SWTOR Monsters of Makeb achievement guide

A guide on getting all 10 elite and champion mobs for Monsters of Makeb achievement in SWTOR. This achievement can be found under Locations –> Makeb –> General and rewards 25 achievements upon completion.

While some of the mobs under this achievement can be soloed, it is recommended that you do this with at least two players to make it easier. Some champions like Ka’pkar hit extremely hard and you definitely want a dedicated tank and healer. None of the champions drop anything worthwhile (mostly greens) so killing them is purely for achievement.


Bilinguis – Talaos City – (4107,-252)


  • 420K HP
  • Gains a buff that increases his damage dealt while he is in the water. Gains a buff that reduces his damage intake while he is on land.

CC-121 – Aboro Mesa/Brakan Mesa – (3715,1973)


  • 300k HP
  • Summon probe droids that heal and shields CC-121.

Grim Tooth – The Sanctuary – (1050,4502)


  • 800k HP
  • Currently there doesn’t seem to be a legitimate way to access Grim Tooth. Players can use a knockback trick to enter inside the force shield by jumping at the very edge of a platform near the force shield and then have a merc/commando or juggernaut/knight use their knockback to push them inside.

J’virgo N’yen and Nigh Kris – Solida Hesk’s Estate – (-2882,-2736)


  • J’virgo N’yen (54k), Nigh Kris (260k)
  • J’virgo N’yen have healing abilities so make sure to kill her first and interrupt her heals. Nigh Kris have a cryo attack that will freeze his target have stun breakers or interrupt his cast.

Ka’pkar – Volcanic Mesa – (-2252,2892)


  • 362k HP
  • Hit extremely hard and has a channeled Terrifying Roar (interruptable) that stun the target. You will definitely want a dedicated healer and tank for this guy. Also deals proximity based AoE damage.

L’raak – Cartel Mining Mesa – (-764,2500)


  • 266k HP but comes with two elite adds that are 160k HP each. They all do knockbacks and stun so make sure your back is towards a wall.

Master Suz-Anz – Telemur Mesa – (-1324,-1732)


  • This champion is found inside a cave in Telemur Mesa which can be accessed from the location marked in the map. He has 266k HP but comes with a strong add. His can heal himself so make sure to interrupt his heals.

RG-L8R- Westwater Settlements – (-3967,-1932)


  • 400k HP

Tumble Weed – Frinn Mesa – (1278,2281)


  • 260k HP, summon two adds periodically.
  • Tumble Weed is inside the Sunken Pool, which can be accessed via openings pointed out by the arrows on the map.


Special thanks to Arone on the Shadowlands for his help in making this guide!

  • Bish

    Awesome guideline!

  • Daniele

    Nice guide, but are you going to make guides of this kind for other planets?

    • Yes if I have the time

      • david2tm

        start with Hoth 🙂 Had trouble finding X39-R32

        • Majinn

          Makeb is most important because other sites like darthhater and swtorspy are so out of date. However, those sites have all the locations of the pre-2.0 champion mobs so a guide to the other planets wouldn’t be as necessary. Seems like kind of a monumental task.

          • Daniele

            Tried darthhater, it incorrectly states mobs’ location 😛

          • david2tm

            there’re lot’s of mistakes there, and as I said X39-R32 couldn’t find any info on internets

  • Telanis

    “juggernaut/knight” — you mean “juggernaut/guardian” 🙂

  • Keeva

    Well Grim Tooth is definitely bugged, we got inside by having a Guardian and Sage in our group. The Guardian pushed the Sage in, then the Sage rescued everyone else in.
    But even so, the boss never did any damage to us. It just kept circling and roaring but it was as harmless as a fly.
    So yeah a boss that doesn’t have a proper way of access and despite having 830k HP, never attacks anyone screams “BUGGED” to me.
    Or maybe he’s just a pacifist…

  • Jon

    Has there been official word if grimtooth is unfinished(TBAL) or is it a puzzle, like some of the holocrons? Tried climbing the Fort in the middle to check but didnt make it.

  • Kalzeth

    Does anyone know if you get a title for finishing this?

  • StressedEel

    alternative way of getting into grim tooth is to goto the ledge described, use /stuck and jump just above the first blue bar so you become suspended mid air without being auto stucked back, just re-log and when you have logged back in you will be inside the cage.

  • Allute

    If you can get on top of the cage (through climbing it(there are several ways to do this)) you can log out and when you log in you will be inside the cage

  • PSB

    Another trick to kill Grim Tooth – though a slooooow one – is to go to a ‘pillar’ facing away from the force field and summon your best ranged dps companion, tab target Grimmy and sic them at it. Risha donning my old raid gear offed it in 12-15 minutes, while I ate my dinner… 🙂

    • Vartan Lazaryan

      Thanks a lot. That was the only way how I could do it. It seems stuck into force-field don’t work for me. Tried hundreds of times. But companion killed him in like 15 mins while I was surfing through Facebook. So cheers, mate ^^

  • Anonymous

    Kap’kar is soloable at level 60 with decent (192) gear. I used a AP spec’ced PowerTech, a healing companion, rotated through my cooldowns including healing shoulder cannon, used heroic moment and unity.

  • Arinstorm

    Get stucked (doing what the guide says or jumping) in that fancy, then log out and log in, then u will be inside. And u can engage him with a dps companion, he dont attack u.

  • Little Flame

    Considering Tumble is one of the few champions who starts neutral, I only killed him once for achievement’s sake. now I just leave him be. The Sunken pool is too beautiful and peaceful to fight in (x

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