GW2 Mini Moa Chick pet

Screenshot of the Mini Moa Chick pet from the GW2 Gemstore May 14, 2013. This pet costs 400 gems and will be on the gemstore for only 7 days.


  • Confused

    Mini pets, Vanity items that no one uses for extended periods of time because they STILL get deposited to collectibles when you click the deposit collectibles button. and they price it for 400 gems/5 bucks PER mini, when just a month before you could use 500 gems to buy 3 pets?. Was that really the smartest thing to do business-wise? And they are new models as well not just resizes… Why???

    • Everyone is a perfectionist

      I agree, they really divide the line on either collect them ALL at ALL prices or don’t bother at all.

    • maple

      …you keep it in an invisible bag so it doesn’t get deposited

  • sassyeffect

    Nice chic pet. I wonder what is next, will the bear cub or white kitten be on the Gem store?

    • narg

      if you go to bank, switch to collectibles and find pet storage, there is empty slots for every minis in the game, including not jet released 😀 you find here space for 5 new minis (hippo, lion cub, moa etc) for 400 gem each

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