SWTOR GSI speeder guide

A guide on how to dig the components for the SWTOR GSI speeders.

What are GSI Speeders?

There are three speeders sold at the GSI Reputation vendor in Nar Shaddaa. These speeder requires component that are dug up via your seeker droid at various digging sites located on four planets or obtained from other venues.


GSI PMP-06 Pleasure Speeder


GSI EMP-Explorer


GSI HMF-03 Exploiter


How do I acquire these speeder parts?

GSI PMP-06 Pleasure Speeder

  • Pleasure Speeder Chassis – Alderaan, Hoth, Makeb, or Tatooine dig sites (Try Tatooine)
  • Pleasure Speeder Repulsorlift – Alderaan, Hoth, Makeb, or Tatooine dig sites (Try Alderaan)
  • Pleasure Speeder Steering Mechanism – Alderaan, Hoth, Makeb, or Tatooine dig sites (Try Hoth)
  • Pleasure Speeder Sub-space Music Transceiver – dropped from Golden Fury operation boss in Makeb
  • Pleasure Speeder Turbine Jet Engine – Alderaan, Hoth, Makeb, or Tatooine dig sites
  • Pleasure Speeder Visual Amplification Device – GSI reputation vendor on Nar Shaddaa (12k credits and requires Champion standing to purchase)

GSI EMP-03 Explorer

  • Explorer Turbine Jet Engine – Alderaan, Hoth, Makeb, or Tatooine dig sites
  • Explorer Chassis – Alderaan, Hoth, Makeb, or Tatooine dig sites
  • Explorer Repulsorlift – Alderaan, Hoth, Makeb, or Tatooine dig sites
  • Explorer Steering Mechanism – Alderaan, Hoth, Makeb, or Tatooine dig sites

GSI HMF-03 Exploiter

  • Exploiter Turbine Jet Engine – Alderaan, Hoth, Makeb, or Tatooine dig sites
  • Exploiter Chassis – Alderaan, Hoth, Makeb, or Tatooine dig sites
  • Exploiter Repulsorlift – Alderaan, Hoth, Makeb, or Tatooine dig sites
  • Exploiter Steering Mechanism – Alderaan, Hoth, Makeb, or Tatooine dig sites

Where are these dig sites?

Dig sites are found in Alderaan, Hoth, Makeb and Tatooine. They are the same dig sites you used to acquire the Dreadseed/Star Forager armor. Unlike the armor sets, digging for speeder parts do not require you to have completed the seeker droid quest line.

You can find all the digging sites in this guide for armor. Unlike the armor sets, there are no specific planets for each of the parts. Instead, parts can be found in all four planets and is completely randomized.

GSI EMP-03 Explorer and GSI HMF-03 Exploiter are tradeable and do not count as a special treasure (therefore does not deplete the digging site).

Pleasure Speeder parts are BoP and not tradeable.

If you have any speeder parts you would like to trade with other players, feel free to state in the comment section below your character name, parts and your server.

  • Michael Lagor

    Does the Explorer sound like the Taxi Speeders, or just a regular speeder?

    • No idea because no one has them yet :p

      • Tim

        Makes regular sound.

      • James Bottari

        I saw one that has explorer mount in Section X just few day ago 😛

        • James Bottari

          got explorer today 😀

  • Daniele

    The locations of speeder and armor parts are absolutely random and do not stick to any place. When my friend got a jet engine on Makeb, I scanned the same place he did and found a grey item. But when I was looking for seed on Voss, the jedi scanned place contained a seed, so she got it. I scanned this place and got seed as well, guess places reset every 24 hours.
    P.S. My only “treasure” on which I spent about an hour was a 28 enhancement :/ And then the area depleted.

  • Xaphania

    I would like to trade an “Exploiter Chassis” for any of the other Exploiter pieces.

    Name: Xaphania
    Server: Jung Ma

  • Raziel07

    I would like to trade an “Exploiter Steering Mechanism” or “Exploiter Chasis” for an “Explorer Steering Mechanism”

    name: Levik (imperial)

    server: Shadowlands

    • EZ

      Do you still have exploiter steering?

      Name: Syn-x (imp)

  • Ultrascout

    Will trade any of my Exploiter or Explorer doubles for the steering mechanism of those two speeders. Whisper Ultrascout or Öbi’quiet (alt+0214 for the Ö) on Harbinger Server. Whisper me or my guild, .

  • carl

    I am willing to trade Exploiter chasis for any Explorer/Pleasure speeder parts other than Explorer chasis

    Jedi Covenant

  • Tim


  • Gon’zo

    Looking for exploiter chassis, have exploiter steering mech, exploiter turbine jet engine and explorer chassis to trade.


