SWTOR Patch 2.1 Dyes modules Q&A with Bioware

Patch 2.1 Armor dyes Q&A with Bioware to clarify on some of the questions and concerns players had with the introduction of armor dyes in patch 2.1.

1. How many different dye modules can we expect at release? Will these dyes give off different colors based on the property of the armor? (i.e. will a cloth armor dye differently than a metallic armor).

There will be 48 different Dye Modules at release.  25 will be available through the Cartel Market, 3 will be available from the Security Key and Collector’s Edition vendors, and 20 more will be available through the crafting system (schematics for some of which will be found on Reputation vendors).

A given Dye Module will produce slightly different results depending on the underlying tones of the armor to which it is applied, so it is important to always preview the result before applying the Dye Module to a piece of equipment.  Cloth and metallic armors will differ mostly in highlights, as their reflective properties are different, but the essential color will be the same.

2. Alot of cartel market outfits and reputation outfits are below level 15, will these be dyeable? Can you give a list of lore outfits that are not dyeable?

All Cartel Market outfits (with the exception of Lore gear) will be dyeable, regardless of item level.

Lore outfits that do not have Dye Module slots include the KOTOR outfits inspired by:

· Bastila Shan

· The Last Handmaiden

· Carth Onasi

· Darth Malak

· Jolee Bindo

· Triumvirate Armor

Additionally, the Revan armor set and the Mask of Nihilus are also considered Lore gear, and do not have Dye Module slots.

3. What crew skills will be able to craft these dyes? How would reverse engineer work with dyes?

Craftable Dye Modules will be produced through Artifice.  Dye Modules cannot be reverse engineered.

4. Will armor have one or two dye module slots to accommodate primary and secondary dye modules? How exactly do primary and secondary dye modules work?

Armor will have one Dye Module slot.

Dye Modules come in three types:

· Dye Modules containing both a primary and a secondary color

· Dye Modules containing only a primary color

· Dye Modules containing only a secondary color

Dye Modules that contain only a primary or secondary color will affect only the primary or secondary color of the armor, while leaving its counterpart unaffected. It is not possible to combine a primary-only Dye Module with a secondary-only Dye Module.

For example, take a piece of armor such as the Havoc Squad armor worn by Aric Jorgan.  It is white in its primary areas and orange in the secondary areas.  If a Dye Module containing only the primary color dark blue is applied, the armor will now be dark blue in its primary areas and orange in its secondary areas.  Similarly, if a Dye Module containing only the secondary color light purple is applied, the armor will now be white in its primary areas and light purple in its secondary areas.  Applying a Dye Module to an armor that already contains one will replace and destroy the existing Dye Module.

5. Other than crafting and security key/CE vendors, are there any other places one can acquire dyes outside the cartel market (i.e. any dyes tied to achievement rewards etc). 

As mentioned above, the schematics for some craftable Dye Modules will be obtained from certain Reputation vendors throughout the galaxy.  At this time, Dye Modules are not distributed through quest or achievement rewards.

  • Nick Foster

    Don’t tell me, black and white will be cartel market only?

    Just guessing…

    • Doug

      and via a super rare drop in a cartel pack :/

    • Darko

      It would make more sense if the cartel dyes were on their own page in cosmetics or something. That way we dont have to gamble a ton to get them. Haha

    • Adam Baum

      I’m sick and tired of these gambling boxes getting so much of everything. Some fine. But the amount that is available is staggeringly high. Whats worse is that someone will purchase $80 or so worth of boxes and get F all of anything of worth. Not cool Bioware. Not cool.

  • Selenial

    Either way…

    WOOOOOOO Finally 😀

  • Sally Bowls

    TYVM! And quite good news,

    I hope there are single color duals e.g. where the primary and secondary color are the same black, red, purple.

    Uh oh, my 450 Artifice is only level 25 so I bet no rep schematics for me for a long while.

    • Ladez

      rep is legacy wide, so your lvl 25 should be fine 🙂

  • Draug

    Good work Dulfy, but I have to admit I’m a little disappointed. We didn’t really get any new information here, just a few clarifications.

    • Aries_cz

      Clarifications are important. Many people automatically assume that dyes are CM only.

      As a side note, I am psyched that Artifice is getting some new toys, we have been hit really hard by CM crystals and impossibility to create high level offhands like we used to post 2.0

      • Draugril

        Eh, you could spend all day clarifying things for people that deliberately seek to see the worst possible interpretation of any information that comes to us. It’s a hopeless endeavour.

        May as well not even try and cater to people that are actually supportive on the game. I’d love to learn new information. These clarifications simply don’t interest me because I didn’t assume the worst.

