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SWTOR Armor dyes and Appearance Designer Kiosk details

Details on the armor dyes and the appearance designer kiosk feature players can expect in patch 2.1, titled Customization.

Appearance Designer Kiosk

  • Allow you to change your hairstyle, your haircolor, eyecolor, species, scars, tattoos
  • Introduced a few new hairstyles and hair colors for certain species
  • Plans to continue introduce options in the appearance designer in the future months at a regular cadence.
  • Roleplay players can enjoy the ability to customize their character’s appearance as their character level up (i.e. adding battle scars after a big battle).
  • Cartel coins only but there is a permanent discount on all appearance designer kiosk options for subscribers – up to 50% on a lot of options such as species change.
  • If you want to change your character to a Cathar example, there is just a one time fee associated with all the Cathar options.
  • Charging on a per slider basis – if you just want to change your eye color for example, you can just jump in, change it right away and just get charged for that.
  • For species changes, you can preview any species, play around with it, and then decide to unlock that species (if you don’t already have it) directly from the kiosk for credits or cartel coins.
  • Kiosks are placed in fleet and in capital worlds for now.
  • Accessing the Kiosk will be similar to character creation – it will load up a full portrait view of your character and you can zoom in and out as needed.
  • You can change pretty much anything you can change in character creation – scars, tattoos, species, etc.

Dye Modules

  • Give you the ability to either dye entire armor sets or mix-match specific pieces of armor.
  • Two portions of your gear are dyeable: primary color and secondary color (i.e. for Havoc squad armor, white would be primary color and orange would be the secondary color).
  • Dye modules come in primary only, secondary only, and primary & secondary mixed.
  • Dye modules are consumables so you can insert them to change colors but gets destroyed once you pull them out.
  • You will see them in the cartel market for direct purchase, in future packs (i.e. contraband packs and beyond), a certain amount of colors are available through crafting (no details on the crew skills involved but you can RE them), and some unique colors from the security key and Collector’s Edition vendors. Expect more colors to be added in the coming months.
  • Dye modules work off the current item enhancement/modding system. You will just open up the item modification panel for any gear you want to dye, drop a dye module in the new dye module slot, and hit accept to have it dyed.
  • Many pieces of equipment will be able to be dyed and you can preview a dye module on that specific piece of equipment before hitting accept.
  • Unified to chest also works – you can just dye your chest piece and have the color applied to rest of your outfit.
  • Some items are not dyeable – anything below L15, anything green (unless it comes from crafting), are generally not dyeable.
  • Lore outfits like armor of  Jolee Bindo are not dyeable.

By Dulfy

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151 replies on “SWTOR Armor dyes and Appearance Designer Kiosk details”

Freaking B.S. Dulfy. could you please make sure the Revan set is dyeable? beg? D= I want Star Forge Robes, and the fact the armor is still broken with the lower robe brown, double hood bug, and light grey chest bug.

Please for the love of god. I want Revans set fixed. its a disgrace to the protagonist of the original game Even the holo has wrong parts. and your old SS of the set prove the bugs. P.S. you need to update your vice comm pack details. the “Silver-Blue” Cryst they show is really cyan. Silver-Blue looks way different.

Please do – I want that new sith set dyable. The old throwback sith trooper armor. Really want to dye that chestplate.

If the items from Cartel Market aren’t dyable it defeats the whole purpose of the system. I thought the idea was for the players to actually be more unique.

[…] SWTOR Armor dyes and Appearance Designer Kiosk details – Dulfy Details on the armor dyes and the appearance designer kiosk feature players can expect in patch 2.1, titled Customization. Appearance Designer Kiosk. Allow you to change your hairstyle, your haircolor… […]

yea, cause thats smart, they add as the major feature, and you say you leave, i say your just blowin smoke

Those aren’t free. You spend $15 a month for them. As a sub I believe you should get full access to all items and features such as these without having to spend what amounts to real money on them. The money grubbing nature of EAware is what is pissing people off and if you don’t see it you are either blind or just stupid.

So, you get nothing else for subscribing? You spend $15 a month on 500 coins, and nothing else? Last I checked, I got everything I needed to play the game for less than that amount. There is nothing in the game that I need that requires me to spend my Cartel Coins. There are a lot of optional items that I, as a subscriber, choose to pay for with my CC. But they’re all choices, and none were required to get any of my toons to level 55. Knowing that I am going to be playing anyway, I subscribe for six months at a time. And I have a security key on my smartphone, for free. So, for $13 a month, I’m getting all I need to play the game to it’s fullest extent. Oh, and I get 700 CC a month.

or just use your “monthly sub cartel coins” on some changes and quit being a huge baby

Or just spend some of the monthly CCs we get as subs. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw you could get Cathar for a month’s(with security key bonus) coins.

