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GW2: Arenanet details Last Stand at Southsun May 28 patch

Arenanet released the details on the May 28 patch titled Last Stand at Southsun today.

May 28, 2013

The culprit behind the recent wildlife attacks on Southsun Cove has been revealed: the sylvari renegade Canach.

In a fatally misguided attempt to free the new settlers from exploitation by The Consortium, Canach has turned the creatures of the island into tools of destruction. Can you and Inspector Kiel of the Lionguard stop Canach’s plot before the shores of Southsun Cove run red with blood?

New Features

Hunt Down Canach

Join Kiel for a mission to capture the deadly, desperate Canach! In this all-new story dungeon, you’ll enter Canch’s Lair on a subterranean solo mission under the island. If you defeat the elusive sylvari you’ll unlock a challenging all-new group adventure!

Hunt Down Canach

A Monstrous Threat

A Monstrous Threat

Even if you manage to capture Canach, can you also foil his master plan? Defend the new settlers on Southsun Cove from a massive final onslaught of rampaging wildlife or die trying! And beginning June 5, a hulking monstrosity joins the fray—without your help, it will destroy the settlers and everything they’ve built!

New Improved World XP

We’re improving the way we award World XP to World vs. World players! Now you’ll gain rewards for a much wider range of activities in the Mists – everything from destroying siege weapons, repairing walls, escort missions, and more.

New Improved World XP

Greater Variety and More Rewards in WvW

Greater Variety and More Rewards in WvW

We’re adding new WvW daily achievements to the list you can choose from so you can earn World XP for playing the way you want. And every time you gain a new World rank, you’ll earn a bonus chest packed with useful WvW loot!

Dangerous New WvW Abilities

Become even deadlier in The Mists with new World vs. World abilities like Burning Oil Mastery or new ranks in Defense Against Guards!

Dangerous New WvW Abilities

Introducing Infusions and Ascended Gear in WvW

Introducing  Infusions in WvW

Now you can purchase Ascended rings and amulets and upgrade your WvW abilities with six new Infusions that give your character special WvW bonuses! Just speak to the new Laurel and Badge Merchants on each map.

WvW Matchup Changes!

World vs. World matches are about to get an injection of variety! With these changes you can look forward to facing new opponents in new matchups and testing your world’s skill against more foes!

WvW Match Reset

Update: Custom PvP Arenas and Spectator Mode Beta

Update: Custom PvP Arenas and Spectator Mode Beta

We’ve had some great feedback from beta players that have enabled us to fix bugs and further improve these new features. We’re adding Custom Arena Time Tokens to the Gem Store so beta players can extend the time of their favorite custom arenas!

New Southsun Cove Rewards

Find your very own limited-edition Mini Reef Rider – a loyal floating friend available only until June 11! Dedicated defenders of the Southsun settlers can also earn the Settler’s Amulet, Keepsake, and Ring! Earn these rare new rewards from creatures and chests in Southsun Cove, and by playing Crab Toss!

Reef Rider

Exclusive Southsun Items: Fervid Censer and Sclerite Karka Shell

Fervid Censer and Sclerite Karka Shell

The risks are great on Southsun Cove, but so are the rewards! Players who help keep the peace during the Secret of Southsun can earn two exclusive new back items, the floral Fervid Censer and the writhing Sclerite Karka Shell!

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I’m extremely worried about the overflow that is about to happen, and how many guildies are going to be affected when the patch comes through later

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