GW2 Flame and Frost Retribution new recipes

A list of the new recipes one can acquire from the GW2 Flame and Frost: Retribution patch.

Discovery Recipes

  • All require Chef 400
Recipe Ingredients Food Effects
Bowl of Garlic Butter Sauce 2x Bottle of Rice Wine
5x Stick of Butter
1x Parsley Leaf
1x Bowl of Fancy Tangy Sautee Mix
Cooking Ingredient used for Plate of Frostforge Clams
Pile of Walnut Crumble Topping 5x Stick of Butter
2x Nutmeg Seeds
15x Walnut
2x Cinnamon Stick
Cooking Ingredient used for Carrot Souffle
Pile of Zesty Herbs 5x Head of Garlic
1x Pile of Ascalonian Herbs
1x Cayenne Pepper
5x Saffron Threads
Seasoning used for Plate of Spicy Herbed Chicken and Bowl of Zesty Turnip Soup

Dropped Recipes

  • These comes from the final boss chest of Molten Weapons Facility
  • All of them require crafting skill at 400


Recipe Ingredients Food Effects
Bowl of Garlic Kale Sautee 1x Jar of Vinegar
1x Jar of Vegetable Oil
20x Heads of Garlic
30x Kale Leaf
+70 Condition damage
+40% Condition Duration
+10 experience from kills
Bowl of Refugee’s Beet Soup 1x Bowl of Vegetable Stock
10x Beets
2x Bowl of Staple Soup Vegetables
4x Dill Sprigs
+100 Toughness
+20% Magic Find
+10 experience from kills
Bowl of Sweet and Spicy Butternut Squash Soup 5x Apples
3x Bowl of Butternut Squash Soup
3x Pile of Pumpkin Pie Spice
10x Ghost Pepper
+100 Power
+10% critical damage
+10 experience from kills
Bowl of Zesty Turnip Soup 8x Turnips
2x Bowl of Cream Soup Base
1x Bowl of Fancy Tangy Sautee Mix
1x Pile of Zesty Herbs
+100 Vitality
+20% Magic Find
+10 experience from kills
Carrot Souffle 10x Carrots
1x Bowl of Baker’s Dry Ingreidents
1x Bowl of Baker’s Wet Ingreidents
1x Pile of Walnut Crumble Topping
+200 power for 30s after killing an enemy
+10 critical strike damage
+10 experience from kills
Mushroom Loaf 20x Mushroom
2x Ball of Dough
20x Portobello Mushroom
5x Rosmary Sprigs
+100 Vitality
+70 Power
+10 experience from kills
Plate of Frostforge Clams 5x Lemons
15x Clams
5x Leeks
2x Bowls of Garlic Butter Sauce
+100 Toughness
+70 Precision
+10 experience from kills
Plate of Spicy Herbed Chicken 5x Slab of Poultry Meat
1x Bowl of Fancy Tangy Sautee Mix
13x Ghost Peppers
1x Pile of Zesty Herbs
+100 Toughness
+70 Power
+10 experience from kills
Spicy Marinated Mushroom 10x Grilled Mushroom
20x Grilled Portobello Mushrooms
6x Cayenne Peppers
10x Ghost Peppers
+100 Power
+70 Tougness
+10 experience from kills


Recipe Ingredients Image
Infinite Molten Berserker Tonic 50x Pile of Incandescent Dust
50x Molten Lodestones
50x Glacial Lodestones
50x Jugs of Water
See below for screenshot


Sentinel Inscriptions/Insignias are dropped from final boss chest and can also be salvaged from sentinel gear. They cannot be crafted.

  • for the Infinite Molten Berserker Tonic, do you need a recipe or is it just discovery? edit nvm, rare drop :/

    • You do need a recipe from the final boss chest

    • narg

      i am not sure why want find this recipe, I just buy it for 1g, but all materials for craft potion cost 50-60g, you can buy whole potion for 57g now,

      • cog

        Can you enter costume brawl with this tonic?

  • Rodrigo Folgar

    Can you jump with the tonic active?

  • Also does anyone have any info on the new Sentinel gear? Ie what are the mats to craft the inscription.

    • I got them as drops from the boss chest – inscriptions and insignias

      • Ares Zax

        You can also salvage Sentinel inscriptions/insignia from any gear with the Sentinel prefix. (I tested this myself last night, although I still don’t know what the return % is. I got 1 insignia back from 3 salvaged Sentinel armor pieces.) The quality of the inscription/insignia seems to depend on the quality of the item you salvaged. Fine insignia/inscriptions come from Blue items, Masterwork from Green items etc. Presumably Rare and Exotic insignia/inscriptions could be salvaged from their equivalent items, but there’s probably more supply coming from drops from the Molten chest.
        Feel free to add this info to the guide, dulfy. 🙂

  • Aryea

    This might be apparent to others, but I just noticed.. :p I was checking to see why the foods were duplicates of others, and realized these new foods have 1hr durations 🙂 Same stats, just not 30m foods 🙂 (Like Rare veggie pizza vs.Bowl of Garlic Kale Sautee)

  • Ares Zax

    Thank you for this, dulfy! 😀 Now I can put together a checklist for the Chef recipes I need to buy if I don’t find them myself in the dungeon.

  • Maaz Mahmood

    IF you are not yet crafter lvl 400, can you still get these recepies?

    • dungeon dropped ones yes

  • Alex Oates

    Are these recipes and sentinal gear/gems permanent?

    • Dungeon going away on May 12 so these might be temporary

      • insanelyapple

        I think recipes will stay because ingredients are available everywhere and also because recipes from halloween, christmas are still here.

  • would have been nice to see some boon duration food with something other then magic find on it in this set of recipies

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