Yes, we get coins per month, but 500. You can buy 450 for $4.99. So, it is like saying that changing something took $5 of your subscription. While I pay $10 for another 1050 cartel coins and do pretty much everything else.

You do realise F2P has a shitload of restrictions right? In fact Bioware could have just said fuck you, you aint getting any cartel coins at all for subbing. But its an extra bonus for those of us who subscribe and support the game.
I pay 13 bucks and get 700 cartel coins a month. Far more than I actually need. And nothing in the cartel market is actually needed to do anything in game if you subscribe.
TBH you should be glad this kind of stuff costs. It gives Bioware extra revenue so we can continue to get updates for a long time. Believe it or not but it actually costs real money to maintain a game.

Nonsense. They should be lucky that I’m subscribing. Since when did we get into this mentality that I am lucky to play their game?!?! Hey I am a paying customer, they should be lucky to have me and not the other way around. What’s next? I have to beg them to let me play the game and pay $150 every 10 levels I gain while also allowing bioware programmers to have sex with my wife?

I swear Star Citizen cannot come soon enough… And that is the day when I throw this game into the dumpster and set it on fire not because I don’t like the game but because I am sick of being treated like an idiot even though I have been subscribed to their game since launch…

if you think about it, BW is giving you 50% off, which means it will be a lower amount of coins, probably like 50 to change hair/eyes, although race change will probably be 100 for sub, 200 for f2p/pref, if they went higher, no one will buy it.

He has a valid point though, “major features” shouldn’t have to cost us real money to pay for, even if we do get free cartel coins it isnt the point. How long until we will have to start paying for new flashpoints and warzones?. I would of been fine if they charged coins for things such as race swap and some of the more advanced character appearance change like skin, face, eyes ect. But for hair styles and things like the dyes they should be obtainable with credits.

so before the F2P model you needed to pay every month 15$ to play and have access to eveything usefull.
now you need to pay 15$ to just have access to everything usefull and they give you free tokens to buy useless stuff.

But you’re not happy ?

I’m not a huge fan of minor changes costing coins, but being able to race change without technically spending any real money is a pretty welcome addition, I’d say.

If I dye one of the two colors (let’s say primary color, but not secondary) and than unify that piece to my chestpiece, what happens?

I assume, the way the Colors are set up in the files, they Will pull the new Primary Color. For example, the Havoc armor.

You change the white to… idk blue, and leave the orange alone. I believe that the Pants when you unify will have Blue as primary, and retain the orange.

you’ll be able to unify to chest & that colour apply over the whole ensemble you are wearing, just as you do presently. But you will also have the flexibility to dye individually, Harlequins the world over shall rejoice!

They shouldn’t prevent us from dyeing those replica outfits. I guess it’s somehow connected to those datamined alternate sets :/ I kinda don’t like where this is going – content update where everything mentioned so far is paid extra with cartel coins?

Except none of this is a “content” update. Cathar, changing character customization and dye kits are all cosmetic things….not game content.

Oh no. 2.1 is a content update and it’s entitled Customization. Those features are content. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a new flashpoint or quest to be content as well.They are released as part of the content update. So unless those are only extras in 2.1 and an appropriate content we’re familiar with from past CUs will also ship, it’s gonna be very bitter.

That may change in time though, I’d prefer the very low-end stuff like eye-colour & hairstyle would cost credits instead of cartel coins, with big stuff like species changes as cartel coin purchases but they’ll likely want to see how it does in its initial iteration. It’ll depend a lot I suspect on how the individual changes are priced out.

Yes, WoW-like barber would be reasonable with extra things like skin color, eye and face being paid for with $.

If I had to guess, i’d say that the replica outfits, unlike, say, the tier sets which come in different color combinations already, are not being designed with multiple color sets in mind. So that when they designed Bastila’s robes, they were just trying to make them match the original character without anticipating the guy who wants to turn them hot pink. Personally I’m of a mind that if they’re gonna introduce a feature like that, they should let the players’ freak flags fly and not put limits on it. That said I’m sure there is more involved applying colors to all the gear in the game than just moving sliders in photoshop, and I think it’s fair to wonder if they think its worth spending time trying to figure out how to make Revan’s helmet orange and purple.

First, Dulfy- what’s the word on changing body types? Anything?

Second, for all the subscribers crying about it costing cartel coins…. you get 500 a month (or 600 if you are smart enough to have security key) and there is nothing on the market that you could possibly want that you can’t buy off the GTN. I agree with whoever said that we should be happy we get any coins at all for free with our subs. Consider how much you’d cry if you were F2P and had to pay cash to buy cartel coins to buy all the perks you take for granted as a subscriber, like using purple gear, access to Section X, titles, customizations, access to pvp zones and flashpoints, instant travel, revives, etc…. and…. anything you do feel you just have to buy on the cartel market is cheaper for you because you’re a subscriber. Stop your crying and please go play whatever other game you think is so much better than this one as soon as possible, thank you.
PS- Thanks for this site Dulfy, you rock.

