GW2 Secrets of Southsun achievement guide

A guide to Secrets of Southsun achievements and obtaining the Southsun Stalwart achievement that requires you to complete 25 achievements under Secrets of Southsun.

What do I get for doing Southsun Stalwart achievement?

You get a title (Southsun Stalwart) and two backpieces. You get the Fervid Censer (rare backpiece) when you complete the Southsun Volunteer Fieldwork sub-achievement. You also get another exotic backpiece (Sclerite Karka Shell) when you complete Southsun Stalwart. The Sclerite Karka Shell can be upgraded to an ascended version by throwing it into the mystic forge with 50 glob of ectoplasm + 250 karka shells + 100 passion flowers (appearance remains the same).

Sclerite Karka Shell: Unfortunately there is a bug at the moment that caused the tentacles to not move (they move in the preview).


Fervid Censer: The bees in the picture move around the backpiece.


Consortium Rewards Club Member (1/25)

To get this achievement, you need to talk to a Consortium Negotiator (one can be found in Pearl Islet, you can find more in other settlements). Telling her you will help the Consortium will give you a buff. You will need to do 5 events in Southsun while this buff is active to get this achievement.

To find events, just see which waypoint is contested as there is usually an event nearby (not always).


Southsun Settler Support (2/25)

Pretty much identical to Consortium Rewards Club member except you talk to the Settler Negotiator and get their buff to do 5 events.


Southsun Sightseer (3/25)

Visit all Southsun Settlements

  • Camp Karka
  • Owain’s Refuge
  • Kiel’s Outpost
  • Pearl Islet
  • Lion Point
  • Pride Point
  • Bridge/fortress connecting Dappled Shores and Driftglass Springs


Southsun Volunteer Fieldwork/Sample Collection (15/25)

  • See this guide, this should give you 12 achievements in total.

Southsun VIP Meet and Greet (16/25)

See below if you are not sure where these VIPs are.

  • Subdirector Noll (Pearl Islet)
  • Researcher Levvi (Scoured Plains)
  • Inspector Kiel (Pearl Islet)
  • Lord Faren (Pearl Islet)
  • Lady Kasmeer (Pearl Islet)

Gossip with Lord Faren and with Lady Kasmeer (18/25)

The couple is down at the beach south of the asura gate. Make sure to get Southsun Skinny Dipper achievement as well since you are automatically stripped of your armor and put on your bikini when you enter the beach area to talk with these two.


Briefing by Inspector Kiel (19/25)

Inspector Ellen Kiel is right next to the asura gate when you enter Southsun Cove, you can’t miss her.


Consultation with Researcher Levvi (20/25)

She is at Scoured Plains and should have a star on her head. You will get this achievement automatically when you do the sample collections achievement since Levvi is the NPC you need to talk to.

Confer with Subdirector Noll (21/25)

Subdirector Noll can be found next to the Asura gate as well.


Crab Toss Participant (22/25)

Super easy achievement. All you need to do is to head to this location and talk to the NPC there. Once you enter the ring,  you automatically get the achievement.


Southsun Omelette Gourmand (23/25)

To get the Omelette, you will nee to go to Owain’s Refuge and do the event for her that have you collect Karka eggs (Bring Karka eggs to Owain). Eggs can be found in Karka nests around the area (hold down ctrl key to help you find them). Some nests are at the bottom of the island.


After the event finishes, stick around and Owain will become a vendor that will sell you the Karka Egg Omelet for 119 karma.


The Goggles Do Nothing (24/25)

For this achievement, you need to enter the Bakestone Cavern and go up. Before you reach the Champion Karka at the very top, you will see a pair of diving goggles (press down ctrl to help you locate it). Take the goggles and aim down to the lava. If you land inside the lava, you will get the achievement (you need to move forward a bit while in air to get inside the lava).


Southsun Skinny Dipper (25/25)

Swam without armor off Southsun. When you enter the beach area south of the Asura gate (Pearl islet), all your armor will be stripped and you can just dip in the water to get this achievement without actually having to take off your armor.

By Dulfy

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Is the “Contractually Obligated” achievement unobtainable yet?