        Again, not knocking Dulfy. The site is awesome – always has been. I just wish the community and developers were less focused on battling with each other and more interested in cooperating and sharing information.

      • Ilysanth

        I’d have been happier if Synthweaving had gotten the dye modules. Synth got hit just as hard by the CM and didn’t get anything out of 2.0. At least Artifice can make the new 28 enhancements AND RE the black core crystals!

  • anon1amouse

    So … no comment on Reputation Gear?

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  • Cypher

    So.. if there’s a dye module that’s red and a dye module that’s blue, but a red-blue one doesn’t exist I can’t have red-blue armour. Sigh! At first I read it as there’d be two slots: one for a primary dye, and one for a secondary. Too bad!

    • RidDler2435

      Absolutely agree. Its sloppy work not to include 2 slots instead of 1. If you’re gonna make a system like this, do it right the first time.

      • It might be hard depending on how the system works. If they just put a layer over the corresponding colors they might interfere and if you put primary red and secondary yellow, secondary might actually turn out orange or something. I don’t think it’s as easy as all of you guys make it sound.

    • iceberg265

      Dye Modules come in three types:

      · Dye Modules containing both a primary and a secondary color

      · Dye Modules containing only a primary color
      · Dye Modules containing only a secondary color

      How do you know there will not be a red-blue one?

      • Cypher

        There might be! But I doubt Bioware will make a dual-module for every single colour combo available (It would be primary times secondary.. if there’s ten primaries and ten secondaries they’d need 100 dual modules to get every combo!). That would be an awesome fix for the problem, though.

        • eidel

          you math is sound but you forgot one thing… the revers of the dual module colors… ex, red-blue.. red primary blue secondary… there would also need to be a blue primary, red secondary… so you would than need to multiply by 2… so in actuality there would need to be 200… 100 normal and 100 reversed

          • Cypher

            Woo hoo, I never even though of having the reverse of every colour too. Crazy @_@

          • Tom

            No Cypher’s maths was correct and does take into account the reverse.

      • Tyler Stewart

        yeah but making them on the market and ce/sk vendors unless you craft them is super cheap. I don’t craft, and i won’t pay 5 bucks to make my armor blue instead of orange. Why is Bio Ware making this system this way? I mean if they had two slots, you can just use one of you don’t want to customize the other! Why does this have to be this way?

        • You can buy them from the market from people who crafted it. That system is good. Up till now unless you were in the super hard operations and got the plans for the superrare stuff, Artifice was completely useless. You could build cristals, but once someone is 50 you had no need for it since you could only build the 4 or 5 basic colors. None of the cool. Hilts and upgrades were usefull and could bring money, but only if you managed to get trough the superhard operations, and even then only if you were lucky enough to get just the one recipe you need and then were lucky to roll.

          Everything else was useless like orange really bad lightsabers and secondary hand stuff, some really terrible relics and that’s it. Now it at least gets some use.

      • AbsolutGrndZer0

        Plus, they said there is only 48 dye modules. Now, unless they mean 48 single colors and then all of the combos… I guess we need to know what colors they have… but even then, there is no way those 48 dye modules includes a dual version of every possible color unless they have a VERY small number of colors available. If the I put it into the calculator right ( (x*x)+(x*2) because you have x primary and x secondary that’s the x2, then x*x to get the number of combination colors.. then add them together), then in order for there to be a primary and secondary option for each color, then a dual module for each color on both sides, there would be only 6 actual colors. So yeah, there very well might not be a red/blue combo. We are very plainly not going to be able to pick and chose our colors, we will be stuck with the few colors they offer. Lame.

    • AbsolutGrndZer0

      I agree, it means if you want say Black and Pink you better hope they made a dual module of Black and Pink… if not you are just screwed. I agree with mfvold, this is kinda sloppy to not have two slots.

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  • Magnus

    Utterly stupid. Lore sets shouldn’t matter. they lose 1/3rd of the market. We can ALREADY Unify the armor…….

    • RidDler2435

      Some nerd at Bioware needs to get off his high horse about this lore thing. If someone wants to have yellow Revan’s armor. Who is he to say no?

      • Haha

        It wouldn’t be Revan’s armor anymore.

        • RidDler2435

          But you CAN have a yellow Revan’s armor now, just not the chestpiece. Thats the point.

          • But then you’re not wearing Revans Armor. The point is that everything matches with the chest piece. Because that’s the thing that is seen the most. So unless you wear a lore chestpiece you are not wearing a lore outfit. If you don’t wear a lore outfit it’s no prob to recolor it. If you wear the complete outfit it’s lore, and then changing it’s color would make it not lore anymore.