Is anyone shocked that it’s a cartel item? SWTOR has seen how much of a cash-crop their cartel market is (I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re making more off the Cartel Market than they are off subscriptions).

The game would survive regardless. They made their money back on subs alone and keeping a handful of servers going costs no real maintenance. They could have easily kept the game going from subs alone, but EA is focused on making money rather than making quality products.

you know you have to pay programmers to have some new content and server maintenance costs actually a lot…
We don’t want the game to just survive, we want it to grow.
in every F2P game it’s something like 30% of players who actually pay for the game/company.
They now have more players (because of the “F2P”) that pay nothing.
they need bigger servers and more ppl to take care of the new players, all this with less money incoming ??
so ofc they try to take the money where they can.

and btw, yes EA is focused on making money, and you ? why are you working ?

Fully agree with you. These kids doesn’t understand how the world works. The cartel market is a great and needed feature. Those of us who subscribe get CC every month and Bioware still gets their cash.
Hell I’ve spent a shitload of cash on CC alone. All worth it.

Really??? I’ve been a subscriber since launch and the 550 or so coins that I get every month is worthless… I can buy 1 of those gamble packs with it… I can’t even buy 1 full armor set (like devastator for example) I have to wait 3 months for that… The amount of coins given to subscribers is a joke, it literally renders me into a F2P user at least when it comes to cartel stuff. I knew from the beginning that this will happen – basically they said you will get 500 coins every month it will be more than plenty for all your needs then, when system is implemented, just buff up the prices effectively devaluing the currency/coins. Basically you’re a subscriber these days so that you can have 12 character slots and unlimited access to ops/pvp.

If stuff from the Cartel Market was gamebreaking I would agree – but a certain visual look is fluff. Basically, all of the CM items are not needed to enjoy the game to the fullest. Get over it.

I was pleasantly surprised at the color being able to be r/e-ed.

Damion mentioned the color slot feature over drinks in the January SF Cantina. When someone asked about craftable, if memory servers he said something like not at that time or not initially.

And woot for the c/e colors!

Regardless, good news and thanks for the info!

A couple of questions: Does the level 15 mean all the level 1 and level 10 adaptive armor is not dye-able? Is covert/transparent a dye color?

I’d guess that the stuff from Cartel Market that is adaptable and usable for any level will be dyable (I think I just made up a word…)

Aye, they’ve said no to sex as there are story flags that are tied to gender and it isn’t a simple aesthetic change.

Any clues as to what the unique CE colours are? I’m just hoping that they aren’t one of those primary/secondary packages that can be replicated with other colours.

Are there different prices for changing different things? If I just want to change my hair colour it should cost less than a full make over!

Oh, and Cartel Coins only? That sucks. Basic changes (hair colour/style, tattoos) should be in-game credits. Major changes or unlocking new options should be CC.

Are all the sliders the same cost? Is it the same price to change your hair colour as to have a completely different face?

I have a question concerning race changing. Say you have a Lvl 50 Sith Pureblood and you want to chnge him to, say, Cathar. Will you lose the Legacy Unlock in doing so (in case you don’t have another 50 Pureblood and didn’t buy the unlock with CC)?

Once you unlock a race, it stays unlocked. Even if you completely delete a character and don’t have any other level 50s of that race, you’ll retain the unlock. Been that way since the beginning of the legacy races.

once you unlock a species in your legacy (leveling one to 50) it is unlocked forever, even if you delete him/her. Later they added you could buy this species unlocks with credits, for 1.5 million credits each if I remember correctly. Now with cartel coins you have also the choice of unlocking them for 600 CC.

stupid question probably: When they say species change, do they mean I can change my Human character to Miraluka for example?And do we know the cost for it?

I wonder if they are still kicking around the idea of advanced class respec. Seems like a perfect fit for the Cartel Market and this patch if they were.

unlikely, I read that from a back-end systems perspective that the advanced classes of a Inquisitor for example are as different from each other as they are from Bounty Hunter, Warrior or Agent advanced classes.

Hope we find out tomorrow. It’s just sick how excited I am about every detail in TOR. And I got exams in 2 weeks… Eh.

Would be be able to ask about weapon aesthetic customization? Such as changing colours of the hilts/guns, adding particle effects such as those we’re finding on CM weapons, selecting a particular sound and applying it to another weapon, etc.?

In a more friendly phrasing, could you ask the developers if they’re looking in to customizing the sounds, colours and particle effects of our weapons?

Getting all of this armour customization is great, but I think that we’re really forgetting about our weapons.

