patch 2.1 SWTOR

SWTOR new character customization options in patch 2.1

Screenshots of the new SWTOR character customization options at the character creation and appearance designer kiosk released with patch 2.1

Costs for using Appearance Customization Kiosk (Subscriber prices, F2P players prices are x2 except for species in which subscribers have only a 33% discount )

  • Species: 792 CC (this price includes all the customization options for that species)
  • Body type: 80 CC
  • Head: 80 CC
  • Scars: 40 CC
  • Complexion: 20 CC
  • Eye color: 20 CC
  • Cosmetics: 20 CC
  • Hair: 40 CC
  • Hair Color: 40 CC
  • Skin Color: 60 CC


Appearance Options: Human Hairstyles 1 – 240 CC

Three new hairstyles for female and two new hairstyles for males.

Option 45 (female)


Option 46 (female)


Option 47 (female)


Option 29 (male)


Option 30 (male)


Appearance Options: Human Hair Colors 1 – 180 CC

Six new hair colors for both sexes.

Option 16


Option 17


Option 18


Option 19


Option 20


Option 21


Appearance Options: Human White Eyes– 100 CC

White eyes for human race only.


Appearance Options: Chiss Customization 1 – 240 CC

Two new hair colors and two new skin colors for both sexes.

Hair Color 7 & 8



Skin Color 9 & 10



Appearance Options: Mirialan Tattoos 1 – 90 CC

3 new tattoo options for both sexes.

Tattoo 11 & 12 (female)


Tattoo 13 & 14 (female)


Tattoo 15 & 16 (female)


Tattoo 11 (male)


Tattoo 12 (male)


Tattoo 13 (male)


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37 replies on “SWTOR new character customization options in patch 2.1”

Both fleets were ridiculously busy — I think they haven’t actually reduced the population cap per instance, because it was still about 245 on every instance I was in. Took almost 5 minutes for the customization console to be even rendered, as it slowly filled in about a hundred people and their companions clustered around it — and then, the customizations took 5 seconds or so to show changes as you clicked the sliders.

I didn’t think I was that interested in the new hair-styles, I mostly came here to see if there was a post about the new dyes, but I’m curious now … are there new male hairstyles too?

A thought on previous comment (Can’t edit).

Now that I think about it, many of these might be male usable as well. So perhaps I should rephrase to “Any information on how new hairstyle-availability varies across character gender?”

Dufly, amazing work as always. Any word on a list of dye kits? I’m stuck at work…..sad face.

Same here, 45 is awesome as is blue hair on human! If 45 is available for Miraluka I may end up doing that.

Wish those hairstyles were cross-race. I’d really love that first one on my Mirialen.

Is it me, or do the pairs of Mirialen tattoos look identical? Are they supposed to be different?

I was hoping for more than two new hairstyles for men, especially more conservative styles; that’s really not much of an offering. The female hairstyles are nice, though.

Any new stuff for the pureblooded sith? I kinda wanted to remove the facial horns i put on my female sith…

Just a small correction, species change is not 2x for F2P/Preferred. Sub discount on that is only 34% so 1200 coins for F2P/Pref

If you don’t mind me asking, what class, body type, and face did you use for the pics of the new hair?

One thing Ive noticed : the imperial zab has less skin tones when being used republic side,( Imp side I can make it pale to the point of a slightly tanned human skin tone – the very first option, pub side the lightest I can go is some sort of orange pink colour ), not sure if this is working as intended or a bug. Any ideas ??

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