        • Vserp

          It isn’t Revan’s armor anyway. 500,000 people can’t be running around with “Revan’s Armor” and it still be unique. At that point it’s just an item. I could buy Derek Jeter’s jersey but it’s not really Derek Jeter’s jersey. I could then customize it anyway I want, put my own name on it, draw on it, whatever the heck I want. Derek Jeter and the Yankees aren’t going to come to my house and tell me I can’t do that.

          In an MMO customization of appearance is huge. Some games take it even further and let you actually name your gear. So instead of Revan’s Armor, it could be Randy’s Armor.

      • iceberg265

        Because thats stupid.

  • Mike Avelar

    Thx Dulfy! Its too bad there won’t be a slot for Pri and Sec … but at least its a start?

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  • Whaka

    Is there a rough ETA on when 2.1 will come into effect? I’ve been waiting for many, many months to get my Assassins body type changed!

    • 5-8 weeks after 2.0 that is all they said

      • Magnus

        @Dulfy If they wont let us Dye Revans set. I hope they at least have the decency to fix the double hood bug, light grey chestpeice bug, and brown instead of black and red bug on the legs.

        • Cerrabus

          Just color match the leggings, that fixes the color issue. Too simple.

      • Whaka

        I see, thanks.

        Possibly another 5 weeks to wait then.. gahh!

        • Vos_L

          And possibly only 2 weeks

    • Slasher X

      The forums said 2.1 SHOULD go live on 5/14/2013.

      And 2.2 is scheduled to follow on 6/11/2013.

      And the Gree Event returning somewhere between those 2 dates!

    • 14th.May. Next week

  • Magnus

    With the Republic/Empire Containment Officer Chestpeices. We can turn Revan’s Mask into a Creamsicle or a banana. I fail to see why they need to put a lore item lock.

    • iceberg265

      Because at that point its not a lore item anymore. I fail to see why this is even an issue.

      • Darko

        So because it’s a lore item means it shouldn’t be dyed? It color unifys with many different armor, I don’t see this being any different.

        • Yes. Because then it’s not lore anymore. Malak always wore red. If you tint it bright pink it’s not Malaks stuff anymore. Same goes for Handmaidens etc. It’s “Lore” because it is exactely how it is. If you change it it loses it’s meaning completely.

  • Adam Baum

    Thanks for the info. Bummer that there are no achievement or quest dye rewards. Some should’ve been done through this manner.

    • Vos_L

      They haven’t even launched this feature yet. I’m sure it will undergo changes over time. Doesn’t mean they won’t be adding some achievement or quest dye rewards in the future.

  • Bugattiboy

    So what I’m hearing is that the majority of the dyes are Crap Market only. Disappointing and not surprising. Classic EA.

    • RidDler2435

      You pooooor poooor thing. NOBODY is forcing you to buy anything from cartel market. 99% of the stuff from Cartel Market ends up on GTN. WHY ARE YOU WHINING? People spend cash on Cartel Market if they want to and it provides extra revenue so that the game can keep on growing.
      I bet you’re just a 16 year spoiled brat with no job and your mom is so poor she won’t give you cash for Cartel Market. And you just can’t wait the 2 days before items appear on GTN.

      • Hobbo

        You need to sign up for an anger management work. Or get a life.

        • Hobbo


          • Whaka

            Telling someone to get a life over the internet.. sigh.

      • Bugattiboy

        For your information shithead, I am 23, live on my own (have for years now), pay rent, have a job, and pay my own subscription. Let me ask you a question now. If I were too poor to buy stuff from the Crap Market, wouldn’t that make me too poor to afford stable internet to post the comment?

        True, the Crap Market provides extra revenue because it extorts it’s playerbase. That’s how cash shops work, that’s why they make money, and that’s why company love them. If an online game has a subscription option the majority of your money should be coming from the subscribers.

        EA may never make the Crap Market pay-to-win, but it eventually end up being pay-to-be-unannoyed. That’s just how EA operates. If they can’t get your money through pay-to-win then they will get it through little annoyances and paper cuts.

        And your kind, elitists with money to blow (their parent’s money or their own, but mostly their parent’s) that don’t care that EA is boiling the frog (yes, that’s a real term. Google it if your feeble mind doesn’t understand it) will make it happen.

        Have a nice day.

        • lols

          QQ newb

    • And it seems you cant buy anything from the cartel market on the GTN for credits…
      Oh wait…

  • Trent

    Seriously? The Mask of Nihilus won’t have a dye module? Ugh. Just ugh.

  • iceberg265

    Dulfy, next time you get to do an interview, please bug the crap out of them until they say something useful about server transfers.

