GW2 Molten Jetpack and Fused Gauntlet screenshots

Screenshots and videos of the Molten Jetpack back item, Fused Gauntlet, mini Molten Firestorm, and infinite Molten Berserker tonic you can acquire from the Molten Weapons Facility dungeon released with the Flame and Frost Retribution patch.

Decorative Molten Jetpack – Back item (random drop from final boss chest) – [&AgGnpQAA]


Fused Gauntlets (one time reward from completing Alliance Breaker achievement) – [&AgG0pQAA]

  • Exotic gloves with Sentinel stats (exotic) and same appearance for heavy, light, medium
  • Video showing off the animations on the Fused Gauntlets (and also Molten Jetpack which have no animation)



Mini Molten Firestorm (random drop from final boss chest) – [&AgGipQAA]

  • Has a very neat animation where he will jump up and spin in the air
  • Image provided by Daemonn Dawnslayer



Infinite Molten Berserker Tonic – [&AgGjpQAA]

  • 50 T5 dust, 50 Molten Lodestone, 50 Glacial Lodestone, 50 Jugs of Water
  • Recipe obtained as a random drop from final boss chest.
  • Image provided by Daemonn Dawnslayer


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45 replies on “GW2 Molten Jetpack and Fused Gauntlet screenshots”

you need complete Rox and Brams living story dungeons and after that complete molten facility, after finish all this talk vith Rox in Black citadel and Brams in Hoelbrak, you will get achievement and title and ticket for molten gauntles (heavy, middle, light, only one you can take)

any idea if you can get the molten gauntlet ticket more than once per account or only once per account?

There’s nothing to write guide for. Complete Story mode of the dung, follow Rox and Braham to Hoel and BC – done.

The image is of a mini that drops from the chest in the new dungeon. I just looted one as well to confirm.

I’m assuming those are the heavy guantlets? Any chance of scarring up the light and medium ones? Any information on the ‘stats’ on them? Are they exotic items, or just fine and the intention is to use them as skins on something else?

You get a ticket that spawns a vendor (much like merchant expresses) This vendor sells 3 gauntlets. They are all identical except that they are Heavy, Medium and Light, but they all look the same. The vendor is also reusable until you finally pick an item you want.

can i change light for eg. havy? i mean that hand armor? i took light, want medium, and i realized that after a while ;/

Probably a dumb question, but can the Fused Gauntlets be salvaged? (This for those of us who don’t like the look of them and would rather get Ectos from it.)

Mini Pet dropped for me on the first run last night. Glad I didn’t drop my 75 Laurels on Chauncey Yet!

This may be a dumb question, but how do you get the Mini Molten Firestorm to do his animation? I summoned it but it doesn’t do anything like the video above shows.

I know it is pretty unrelated but, what armor are you wearing here Dulfy? it’s pretty 🙂

Can you redeem the Fused Gauntlet ticket whenever? Or will it eventually stop working at some point? Hoping to use the fused gauntlet skin on a new race/class, if/when it ever comes out.

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