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SWTOR Loremaster of Makeb achievement guide

SWTOR Loremaster of Makeb achievement guide with detailed instructions on getting the codex entries required for this achievement. The achievement can be found under Location-> Makeb –> Exploration and reward 10 achievement points upon completion.

Codex Lore Entry Faction
Alien Initiatives Empire
Atmosphere of Makeb Shared
Disaster on Makeb Shared
Gravity Hook Empire
History of Makeb Empire
Isotope-5 Empire
Makeb’s Mysterious Survival Republic
Mining on Makeb Shared
Makeb Strike Team Empire
Imperial Retrenchment Republic
The Ark Republic
Hutt Cartel Alliance Republic
Hutt Conquest of Makeb Shared

Alien Initiatives (Empire Only)


  • Received when you pick up To Lurker mission from Captain Hanthor (Cathar NPC by Gravity Hook Seven)

Atmosphere of Makeb (Shared)


  • Makeb Orbital Station
    • Empire: Near the shuttle that take you down to Makeb, it is right next to Agent Tomms (agent basic gear vendor)
    • Republic: Next to the doorway that lead you to the shuttle.


Disaster on Makeb (Shared)


  • Obtained as part of the Makeb storyline
    • Republics receive this lore entry after completing Shelter from the Storm
    • Empire players receive this lore entry after completing Descent Into the Core

Gravity Hook (Empire only)


  • Empire players can obtain this lore entry on Gravity Hook Seven Loading Ring right next to the elevator


History of Makeb (Empire only)


  • Empire players can obtain this on Gravity Hook Seven Loading Ring SE portion.


Isotope –5 (Empire only)


  • Empire players can obtain this during the Makeb storyline

Makeb’s Mysterious Survival (Republic only)


  • Republic players can get this codex entry when they start the STAGED Weekly Mass Exodus on the Makeb Orbital Station

Mining on Makeb (Shared)


Empire players can find this in the bunker right behind the speeder in Cartel Mining Mesa.


Republic players can find this also in the bunker behind the speeder in Cartel Mining Mesa


Operational Briefing: Makeb Strike Team (Empire Only)

Granted to Empire players who have completed the story mission: The Monstrous Mesa of Solida Hesk. This codex was previously unobtainable but fixed in patch 2.1.1

State of the War: Imperial Retrenchment (Republic only)


Obtained upon your arrival to the Makeb Orbital station for the Republic quest Trouble in Paradise.

The Ark (Republic only)


Obtained when you complete the Republic quest The Ark.

The Hutt Cartel Alliance (Republic only)


Obtained upon completing the Republic Makeb storyline.

The Hutt Conquest of Makeb (Shared)


Datapad found near the Republic speeder in Talaos City. Empire players can access it if they can withstand a few attacks from nearby Republic guards.


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

22 replies on “SWTOR Loremaster of Makeb achievement guide”

Great guides as usual but with all the bugs in the achievement system I have to ask if it’s worth doing atm or at all. Especially as most of the codex bugs were reported over a year ago and nothing was fixed. Not only that but there is no official comment on whether or not they even intend to fix the 20+ achievement bugs that have already been noticed. So why bother?

I think with the turn over of devs a lot of the old “bug” information was lost, I know on the forums there was a lot of post about bugged codex on Tython and Taris and both those were removed and the planets can now be 100% completed. If we just keep reporting the bugs to the devs I’m sure we will eventually see these codex and achievement bugs start to disappear.

Dulfy are you currently working on a “well connected” achievement guide? I’ve been able to unlock some of these, but I’m almost positive they were all on accident.

State of the War: Imperial Retrenchment – This achievement I already have in my Codex/Achievement list but I play only for Empire. I doubt it’s the “Republic Only” achievement.

I’m playing for the Imp side, and I’ve got “The Hutt Conquest of Makeb” codex entry without using the datapad in the republic camp. Unfortunately, I can’t remember how actually I’ve got it. I’ll let you know If I come across it again while leveling a toon up to 55.

I scoured every part of Makeb but I couldn’t find Operational Briefing: Makeb Strike Team. I thought I’d missed it somewhere, but apparently this achievement is bugged as well 🙁
This makes me a sad panda.

From the 2.1.1 patch notes:

Players who have started or completed the Makeb mission “The Monstrous Mesa of Solida Hesk” now receive the proper Codex entry entitled “Operational Briefing: Makeb Strike Team”

Just reminding you so you can edit this post now that it is obtainable 🙂

Excellent guide, thanks for all the work! Just an update on Alien Initiatives – I did not receive it after completing To Pierce the Heavens — I kept on playing and I received when I picked up “The Lurker” mission from Captain Hanthor.

The Hutt Conquest of Makeb (Shared) – Emperial –> Solida Hesk’s Estate Shuttle
When you get there, on crates between Mission Terminal and Medical Droid, there is a datapad with codex entry. No need to go die as Imp in Rep area and it is much closer and easier to pick. 😉

I strated the Weekly Mass Exodus mission and did not receive the Lore entry.

Is there another way to achieve this nowadays?

Appreciate your guides. I use them all the time.

After doing more research you can not gain the Makeb’s Mysterious Survival lore entry due to the 4.0 changes taking out the conversation you have to get the mission Mass Exodus.

The terminal where you gain the mission does not give the achievement. Somehow it was tied into the NPC conversation.

Therefore Galactic Loremaster is no longer achievable.

Same with other heroics all over the game that used to grant achievements when speaking to NPCs. They should grant the achievements upon quest completion or remove them from the requirements for Galactic Loremaster.

Now you have to complete the weekly on the republic side. It’s a pain in the ass, but it’s sure better than unobtainable.

I have found though even though the original mission quest used to finish Loremaster of Makeb is gone, I can verify that completing the current Makeb weekly on the Republic side will award you the “Makeb’s Mysterious Survival (Republic only)” Codex needed to complete Loremaster of Makeb. I recently just completed it. Completed Loremaster of Makeb on 2-16-2018

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