SWTOR Cathar species coming in Game Update 2.1!

Cathar, a playable species announced last year, will be introduced in SWTOR Game Update 2.1 as as a cartel coin purchase.

  • Unlockable via the cartel market for cartel coins (600 cartel coins) . You can convert either an existing character or reroll a new character.
  • Unlock is account wide rather than just legacy wide (i.e. applied to all servers, all your legacies)
  • Available to all eight classes (both factions)
  • Both male and female
  • Cool new fur patterns, new hair styles
  • Great social emote for your Cathar pride
  • Trooper companion Aric Jordan will be have his appearance adjusted to bring him inline with the new Cathar models. He will be utilizing the new fur technology and better reflect how Cathars will look.


Short video teaser of the Cathar species in action.

Here are some additional screens from the video.


  • Zaska

    I stopped waiting for Cathar and made a human trooper. Will convert to Cathar as that was my intention from the beginning. (No, not planning any romancing with Aric, it is a male toon.)

  • Guest


  • Michael


  • Jon

    Yay, I cant wait to get more details on 2.1. Is it just me or was Dulfy the only one that actually got any advanced notice? I kind of hope so. Still upset with the other sites and how much they blew the RoTC release date out of proportion before it was announced.

    • There are a couple of fansites with advanced notice. Each will have their role in revealing patch 2.1 in the next week 🙂

    • GLaD

      I noticed out of the 3 sites I’ve checked so far, Dulfy is the only one with pricing and other details, which is great! (Thanks, Dulfy.) I am curious if the “convert existing toon to Cathar” will be a one-time thing, an additional cost, or if we just have carte blanche to re-mod our current toons as Cathar?

      • You will know more next week when they allow us to reveal more features of 2.1.

  • looking forward to this…wasn’t sure if I’d like Cathar or not but after reading how they are implementing them, I think I’m actually wanting to play one…

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  • stricky345

    So it’s again a patch with no PvP content? Great.

    • Achrius

      well ya cant really say NO pvp content, since we just had an expansion that gave new pvp armor and reworked the entire pvp play with expertise. so its more appropriate to say No new Warzone again 😛

      • RidDler2435

        Aren’t you tired of waiting for season 1 to start? I’ve been playing pre season for 1.5 years now….

    • GameEntity

      I agree with you. Although generally speaking I like the game, it still frustrates me like none other. And why Cathar? It’s OK, but why not Togruta? *Sigh* I’m just going to stop there, or else I’m going to black out and rant forever…

      • Sarigar

        The developers said that if the Cathar are successful, more races will be considered. They also said that in the specific case of Togruta, it’s much more complicated than Cathar because of abundant clipping issues with gear. It’s a cosmetic change to us, but it’s a huge amount of work on their end, so they won’t do it unless they’re sure it’ll be worth the time it takes to do.

        • Annie

          something which i find somewhat silly because of the twi’lek.
          if we can have twi’lek characters (who already have numerous clipping issues), i fail to see the problem with the other two

        • Anaxagoras

          The main thing where that doesn’t hold a lot of water with me is the fact that Ashara already works with most gear from at least a preview perspective. It would just need a warning about helmets or something. Anyways the reason they picked Cathar was because they had a survey and the response was overwhelmingly “Cathar”, so it was fan input and nothing more and nothing less.

  • Achrius

    Meh Cathar are good for republic but I just cant justify them as an Empire race, I understand the legacy part of having everyone on both sides and all, but I would have really liked to see a new race along side the cathar that catered to empire side a bit more, but cant wait for more on 2.1 customization 😀

    • Dashto

      The Empire storyline on Belsavis explains why Cathar joined the Empire.

  • mizue

    Dulfy do you have any estimated time for the release?

    • 6-8 weeks after 2.0

  • kgrey38

    I hope there will be a new Aric Jorgan line or two acknowledging a Cathar Trooper. I don’t really expect, but I hope!

  • Darko

    Will releasing this also include the race change? I see that you can change a pre-existing character to cathar but will that work with switching to other races also? Or will we have to wait even longer for that? -__-

    • Angolwen

      The title of update 2.1 ist Customization. So I would think cosmetic and race changes will be part of it. Maybe Dulfy knows more…?

    • You will see more details next week. That is all I can say right now.

    • Chris Dwiggins

      Looks like you’ll be able to change any race in or around May.

  • Slarkdahn

    Good to know that they’re adding more customisations.
    Also alongside this Cathar species, they are actually releasing more customisation options – look on he SWtOR Twitter feed for an insider video detailing more stuff.
    Looks to be great cosmetically!

  • Honestly I personally think it sucks as a subscriber I have to pay cartel coins for this. i was very excited about the news but now not so much. Same with the kiosk customization. why can I not just pay credits for an in game service

    • Naug

      Cartel unlocks can be sold on the market for credits. Which people do. A lot.

  • KostonEld

    Ya this is a bit lame!! What ANOTER cartel market update?! Cathar…cartel coins!! Barbershop…cartel coins!!! What do we subscribe for again?!

    • RidDler2435

      You subscribe for everything else.

    • Paweł Kasperek

      for 500 free coins each month?

    • Stephen S. Bowman

      its freaking cosmetic stuff for crying out loud and yes i consider cathar and barbershop cosmetic stuff

  • belerion

    Thundercats hoooo

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  • Paweł Kasperek

    Catgirls Fans United rejoice!
    my agent Meruru is due to species conversion :3

  • Fiera

    Correction: Trooper companion is Aric Jorgan, not Aric Jordan.

  • g

    Thunder, thunder, thunder… CATS!

  • Daly Max

    Cathar Jedi Guardian=Lion-O with a lightsaber.

    • Gabriel Nepenthe

      Needed Now: A guild named ‘Sight Beyond Sight’.

      Also a Sith named ‘Mum-Ra’.

  • Zendae

    they should add Nautolan

  • Edward T. Riker

    Bozo the catclown…

  • Dashto

    Hey Dulfy, could you ask them for a preview of how Aric Jorgan will look if you get the chance to correspond with them again?

  • dixoak

    Look at that, another human reskin. In what manner is it a race if it uses the same model and animations as every other species and looks like a human with catlike features. This game continues to look like NOT the most expensive MMO ever made.

  • Julian Gray


  • BaaBaa Black

    Are they making all race unlocks apply to all servers or just the cathar unlock?

  • Kao

    Have thy told yet when the new update 2.1 with cathar race will come out?

  • Qui-jin

    I´d love if they allow us to change even the class role of our caracter. fir example, if im a shadow and wanted to change to a sage?? that would be awesome

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