  • i can’t use my seeker droid any more…they keeps saying that it doesn’t detech anything

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  • yellow-power ftw

    Pleasure Speeder Sub-space Music Transceiver only from WB? crap!! Any1 knows if its BOE?

  • Kataal

    I want to trade Exploiter Turbine Jet Engine and / or Exploiter Steering Mechanism for ANY other GSI Speeder parts. Contact me here or in game at main toon “Kataal” on the Harbinger server. Thanks.

    • fuki

      i can trade chassis against jet engine
      fuki on harbinger

  • Lucas

    I really hope they add the Manta Landspeeder as a reward at some point! Have wanted it for so long.

    For now I’ll have to try and get the Explorer, since they refuse to make my lovely Hyrotii Scrapper adaptable 🙁

  • Vladimír Odznak Gregor

    Will trade Exploiter Steering Mechanism for Exploiter Chassis. Character name Dreig, server Tomb of Freedon Nadd, Empire. Please send mail saying you wanna trade if you don’t catch me online.

  • Tim


  • vahs

    Have the missing parts been unlocked ? It says they would unlock them with patch 2.0.1 but the article has not been updated and today patch 2.1 is released !

    • Should be with patch 2.1

  • troop

    Howdy can you update this with locations when you know. Thanks for all the great work.

  • Ryan

    The pleasure speeder visual amplification device can now be found at the nar shadda gsi reputation vendor but requires champion reputation.

  • Valanthe

    Now that 2.1 is out, I can confirm that the Pleasure Speeder Repulsorlift is dropping, I got one in Tatooine today.

  • Ell

    I’d like to report obtaining the Explorer Repulsorlift on Hoth. So all of the parts for at least one of these is fully available now.

  • Coet

    So I spent a good majority of my afternoon yesterday searching for the new parts and haven’t found any (got a couple old parts that I already had). I haven’t heard of anybody getting these new parts yet. Are you aware of anybody finding them? Did they spawn them in different spots than the previous search areas?

  • xill

    found the explorer replusorlift this morning on hoth, near the republic base
    speeder is awesome but unfortunately no special bells or whistles 🙁

    I have 2 extra explorer chassis, looking to trade for pleasure speeder parts or creds. Contact Xillare on the Shadowlands

    • Valanthe

      You won’t be able to get Pleasure Speeder parts for trade; as far as I’ve seen, they’re Bind on Pickup.

  • Coet

    For those of you that found the explorer repulsorlift did it show up as the special item in the area? Or is it like before where your droid still detects after you find the speeder part?

    • Alasaya

      No, it wasn’t special. It was just interesting.

  • GLaD

    Gladshot (Empire) / Shadowlands (US-PVE)

    Have an extra Explorer Chassis I’m willing to trade for any other Explorer or Pleasure Speeder parts.

    • GLaD

      Traded, thanks.

  • Guest

    I have an Exploiter Repulsorlift, and i’d like to trade it for an Explorer Repulsorlift. Mercon vanguard from Red Eclipse server.

  • Guest

    I’d like to trade an Exploiter Repulsorlift for Explorer Repulsorlift. Mercon -> Red Eclipe

    • Guest

      Still need a change! 🙁

      • Conrad’verner

        found a second Explorer Repulsorlift on Makeb by the Hutt Palace…too bad I’m on Harbinger

  • Conrad’verner

    Found the Exploiter Repulsorlift yesterday on Makeb and the Explorer Repulsorlift on Hoth by the base of the Volcano. Got both speeders now, just need to work on the last one…..

  • VicVader

    Has anyone who has completed the quest line been able to find a Pleasure Speeder part? I have had no luck finding a part, I keep finding Dreadseed gear…

  • Krucifi

    SS of Explorer / Exploiter. Found Explorer Repulsorlift on Hoth.

  • Would like to trade an exploiter steering mech or explorer turbine for an exploiter repulsorlift

    Homelandsec on The Harbinger, imperial.

  • Necroplague

    As for the Pleasure Speeder parts I have found Subspace Music Transceiver which drops from the World boss on Makep, Pleasure Speeder Repulsorlift which I got from Alderaan, Pleasure Speeder Turbine Jet engine from Tattone, Pleasure Speeder Steering Mechanism on Hoth, and Pleasure Speeder Visual Amplification Device at the GSI vender for 12k must be champ on GSI rep. Please POST if u get the Pleasure Speeder Chassis, THANK YOU!

