GW2 Sclerite weapon skins

GW2 Sclerite weapon skin gallery with screenshots of the sclerite weapons acquired from the Secrets of Southsun patch.

Sclerite weapons are obtained via the Consortium Arms Dealer in the Pearl Islet portion of Southsun Cove. They can be purchased with a Sclerite weapon claim ticket which are obtained from Southsun Supply Crates dropped from monsters in Southsun Cove or purchased in the gemstore (150 gems/each or 10 for 1200 gems).

Note that all sclerite weapons drips blood ingame, not seen in the previews.


Sclerite Axe – [&AgFspgAA]

sclerite axegw2-sclerite-axe-2gw2-sclerite-axe-1

Sclerite  Dagger – [&AgFwpgAA]

sclerite daggergw2-sclerite-daggergw2-sclerite-dagger-2

Sclerite  Focus – [&AgFzpgAA]

sclerite focusgw2-sclerite-focusgw2-sclerite-focus-2

Sclerite Greatsword – [&AgF2pgAA]

sclerite greatswordgw2-sclerite-greatsword-2gw2-sclerite-greatsword

Sclerite  Hammer – [&AgF5pgAA]

sclerite hammergw2-sclerite-hammergw2-sclerite-hammer-2

Sclerite Longbow -  [&AgF8pgAA]

sclerite longbow

Sclerite Mace – [&AgF9pgAA]

sclerite macegw2-sclerite-mace-2gw2-sclerite-mace-3

Sclerite Pistol -  [&AgGCpgAA]

sclerite pistolgw2-sclerite-pistolgw2-sclerite-pistol-2

Sclerite Rifle-  [&AgGFpgAA]

sclerite riflegw2-sclerite-riflegw2-sclerite-rifle-2

Sclerite Scepter -  [&AgGIpgAA]

sclerite sceptergw2-sclerite-sceptergw2-sclerite-scepter-2

Sclerite Shield -  [&AgGLpgAA]

sclerite shieldgw2-sclerite-shieldgw2-sclerite-shield-2

Sclerite Short Bow – [&AgGOpgAA]

 sclerite shortbowgw2-sclerite-shortbowgw2-sclerite-shortbow-2
Sclerite Staff -  [&AgGRpgAA]

 sclerite staff gw2-sclerite-staff-2gw2-sclerite-staff
Sclerite Sword – [&AgGUpgAA]

 sclerite sword gw2-sclerite-sword-2gw2-sclerite-sword-1
Sclerite Torch – [&AgGXpgAA]

 sclerite torch
Sclerite Warhorn: [&AgGapgAA]

sclerite warhorn


  • Lost My Cyrus (Greatsword)
  • Jonstern (Shield)
  • Louise Regley (Sword)
  • Khandarus Wolfwood (Dagger)
  • Chumlee Chunk (Axe)
  • Szarekh the Silent (Staff)
  • Toughknuts (Hammer)
  • Pollio (Rifle)
  • Navindus (Pistol)
  • Neko Nyancer (Focus/Scepter)
  • Arcubus Balefire (mace)
  • Luciana Lachana (shortbow)
  • Phantom

    Eek, the weapons are looking straight into my soul

  • Stavros

    The staff is terribad as usual.

  • Neat Sneak

    The new “mini southsun kasmeer”:

  • Neat Sneak

    This one is better, you can use it for the page.

    • Cool thanks 🙂

    • O.O

      that tiger has good posture xD

  • Mannechiel

    “dropped **from** monsters in Southsun Cove”
    Thanks for the guides!

  • L34D

    man these skins are just ugly. 😀


    What are the stats on them?

    • No stats, they are just skins

  • Randal Foont

    Nice originality, but the color or lack there of is pretty dullsville.

  • Mockingbird

    What are the new shoulder skins?

    • Shoulder skins are not new, they are same as the shoulder skins from the lost shores update

      • Mockingbird

        I see.. thanks

  • Ares Zax

    Are the Sclerite weapon skins account-bound like the Fused weapon skins were? (I’m assuming they are.)

    • they are account bound 🙂

  • Messenger

    I actually don’t find them bad-looking. The dark colors aren’t bad either, very sleek and elegant.

    My only problem is that the blinking eyes creep me out. Not surprising since their design is all about the eye: “sclerite” from “sclera”- the white, protective, outer flesh of the eyeball.

    If you like living weapons, then these are for you.

  • Messenger

    If you want, give them a Sigil of Accuracy or a Sigil of Perception to match the blinking eye.

    Pet peeve: Huh, no trident love. I’m still looking for a decent trident skin, and not re-used staff skins.

  • donny honny

    why you can sell the new mini things on the trading post but the new weapons with eyes are account bound? the dagger is so cool D:

  • zevanth

    this is Scerlite Dagger, sorry for terrible shot though 🙂


    warhorn is just like dildo with claws!

  • Knux

    These skins remind me of Soul Caliber.

  • Ares Zax

    It’s worth mentioning that these weapons constantly drip blood/ichor, and the “eyes” blink from time to time. The warhorn’s mouth also bites at the air. I still don’t particularly fancy these weapons, but the animations above may change some people’s minds about them.

  • Chad Knapik

    The Warhorn XD

  • LION-O

    Eye of Sclerite, give me sight beyond sight!

  • Chulo Fernandez

    happen to know if the back piece changes at all in appearance when its ascended? or if its stays account bound?

    • Stays account bound but appearance remains the same

      • Chulo Fernandez

        thanks , have u on G+ so all my guide searches have u pop up first , i see why good stuff, and thanks.

  • Pollio

    If i have a screenshot of a sclerite weapon do i just post it to the comments? or send it directly to dulfy?

    • Can just post it in comments 🙂

      • Pollio

        ok thanks dulfy, love the site 😀

  • Pollio

    Here are screenshots of the sclerite rifle skin. Nothing special just the look, and the dripping blood, barely noticeable when in combat. I still like it though 🙂

    • Neato, thanks alot 🙂

  • Whaka

    Dulfy, is there anywhere I can ask you some general gw2 questions if you don’t mind? 😮

  • Neko Nyancer

    I emailed you regarding focus skin. Let me know if you still need scepter skin.

  • Strawberry Beer

    I just call them Dripping Tumor Weapons

  • Robert The Bruce

    Bought 11 crates at gem store and no drop of skins (Sclerite weapon claim ticket) – also had a few drops from monsters with no skins- farce IMHO Bit tired of throwing REAL cash at this game.

    • Whaka

      I seen a post on forum where a guy had bought 100 (maybe 1000 but 100 seems more likely), and didn’t get any skins either.

      As much as I’d like one, I’m not going to complain. I’ve only just started back gw2 and went to southsun on my level 7 ele, finished instigator event and got a box from a chest. Got some naked mini from it and it sold for 4g. Good start for me :>

      • Robert The Bruce

        Thanks for the info mate – at least I am not alone. Good luck to you for that mini.

  • Robert The Bruce

    BTW forgot to mention to Duffy that this is a really great site and to thank him for it. This is coming from a real old gamer LOL

  • Krytan Fried Chiken

    some warhorn pics for you Dulfy, for science!
    -Krytan Fried Chiken

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