• Magnus

    They did one of the 3 Revan Appearance bug fixes. Lower Robe now shows the correct colors without needing Unify. One Down, 2 to go. Light Grey bug on the set instead of black. and the infamous Double Hood.

    • Doesnt matter much to me since i cant share the robe or anything else of his with the rest of my characters in collections without buying the mask for a gazillion credits…

      • You can buy the mask from the Issue 1 cartel vendors in the crafting section of fleet (Imperial). I believe it’s 10 or 12 cartel certificates and 100,000 credits. You need a certain faction with the cartel market though.

        My issue is not being able to get the hands, feet, belt, etc.

        ***Someone on the forums just said that buying the mask from the vendor didn’t complete the collection for them. No telling if that’s true or not, as it was from a rage thread.


        • zephy

          Which cartel pack does revans armor come from? because i know it is in more than one

      • Magnus

        I traded a White Hawkeye the day the BR pack came out for a mask. And to the other posts below. You must have a full set, Head, Chest, Belt, Legs, Gloves. to unlock it.

  • Broll

    Are you going to have a guild on Collections at some point?

    • Broll


      • Not sure why a guide is needed for collections. It seems pretty straightforward. What information are you looking for?

  • Luca

    Extremely annoyed that we have to use cartel coins :/ I would really prefer credits (like every other popular mmo) or letting subs get a larger CC stipend.

  • Ultrascout (Jairis)(Harbinger)

    Anyone on Harbinger! I am trading GSI speeder parts for the last part I need! I need the Explorer Repulsorlift : I have Explorer Engine , Exploiter Engine, and Exploiter Steering Mechanism that I will give to the first person to PM me in game with the Repulsorlift.

    Harbinger Server : PM Ultrascout or Öbi’quiet for Republic side (my main side) or Jairis or Ultratank for Imperial.

  • Surinen

    did they add new facial options for Sith Pureblood race? like for an example, facial features similar to Lord Scourge; both bone spurs on forehead and tendrils? ring in the temple?

  • Magnus

    Dulfy, they added the remaining GSI Parts, will we get a complete drop LZ? I want that explorer

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