    Imp – Necroplague – Shadowlands

    • VicVader

      Question, have you finished the quest line for the seeker droid?

  • Vilitich

    Would like to trade Explorer Turbine oder Exploiter Steering for Explorer Steering or Explorer Repulsor.

    Pls contact Vilitich (Rep) or Velkor (imp) on Vanjervalis Chain

  • Knil

    Just got the Pleasure Speeder Chassis from a dig spot on Tattoine.

    • VicVader

      Have you finished the quest line for the seeker droid?

      • Leshha

        I also dug up the pleasure speeder chassis on Tattoine. I have finished the seeker droid quest line. however this was my 87th special treasure (according to the achievemets system) and my first “new” pleasure speeder part

        • VicVader

          Didn’t know we can look that up. Damn, 87th special treasure and your first speeder part? I don’t like those odds.

          • Leshha

            I think I just have bad luck and for the first like 40 of those the new parts weren’t out yet so you have to factor that in. However I do have both full sets of the Armor and the other two speeders.

        • Murat

          How can you check how many special treasure finds you have?

          • Leshha

            If you go achievements>locations>general>seeker droid it should tell you under one of the achievements seeing as you get an achievement for finding 50 & 100 special treasures

      • Knil

        Yes I have completed the seeker droid quest.

        • VicVader

          Okay, thanks for letting me know. Then I’m thinking I have just really bad luck or that the Dreadseed armor has a greater chance of dropping opposed to the speeder parts.

          Thanks for the info.

    • awfulthings

      that’s messed up, I just got a reply from cx, that said it was apparently bugged (the pmp chassis) and they would have to fix it in a future update 🙁

  • defector k

    i seek explorer chassis and exploiter repulsor, i can trade with explorer jet engine – steering and exploiter chassis. (server: Red Eclipse, IGN Defector)

    • Sean Robert Walker-Milne

      I’ve got a Exploiter Repulsorlift I can trade for the Explorer Turbine Jet Engine. I’ve sent you a mail in game.

  • Gon’zo

    Looking for exploiter chassis.
    Have exploiter steering mech, exploiter jet engine, explorer jet engine, explorer steering mech and explorer chassis for trade.
    Gon’zo, imp, harbinger server.

    • Gon’zo

      Update: no more explorer steering mech.

    • Gon’zo

      Got it, thanks all.

  • Aldalok

    Pleasure Speeder is nice. Looks like the parts are planet specific. I was hoping it would do more like project some disco lights or something lol. Maybe it does but I havent figured it out yet.

    • Mortúùs

      Does it play music or anything?

      • Aldalok

        nope 🙁

  • Kadrian

    Currently seeking an Explorer repulsorlift, but I’ve got nearly any other part that I’m willing to trade.
    Server: The Bastion (Republic)
    Name: Kadrian

    • kpc049

      Kadrian check your followers

  • awfulthings

    I need the explorer chassis and turbine as well as the exploiter repulsorlift

    I have exploiter turbine and chassis, and explorer steering mech, and repulsolift to trade


    the harbinger


  • disqus_TPbeeelcAD

    Hello wanna buy EMP Explorer Turbine Jet Engine & EMP Explorer Repulsorlift
    my nick in game :Ohanzee , Republic, server tomb of freedom Naad

  • Flobalobagos

    I would like a [Exploiter Repulsorlift] i can trade an [Explorer steering rod], or creds for it
    Server:The Shadowlands
    You can whisper me when i’m on,mail works too

    • Flobalobagos

      Also i’m empire

  • DaduHulk

    3 Pieces so far all bound, how are you guys trading these??

  • Alasaya

    I have parts of Both explorer and exploiter speeders, that I would be willing to sell or trade.

    Name: Alasaya
    Server: Prophecy of the Five.

    • Ryagorro

      Hey i will buy the explorer but if i give u 3/4 of the explorer parts will u discount the price?

  • Collmac

    I have two Explorer Repulsorlifts and an Explorer Chassis that I’d like to trade for an Exploiter Steering Mechanism and an Exploiter Jet Turbine. I look forward to speaking to you!

    Name: Collmac
    Server: The Ebon Hawk

  • Collmac

    I have two Explorer Chassis and an Explorer Repulsorlift that I’d like to trade for an Exploiter Jet Turbine or an Exploiter Steering Mechanism.

    Name: Collmac (Imperial)
    Server: The Ebon Hawk

    • Cartley

      I’m interested in both of these pieces: Explorer Chassis and Explorer Repulsorlift. I’m short on other ship pieces to trade, but I have credits.

      Send me a tell if you’re interested.

