Near the Empire entrance to the map, looking east towards the Gravity Hook.


Telemur Mesa

3. Southern part of the map, looking towards the central satellite dish.


Frinn Mesa

4. A bit hard to spot but it is near the scaffold.


Cartel Mining Mesa

5. It is on the scaffold slightly above the endurance datacron.


Perekta Mesa

6. Near the Presence datacron on top of a bridge structure.


Nar Shaddaa – 6 Droids 

You only need to scan 6 droids for this achievement but there are more than 6 droids here (some on Empire only areas while others are in Republic only areas)

Upper Promenade (shared)

1. Look from just outside the GSI office.


Shadow Town (Republic only area)

2a. Rotating Droid a bit high up. Republic only area. Imperial Agents might be able to access the area as well.


Network Access (Empire only area)

2b. Take the speeder to Network Access and go a bit into the main area. You will see a droid on a speeder pad below where you landed.


Red Light Sector (Republic only area)

3a. Another Republic only area.


Duros Sector (Empire only area)

3b. Near the speeder to Duros Sector.


Lower Industrial Sector (Shared)

4 Republic area. Empire players can also access this area via a long series treks from Upper Industrial Sector to the Imperial Gadget Warehouse next door. (Upper Industrial Sector –> Republic Research Division –> Systech West Elevator –> Upper Office Atrium –> Systech East Elevator –> Imperial Gadget Warehouse)


Upper Industrial Sector (Shared)

5. Empire area. Look up when you are at the location indicated on the map.Republic players can access this via a series of long treks from Imperial Gadget Warehouse. (Imperial Gadget Warehouse –> Systech East Elevator –> Upper Office Atrium –> Systech West Elevator  -> Republic Research Division –>  Upper Industrial Sector)


Nikto Sector (Republic only area)

6a. Go down to the Warehouse District Arena all the way at the south.


Corellian Sector (Empire only area)

6b. When you get off the speeder at the Corellian Sector, stand at the very edge of the speeder pad and look down.


Ord Mantell – 3 droids

Map of Ord Mantell with the MCR-99 Droid locations.Note that the marked red dots are where you can view the MCR-99 droids, not their actual location.


Fort Garnik

1. SE Corner of Fort Garnik


Volcano Camp Speeder

2. A bit south of the speeder, near the entrance to the Separatist Compound.


Separatist Stronghold

3. Inside the Separatist Stronghold.


Quesh – 3 droids

Map of Quesh with the MCR-99 Droid locations.Note that the marked red dots are where you can view the MCR-99 droids, not their actual location.


1. North of Quesh, south of Shadow Arsenal Facility


2. West of Republic Shuttle


3. East of Imperial Shuttle


Taris (Empire) – 6 droids

Map of Taris with the MCR-99 Droid locations.Note that the marked red dots are where you can view the MCR-99 droids, not their actual location.


Republic Resettlement Zone  


1. Next to the abandoned Olaris Spaceport.


2. NE corner of Republic Resettlement Zone


The Sinking City


3. This droid is located outside the Dynamet General Hospital. You have to look up to find the droid.


4. West of Forward Outpost Alpha


Tularan Marsh


5. This droid is at the very end of Transport Station 5, which can be accessed via a tunnel in NW section of Tularan Marsh.


6. NE of 75th Legion Forward Camp.


Taris (Republic) – 6 droids

Map of Taris with the MCR-99 Droid locations.Note that the marked red dots are where you can view the MCR-99 droids, not their actual location.


Republic Resettlement Zone  


1. Next to Olaris Spaceport


2. NE corner of Republic Resettlement Zone


The Sinking City


3. Near Dynamet General Hospital.


4. West of Kannar Outpost


The Tularan Marsh


5. Transport Station 5


6. North of Brejik’s Run Outpost


Tatooine – 6 droids

Anchorhead/Mos Ila

1a. Just south of Anchorhead Speeder, near the Exhaustion zone. Only Republic players can access this.


