GW2 Southsun Mini Faren and Mini Kasmeer

Pictures of the GW2 Southsun Mini Faren and Southsun Mini Kasmeer you can obtain from the Southsun Supply Crates dropped from monsters in Southsun Cove or purchased in the gemstore (150 gems/each or 10 for 1200 gems).

Southsun Mini Kasmeer


Southsun Mini Faren


Both minis can be sold on the trading post. Special thanks to Brickarm and Cia Iwasawa for the images.

  • remes

    Minis without space in bank . WHY?

    • Freee

      probably because ANet fogot about that again….

  • Acidicore

    About 1 in 10 as far as I can tell, and the ticket is 1 in 20. RNG is RNG, but that’s what I found for myself at least.

  • donny honny

    why you can sell the new mini things on the trading post but the new weapons with eyes are account bound?

  • Razcal

    so the minis are human??

    • Yes

    • truth said

      thats gay

      • Akylax

        Wouldn’t that depend on your gender and which half-naked human you had tagging along?

        • truth said

          it is really awful to walk around with such at thing

          • truth said

            a thing. i consider those are 98% naked. what a pointless things in games.

  • Kemikalrx

    I have always wanted barbie and ken dolls.. now is my chance.

  • Andrew

    I see ANET still has 14-year-old boys designing their female characters. “In the unlikely event of a water landing, your Kasmeer mini can also be used as a flotation device.”

    • Matt Tucker


    • Kino

      If you don’t like it you don’t have to look at it, what’re you doing for design??? That’s what I thought.

    • Tobie

      fat mini chicks dont sell

    • Icarus

      Faren’s appearance is just as sexualised. Look at that unrealistic bulge and chest. Both of the models are designed to have sex appeal.

    • george

      so what they are supposed to make all their female characters the same so as not to offend your delicate sensitivity?

  • Arerniliel

    Utterly uninteresting minis. Oh well, I’m still in love with the baby mini’s getting released once a week!

  • nanasi

    Those legs. Is this a Martian bipod? Should I be wondering where the heat ray is located?

  • Cora Knowles

    Farens legs, my god so sexy

  • Ellie

    Ugg, I can’t find a picture of him in his speedo any more except for the mini pet version, but yea that’s how he USED to look.

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