GW2 Braham and Rox gemstore weapons

Images of the new Braham and Rox weapons from the gemstore for the GW2 Flame and Frost Retribution patch.

Braham’s Mace Skin – 600 gems – [&AgGcpgAA]


Braham’s Shield Skin – 600 gems – [&AgGfpgAA]


Rox’s Quiver Set – 600 gems – [&AgGlpgAA]


Rox’s Short Bow Skin – 600 gems – [&AgGipgAA]


Mini Hippo Calf – 400 gems – [&AgFTpgAA]


Sonic Tunneling Tool – 250 gems


Special thanks to Klinkie for his assistance in getting the screenshots!

  • Galvorn

    Are those skins only usable once or are they endless?

    • Only once

    • Maximelene

      Like ALL skins ever, once, but you can reuse them with transmutation stones.

      • Galvorn

        Can I transfer the skin to a different character by transmutating or is the skin forever locked to the initial character?

        • Yes you can. Transmute to a white/blue item and it comes account bound and you can use it on other chars

          • Robert Jenkins

            I did not know this. Thanks!

          • grimm

            yeah, i didn’t know that either. super useful info!

  • Zivhayr

    Any ideas what the item codes are so I can preview? Gem store previews are a bit limiting

    • Usually I grab my from gw2db but they don’t have them in the db yet. I will let you know when I get a hold of them

    • Thejewishpeople

      PvP Locker

  • Robert Jenkins

    I just used 50 bauble baubles for the Super Shield….but Brahams shield the temptation is real.

  • evil_mike

    A quiver that I don’t have to grind for?!! EEEEEEEEEE!!! *waves hands in excitement*

    • Knux

      Agreed. Now my ranger won’t look ridiculous while I’m leveling him!

      • Ares Zax

        Darn it… It would have been perfect if the blades on the side of the quiver weren’t there. 🙁

  • Lagwyn

    Also don’t forget that the mini hippo swims when you go in water!

    • Knux

      Shiniest. Hippo. Ever.

  • bufuman

    What is the fused guantlet?

    • gloves you can get from finishing the new dungeon

  • attila

    what a shame -.-

  • Logan

    Are these weapons and the fused gauntlets going away at some point?

  • Kreyton

    Ehy did they remove this? I was hoping to buy, but now its gone…

    • Yup, it was limited time only.

  • Dwecks

    Will this be available agian?

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