GW2 Southsun Sample Collection guide

GW2 Southsun Sample collection guide for the Southsun Volunteer Fieldwork achievement released as part of Secrets of Southsun patch.

To start this achievement, you will need to talk to Researcher Levvi in Scoured Plains. She will hand you a Sample Detector that you can use repeatedly to scan for these samples in the various areas. There are 11 samples but you only need to to scan 10 samples for the Southsun Volunteer Fieldwork achievement (however, get all 11 if you want the Southsun Stalwart achievement).

Remember, to scan a sample, you must press 1 near the vicinity of it to reveal it and then press 2 when you next to it to scan it. The sample looks like a big yellow flower.

The sample detector is in your inventory so don’t go to Levvi and ask for another one because you don’t need it!

The achievement rewards a very nice looking backpiece (scroll down to the bottom to see pictures).



Southsun Cave Sample Collection


Southsun Camp Sample Collection


Southsun Elevation Sample Collection

  • At very top of the caverns near the Champion karka, very hard to get.


Southsun Geyser Sample Collection


Southsun Islet Sample Collection

  • It is located at end of Skipping Stones jumping puzzle (either do the JP or get a mesmer to port you up)


Southsun Lava Sample Collection

  • Bottom of the caverns


Southsun Pool Sample Collection


Southsun River Sample Collection


Southsun Sandpit Sample Collection

  • Very hard to get if the event with the wurms is up as they will one shot you.


Southsun Shipwreck Sample Collection


Southsun Vent Sample Collection



You get this nice looking backpack when you complete the Southsun Volunteer Fieldwork achievement by scanning 10 locations. It is called Fervid Censer (rare, account bound). It has bees swarming around it so it is quite neat.




Special thanks to Chase for helping me chasing down all the locations.

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44 replies on “GW2 Southsun Sample Collection guide”

Oh nice, so a friend of mine that just started the game will be able to get all these nice achievements-title-back items as well? Also, how long will this stay?

Oh, so a friend of mine that just started the game will be able to get these nice achievements-title-back items? Also how long will it stay?

Can we have an NPC guide pls….this whole event is a huge mess….can[‘t find the NPCs i have to talk to

I’m desperatly looking for Canach, cant find the damn guy anywhere, so frustrating since I hleped most of my server get the samples before your guide ^^’

You do not need all 11 samples to get Stalwart title. I have still to get the JP sample and have the Southsun Stalwart title and exotic back pack

It actually sucks its Account Bound. I wish this had been something I could obtain for multiple characters on my account. It being account bound forces you to never give it any “real” stats if you ever want to use it on another character.

I too wish this item could be received multiple times. I have at least two characters that look amazing with it. Luckily, they both use similar stats, so trading the item is just an inconvenience.

Anyone know what armor that is in the final pic? Don’t remember seeing it anywhere before…

There are a easier ways to get two of these. For the Sandpit sample, come up from the south and jump down into the pit. (Looking at your picture, you want to approach from where the letters “nd” (from “Sandpit”) are.) That way you avoid the nasties.

And for the Elevation sample, instead of coming up through the cave, enter near the top — go through Seashell Hills (northwest of the cave entrance) and avoid the running… and even the Big Bad.

I didn’t get the sample in top of the jumping puzzle and still got the flower back piece, so you don’t need all the 11 samples (I got 10).

I already mentioned it at the top

“There are 11 samples but you only need to to scan 10 samples for the Southsun Volunteer Fieldwork achievement (however, get all 11 if you want the Southsun Stalwart achievement).”

Very grateful for the guide, always excellently produced. One suggestion though… put them in order based on beginning at any one location as one would naturally walk from one to the next. 😛

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