1b. In the NE corner of Mos Ila map, on the edge of the exhaustion zone, if you zoom in towards a bunker in the far distance, you can spot the recon droid. Only Empire players can access this.



Map of the four MCR-99 droid locations in Jundland. Note that the red dots are where to stand to scan the MCR-99 droids, not where they are actually located.


2. All the way north of Dreviad Outpost. Near one of the locations for GSI [DAILY] Above the Fray


3. On a canyon near the Twin Sun’s Camp west of Outpost Largona


4. East of Outpost Largonna, on top of Sand People structure.


5. Near Outpost Varath


The Dune Sea

6. SE corner of Dune Sea


Tython – 3 droids

Map of Tython with the MCR-99 Droid locations.Note that the marked red dots are where you can view the MCR-99 droids, not their actual location.


The Gnarls

1. From the speeder pad, look out.


Jedi Temple

2, Droid is located on the second floor of the temple near the Transit Shuttle that will take you off this planet.


The Forge Remnants

3. The droid is actually hidden behind the walls but if you scan carefully over the area, your macrobinoculars will pick up the signal.


Voss – 6 droids

Map of Voss with the MCR-99 Droid locations.Note that the marked red dots are where you can view the MCR-99 droids, not their actual location. Some info taken from user Holyexecutor in this thread on the official forums.



1. On top of the Tower of Prophecy


Nightmare Lands

2. NW of The Dark Heart on top of a rock.


The Pelath-Ri Marches


3. NE of Pelath-Ri Marches looking down.


4. NE corner of the map, on top of the ship in the middle of the island


Gormak Lands

5. South End of the map, facing west, you can see a droid on top of a tower lodged into the cliffs.


The Old Lands

6. Stand in the location marked on the map and look up top.



  • Special thanks to Riylo and Pri’ya of Harbinger for their massive help in compiling this guide
  • Twolightsabers and his MCR-99 thread on the official forums with various contribuitors.
  • Mavarik
  • Devolus
  • Kamii (huge help in completing this guide, thank you!)
  • Kneroni @ Red Eclipse

By Dulfy

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165 replies on “SWTOR MCR-99 Droid Reconnaissance achievement guide”

Hey dulfy at least give credit to the people like me who has been adding to that list on the TOR forums 🙂

The information here so far is not from the forums. I got them from two people who have being emailing me with these locations (see attached proof). If I take any info from the forums, I will give credit. Anyways, the guide is not done yet so I don’t have a credit section yet.

“In addition, this achievement will also reward a pet! ”

This is not true. I got the Achievement but no pet. The customer support told me that the pet is not bound to the achievement. You need to find ALL droid with one single Char to get the Pet!

On Hoth far south of highmount ridge (-680, 69) look below to the south you will see a crashed ship above the cockpit the mcr-99 is floating.

Also on Nar Shadaa (Imperial) I found sorry I did not write down waypoints was in a rush to grab them:

In corellian sector as you get off speeder go right behind you to ledge and look down there is a little landing pad with the droid dead center

In Network access when you get off speeder right to your right and down below is another speeder port. It is close to the speeder bike you use to get to the datacron. Easy line of site on it is to walk a little ways away from the speeder into the main area do a 180 and look back down where you landed.

I’m still at 5/6 on my imp trying to find the last. Found 1 more on Nar Shadaa imp side was in the southeast corner but forget which area. I’ll get back to you on that

Also found on hoth Standing at -1916 50 in Clabburn Tundra South of Jagged Plains face due west Probe droid under the ice bridge ahead of you

Final hoth droid: Clabburn Tundra as well at Big Sink due south of Drift Hills Republic Outpost is a hole in the ground surrounded by wampas at -3065, 10. If you look down into the hole the droid is hovering over the little volcano over the lava all the way at the bottom

I went back there and confirmed my ‘player location’ however when I put my cursor in the exact same area it is -1916, 673. For reference it is as far SE as you can go in that area. You will see a curved gap you want to be on the east of that and face back west. The bridge is at -2308, 706 and you can actually see it from right there

The droid labeled as 1 on Tatooine can be seen, but not scanned, by Imperial players by going to Camp Karnori and going north towards the Exhaustion Zone. The droid should be visible in the sky well before you hit the EZ though.

