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SWTOR Cathar Customization options

Videos and screenshots showing off the customization options for the newest SWTOR species Cathar.

Cathar Customization Options: Female


Cathar Customization Options: Male

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13 replies on “SWTOR Cathar Customization options”

I tried to make a nice looking female Catrhar – but I failed. Every possible combination looks awful. It is not possible to make a nice one, like on Ord Mantell.

Kinda disappointing you can’t get the hairstyle like Murghir. She one of the cutest Cathar I’ve seen. The moment I saw her as a bounty hunter and heard her charming accent, I had to create one. Sadly BW didn’t even bother adding the NPCs hairstyles or face/patterns for us players. I find it very insulting, but we can’t do anything about it.

It’s still possible to create a face similar to her, but without the hair.

And sorry about my screen shot in game picture duplicating, doesn’t seem to be a option to delete them. I think I clicked cancel on it more than once and it doesn’t seem to help.

God I know! I was so excited to make one that looked like the nurse on Ord and I failed as well.

Aric Jorgan, and the Cathar reputation vendor on the Makeb Republic station, are both unchanged. Didn’t go looking for any others.

I think they really dropped the ball on this one. The npc Cathar look better than the player ones.

Made a great looking female Cathar last night, totally badass and looks like she will eat your face off with the right mood turned on. Then again, I’ve always found the female Cathar npc’s to be hideous.

I think I managed to make one halfway decent, but, yeah, there are so many combinations I looked at that were unaesthetic to me.

I loved the female Cathar NPC in the Smuggler storyline on Voss. Something like that would have been cool.

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