I think these are awesome changes but it really ticks me off that it is exclusive to Cartel coins. I’ve paid every month since this game has come out and even purchased the collector’s edition, but when they release new content that is for more money than what I am already paying per month it really just shows who they are catering to.

all i hear is people crying, try change ur race on WOW cost u about 15-25eu/dollar ther! so stfu alrdy and sub to the game or leave alrdy

Kind regards

The thing about that though is you can change your appearance in game for free to a degree (Hairstyle, hair colour, piercings) then for more extreme customisations like race change and stuff it costs real money, that is fair enough and I wouldn’t mind so much if bioware did that. But instead we are having to pay real money to just do the basic stuff.

technically if you are a sub you get 500 free cartel coins a month and thus you would be getting it for freeall be it a limited amount of times a month.

God forbid a company doesnt want to give away a full game for free when they have server costs. Employee costs.etc etc

But as a side note, the cost for a species change will be much cheaper with a subscription then it is for WoW even if you have to buy cartel coins.

Class changes are hopefully never coming. It would be horrible for the game and they would be very stupid to cave on that one.



All the subscribers screaming about, how can they charge me to change my appearance etc. etc – what on earth do you spend your monthly CC stipend on?

Cant wait, i’v been complain/asking for these adds since 1.2. Think 2k Cartel coins is enough? ‘ u ‘ i’v been saving

Looking forward to finally being able to put some blue pants on my Smuggler, and give my Bounty Hunter a facelift. I like these additions!

Any information (or can you ask) about how easy it is to preview the dyes?
I don’t know the colors but if there was a black and a red. I wanted to see what my gree armor may look like with red as the main and black as the secondary. (just as an example)
Just curious if there will be an easy way to see this before either spending cartel or hunting for the colors at the various vendors

I already sent in the questions but they said you should be able to preview a dye module on any piece of gear that are dyeable. You probably do have to do some hunting though.

It would be weird to be able to change species and not gender. Sounds kinda transphobic. Also, what does EA/Bioware have against cross-dressing in game? So much for #H8IsNotAGame

It probably have to do with the companions system and romances. If you suddenly changed your gender, it may conflict with that system and cause all sorts of weird bugs.

That’s an easy fix. Reset all affection, or ones with romance. Kinda like a virtual breakup or divorce. Can’t be any more difficult than them resetting our skill trees all the time. Also, once affection is maxed out and the companion story is completed I don’t recall ever seeing anything that even relates to romance. Would it even matter?

I hope they never cave on being able to change your advance class, would rather they learn not to nerf things into the ground that people jump toons (or raids stop taking certain toons into raid). I like the idea of dyes and this should of been in from the start, I hope this will free them up from issueing re-colors of armor in game already and focus on designing new armors. Would still love to see some of the KoTOR armors (refeshed) and entered into the game, or atlest some acient sith lord sets.

[…] those who haven't heard, new armor dyes are coming in 2.1 as well as a barbor shop style kiosk. SWTOR Armor dyes and Appearance Designer Kiosk details – Dulfy I'm very excited about the dyes, it will add some indviduality to our characters…and that's a […]

I’m just hoping that BioWare will be kind enough to put the “micro-” back in “microtransactions”. At least with these new customization options.

Last time I checked, armor sets were 33% cheaper in The Secret World, while they get twice as much currency with their subscriptions. And even that’s considered pretty hefty by the TSW community.

Great post. I wanted to double check, with the kiosk, will they allow us to change the skin color of our characters ?

that’s what the F2P system should look like. Instead of denying F2P player something, just give subscriber a benefit = win/ win.

Awesome list! This is one of the features I’m looking forward to the most – I know I’ll be dropping some dollars on changing my armour color. What is the source for this info, though? Is it in patch notes, forums, or from talking to someone directly at Bioware?

Does any one know if it’s possible that you could change your characters Gender with this new feature? Also why cartel coins? It would’ve made much more sense for them to done it with Credits. =/

Have you heard anything about facial hair and/or face model? All I’ve seen is hairstyle and tattoo stuff.

I think $12/month with 600CC would be competitive as long as the content keeps flowing. 4 things would make this game the best out there: 1) freeflight space missions (think Freelancer) not missions on rails, 2) guild capital ships with XP level (think WoW guild rewards + LotR mansion decorations/trophies)), 3) random mission generators with rare but valuable drops (think LotR skirmishes), 4) more new FPs/ops whilst revamping older ones for replay

Any idea of what the Artifice Level will be for crafting dye’s? I assume level 6 or 9 crew skill?

Ok, I have 1 question with the kiosk: Are there supposed to be limitations when changing species ? For example the Imperial zabrak first skin color option is kinda pale, almost human in tone, but, when taking this option as a republic player that color option isn’t there. Im not sure if this is a bug since they moved the kiosks or if this is working as intended, any ideas ?

Personally I think he’s a joke. They give you the option to unlock the hairstyles from the Market, but forget to mention when you try to change your hair to the style you just unlocked it still charges you 40 cartel.

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