It might be obtainable after the last event that is yet to come, or it might be part of the extra achievements that come after it. It’s hard to tell.

You can upgrade the backpack to ascend level. Use Mystic Forge: exot back from achievement + 50 ectos + 250 karka shells + 100 passion flowers.

However you can’t upgrade it to have built-in Agony Resist.

If you want the skin then consider not upgrading it to an ascended version and just transmute the skin on your backpiece with the stats you want that have +5 agony resist already.

Great work as usual, dulfy! 😀 I’m guessing that you only get the backpieces once per account? (Or dare I hope that I can equip all 5 of my characters with the Sclerite Karka Shell?)

For the “Southsun Sightseer” achievement, do I just need the 6 waypoints? I unlocked all of the 6 waypoints on a new character, but the achievement is stuck at 85%. Is there something I’m missing?

Try run into Researcher Levvi (Scoured Plains) and see if that triggers completion. I wasn’t too sure on that particular achievement and could have got some wrong.

Thanks! I got it when I walked on the bridge connecting Dappled Shores and Driftglass Springs.

Funny! Well when I was 7 or 8, (when our beloved Dulfy was a baby and long before we had home internet let alone mmorpgs) I had a dream I was with some school friends climbing a volcano and we had some paper with us, with it we could jump into lava and not get burned, in that dream paper did something, more than what the goggles did hehe!

Thank you very much for this guide. The time and effort it took to put this together is greatly appreciated by this GW2 player.

Note that the area south of the beach seems to be the only place you get Southsun Skinny Dipper. I swam around the entire island clockwise from quite close to that point without any gear on, and didn’t get the achievement until I got back to this area.

Hehehe, I assumed at first you needed to manually take off your clothes and jump into the water as you did too but just going to the beach where the underclothed Lord Faren is does the trick. Did anyone here bother with the crab toss champion title? I played many hours to get it, was not easy for me some of these players moved as fluidly as ice skaters!

Great guide! Thanks a lot.

I did many
of the achievements together with two guildies last night. While I assumed you’d
have to land in the lava for the “The Goggles Do Nothing” achievement, my
guildies missed the pool and landed on the rocks. We all died and all got the
achievement. But they could be revived and I could not…

could you tell me what’s the armor set u r wearing in the first 4 pictures? they look awesome! thx!

Will the Blossoming Passiflora remain after the next patch? It’s gonna be hard to get all 100 Passion Flowers 🙁

There are missing achievements that are not listed here. Are those missing ones are not accessible as of right now or can they be completed.

Just a note, if you are an up levelled character you can’t get the omlet achievement as it has a level 75 requirement.

I’m wondering, if you buy the omelette and hold on to it, will you get the achievement whenever you finally hit 75 and eat it, even if the event is over.

Kind of bummed out that as a new player I can’t get this achievement.

Dulfy does it again!
Thanks for all the hard work and effort you put into these guides – and for having them available asap from the time the patch goes live!

I’ve been using your guides since the Mad King event last October, and they’re better than anything else on the net!

Is the backpack account or soulbound on acquire…. I want the
back to go to a particular toon….

after closer inspection of the graphic it mentioned acct bound which means i can do it with an 80 lvl toon and pass it on later,…. thnx again dulfy excellent work

why cant i get the Consortium Rewards Club Member & Southsun Settler Support achievments? I talk to the members 1 at a time and do events un southsun and I dont get any progress. I have done nearly 20 events already under consortium boon and still nothing.. any help

You forgot to add you cant consume omelet unless your lvl 75, so that’s a no go achievement for me. Thanks for the others though!

Anyone know if the “The Goggles Do Nothing” acheivement was a limited time or something? I have tried several times and land way out in the lava, but no acheivement? Thanks in advance!

Thank you, I have recently verified that, it was limited time. All that lava jumping for nothing, was fun though!

Is the sclerite karka shell still obtainable? And will the achievements be obtainable again for all 25 or are they gone forever? thx

I just got this do not upgrade to ascended, there is no point unless you need the infusion slot. You give up toughness for healing power when you upgrade it. Just thought I would throw it out there in case no one knew.

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