This makes me wonder if there’s an equivalent one that can only be scanned by Imperials down by/in Mos Ila.

Received this mail after finding all the MCR-99 droids on the Republic side:

From: Your “Admirer”
Subject: A Special Gift

So you’ve employed my stolen EV2 Macrobinoculars to locate scores of my MCR-99s, thinking that will help you… find me? Stop me? Impress me somehow? Well, I am impressed with your tenacity, if nothing else. And, since you seem to be a fan of taking that which is mine, I offer you this in return for your diligence: my prototype for the more compact MCR-100.

I know what you’re thinking: “Won’t he just have programmed the droid to spy on me, or even to destroy me?” That would be such an obvious ploy, wouldn’t it? On the other hand, that may be precisely what I want you to think. Such a conundrum.

Enjoy the MCR-100. Or don’t. Either way, I’ll see you around….


Unfortunaty there is no attachment (bug?). According to Torhead the MCR-100 is a pet. Sent a ticket just in case.

I got all the droids, did both the seeker and binocular quest lines all the way through and never got a mail. I filed a ticket and got told by a CSR ‘you did not complete all the steps and cannot be granted the pet’
Am I missing something?

All they said is you have not completed the relevant mission to be eligible for the mini pet.

Same I finished the heroic for the binoc’s got the driod achievement and was just told the same thing.

On the achievements page for the driods it mentions both hc4 quests and spotting all the driods on the planets using both Imp and Emp sides.
It does annoy as I dont play my Imp toons, guess I will have to get to 52 and start the quest chain again

CSR told me they handed case over to develop team which is working on the fix. Maybe they will send pets to all people with achievement earned later on… (hopefully)

I have rescanned all the droids again and found my ‘bugged’ one, I can sleep peacefully again:)

How far did you do the missions on the “opposite” faction? Just wondering if there isn’t a pre-req as to how far you need to progress on both sides. working on “Expanding The Search” on my imp toon ATM to progress the quests further.
Completed all of the “requirements” per this guide and getting told I’m not done.

Thanks Dulfy, just curious did you get the pet for all characters or just a 1 time 1 character only reward?

I think we need to complete all the planets, Rep and Imp side, doeasnt matter which side you are on! So in my case (Im Rep) I need to lvl Imp alt…

I got the mail – No attachment
I contacted CSM and they sent me the MCR-100 which I have added to my menagerie…

Unfortunately… It doesn’t show in game. It’s successfully added to my lists and I can call it out but nothing actually materialises…

Hmmmmmmm dammit

I think I found one on Corellia at -2521, 2015 but I can’t click it on Empire side. I’ll try republic side soon. Do I need to complete the last Heroic mission for the macrobinoculars quests to be able to do these?

How do they get the macrobinoculars? Do they need to have to start quest a level 52 or can they get them another way? I dont play Imps so waste of time doing any more!

Thanks for the guide 🙂 Anyone know if you have to complete the macrobino quest line on both factions before you get the mail?

Ive done all of this and completed the macrobino quests on both factions. Any ideas why I havent got the email yet? I spoke to customer service and they told me I havent made the requirements yet but I’ve no idea what I’ve got left to do.

I honestly have no idea. I just have the achievement + macrobinocular questline with the 2 heroics at the end completed. I asked them if I need to do the other faction’s macrobinocular quest too and they said no and they just sent me the pet.

lol this just sounds like my kinda lucky tbh. oh well maybe it’ll get fixed at some point in the future. thanks anyway dulfy it was a fun trek xD

Hey sorry to bother again. just wondering how many achievements you have for macrobinoculars dulfy? I have the 2 story ones and the droids you’re looking for. Just still wondering what I’m missing lol (also on the note of achievements there seems to be one missing from location>general>exploration as the total doesn’t add up, I only have lore, beast, datac and map exploration=175)

I have the imp macrobinocular story one and the droids you are looking for achievement (75/100) and yes you can right it doesn’t add up under exploration

sigh* Ok I’ve done everything in this guide and it seems it’s a little incomplete I’m afraid. I’ve done it all and customer support insist there is more for me to do lol

A friend figured out why alot of people didn’t get the mail. I did a short up write up why above. Basically, you need to scan all the droids on one character.

