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SWTOR Patch 2.1 Customization coverage guide

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They did one of the 3 Revan Appearance bug fixes. Lower Robe now shows the correct colors without needing Unify. One Down, 2 to go. Light Grey bug on the set instead of black. and the infamous Double Hood.

You can buy the mask from the Issue 1 cartel vendors in the crafting section of fleet (Imperial). I believe it’s 10 or 12 cartel certificates and 100,000 credits. You need a certain faction with the cartel market though.

My issue is not being able to get the hands, feet, belt, etc.

***Someone on the forums just said that buying the mask from the vendor didn’t complete the collection for them. No telling if that’s true or not, as it was from a rage thread.

I traded a White Hawkeye the day the BR pack came out for a mask. And to the other posts below. You must have a full set, Head, Chest, Belt, Legs, Gloves. to unlock it.

Extremely annoyed that we have to use cartel coins :/ I would really prefer credits (like every other popular mmo) or letting subs get a larger CC stipend.

Anyone on Harbinger! I am trading GSI speeder parts for the last part I need! I need the Explorer Repulsorlift : I have Explorer Engine , Exploiter Engine, and Exploiter Steering Mechanism that I will give to the first person to PM me in game with the Repulsorlift.

Harbinger Server : PM Ultrascout or Öbi’quiet for Republic side (my main side) or Jairis or Ultratank for Imperial.

did they add new facial options for Sith Pureblood race? like for an example, facial features similar to Lord Scourge; both bone spurs on forehead and tendrils? ring in the temple?

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