    • They said something about server transfers but I am not sure if I am suppose to reveal it. Just know that it is coming soon 🙂

      • Magnus

        I am hoping they have Name/Legacy changes. like what was supposedly promised free once a month back when F2P launched.

        p.s. Dulfy, did they say anything on Revans set other than dyes? ._. been waiting since december for the fixes, I’ve lost hope, and they’ve lost my wallet for the cartel.

        • Nothing more on revan and name change is coming in 2.1

          • Magnus

            Sigh… Why is it so hard to fix Revan’s color bugs and the double hood bug affecting Revan’s Chest, Pathfinder’s Chest, and Investigator’s Chest.

            • Magnus

              I forgot to mention, and I accidently hit enter only so sorry for the doublepost, but whats your opinion about the bugs? I’m trying to prevent it from being buried away like the other bugs like Kallig’s Countenance not working with hoods since launch but worked fine in the 2.o PTS.

              • I don’t wear any outfits with hoods so it doesn’t affect me personally but I admit it can get pretty annoying. It is like helmets that clip with your hair 🙁

              • Magnus

                Its really annoying. Because Foundry Revan w/o the mask doesn’t have the doublehoodbug, so when Im doing Foundry, its just annoying. And speaking of helmets and hair. the republic protector one from makeb has my chin hair sticking out of a strap, its HILARIOUS.

              • Carl

                Thanks Dulfy! I’m newer to SWTOR and came across your info site a couple months ago and really dig all the info!

      • Glzmo

        That’s good news. Have they said anything about chat bubbles, too?

      • iceberg265

        Reveal it! I am dying over here…

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  • Malagarr

    did they say anything about name changes?

    • yes name change, legacy name change, and guild name change are coming in patch 2.1

  • disqus_lHjgUUJHOE

    Sounds like the next big fail.

  • Jon

    Was this the Q&A we were going to get today or is another one coming?

    • yes this is the one. They allowed us to release it early

  • Rylix

    So the same 3 colors are available through the CE vendor and the security key vendor? Dang i was hoping the CE vendor would have some exclusive colors.

  • disqus_lHjgUUJHOE

    It’s not about the money, money, money

    We don’t need your money, money, money

    We just wanna make the world dance

    Forget about the price tag

    Ain’t about the cha-ching cha-ching

    Ain’t about the ba-bling ba-bling

    Wanna make the world dance

    Forget about the price tag

  • dulfy what server u play in swtor

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  • Cooper311

    Two words. Bright pink.

  • Magnus

    Rumor going around from an IGN Interview HOOD Toggle might be in 2.1, Considering the backwards coding ritual they had to go through on all the old armor for dye modules this could of fitten inside for the ride…

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  • Darko

    When is this being released anyone know?

    • 2.1, whenever that is (could be anywhere from 5-8 weeks from 2.0)

    • KorlihnAveris

      New gold post posted bye Eric Musco this morning on Developer Tracker:

      “As I have done in the past, I need to make it clear that everything I am about to say is our current plan and that it is subject to change, but I want to give you as many details as I can! Here is our current plan:”

      Game Update 2.1 will release on Tuesday, May 14th

      Game Update 2.2 will release on Tuesday, June 11th

  • Bugattiboy

    I really hope name changes actually happen. You could be known as the biggest douchebag on your server. So infamous that no one wants to do anything with. No problem, quick little name change will take care of that.

    • Bugattiboy

      *Don’t actually happen

    • a small consequence to a bigger solution

  • SocraticSteve

    It’s about time, though it kind of seems like an overly complicated system.. Any details on what colors and combinations will actually be offered in the dye packs?

  • Christopher Luther

    *sigh* More than half from the CM? Figures.

  • Sorry if this was already posted, but is there a list of the various colours/combos that will be available?

    • Nope, guess we will find out on tuesday 🙂

  • HEN

    Will patch 2.1 come with class balance changes???? Or is that for patch 2.2?

    • Not sure but don’t think 2.1 has any class changes

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  • Exastiken

    I can’t use the dye module on my republic officer armor or the gold scalene armor…

  • Cancrizans

    Like so many aspects of SWTOR, this seems like a very odd, awkward implementation of a feature common to many MMOs. It’s as if they are out to prove that doing things differently doesn’t mean you are doing them better.

  • greebler

    They need to address the fact that their system is encouraging and promoting a gambling situation.

    They cannot sit there with a serious look on their face and call this a ‘store,’ when there is little/no choice in what you get!

    I am usually all for Bioware, but this is completely anti-player, and intends to make profit purely at our expense.

    It is a gross sign of disrespect to the customer.

    This must be their line of thought “As though the record profits from the packs just were not enough, lets turn EVERYTHING into a gamble, and milk the player for all we can.”

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