Nah it seems that I am still missing some (rep side) I’ve gone over them all. Are you sure the upper industrial are is shared and not imp only?

I trust ya dulfy so I went back……and I got it xD Turns out that #1 on coruscant, the one I had to scan during the macrobino questline, needed rescanning for some reason lol. thanks for sticking with me 🙂

Just wanted to confirm your latest update Dulfy. It is necessary to scan all droids with 1 char/planet. When I first started this quest the imp only duros sector was bugged and not scannable so I just grabbed a pub only one. With the patch it became scannable and once I scanned that one within 10 minutes I got the mail (no droid but I filed a ticket and it should not be an issue now)

The pet is a character-by-character reward, although the achievements are not. The character you want the pet on has to have actually seen and scanned all droids that character is supposed to be able to see. Does that means that you have to run by 300K HP droids guarding a speeder point at risk of becoming flagged to get to the Upper Industrial Sector of Nar Shaddaa on a Republic Character? Yes, it does. Sure, you many not normally belong there, but it’s perfectly accessible for a level 52+ (you can’t get the Macrobinoculars at a lower lever).

However, there are others that she’s denoted in the guide as Empire/Republic only, like on Tatooine, Corellia, and Nar Shaddaa. Your republic character does not have to find some way into the Corellian Sector nor does your Imperial character need to find some way into the Blastfield Shipyards.

It can be very frustrating to be ‘done’ by the only visible ways they put in the game pertaining to the macrobinoculars but still not have the mail. However, just be patient. It took multiple time going over what I could have missed before I found everything.

It also took the realization that there’s apparently another bug involved with the achievements that makes things even worse. I scanned the 5 droids I found on my main character on Makeb and later scanned one with a different character. I got the achievement. The problem with this? It was a droid I had already found on my main. The game seems to count them toward the achievement number if it’s new for the character you’re on EVEN IF you had already scanned that exact same droid before on another character. This bug is what caused me to think I was ‘done’ well before I was. After the first point of thinking I was done, I ultimately scanned 5-6 brand new droids on my main character before getting the mail. The customer service response made sense to me then – my character really hadn’t done everything that was needed to obtain the droid pet. The fact that they refer to a ‘mission’ or ‘missions’ is also very misleading since mission means something very specific in this game, something with a very VISIBLE tool to manage them.

I finished the achievement and got no mail, now im not sure what I did wrong.My rep char is the one I found most of the droids with. on Nar-shhadda I have 2 droids that are made for rep’s and 4 in neutral territories, I’m not sure but I guess my mistake was that when I logged to my imp char to get the imp only droids (koriban hutta ect’) I also went to nar-shhadda and scaned 2 imp droids as well. is that why I didnt get the mail?, or do I need to find a way to scan “imp” droids on tatooien/corelia/nar-shhadda with my rep char?

Thank you, I understand that the achievement and the pet are not the same thing, what I find hard to understand is what droids exactly I need to find with my main rep char to get the pet, how do I get to that imp sector on nar-shhadda and is it the last droid I need to find, assuming I scanned all the other droids on all the other planets with the same rep main of my?

I did answer you many hours ago, but the site just wouldn’t take it and post the reply. It may have had to do with there being a link involved.

To answer the first part, there’s no way for me to know and, sadly, no way for you to know. The game is tracking them in the background. As such, it took me a while, and I had to start going to each droid one by one even if I remembered seeing it before. Maybe I remember seeing it because I did, but not on the character I thought I did.

To answer the second part, I’m giving entire credit to ZiPan over at Torhead because his comment is what got me there. However, since links may be what caused my last reply to not work, I’ll write it out here.

