SWTOR More PvP fixes coming next Tuesday

SWTOR Parch 2.0.1, which arrives next Tuesday, will have more fixes for the PvP system, addressing higher stats for PvE gear players and empty slots.

lol bolster | 04.17.2013, 10:18 PM

The second issue we want to address is concerns over the balance between level 55 PvE and PvP gear. We have seen some reports from players around the forums and in this thread that they are seeing players wearing Underworld or Arkanian gear having higher stats under Bolster than people wearing Partisan or Conqueror.

After some investigation, it appears that this is true, but it is not intended. Although we always want to keep the PvP environment competitive even for players not wearing full PvP sets, Partisan and Conqueror should be performing better in Warzones than their PvE counterparts. We will be deploying a fix for this in 2.0.1 which will be coming out on Tuesday.

I know there is still a bit of confusion around the Bolster system, how it affects stats and Expertise and I am working on getting some more information on it. Sometime after 2.0.1 I am going to work with the combat team on getting a “mathy” post explaining a bit about Bolster and how it works which will hopefully work to clear up some confusion. As you can imagine, it is a pretty complex system.

I hope that alleviates some of your concerns with the issue of PvE v PvP gearing and thank you all for your feedback.


The issue of empty Modification slots Bolstering incorrectly is a bug and will be fixed on Tuesday with Game Update 2.0.1. The delay in my response is that I wanted to be sure that it was a bug and when exactly it would be fixed so I could report that information to you guys, hope that helps.

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