GW2 Flame and Frost rare dyes

A gallery of the twelve rare dyes from the Flame Dye Kit and the Frost Dye kit on the gemstore. These dye kits were put on the gemstore on April 15, 2013 and will likely last for a limited time. Special thanks to Cia Iwasawa of Yak’s Bend for their help in getting the screenshots.

Exclusive new colors from the Frost Dyes

Deep Glacial Teal and Glacial Teal


Shiver Sea and Shiver Sky


Deep Glacial Sky and Glacial Sky


Exclusive new colors from the Flame Dyes

Charred and Cinders


Flame and Molten


Flare and Pyre


  • Nick

    Can these dyes be obtained from other ways?or only from the dye kit?

    • You can buy them from trading post but they are very expensive

    • Staiphos

      IF you want one, buy it from the TP. I bought like 15 packs from the TP and got nothin (A white dye, no new dyes). Waste of money.

  • alex murphy

    Well the rarity is only to push up the gem price and make people buy gems to get the kits. Not alot of new content from anet but always something to need gems for.

    • Kevin Arnold

      i disagree with you, i feel the gem shop was pretty weak until recently and they have kept pace with new content recently (super adventure box event, new dungeon for living story, a new event that is coming out in a few days that has a lot of content)

  • Audret

    What armor set/skin are female humans wearing? In regards to the shoulders and chest. Thank you.

    • No shoulders + winged tunic (crafted)

      • luc

        What are the bottoms your light armor female is wearing? I can’t find them anywhere D:

        • Ascalonian catacombs legs

  • tofuman

    There’s also Amenity Dye included with the frost dye.

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