1. Fly to Lower Industrial Sector
2. Make a left and go into the Imperial Intelligence Gadget Warehouse
3. Take the Systech East elevator to the Upper Office Atrium
4. Follow the winding solid line to go down a ramp to the Lower Office Atrium
5. Once down that ramp, head to the Systech West elevator and go to the Republic Research Devision
6. When you open your map here, you’ll see the Imperial speeder taxi zone. Head there and cross it in whatever matter you choose. It shouldn’t be a problem at 52+.
7. Once you make it to the other side, open your map again. At the bottom right area of the map, there’s a dotted line that makes a circle. That is where the droid is. She has it on her map above.

I scanned every droid for this quest the achievement is unlocked and I did the 4+ and killed the shroud (I know spoiler) I did not receive my pet or the mail that gives you the pet so, CS writes me back saying I need to finish a mini mission on Makeb any help would be greatly appreciated.

Sounds like customer service was being more helpful with you than others and narrowing your search down. Do all 6 on Makeb again to start. Otherwise, don’t know.

Also, (I know, spoiler) doesn’t make it not a spoiler. Maybe just don’t. Saying you completed the heroic was plenty.

It was sarcasm that is not what happens and will do the makeb ones over even though the quest on makeb for them is done and the main quest is too. Why not give it a try.

I get that you have to have a toon on both factions. I understand that you have to get the faction-specific planets with the proper toon. For a planet that has both factions’ droids (I’m looking at you, Corellia), do you have to get both factions’ droids?

Do you have to get ALL of the droids with BOTH factions? Or is it enough to rip through all of the planets with an imp toon and then fill in the slots with a repub toon?


How do I get to Nar Shaddaa Lower Industrial Sector as an Imp? The only path I can see goes past several champion 50s protecting a Republic area.

Comepleted The Shroud Revealed (Did both of the H4 quests at the end of the Macrobino quest), Completed The Droids You’re looking for Achievement.

Got no mail or pet. Contacted support and got message that I did not finish ‘The Shroud Droids’ quest. Anyone know of this quest? Or know what the heck I am supposed to do now?

Yes. I did all of them on my smuggler except for the ones that were locked to the imperial side (Dromund Kaas, Hutta etc etc). For those I had to use my imperial agent.

Welp finally got it sorted. Apparently because I scanned the last droid on my imperial agent the CS only checked if the Droid quest was finished on imperial side. It took 5 tickets before I got a CS that actually figured out that I was asking about the email on my republic toon which did have the questline and the droid scan achievement.

Got sorted now and I have the pet even though it is invisible. 😛

So maybe add that if you completed the quest line with with say a Republic chracter BEFORE you completed the scan achievement that you scan the last droid for the achievement on said Republic character. Unless you light battling the CS droids of course.

Great guide. It was great being able to look for these droids, and believe it or not, when I was searching for the nr. 6 droid on Taris, I had jumped up on top of the collapsed building as if I were going for the datacron. Instead of heading in the direction of the datacron, I went to the right. It was my first time up there, and not only did I find the droid but also “an unusual egg”.

As I said, it was my first time up there, so anyone who has been there before (or read nay of your guides) would have known it was there.

Thanks for all you do in helping all of us.

In Shaddaa you say specific shared (both faction chars can) or which side are (specific char scan), why not in Corellia and Tatooine too? that is confusing me

Great guide. One addition to the introduction should be to include that you only get the macrobinoculars as part of the Rise of the Hutt Cartel extension. I searched forever to buy a pair when I couldn’t get all of the exploration to 100 for Coruscant. It was only after extensive research that I found out this was only available to the Hutt expansion buyers. I will be buying the expansion in a few weeks, but it would be a good thing to add at the start of anything that has to do with the expansion that this is only available for them. Otherwise, awesome guides…thx

So I’ve finally gotten the MCR-100 miniprobe to appear next to me. So here it is. One of the (As far as I know) rarest pets ATM in SWTOR. It has some nice details to it. Moved it’s arms and turning around randomly.

Do you need to scan droids for all planets, i.e. do you need both an Imperial and Republic lvl 53+ char to get the pet?