      Name: Cartley (Imperial)
      Server: Ebon Hawk

  • Acrim

    Looking to purchase the Explorer Repulsorlift x2 on Shadowlands Empire, character name is Acrim. Thank you! (Edit: Updated)

  • Nu’feesa

    Name: Nu’feesa
    Server: Shadowlands , Republic

    I have Explorer Chassis and Exploiter Repulsorlift and want to trade for Exploiter Turbine Jet Engine.


  • Viila

    Trading explorer steering or exploiter turbine for explorer chassi or explorer repulsordrift.

    IGN Viila
    Server The red eclipse

  • Drackus

    2 Exploiter jet turbine engines for trade, looking for exploiter repusorlift, or explorer steering mechanism and explorer jet turbine.
    Stilettious on Ebon Hawk

  • Lunadoria

    Want to trade an Exploiter Turbine jet Engine – for Explorer or Exploiter Repulsorlift

    Name : Lunadoria

    Server :T3-M4

  • RS

    I’d like to trade [Explorer Chassis] for either Explorer Steering Mechanism or Repulsorlift and [Exploiter Repulsorlift] for Exploiter Steering Mechanism.
    Name: Vaes
    Server: Jedi Covenant

  • vilem72

    Trading Exploiter Repulsorlift for Explorer Chassis.

    Name: Vendie
    Server: The Red Eclipse

  • VicVader

    Just read this, “Seeker Droid: Dig sites are no longer deplete when players find Dreadseed or Star Forager armor pieces.” from the patch notes today. So we can assume that the pms speeder parts won’t be such a daunting task? Clad they changed this up. Was starting to give up after completing my 3rd Dreadseed armor set.

  • Günnar

    Exploider Chassis x3 Steering Mechanism x2 for Explorer Turbolift.

    Günnar at The Red Eclipse

  • Plumsmuggler

    Looking for Explorer Turbine Jet Engine, Explorer Chassis, Explorer Steering Mechanism

    I have the Exploiter Steering Mechanism and Exploiter Turbine Jet Engine for trade.

    Name: Plumsmuggler

    Server: Jedi Covenant

  • Eadrik

    I would like to trade my [Explorer Turbine Jet Engine], [Explorer Steering Mechanism], [Exploiter Repulsorlift] and [Exploiter Chassis], for an [Exploiter Repulsorlift]. Alternatively willing to pay for it. Please email me, if I’m not on.

    Server:The Red Eclipse

  • Bigjonstud

    Who every that is on the GSI PMP-06 Pleasure Speeder I have to give a big shot you to Well Done Well Done! you have to only person i know to have one

    • Bigjonstud

      Who every that is on the GSI PMP-06 Pleasure Speeder I have to give a
      big shot out to you Well Done, Well Done! You have to only person I know to
      have one.

  • Lozarus

    I’ll buy any full set on server: Jedi Covenant Name: Lozarus

  • Zak

    Selling Speeder parts on Begeren Colony; I have 2 full Exploiter Speeders, 1 full Explorer Speeder, and plenty of other pieces for both Explorer and Exploiter. Mail Valanthe on Empire side or Valaxa on Republic side.

  • Tayriso

    I need Explorer parts except for the repulso. I can trade various Exploiter ones or cash.
    The Progenitor server

  • Cartley

    I’m looking to buy an Explorer Chassis. I have the Exploiter Repulsor Lift and Exploiter Jet Engine for trade.

    Send me a tell if you’re interested.

    Server: Ebon Hawk
    Name: Cartley (Imperial) — I have Republic alts, as well

  • Cãecus

    Looking to trade Explorer Repulsorlift for any other Explorer part.

    Name: Cãecus (the ã is alt 0227)
    Server: Prophecy of the Five (Empire)

  • Zan’adis

    Looking to buy/trade for last 2 explorer parts. I have chassis and engine already. Also 2x extra engines to sell/trade.

    I also have pleasure speeder parts to sell: Repulserlift, Chasis and Music Transceiver.

    Name: Zan’adis
    Server: Shadowlands (Republic)

  • stat

    Look for an Exploiter Repulsorlift, have an extra Exploiter Jet Engine to trade.

    Name: Dampier
    Server: Harbinger (Republic)

  • Skoal

    Looking to trade a exploiter repulsorlift for an exploiter steering mechanism.
    Server: POTF
    Name: Skoal

  • Ceniza

    Need Exploiter Turbine Jet Engine. Have spare Exploiter Chassis and Steering Mechanism, and Explorer Steering Mechanism.
    Name: Ceniza
    Server: The Harbinger (Imperial)

    • Deadshot9959

      Do you still need it?

