GW2 Flame and Frost Epilogue guide

A guide to the GW2 Flame and Frost Epilogue which started on May 12 noon PST.

Victory Bonfire and A Rallying Flame

Go the Victory Bonfire in either Lion’s Arch, Hoelbrak or Black Citadel to complete your  A Rallying Flame achievement. Clicking on the bonfire will give you a buff that give you 10%+ to all stats, +20% magic find, +20% experience from kills for one hour.



That is pretty much it for Flame and Frost. You can talk to the Consortium folks in Lion’s Arch and get a taste of what’s to come.


If you go to the Black Citadel stockade and do the Living Story recap, you can find a dredge prisoner that talks a bit of the alliance between dredge and flame legion with mentions of silver-tongued, snake-nosed trickster that tricked them into it.




You will find that Cragstead has being rebuilt and re-populated with norns, including a merchant that sell you alcoholic drinks for karma.


North Nolan Hatchery

The Hatchery is also rebuilt and repopulated with Charrs and Devourers. Not much here except a couple of former refugees to talk to.


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22 replies on “GW2 Flame and Frost Epilogue guide”

Sure it does! You rescue a Norn hostage. “Thanks, hero! Next time we meet in Hoelbrak, I’m buying you a drink!” (+100 karma)
Next time you’re in Hoelbrak. “Hey, Norn, where’s that drink you promised me?”

i didnt have access to a computer for 4 weeks, so now i cant get the gauntlets or finish the achievements. If anet doesnt give me some way to earn the achievement later, im probably going to quit the game.

Sorry to hear that, but I doubt ANet will be bringing Flame and Frost back anymore than they’d bring back the Lost Shores event. Flame and Frost started back in late January. We had a month to do each of these achievements, and ANet was actually nice enough to leave the monthly achievements in during subsequent months so we could still complete them. If you were a new player who only joined up in the last month, I can see why it would be a rush, but 4 months should be more than sufficient time for anybody to get all of the achievements completed. Don’t leave this stuff (or anything, really) till the last minute.

Same here. I think it is unattainable now… which is kinda silly. Less than 48 hours for access to something is nothing more than favoritism to those who never have gaps in play time.

“Let’s all celebrate, at the campfire, our ability to be available a the right time by complete chance.”

Yeah, I have to say I feel the same way– I mean I’m not a businessman or anything, in fact I’m on the other side of the spectrum- I don’t work and I receive welfare presently, though I’m trying to change that- but I didn’t have the chance to do the final celebration DESPITE THAT. A little short when the ppl who don’t have children and who aren’t working or going to school can’t finish the storyline either, even having known about it beforehand, isn’t it?? I think I was actually busy partially b/c it was my kid brother’s birthday and Mother’s Day, or at least I was busy celebrating those with my family, doing a bit of lawn work for Mother’s Day, when this happened… lol…

Great, i didnt get the chance to get bonfire… worked towards that achievement. Thanks Anet.
I could have sworn that in the patch notes it said that the bonfire was going to stay lit until the 16th.

The fact that it was only open for a couple days is stupid, only reason I wasn’t able to make it was because it’s finals week 🙁

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