Confirmed… you only have to scan the droids of a single faction (or atleast it works for Imps)… I got my MCR-100 pet now… thx for the guide 🙂

Is this quest bugged? I have rise of the hutt cartel yet didn’t get the macrobinoculars so am confused

ive been on NS for hours now trying to figure out how to get to the LIS droid on empire. I followed the guide above, but when I get to the LIS turn its I cant get into the section due to the big A$$ Rep Champions. I tried running past them ended up at a Rep speeder post which flagged me and i died from more robots.

figured it out finally. found a nice place to die that i could rez, not flag and not agro robots. 😀

for those in this area as Empire. as soon as you get into the next room that is in Rep area, just die on the ramp, rez, ride speeder to other side.

Great guide! Don’t know how long it must have taken people to actually find all droids without help.

But… I have just finished the achievement and got the mail with the droid pet without having done the last heroic of the Marco quest line. Maybe they fixed it?

MCR-99 droid from The Forge Remnants is not hidden. Take stairs upside and stand inside the ancient building with droid boss mob on X:-97 Y:663. From there you’ll see the entire MCR-99 droid.
Jedi Temple MCR-99 droid near the shuttle instance can be optionally scanned outside the Jedi Temple, you can find it there on top of eastern construction.

I just got the droid min-pet on my 3rd character. I just want to confirm the following:
1) You do NOT need to complete the [Heroic 4] mission to get the mini-pet. You only have to have scanned all the MCR-99 droids for your faction on that character.
2) It takes about 15 minutes after you scan the last droid to get the e-mail with the mini-pet. If you don’t get the e-mail, then you missed one (or more) of the droids.
3) While not exactly easy to find out which droid you missed, you can ONLY scan droids you have not scanned before (so if you point your binoculars at a droid and the binoculars do not react that droid was already scanned).
Good luck and happy hunting. 🙂

To confirm what others have said… you do NOT need to do the heroics. Once I got the achievement, I got a mail with the pet, which was included and is visible. So I think they have sorted this.

Just spotted the “hidden” droid on Tython. If you’re on the second level of the area, you can actually see the droid without having to be “careaful” in your scanning.

This should probably be updated to reflect that you need to scan all droids on your faction planets and shared planets with one character to get the pet reward on that character. The way the guide is written, it is suggested you can still get the pet if you use different characters as long as you do all the scanning on each planet with only one of those characters. This is not the case. I found this out the hard way and had to go back and re-do Makeb on my main and it still wasn’t working and had to go back through most of the planets until I found out I had also done Quesh with an alt. So I had to re-do Quesh with my main and then I got the mail and pet shortly thereafter. This is a character-specific achievement/reward and not a legacy one. Therefore, you need to do everything necessary for the pet on that one character.

i dont know if its posted but at the Global Alderaan Map of the MCR droids is at the Kaamos Territory the 2nd droid position missing. Besides a huge thanks from a friend for this guide

I did all the scanning yet nothing what happen. Yes i scan all with 1 toon for repub and 1 toon for empire what gives

You only need to scan it on one toon, I am guessing you might have missed some that are specific to your faction. Make sure you scan all the tatooine, nar shadda, corelia ones speciifc to your faction.

Nothing I do seems to work. I can’t get the last droid on Hutta(#3). I have the quest, I’ve reset it, the scanner never highlights yellow, I’ve stood all around The Bog. Any advice?

You can actually see Alderaan number 2 (imp) from the Talarn transport pad – no need to run anywhere, just look past the trees north, nort west a bit.

eek. now i have to decide if i start the quest line from scratch on my commando who has scanned all the droids…or complete it on my sage who is almost done the quest line but hasn’t scanned the droids. /sad

Dulfy can you confirm if the pet is still obtainable? I just finished scanning all Empire specifics, it’s been about 48 hours and no mail with pet. I’ve gone back to every single planet on the list, not one MCR-99 droid was scannable again. I’m going back through the list again for the third trip through before throwing CS a possible bug report.

