SWTOR Making the Connection Makeb achievement guide

A guide for getting the SWTOR achievement Making the Connection under Location –> Makeb –> Citizens of Makeb. This achievement is worth 25 points and requires you do complete the various staged weeklies in a specific pattern.

Complete all possible interconnections in the weekly mission Mass Exodus for the Citizens of Makeb. Note that you need to do the required missions for each sub-achievement within the same week.

Determined that the Perekta Mesa is Seismically Stable

  • Do [STAGE 1] Among the Rubble and then [STAGE 2] Stone and Steel.

Diverted Speeders from Regulars on Frinn Mesa to Westwater

  •  Do [STAGE 2] Door to Door and then [STAGE 2] Hostage Rescue

Diverted Turret Placement from Stronghold One

  • Do [STAGE 1] Too Close to Home –> [STAGE 1] Reverse Engineering –> [STAGE 1] Into the Fire.

Gathered Information from Stronghold One on the Position of Pollus Avesta

  • Do [STAGE 1] Too Close to Home –> [STAGE 1] Into the Fire –> [STAGE 2] Hostage Rescue

Learned about the Hostages on the Gravity Hook Four Docking Ring

  • Do [STAGE 1][HEROIC 4] Viper’s nest and then [STAGE 1][HEROIC 2] Counterstrke

Regulars Diverted Troops from Gravity Hook Four Docking Ring to the Cartel Mining Mesa

  • [STAGE 1] Operation: Overwatch (make sure you do the bonus objective) –> [STAGE 1] [HEROIC 4] The Viper’s Nest  -> [STAGE 1] [HEROIC 2+] Counterstrike
  • This sub-achievement is currently bugged and doesn’t reward you with completion.

Unlocked bonus objective “Reallocation”

  • Do [STAGE 1] Too Close to Home and you will get this bonus objective during the interlude.

Unlocked bonus objective “Securing the City”

  • Do [STAGE 1] Reverse Engineering to unlock [STAGE 2] Signal Intelligence. You will get a flare gun on [STAGE 2] Signal Intelligence. Then do [STAGE 2] Taking back Talaos and you will get  a bonus objective when you pick the Binoculars during that mission to Secure the City.

Unlocked the mission “Into the Fire”

  • To get [STAGE 1] Into the Fire, you will need to first complete [STAGE 1] Too Close to Home

Unlocked the mission “Signal Intelligence”

  • To get [STAGE 2] Signal Intelligence, you need to first complete [STAGE 1] Reverse Engineering.


  • matt30822

    Thanks again Dulfy for the guide :)

    While its disappointing that this is currently bugged i thank you for putting this up so i can get the rest in the mean time :)

  • Attoy

    Thanks Dulfy ;)

  • Roo

    Thank you Dulfy. It was fun figuring out the connections. :) Sad to know for sure that it is bugged.

    • Keeva

      Who knows, maybe patch 2.1 will fix it tomorrow.
      But they should put it on the known issues list at least, along with the Makeb Loremaster achievement.

      • Attoy

        That’s what I hope however they never admitted it’s a bug nor listed in the known bugs… :/

  • Kwich

    Please note that the a.m. is Republic only. Imperials have different set of dailies and combination.

  • Attoy

    *Regulars Diverted Troops from Gravity Hook Four Docking Ring to the Cartel Mining Mesa

    sadly is still bugged

    • Ancaglon

      Indeed. Got the message from Jace but no update (after 2.1).

  • Renee Evans

    I have not been able to get to the Brakan Mesa on either faction.. did I miss something along the way?

    • http://dulfy.net/ Dulfy

      Brakan Mesa is the one south of Aboros Mesa if I recall

      • Renee Evans

        It is directly below Hutt Stronghold (on pub map). I can see where the area is but there is no speeder to get to it and no quick travel point there.. is the same on my imp map. I’ve completed the story lines on both sides and can’t figure out how to get there. Is the only thing I need for 100% map complete.

        Any Ideas?

  • Manos

    Excuse me but you say go to stage 1 then to stage 2 then back to stage 1?! Can you go back and forth between stage 1 and 2?!

    • http://dulfy.net/ Dulfy

      This is not meant to be done within a single week. It may take several weeks for you to complete them all so plan accordingly knowing that once you pick 3 stage 1 missions and complete them, you have to wait until next week for more stage 1 missions.

  • DaduHulk

    Organized to get all done as quick as possible.

    Run #1 : Stage (1) Too Close, Reverse, Into The Fire, do Reallocation (bonus) during interlude, then Signal, Taking back and Hostage. This run nets you 6 sub-achievements.

    Second run : Among the rubble and any other two Stage 1 missions, then Door to Door, Hostage Rescue and Stone and steel. This run nets you 2 sub-achievements.

    Last run is Operation Overwatch (bonus!), H4 Vipers ad H2 Counterstrike. Nets last two sub-achievements. This is where the bugged one is, so you might want to wait. ;-)

  • Mulokhai

    They didn’t fix this achievement yet?

  • Gustav

    Any knows if

    Regulars Diverted Troops from Gravity Hook Four Docking Ring to the Cartel Mining Mesa.

    is still bugged? Because there’s no way I’m ever doing Operation: Overwatch again if it’s not for the achievement… :P

  • Mulokhai

    “Regulars Diverted Troops from Gravity Hook Four Docking Ring to the Cartel Mining Mesa”

    Will be fixed in 2.2.3 (at least thats what the patch notes say)

  • Joen93

    Had to do “Determined that the Perekta Mesa is Seismically Stable” again after patch 2.2.3.
    Regulars Diverted Troops from Gravity Hook Four Docking Ring to the Cartel Mining Mesa has been removed though.

    • Ancaglon

      Well, at least it’s finally done…. :)

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