      • Ceniza

        No, thank you. I got it about a week ago.

  • Sun’ri

    I’ve been able to acquire the parts for my Explorer, and have multiple spare parts available for trade (for an Explorer Steering Mechanism) or sale.

    Server: Prophecy of the Five
    Characters: Sun’ri (Republic) / Stepharn (Imperial)
    For sale: Two complete HMF-03 Exploiter Speeders (all 4 parts) – 1,000,000 credits each.
    Parts available (300,000 each): Explorer Repulsorlift, Exploiter Repulsorlift, Exploiter Chassis, Explorer Chassis

  • Deadshot9959

    Just got the explorer it’s really cool

  • D.j. Fenton

    I have extra Exploiter and Explorer parts to trade. I need the Explorer Turbine Jet Engine. Server: Begeren Colony – Name: Aedl

  • hatahama

    have all parts for explorer and exploiter. WTT full sets or parts.
    server: red eclipse
    nick: hatahama (republic)

  • Remster292

    Want to sell or trade a Exploiter peice for 300k or a explorer part. I don’t need the chassis. Server: harbinger Name: Seddhur

  • HannahMontana

    If you are in a group and dig up the part, does everyone get it or just the person who digs it up?

  • Jeremy Holmes

    anyone on Jedi Covenant that has the Exploiter Jet Engine to trade for the Explorer Jet Engine. Please get ahold of Trogo (Republic). Thanx 🙂

  • Damidez

    Found the Pleasure Speeder Turbine Engine on Makeb, FYI

  • Taqar

    Have 3 Exploiter engines and a steering mechanism I’d like to sell. Jung Ma Empire. Send me a mail with reasonable offer.

  • Thrawn

    More than two and a half days on Hoth, and as I can not find the Pleasure Speeder Steering Mechanism, obkapal all three locations that I’m doing wrong?

  • Taqar

    it’s luck Thrawn I found one within a half hour

  • Raythar

    WTT Exploiter Turbine engine, Exploiter chassis, Exploiter steering mechanism FOR explorer chassis, explorer turbine engine, explorer steering mechanism

    Name: Raythar or Gorthand
    Server: Jungma (Empire)

  • chiefX17

    WTT Exploiter repulsorlift X2 for Explorer parts; steering, chassis, engine.

    Elrikur [republic] but can mail to inp characters if needed.
    Tomb of Freedon Nadd

  • Sam Löjdkvist

    Selling all kinds of GSI Speeder Components

    Char: Aodgaisdgjnasdg
    Serv: TOFN

  • Patrician

    EH Server (Patrician – Pub) selling GSI Speeders (500k) and parts (I have most, but not repulsorlifts as extras). Offers considered.

  • PxGx27

    I found all 4 parts of GSI HMF-03 Exploiter. It takes me about 40 minutes on Tatooine.

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  • Vaseler

    Where do I trade Pleasure Speeder Sub-space Music Transceiver’s for speeder parts?. The GSI vender on Nar Shadaa is not it.

    • Vodorlo

      You can’t trade that in for speeder parts, it is a part, for the Pleasure Speeder.

  • NunyaDangBisness

    If anyone happens to have the Pleasure Speeder Steering Mechanism for sale on Harbinger, I’d be happy to shove some creds in your pocket.

  • Secundum Ave

    Looking for Pleasure Speeder steering mechanism on the Red Eclipse. Character name: Secundum.

  • Mohan

    Looking for GSI EMP-03 Exlporer parts. Server: Jung Ma Name: Mohan

  • Techne

    Pleasure speeder items are not BoP. I just bought several of them on the GTN, including the Sub-space Music Transceiver, Ebon Hawk server. As far as I can tell the Pleasure Speeder Visual Amplification Device is still a reputation item though.

  • ArgulKit

    Pleasure Speeder Turbine Jet Engine found around Makeb. My luck was around Cartel Mining Mesa.

  • Hello, I was hoping if someone had a Pleasure Speeder Steering Mechanism
    My Char is DragonLordRyu and I am on The Harbinger Server, if you have one please message me so we can work out a deal, thank you.

  • MacGeiger

    If you’re on the Begeren Colony and ever need parts for the explorer or exploiter, I usually have spares and sometimes complete parts sets, (yes I seeker drone too much). Occasionally I have spare pleasure speeder parts too, think I’ve got a chassis at the moment.

    • SnowMeow

      I’ve got a character on Begeren, will you be on tonight at like 630p server time? I have *some* credits, anyway…

  • Zgogery

    Anyone still looking for these? I have some to trade for others

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