How did you fair? I have the same problem. Ran through them all on the Imperial side with the same character, no e-mail, no pet. Opened a ticket.

CS responded that I was still missing “some of the droids on Dromund Kaas.” I looked at my achievement and it says that I scanned all the droids there, and I’m scanning on the same character that I did the Macro quest on. Nonetheless, I found that apparently I hadn’t scanned the one by the waterfall on this character. We’ll see what happens now.

That might be because Dromund Kaas, like Coruscant, has a droid that is part of the transmitter-scanning quest.

For the Korriban one you can save some time by going from the Shuttle past where the Endurance Datacron is, and stand atop the giant elevator platform. You can scan all 3 points from this 1 location.

Hey Dulfy Jidaiderriphan from the Harbinger, I know this guide is extremely old but I’m just getting around to do this content. I thought I might add a tip for people, turn the “turn speed” down to 0% while you’re doing these, it makes it WAY easier to lock onto the droids, for PvPers like myself who keep turn speed on higher levels it’s nearly impossible for some of the droids that are farther off.

Your Alderaan world map has 3 labelled as 2, and 6 labelled as 3. The “real” 2 is missing. The sub-area maps are correct.

Your guides are fantastically helpful, Dulfy. Thank you for building and sharing them!

I have a note on this one.

On Nar Shadaa, Upper Industrial Sector (#5)…
For Republic players, there is a step missing (an area).

The path should be:
Imperial Gadget Warehouse >> Systech East Elevator >> Upper Office Atrium >> Lower Office Atrium >> Systech West Elevator >> Republic Research Division >> Upper Industrial Sector.

Lower Office Atrium is not shown in your listing. That’s the area Republic players will find the Systech West Elevator in. Someone unaccustomed might try to find it in the Upper Office Atrium and get frustrated.

Thank you again for the terrific guides, Dulfy!
– Unclegrumpass (Harbinger)

The MCR-99 droid ‘1b’ on Tatooine (Imperial side, Mos Ila) isn’t over a bunker. When you take the taxi from Mos Ila to Outpost Varath, if you watch to your left, you’ll see that the droid is hovering over the cockpit area of a crashed ship.

It took quite awhile but I finally got my MCR-100! It seems that once I got all of the MCR-99’s on the Imp side, the prize came to me via in game email. I’ll do the Pub side as soon I get a toon to 52, 53

Note to Empire Players: On Nar Shaddaa no.4 Lower Industrial Sector (Shared).
If you’re in the Imperial Gadget Warehouse and see your path is blocked by Level 60 champion droids. Keep on speedering passed them, they don’t follow you and they evade and you won’t get PVP flagged.

Okay, can anyone tell me if it’s my account or a bug? I have tried to scan the one droid in camp Traken-4 on Balmorra, but I can’t. Achievement says I did not discover any on the planet. I he droid bugged or is it working and there’s something wrong with my account?

so once you receive the pet do you need to do it all over again with your other chars or is it legacy/account based?

Yes, you have to do it with each toon. Its pretty tedious. I found it easier to just do it when you’re already on that particular planet doing the macro-binocular quests. It’s not Legacy/ Account unlocked, unfortunately.

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Numbers 2, 3, and 6 are marked incorrectly on the large map for Alderaan. Confused me for a bit. Better to use the smaller maps for these.

Something’s not right. I’ve searched from top to bottom and back from bottom to top (guide’s list) and I have not received the achievement yet 😐

The guide still works for me. The pet does take about 10-15 minutes to show up in your in game mail. Yes, only the character who discovered the bots gets the pet. It’s not legacy/ account wide.

If you get stuck on locations and are trying to figure out where to stand, take a look at the bottoms of the single images as the x,y coordinates are there. Helped a lot, especially with #6 on Taris – Republic.

Thank again

Huh, can you scan the droids a second time? I’ve done the achi a long time ago but got no pet, I guess because I scanned droids in imp designated areas with a pub.

This still works in 2020 if anyone is wondering! Thanks for the guide, there are some mistakes here and there but it was still very helpful so thank you!

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